Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Sergey Jackson, with a wand on his hand, was running through the darkness of Skyfall City’s back alley. With so many tall buildings in that big city, the back alleys were darker and more dangerous than those ones in Moonlight Hills. Moreover, those creatures there didn’t know anything about peace.

Gasping, he stopped his pursuit. Where the hell did he go? Damn, after I search the entire city and find him, he thought madly. He sighed, feeling tired.

He closed his eyes for a while, but suddenly he opened it again. He heard someone speaking to him, someone in the distance. It was telepathic.

We find him. Behind the Hilton building! We’re fighting him now.

Without waiting a second, he continued his pursuit. He ran through that back alleys. It didn’t care about how crowded the city was, the back alley was always dark and creepy. Hilton building was not quite far from where he stood. He hated why he was the one who had gone astray.

I hope they’re still holding him. He ran away, so he must know something. I won’t let Ino down now, he thought while running.

He kept running, seeing Hilton building not far from in front of him. He could hear the noise beyond the small house that separated them. It was a dead end. There was no other way but jumping through the small house.

While running, he pointed his wand to the ground. “Scatebra!”

The wand was producing an explosion that lifted him like he was thrown by the cannon. He was floating over the small house’s roof, seeing his fellow witches fighting a lone werewolf.

“Scutum magnus!” he casted a spell when he reached the land.

“Sergey!” one of the witches called his name.

Damn! He did it again, the werewolf thought desperately.

“There’s no point struggling, Carter Dale!” Sergey yelled to him.

“I don’t have anything to say to you!” Carter insisted.

Sergey, with his fierce look, pointed his wand to Carter, “Don’t make us use the hard way!” he said.

All three witches also did the same, pointing their wand to that werewolf.

Shit! I can’t believe that he will search for the entire city to chase me. I should have gone abroad, he thought regretfully.

“I ask you again! Who…”

But before Sergey finished his words, Carter suddenly screamed out and pounced him, “Screw you!”

“Tonitrua lucem!” Sergey launched an attack. That light hit Carter’s body until he was thrown and fell down after hitting the wall. He coughed blood, unable to stand up since he got the direct hit from Sergey.

He saw those witches in front of him, still pointing him with their wands. I can’t beat them at once. The others are suck, but Sergey is another thing. He’s too strong even if I fight him alone, Carter talked in mind.

“Should we kill him, Brother?” one of the witches asked.

Sergey shook his head quickly, “He’s worthless if he dies. We’re going to torture him until he speaks out!” he said.

But the howls of several wolves from some directions startled them all. From the roofs of some buildings there, some werewolf tried to jump off. But the shield Sergey made before prevented them to get in.

One of the wolves shouted, “There’s a shield!”

Sergey stared at the werewolves who stared back at him angrily. He grinned, “You won’t get inside, Dogs!” he mocked him.

But he then realized that there was another one who came from the darkness of the side of back alley. They could hear it growling. It was a man running toward them, and his eyes were glowing red in the darkness.

An alpha, Sergey was shocked.

The alpha kept running until his body crashed the shield spell. At the first time, the shield cracked a little. But the alpha didn’t surrender. He kept punching the shield with his bare hands.

“This is bad! At this rate…”

Another witch shouted loudly and pointed to the brutal alpha, “The shield is going to break!”

Damn! I’m not strong enough to hold it, Sergey thought.

The next punch from the alpha, the shield finally broke, creating a scene line a glass scattered in the air. Even though he made it, the alpha put quite a fight to break the shield. The other werewolves finally jumped down.

But when they were going to fight each other, Carter stood up and shouted, “Stop!”

They looked at Carter at the same time.

“Sergey, you know you won’t win against us. You’re outnumbered. I know you’re strong, but we got an alpha on our side,” Carter warned him.

The witches didn’t move a bit. They just felt suck in the situation like that.

“Why hold back, Carter? We can kill them now!” one of the werewolves eagerly said.

Carter shook his head, “They’re Ino Rays’ mates. We don’t want to mess up with that boy,” he warned.

“I actually can’t stand seeing someone hurts my friend. But you got the point, Carter. We don’t want to mess up with Ino Rays,” the alpha finally talked.

Carter looked at the alpha, “I never know that you’re in this city, Grand.”

“You’re such annoying brother, Carter! Do you think we’re going to let you risking your life? We’re going to take you back,” said Grand, the alpha of the pack.

“It’s not finished yet,” Carter said.

“We’ll talk about it later! You’ll go with us before the fight starts again and we end up killing them!” one of the werewolves said.

Carter nodded and agreed. They walked away and those witches were just standing up without doing anything.

“Are you sure we should let them go easily, Sergey?” one of the witches whispered.

Sergey nodded in spite of his annoyed feeling, “We get no choice. There’s an alpha among them. Even I won’t be able to defeat him easily if we’re fighting him alone,” he said, “You should practice more and become strong. You all even can’t bring that Carter Dale down if I don’t back you up.”

Those witches just stared at each other. They felt ashamed. “Yes, Brother!” they talked together.

Sergey sighed, after seeing those werewolves disappeared, he quickly took out the phone from his pocket. He called someone and put it on his ear.

“Do you get something?” someone on the phone suddenly asked without greeting.

Sergey sighed again more heavily than before, “I’m sorry, Ino. We almost got him. But his pack, along with the alpha suddenly showed. We don’t have a chance. We let them go before casualties happened.”

“It’s okay.”

“No, no, no! It’s not okay. I let you down again,” Sergey said regretfully.

“We don’t need to chase him down anymore. I‘m figuring out about something,” Ino said, “You should back immediately. I need your help with this,” he then hung up the phone.

Sergey just bugged out. What’s in his mind right now, he wondered.

My mother closed the lid of dishwasher and set it on, the machine vibrated, giving a sign that it was working. She wiped her sweat on her forehead using her arm. She had to work harder that time since our maid couldn’t get to work that day because she was sick. That was the last job of the day. She had already finished the laundry, house cleaning, and gardening. She hated if she saw the house was messy.

She looked at the clock on the wall. It was already pass noon. She had to prepare lunch for my little brother before he got home from school.

“I’m going to prepare a beef stew. Ben must like it,” she talked to herself.

She then took all the things she needed from the refrigerator and put it on the table. She took the hanging pan and put it on the stove. But when she was going to take the water, suddenly the bell rang several times.

My other cleaned up her hands and shouted, “Wait a moment!”

She quickly walked to the main door and opened it. She winced for a second but then she smiled. She saw a twenty-year-old guy smiled back at her.

“Can I meet Fender?” he asked, but suddenly he spoke again, “Sorry for my rudeness. My name is Liam.”

My mother smiled nicely, “It’s okay. But, Liam, I’m sorry. Fender is not home yet. This is not passed his school time.”

He sighed, but still kept smiling, “I forget about that. Do you mind if I wait for him here?” he asked.

My mother paused for a while, but then she nodded and agreed, “Of course. Come on in,” she let that man to come inside my house and led him to the living room. “Please make yourself at home.”

“Thanks a lot, Mrs. Luts. That’s very nice of you,” he expressed gratitude.

“By the way, what is your relationship with Fender? You seemed not like his friend around this town?” my mother asked.

“I’m from Skyfall City. I met Fender and Frank about a year ago when I had a vacation here. There’s something I want to talk to Fender. But I forget that it’s still school time,” he explained.

My mother showed her smile again, “Do you want some tea or coffee?” she offered.

“Coffee is okay. Thanks anyway,” Liam said.

She laughed a bit, “Don’t mention it. Just wait for a second,” she then went to the kitchen and began to prepare a cup of coffee. She wondered, why doesn’t he go to school instead? He can easily find Fender there. And, thinking about it, today is not a forgettable day for everyone to think that a boy like Fender should be at school instead of being at home.

But she didn’t want to think about it. She poured the hot coffee from the pot into a cup. She was glad that she had a time to prepare a pot of coffee before. After everything was set, she brought that cup of coffee to the guest in the living room.

Before she stepped into the living room, she stopped. She heard that the guy was talking with someone on the phone. She was carefully eavesdropping then.

“I’m at his house. Yes, I know what to do. Don’t worry! Okay, I will call you later. She will come soon,” Liam whispered then hung up the phone when the conversation was over.

But my mother had already heard it. Her heart pounded very hard. This guy is suspicious, she talked in mind. For more than a minute, she didn’t move from where she was standing. She then took a deep breath, walked slowly to the guy and when she stepped in, Liam looked at him with a big smile.

She smiled back at him, putting the coffee onto the table right in front of where Liam sat, “I’m sorry it took a long time.”

“No need to worry. I’m happy with your nice hospitality,” Liam said and sipped his coffee.

My mother hummed for a moment, getting attention of Liam, “Liam, I forget that I have to pick up my son. He’s Ben, Fender’s little brother,” she made excuses, “After you finished your coffee, could you please meet him at his school?”

“Picking up your son? Doesn’t he use a school bus to get home?” Liam winced.

My mother paused for a moment, thinking about some other excuses, “I have an appointment with his teacher. And I really have to go now.”

Liam smiled again, more like grinning that time, “Why so sudden, Mrs. Luts? Is it because you overheard my conversation on the phone before?” he then stood up slowly.

She startled when she heard that. Her body was trembling. She was scared to death. She didn’t know what that guy’s intention was. But she knew that Liam had a malicious intention toward her and her family. Without thinking anymore, she just ran off to the back of the house, intended to get out from the back door.

But when she reached the kitchen, she was surprised that Liam was already waiting there.

How? How can he be here, she thought confusedly.

Liam grinned, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Luts. We still have an unfinished business.”

My mother then screamed out as loud as she could.

Norah stooped her car in front of my house. She looked at me and smile. I did it, too. And then we both closed our face together and kissed. What a beautiful way to take part, I thought.

“See you tomorrow,” she said.

I grabbed her head and kissed her again for the second time, “Thanks for the ride,” I said. I got out from the car and waved to her. She waved back and left. I sighed, thinking that I had to wait for tomorrow to see her again. So, I walked slowly to my house, exhaling heavily.

That day was just an ordinary day for me, spending most of my time at school, sometimes having fun with Norah, or perhaps only having a little chit-chat with Frank and my football mates. And then I got back and waited until tomorrow. I missed being in the field, taking the practice, wooing the cheerleaders. God, I really missed that.

I stepped in to the terrace and opened the door. I opened it widely and winced, seeing my house was like a sinking ship. Everything was in a mess. Ben sat lazily at the sofa, watching TV and eating a pop corn. Food was scattered everywhere. A vas was broken. I didn’t know what he did to that thing. He just looked at me and smiled widely like a moron.

“What are you doing, Ben? I almost think that we are being robbed!” I said angrily. He only smiled like an innocent, chewing many pop corn in his mouth. “Where’s Mom?” I asked.

He was trying hard to chew all the food and swallow it at once, “I don’t know,” he said.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I asked again.

“Mom is gone when I got home. I’m all alone here,” he said.

What? How can Mom leave the house and Ben alone? This is weird, I thought. I quickly took out my phone to call my mom. But coincidently, my phone suddenly rang. Someone whose number I didn’t know called me. I put the phone on my ear and, “Hello? Who’s this?”

“Fender?” I heard a voice of a man.

“Yes, speaking,” I said lazily.

“I believe you know this voice,” he said. I winced for a second after he said something that I didn’t understand. But suddenly my eyes were bugged out when I heard the voice I really knew. It was my mom’s, screaming and calling my name. And the voice disappeared again.

I trembled. My mom was screaming. That wasn’t a joke. The guy’s voice was not my father’s. And that day wasn’t my birthday. What’s happening here? What happen, I thought desperately.

I heard him spoke again, “If you want to save your mother, meet me at the school now. You must be alone and no one knows what happen. Try anything reckless, you won’t see your mother again.”

“This is ridiculous! Who are you?” I asked.

“Your time is limited, Fender. See you at school.”

“But I was just…” I paused when he hung up the phone, “…from school,” but it was over. I still didn’t understand what happened. But one thing for sure, my mom was kidnapped.

After asking my neighbor to babysit my little brother, I pushed forward to school. Luckily, Mrs. Fanning, the old woman who lived alone next to my door was always happy to take care of my brother. The way she didn’t ask me question made me easy. I began to wonder, who is he? Is he the vampire who wants to mess up with me?

I drove my bike very fast, passing through the roads and shortcuts. I didn’t have a choice but to follow his instruction. I couldn’t tell anybody about this matter, not Frank, not Norah. I didn’t want to endanger my mom’s life. He got to be supernatural. He was confident enough to order me that. And I couldn’t take any risk.

Hang on, Mom! I’m going to save you no matter happens, I swore to myself.

Finally, I stopped my bike right in front of my school building. I threw it to the ground and left it behind. As fast as possible, I ran into the school. No one at the school made me worried that it could be a trap. But I didn’t care about trap. I just wanted to save my mother.

I ran through the quiet corridor. Somehow I realized that something wrong with this school. The main gate was open, but I could see no one at the school. When I got home, it was not crowded but there were still people around. But that was like everybody disappeared without any trace. Who did this, I asked to myself.

The sound of someone steps behind me made me stopped running. I didn’t turn around, yet. My heart beat fast. Who is that? Who is that? That was the question crossing my mind. I was afraid, but I’d gone that far. I quickly turned back and…

No one was there!

It’s a vampire. I’m sure of it, I thought. But I startled. I was shock by a second later, when I suddenly heard someone’s heart beat behind me.

It must be him! I can’t feel his movement. He’s not a vampire, I thought.

It was too late. He grabbed my neck with his arms and strangled me tightly. He was strong. I couldn’t breathe. Something was happening. Suddenly I felt so dizzy that I wanted to throw up.

He pushed me until I fell to the ground. The dizziness was still over me. I felt like everything was spinning. But then, I realized that I was in somewhere else. It was like a small square room without anything in it.

I looked at him, standing in front of me with grin in his face. I’m right! He’s not a vampire. He’s not pale, I thought.

“Well met, Fender,” he greeted me.

I suddenly became so much angry. My eyes turned gold and there some fangs popped out in my mouth. With rage, I shouted loudly and pounced him, “Where’s my mom?”

He pointed his finger to me and suddenly I was thrown back like I was blasted by the mortar. But it was just a wind, a very strong wind. He’s a witch, I thought. It was hurt, like I was punched right in my chest. I groaned and my sense came back to me. It was so painful that I couldn’t breathe for several seconds. He’s different! Sergey is strong, but he seems stronger. He’s in the different league. Is he a summoner? Or perhaps a necromancer, I thought.

“There’s no point in struggling, Fender. You won’t win against me,” he said confidently.

“Where is my mother?” I asked again, but without attacking.

He smiled, laughed a bit, “Your mother is safe. Don’t worry. But your mother’s condition depends on you.”

“What do you want with me?” I asked directly.

He laughed again, “I want you to participate on the football regional match. You’re a superstar right?”

I was trembling just hearing what he said. My eyes were bugged out, as big as they could. I still couldn’t believe about what he said. What he gains by asking me to participate on the match, I thought.

“It…it…it’s impossible! What’s your intention?” I spoke in stammering way.

“If you want to save you mother…” his face began to be serious. His smile and laugh disappeared, “You have to do what I instruct you, Fender Luts.”

“Then you will release my mother?” I asked.

He nodded, “After the match is done.”

“Impossible! It’s still two days to go. How can I tell my father?” I complained.

“It’s been handled properly. You don’t have to worry about it. I promise I won’t hurt your mother, or your family. You just have to do what I want you to do. That’s all,” he said, “Otherwise, not only your mother, but also…”

“Okay! Okay!” I shouted, “Please don’t say that anymore. I will do everything you want me to do, but please I beg you, don’t hurt them.”

He smiled very wide again, “Good boy.”

This is bad! This is very bad! What can I do? If I join the match, there’s a high chance that Ino will know the truth. If that happens, I will be doomed. But if I refuse, this guy will definitely hurt my entire family. What can I do? What can I do now? I’m afraid! Somebody, please help me! Frank, Norah, whoever, please…help me, I talked in mind.

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