Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Dreadful Match

I dragged my bike along the road. My face was so sullen. He teleported me again to the school and I really threw up. God, I swore myself I didn’t want to do that again for the rest of my life. But that was not the thing that made my life so much miserable right then. I was thinking about how to handle all those problems. I was scared and confused at the same time.

I’m too weak, I told myself. If I could become stronger, none of those would happen in my life. Just like Ino Rays, who the hell dare to mess up with him? What can I do? What can I do, I told myself repeatedly.

I sighed when I finally reached my house. I just threw my bike to the yard and walked slowly. I still tried to figure it out how I explained the situation to my father. But there was nothing even crossed my mind. I opened the door desperately and said I’m home.

But I was shocked then. I really couldn’t speak anything. I saw my mother smiled at me while she was sweeping the floor which full of spoils.

I really wanted to smile and say thanks God back then, but suddenly I realized something. I sniffed and I knew she wasn’t my mother. I recognized my mother’s smell. Then my shocking face turned into rage.

I also realized something. My mother would never smile to me at the messy situation like that.

“Welcome home, Fender. Your father is looking for you,” she said, and she began to call my father.

Dad is home? Perhaps he already put his car into the garage, I thought.

I heard my father’s running steps approaching us. He gasped and stopped, looked very mad, “Where the hell have you been, Fender? Look at this house now! Your mother has called you to come home early!”

I winced. Called me, I wondered. She really made up the story.

“Now that you are late when your mother isn’t around, Ben nearly destroyed this house!” Dad yelled, “You’re grounded, Fender!” he then walked off.

“But, Dad…” I really couldn’t say anything with this woman who pretended to be my mother around. I looked at her again, growled a bit, “Where’s my mom?” I asked.

She kept smiling and put her finger on her lips, ordering me to keep quiet. So annoying, I thought.

I didn’t care about my father grounding me. I just ran off and took my bike again. I drove it as fast as I could. I have to do something, I told myself again.

My fake mother sighed, seeing me fled like that. She winced, taking a cell phone and called someone, “Hello, Liam. How’s the situation?”

“Is he home?” Liam asked.

“A while ago. But he ran off even though his father grounds him. I wonder where he will go. Do you think he’s going to tell this to anybody?” she looked worried.

Liam chuckled, “No way. He has no guts to do that. He realized that you’re not his mother right?”

“Of course. He’s a werewolf. He’s going to recognize me by my smell. I’m just wondering…”

“No need to worry. Just play your role well,” Liam said.

“Yes, Liam,” she agreed.

Approximately 30 minutes later, I arrived at Ivan’s house. I let my bike fell off and stood still. I wondered what I would say to him. He said that I couldn’t let anyone know or he would kill my mother, my entire family. But I had to do something. I should make myself useful.

I took my breath deeply and walked to the house. But when I wanted to knock, someone already opened the door.

Just like my thought, it was Mrs. Jovanov smiling at me.

“Want to see my son?” she asked.

I nodded, feeling odd. Who else, I thought. She then just grabbed my hand and let me in. “Lucky you, I’m making a special dinner for today,” she just brought me to the kitchen, passing through the living room where Mr. Jovanon was watching TV and smiling at me.

I saw a very delicious stew on the table, but I really did lose my appetite right then.

“Isn’t it delicious? I hope you want some,” Mrs. Jovanov said.

I hummed, “That’s very nice of you, Ma’am. But I have some business with Ivan now. Can I skip this? I’m so sorry. It’s not that I don’t like this. It looks so delicious, but…”

Mrs. Jovanov sighed, “If you say so. Ivan is already in his room. But after all your stuffs are finished, please try some.”

I nodded, “I will,” I just walked off, passing through the living room and Mr. Jovanov smiled at me again. I smiled back at him and walked through the stairs. I knocked Ivan’s door and he opened that quickly.

He winced, “Hey, Fender. Am I missing any appointment with you?” he asked me directly.

I shook my head, “Can I get in?” I asked him back. He nodded and I quickly got into the room. He looked at me in confusion, that perhaps he already realized that something had been bothering me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me again.

I paused for a while and Ivan still waited patiently for me to speak. I took a deep breath several times, trying to find the right words to say to. I hummed, feeling doubt every time I try to put out my words.

“Ivan, I…please…I beg you, please do something. I want to be able to control my wolf immediately. Please, do anything! You can beat me, torture me, whatever, just…just make me do it!” I told him impatiently.

“Hey, hey, hold on! Hold on! Just tell me what’s going on,” he said.

I shook my head quickly, “I can’t tell you. Please, just help me out and understand. My time is running out,” I explained.

He seemed thinking, “How can I help you if I don’t know anything? We’re friends right? You can talk to me,” he offered.

I grabbed his hands, almost crying, “Please, Ivan, I’m begging you. There’s something I can’t even tell you. I’m sorry, I need your understanding. I really need that. You are the one who can help me. Help me to control my wolf!”

He was thinking again, looking at me deeply. He paused, like studying my face, the he said, “Okay, if you want it like that. I’m going to help you. But if you want to talk about it, I’m still offering you my ears to listen to.”

I just hugged him tightly, “Thanks, Ivan. You’re the best.”

“Don’t be just happy. Prepare yourself, Fender. If you want to do like you have said before, you’re going through hell a lot,” he said.

I could only gulp. But I prepared for that.

Afternoon at school, the corridor suddenly became crowded after the bell rang. All the students hailed happily, signing that the class was over for that day. Frank Damon walked alone in the corridor. He look calmed just like usual, even though he knew that every girl that passed him through was muttering about him.

He suddenly turned his head around when a woman called him from behind. He stopped walking, waiting for that woman to come by.

He smiled, “What’s going on, Mrs. Hay?” he asked.

“Nothing particular,” she said, “I just want to ask you about one thing. You know the next regional swimming championship will be held next month, right? I hope you can consider participating.” Mrs. Hay was a swimming coach at school. She knew that Frank was a vampire. But she realized that Frank’s talent wasn’t because he was a vampire. That’s why she was a bit upset when Frank decided to stop swimming since some parties that knew the truth about him doubted his ability.

“You know that I won’t participate again, Mrs. Hay,” he replied.

“Just forget about what they say to you, Frank. I knew you since the first year and I already admired your talent. I even admired how you swim since I was a kid. You compared your strength as a human, not as a vampire. They have no rights to question you,” she insisted.

Frank chuckled, “Thanks, Mrs. Hay. But I decided to stop. Perhaps I will continue my career again after dozens years from now,” he said and laughed in the end.

Mrs. Hay sighed, “Are you sure you don’t want to consider it again?” she asked.

Frank shook his head, “No, thanks. I hope someone else can represent this school for national championship.”

“I hope you’re going to change your mind, Frank,” she said and laughed. They both laughed.

Frank waved and said goodbye to Mrs. Hay and then he walked away. He actually wanted to do as she said. But he promised his father not to continue his career as swimmer again. Some parties, just like Mrs. Hay said, had complained to The Temple about Frank being a national championship for three times in a row. Mr. Damon knew that they just envied him and wanted to take him down whatever the way. But he didn’t want to cause a riot between vampire and human just because some silly national swimming championship.

Frank also didn’t want to prolong the problem. So, he decided to quit. There are some ways that being a supernatural can be harsh.

But Frank quickly forgot about that thing. He just thought about me in a sudden. Fender is a bit odd today. He is quieter than he used to be, he began to wonder. But it was just a thought and he also quickly forgot about that.

He finally reached out the gate. He covered his eyes with his hand from the bright sun light and walked down the stairs. But then, his eyes were set to the girl who stood up alone among the crowds. He winced, finally realized that he recognized the girl.

What is she doing here, he thought.

He walked slowly, approaching the girl who stared at him from the beginning. The girl was also approaching him quickly.

“Hi, Frank,” Anna greeted.

“Hi,” he replied, “Do you want to meet your brother?” he asked.

Anna shook her head, “No, I actually want to meet you.”

He wrinkled his forehead, “Me?” he pointed himself.

Anna nodded quickly, “I want to talk to you about something important. But, can we talk privately?” she asked.

They were staring each other for a while. Frank saw a strong determination in Anna’s eyes. He grabbed her hand without saying anything and brought her somewhere. Anna was blushing when Frank held her hands. But she tried to hide that she was too happy right then.

Frank took Anna to the parking lot. They approached his Porsche, the most eye catching car in that area. Frank asked her to come in and they both finally got seated in the front.

“So…what do you want to talk about?” Frank asked.

Anna took a deep breath. Her face was all red, couldn’t face that she was alone with Frank. But she managed to control herself, “It’s…it’s about Fender.”

Frank winced, “What’s wrong with him?”

Anna finally looked at Frank’s face, “Last night…he came to my house. He was acting oddly. He wanted my brother to train him.”

“He regularly takes training from Ivan, doesn’t he?” Frank said.

Anna nodded slowly, “Yes, I know. But…that time was different. He looked so desperate. I was just spying on them. I knew that they would notice me if I got too close,” she explained.

“Could you please tell me the detail, Anna?” Frank asked.

“I don’t know what happen. What I know is just Fender must be hiding something. I heard one of their conversations. My brother asked him, but he didn’t tell a thing. He just kept saying that he got to control his wolf immediately. That’s all,” Anna finished her explanation, “I know it’s not my business, but…I’m worried about him. He’s like a brother to me. Do you have any idea what’s happening?”

Frank paused and thought for a while, “He seems odd today. But he didn’t say anything. I don’t have any idea about what happens, but…I’m going to figure it out. Thanks for telling me this,” Frank smiled and hold her hands again.

Anna was just blushing out and it couldn’t be helped. She stunned, couldn’t do anything but lowering her sight to hide her red face.

I had already gone when Anna and Frank talked together. I actually never knew that Anna would come to the school to talk to Frank about me. Once the bell rang, I quickly left from school and wandered around with my bike, never knowing my true destination. My head was empty. My fake mother was still in my house, made the situation easy for my family. But I didn’t know what’s going on with my real mother. I was worried. What if they treat her bad, that was what I thought.

I sat alone in the park, feeling the wind breezed. Some kids were playing around but I felt so silent. I was tired, physically and mentally. How can he do that to me? What is my fault, I thought.

But only thinking would never solve my problem. I got up suddenly, then drove my bike again. Several blocks from the park, there was a residence with similar-look houses. I went to one of those houses, knocked the door, and waited for someone to open it.

Finally, I sighed. Someone opened the door.

Mr. Simpson, my football coach winced when he looked at me, “What are you doing here, Luts?” he asked.

“I didn’t find you at school. So I think you may be at home,” I said.

“Actually, I’m kind of unwell today. So, I skipped my regular class. But I’m preparing to go to school now. You know that those idiots must be watched in the practice. We’re going to win again this year,” he talked passionately.

“Coach, I want to talk to you about something privately,” I said.

He paused and winced for a while, but suddenly he laughed and embraced me to get inside, “Just come in. I have a plenty of time for you,” he said. He ordered me to sit at the sofa and he sat in front of me. His wife shouted, asking about who had come. He said it was one of his students.

Mr. Simpson looked at me again, “Now, Boy, tell me what you want to talk to.”

“I think I’m going to ask a little bit too much. But I really need your help, Coach,” I said. I saw him wrinkled his forehead, waiting for me to continue. “Can I join the match tomorrow?” I asked. He was quiet. I knew that it was impossible after I bailed out. I sighed, “I know it’s really too much…”

“No, no, no,” Mr. Simpson cut my statement, “Actually, I’m glad you decide that. It’s a miracle. It’s like my missing star comes back to me. I know your talent, Boy, and I really need that talent for tomorrow,” he seemed happy. I actually didn’t figure that he would act that way.

I smiled a bit, “That’s nice. I’m sure I’m going to keep up with the others.”

He nodded quickly, “I know. I know. I never doubt that. But why don’t you come back to school and join the practice,” he offered.

I sighed again, “Actually, Coach, there’s something I want to ask you about this matter. I hope you can fulfill my condition.”

“Anything, Boy,” he said happily.

“I want you to not tell this to everybody. The only one who knows about this is only you, no one else,” I said, looked at him frowning in confusion, “Please, do this and I definitely will join the match,” I begged.

He nodded slowly, “Okay, okay, just tell me more.”

“I can’t join the practice today, but you know I’m not going to lose my ability,” I chuckled in the end, “I want you to announce that I will join exactly when the match is started. No one must know about this before the match. That’s my only condition. Can you agree, Coach?” I asked.

He hummed for a while, “Weird condition, but it’s a deal. I will do anything to have you in the game. But don’t forget to practice on your own. Okay?”

I smiled, “Of course. Thanks, Coach.”

Mr. Simpson got up and sighed, “If there’s nothing else you want to talk to me, I’d better go to school to train them now,” he offered his hand and we shook hands after I stood up too. “See you on the match,” he said like a man.

“See you,” I did that too.

Frank waved his hand when he saw Norah appeared form the junction. He walked towards her. Norah realized that Frank was calling for her, so she smiled and decided to approach.

“Hey, Norah! Do you know what happened with Fender? I can’t find him today. He doesn’t answer my phone, or even reply my message,” he asked.

Norah winced, “He didn’t tell you?” she was confused, “He said he’s unwell today, so he doesn’t go to school.”

Honestly, the reason why I didn’t go to school was because I was feeling unwell. I really beat myself up for two days. Since I was going to join the game at the night, I didn’t want to spend all my strength.

Frank sighed, “This is weird. The sister of you-know-who…” Frank was playing with his eyes to Norah in order to make her aware, “Yesterday, she told me about Fender being so damn weird, as if he was hiding something. Do you realize something, Norah?” he asked her again, “I actually want to talk to him today, but…”

Norah seemed still confused, “I don’t have any idea what happens. I really did feel he was much quieter yesterday, but I didn’t sense anything. What did she tell you?”

“Not much. She was feeling hazy too about what happened to him. But she did have a point,” Frank told her, “If he’s sick, it seems that he can’t watch the game tonight.”

Norah nodded, “Yeah, he said he didn’t want to see it either.”

“After the game, perhaps I’ll go to his house and meet him. I have some business with my Dad today,” Frank said.

Norah hummed for a while, “Actually, I want to go there after school. But, it’s better to go with you after the game. I want to watch it and I’ll spend less time with him if I go earlier.”

Lucky me, they decided to go to my house after the game. But I could make sure that they couldn’t see me at my home after the game. I was going to be there, had them watched me with their absolute shocking face. Actually, I was scared. Who wouldn’t? In the situation like that, what I did was only embraced myself, thinking that if I would make it or not. I was wondering, will Ino be there watching the game? I hoped not. I kept saying in my mind, God, please make him busy somewhere. What I had to do was playing the match with myself in control. That was all. Do that and everything will be fine, I told myself.

Several hours after the conversation, the gridiron was so full with people. All the players from both parties gathered in each side of the field with their own coach guided them the strategy. Cheerleaders from Moonlight High were never bored to dance and cheer up our team. Spectators almost filled up the entire place. It was so crowded there.

Frank saw Norah approaching to his seat. Sam and Walter smiled to Norah and she smiled back to them. Norah gave three packs of popcorn to each of them and then sat next to Frank.

“It’s so unfortunate Fender can’t be here,” Sam said.

Norah chuckled, “He said he didn’t want to see this. I know he was going to get jealous by not joining the game. Somehow the condition seems like supporting him. He’s sick and it can’t be helped that he finally isn’t able to be here even if he’s so damn curious,” she said.

“You’ve got the point, Norah,” Frank chuckled, too.

“That’s why it can’t be helped for me to hang out with the three of you,” she teased them and laughed.

Walter and Sam still giggled even if their mouth was filled with popcorn.

In the field, Mr. Simpson the coach looked so anxious. He saw his players were ready to hit the game and the clock was ticking. He looked at his watch often. He sighed. Where is he, he thought.

In the brink of his edginess, his cell phone suddenly rang. He quickly picked it up and saw who was texting him. He read it carefully. I’m going to come out now, it said. He sighed and looked at the time. The game finally began and the air was getting tenser.

Mr. Simpson looked at his players and he called one of them, “Hey, Wayne! Get here!” The one whose name Wayne followed his order and quickly approached him. “You are in the bench now,” he ordered.

Wayne was so shocked after he heard what the coach said. “What do you mean?” he was confused and couldn’t accept it.

In the spectators’ bench, Sam bugged out seeing someone running from the west, approaching the gridiron, “God, is it Fender?” he pointed at me.

Walter, Frank, and Norah quickly turned their head to where Sam was pointing at and they were shocked to the death.

“What is he doing with that uniform? Don’t say that he’s going to….” Norah couldn’t continue her speech.

Finally, I arrived in the field with Mr. Simpson and Wayne, my substitute quarterback in front of me. I took a deep breath. I already prepared everything.

“I’m ready,” I said.

Wayne couldn’t close his mouth, looking at me, “What is he doing here, Coach? I still don’t know what’s happening here!” he seemed upset.

“I’m sorry, Wayne, I’m going to take back my position now. Thanks for your effort,” I said and I ran to gather with everyone.

“What’s the meaning of this, Coach? This is ridiculous!” he was mad.

But Mr. Simpson calmly said, “I made the decision, Wayne. If you can’t accept it then you can quit right now.”

Different from Wayne, my other mates who had already been on the field felt so happy that I could join the game, yet they were still very shocked back then. They asked me why suddenly I changed my mind. But I didn’t answer that and order them to focus on the game instead.

“Okay, Guys! Let’s win this game!” I yelled, burning their spirit. And the others hailed passionately.

I got to the front line of my group. I could hear my opponents murmuring about how they should work harder because I suddenly joined again in the game. They really feared about me. Yeah, they should.

Douglas Emerson, the only vampire mate I had in the group, suddenly came to me and whispered, “I know we’ll have a high chance to win if we have you. But…are you sure about this, F?” he made sure.

“I’m sure, Doug. Moreover, this is none of your business,” I said.

He sighed, “If you say so. But, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about this. Frank and your girl must be shocked seeing you in the field. I bet they are planning to make you get out of here as soon as possible,” he said.

“No one can stop me, Doug. Even them!” I said, then I looked at them in the spectators’ bench. They were quite far, so I couldn’t hear what Frank said clearly. But I was sure he positively asking me confusedly about what I was doing.

I didn’t answer that, only turned away my face from them. I’m sorry, guys, I talked in mind. I took a deep breath and told myself to not falter.

“Hey, bro, what’s going on with you? Are you okay? You look so sullen,” Gill, my closest mate suddenly appeared in front of me.

I smiled and shook my head without saying anything. He raised his shoulder and came back to his previous position.

“What is he going to show off? That damn idiot! I hope he can hear what I’ve just said!” Frank looked upset. He was restless, the others were too. Norah was pale because of her anxiousness. They wanted to do something, but they didn’t know what they had to do.

Norah was trembling. He looked at me then looked at Frank again, “What are we going to do, Frank? This must be stopped!”

Sam’s eyes were wandering around, “Ino is not here. I don’t know whether he comes here or not. But we have to make our move before the situation is going worse,” he said. Walter nodded. He helped Sam to look at the situation there.

The whistle was blown by the referee. My team’s kicker hit the kickoff, signing the game was began. Norah’s anxiety suddenly became fears and worse.

“Sam, search for clue about Ino’s whereabouts!” Frank ordered.

Without any question, he just lifted his butt and went. Meanwhile, I threw the ball to the wide receiver. He caught it, but the opponent’s player successfully tackled him.

I sighed. My emotion was heightened, but I tried to calm down myself. Usually, I would yell at him because of that. But I kept telling myself, chill your head, Fender.

We got in our position again. I took a deep breath. Damn! It’s too early for me, I thought. But I ignored it. I barked out some commands before I threw the ball back.

At the spectators’ bench, Norah stood up and looked at me. Her hearts pounded very hard. It wasn’t because of the game you know it. She covered her mouth with her hand. His eyes were never stopped staring at me.

Frank finally stood up, “He’s crazy. Is it what Anna means?” he said.

Norah looked at Frank and winced, “Who’s Anna?” she asked.

“You-know-who’s sister,” Frank answered.

Norah turned her head to me again, “Fender, why are you doing this? Frank, I’m afraid that somehow he can’t control his emotion and going rampage. If that happens…”

Frank nodded and continued what Norah was thinking, “I’m ready. Walter, how many vampires gather in here?” he asked.

Walter who had already looked around, finally answered, “There are 10 in the north and west bench. Douglas seems ready to look up on Fender on the field. In here, there are 6 vampires. Including you, me, and Sam, there are 20 in total,” he reported.

“Good. 20 are enough. Considering the total of humans here, we can compel them to forget about everything they see if something bad happens. Just be ready if that idiot Fender is losing his common sense. Don’t forget there are fairies here. They can do us a favor. Do you think all the vampires can hear what we’re talking about now?” Frank said.

Walter shook his head, “I doubt it. It’s too crowded. Perhaps some in here already notice.”

“Then go tell them now, Walter!” Frank ordered.

“Yes, Milord!” Frank agreed and ran away.

I yelled at the corner back who had the intercept and he threw the ball to me. It was wide open and I caught it. But I didn’t realize that an opponent’s player was near me and got me with sack.

He tackled me until I fell down. Damn! I laid down on the ground, thinking that I almost had a touchdown. I was upset. I could feel my wolf tried to control me, even from the beginning of this game. I should have realized him, but something got in my mind.

I took a deep breath, looking at him who was very happy to successfully take me down. Calm down, Fender, I told myself again.

Doug ran to me and offered a hand. I grabbed his hand and got up.

“F, your eyes,” he whispered.

I nodded, “I know,” saying that I realized that my eyes had already turned gold.

“Are you sure you want to continue?” he asked.

I nodded again, “Of course. Now back to your position, Doug!” I ordered and ran back to my position.

Sam was back to where Frank and Norah stood. He gasped, and then took a one deep breath, “I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Are you sure?” Norah said, “Ino is a hunter. Supernatural can’t easily track a hunter,” she explained further.

“I’ve already searched around here. No trace of him. At least, he isn’t within the range where he can watch this game,” Sam explained.

Frank sighed, “That idiot is really annoying,” he said. He looked calm, but inside he was very restless. He looked at the ongoing game again, “We’ll see what’s going to happen next.”

“Somehow, knowing that Ino isn’t here calmed my mind a bit. But still…” Norah sighed.

“I’m still wondering why he does this,” Sam said.

Walter finally came back from his wandering. “I’ve told everyone. They seem upset why Fender does a reckless thing like this. Yeah, it can be imagined. Who wouldn’t? He is really doing a very reckless thing now.”

“Now that Ino isn’t here and all vampires are ready, I think we don’t have to worry. We just have to watch him carefully,” Frank said.

The game was almost reached the halftime. That was longer than I expected. My team was quite passionate within the game since we led the score against our opponent. But that condition made the opponent’s way of playing more aggressive.

The game was stopped for a moment. We had an intercept but our player was tackled. The ball was on our side then. I gasped, walked slowly on the center of the field. I was really tired. I never felt that tired before. It wasn’t my normal condition. I understood why Frank forbade me to play the game. I had to fight with my heightened emotion. That’s why I felt more tired.

I can feel my fangs begin to appear, I thought. Fighting my own wolf was like trying to hold on in the middle of orgasm. It was very hard to do.

“Fender!” Gill called me. I then jogged to my team’s position.

We were ready in our beginning position again, facing our opponents in front of us. Our score gap was thin, even though we led it. But we couldn’t take the game easily.

I had already given a command. The ball was thrown to the back and both parties tried to struggle. My halfback threw the ball to the wide receiver. I ran uncontrollably, but it was great. I could avoid every enemy attack in front of me like someone trying to catch an eel. That was my wolf, I realized that. But I tried to control my mind again. I yelled to the wide receiver to give me the ball. He really did throw it to me and I got it.

But one of them tackled me again. It was a hard hit. I fell down, feeling so much upset after several times I was tackled. I could feel my fangs grew little by little. I still had my common sense, but what I wanted to do was attacking who did that to me. Perhaps killing could make me more satisfied.

Stop it, Fender, I kept telling myself. I got up again, but my mind was a half awake. That was one of the several times I got in that condition.

Doug approached me again, “F, please stop it. You’ll lose control,” he said, and when he looked at my face after I looked back at him, he was a bit shocked, “You’re face. It’s a bit changing, F.”

I tried to control my breath. My fangs almost filled my mouth. But with the helmet and teeth protector, I was sure that nobody would realize it.

“Everything is okay, Doug,” I told him.

“You force yourself, F. Please stop it before something happen. You’re not a purebred who can easily control your wolf!” he insisted.

“Shut up!” I yelled at him. It’s not very loud but I really yelled at him.

The whistle blowing sound made me forget about him and ran to the position. Doug seemed upset, but he didn’t do anything, just following me from behind.

I held the ball, standing in the quarterback position. I barked out a command, and then threw the ball to my back. Seeing the opponents’ aggressive movement when the time started again, suddenly I wanted to be more aggressive than them. They shouted and charged. We did, too, but I was too much. I mean, my wolf was too much.

I trashed my face-to-face enemy’s neck with my arm and he fell to the ground so damn hard. The referee was blowing the whistle long, signing to stop the game. My heart told me that I was shocked and feeling guilty about what I had done. But actually, I didn’t feeling like that at all. It seemed like I was happy and not a slightest of feeling sorry. I just held on my knees, trying to fight myself.

All players from both parties gathered around the falling player. Some referees were checking up on him. He didn’t move at all. I didn’t know whether he was alive or not. I did still remember about the cracking sound of his neck when I hit him. It must be broken, I thought. Some of them were calling the medical to come. The crowd suddenly disappeared.

Doug quickly pulled me away from the crowd, “F, you’re at your limit! Look at me!” he ordered. I looked at him and he began to worry. “You must go, F! You’re going to lose control! Go! Go somewhere!” he kept pushing me until I ran out from the gridiron.

I ran very fast, trying to be away from that place.

I heard Mr. Simpson called me, “Hey, Fender, where are you going?” he asked.

“Coach, put Wayne in the line! Fender can’t continue the game!” Doug shouted at him.

In the spectators’ bench, Norah and the others are stunned, looking at the very thrilling situation ever happened in the game.

“He’s gone, Frank. I think we should look for him,” Norah said impatiently.

“I, Sam, and Walter will after him. You should stay here to watch the situation. Calm down, Norah! He can’t fully shift with only heightening emotion. We still can make him control himself,” Frank said.

“Okay, but you can’t just stay here and talk about it. Go! Now!” Norah ordered.

I disappeared. Frank, Walter, and Sam were after me. Norah stayed at the gridiron to monitor the situation. I never knew about that player condition whose the neck I broke. I even didn’t know anything… at all.

Not far from the crowd, in the quite dark and gloomy school corridor, a quiet boy walked by quietly. He seemed calm, not feeling any fear at all even though the situation was quite creepy. He kept walking, slowly and slower.

Behind him, someone was crawling without a sound on the top of side-lining lockers. His gold eyes were glowing in the dark, but the boy who was walking below just kept walking straight to the front. The steps were pacing, following slowly and patiently behind the boy. He was about to make a move, searching for the perfect timing, until finally he jumped without a sound.

The boy stopped walking. He grinned, and a second later he turned around and swung a sword that appeared suddenly in his hand. Clang, the sound of the sword clashing with those claws filled the quiet air of the corridor.

“So I’m not wrong after all,” Ino whispered quietly. He pushed his sword with his strength until I, who already lost my sense, was pushed back. His strength was incredible, being able to push me back like that. I rolled in the air and landed on my feet. I didn’t surrender, never knowing that I really couldn’t have the power to defeat Ino Rays.

In my ugly face condition, I roared and showed him my fangs, though I didn’t startle him even for the slightest. I ran toward him, tried to attack him with my claws again. But he dodged it and swung back his sword to me.

I jumped to the back with a quite incredible agility. He didn’t stop. He wanted to slash me vertically. But I jumped high and that attack could be avoided again.

“Not bad from an uncontrollable beta,” he said, and I knew for sure that he really played around with me.

Frank, Sam, and Walter were approaching the main door of my school. They stopped and analyzed the situation while standing in front of the door.

“Do you think he got inside?” Frank asked.

“High probability, Frank. The door is opened and the way he ran is leading to here. I think he still has his common sense to choose for hiding inside the school building. He knows there’s no one inside,” Sam speculated.

Frank nodded slowly, but suddenly there was something like tingling his mind. He was quite for a moment, listening to something.

“What’s wrong, Frank?” Walter asked.

“I sense danger inside,” he analyzed the situation again, “Do you hear something?” he asked.

Walter and Sam were listening too. “There’s like a commotion inside,” Sam said.

Shit! I hope this feeling is wrong, Frank thought. Without waiting any second, Frank whooshed into the building. Sam and Walter followed him.

But not far from the previous spot that they were standing, the three of them stopped. Their eyes grew very large when they saw someone appeared from the junction.

Damn! It’s really him, Frank thought desperately.

“I have anticipated you,” Sergey chuckled with his evil look.

“Frank, run! There’s no time to fight him!” Walter yelled.

But Sergey just grinned, “Too late.”

Frank sighed, I know that he already set the trap for us, he thought.

“Don’t you realize that you are already trapped?” Sergey mocked them, “There’s no way you can escape except you kill me. But…I can make sure that it’s not going to be easy,” he chuckled again.

“Please, Sergey, let us meet and speak to Ino. We can explain this,” Frank begged.

Sergey sighed and shook his head slowly, still with the grinning on his face, “I don’t want to have Ino scolding me if I let you go. I bet you can understand that. Besides, hiding a new and dangerous beta is a crime by default.”

“Fender never harms anybody!” Sam shouted, “We protect him!” he insisted.

Sergey sighed again, “You’ll never know. You don’t watch him 24 hours a day. Like today, I bet he nearly killed someone a while ago.”

Sam bugged out when said that. It was the sentence that he couldn’t accept by default. He was surprised, feeling embarrassed at the same time. How? How could I? How could I not notice that they were watching at us? I’ve already swept the entire nearby area. Where did they hide? Where, Sam was feeling so guilty that he was feeling useless after all.

Frank looked at how Sam reacted after they heard Sergey’s statement. He could understand that Sam was desperate. He knew that he was sorry about that.

“It’s not your fault, Sam,” Walter said, it seemed that he also figured out about that matter.

“Ista iaculatio!” Sergey attacked without warning. Three lightning currents came from his wand toward the three of them. Walter and Frank managed to whoosh and escaped, but Sam was hit and thrown back. His body hit the barrier that made him fell to the ground.

A second later, Frank was suddenly in front of Sergey and launched a kick in the air. But he did kick a great shield that surrounded Sergey’s body. He whooshed again to have a range from Sergey.

“It’s no use, Frank. I know he will have a shield protecting him,” Walter said. He looked at Sam who tried to stood up again, “Are you okay, Sam?” he asked.

Sam nodded, “It hurts, but I’m okay.”

“I just want to measure the power of that shield. It’s quite hard,” Frank said.

“Accerso!” Sergey summoned a sword to appear on his left hand. He grinned, “You’d better give in. There’s no way I’ll let you pass through.”

“Frank, what can we do?” Sam asked.

“I’m thinking,” Frank said. He calmly studying the power of the opponent he faced. There must be a weakness of his shield, he thought. A minute he waited, no movement from Sergey, nor the two of his friends.

Sergey laughed a bit, “So you really give in. You know you’re wasting your time by standing there without doing anything.”

Frank smiled faintly. He looked at Sam and Walter. Knowing that, the two of them whooshed near to Frank. They were communicating in silence.

“I understand,” Sam nodded.

Who says we’re doing nothing, Frank talked in mind. “Be careful,” he said to Sam and Walter.

Sergey dismissed his grin and winced. I know Frank is a great strategist in combat. He’s up to something. The other two are worms, but I can’t underestimate Frank Damon, Sergey told himself. He was ready, whatever they were planning to do.

Sam and Walter suddenly whooshed toward Sergey.

Please, Frank, do it quickly, Sam thought. He intended to punch Sergey with his bare hands. But he could only hit the shield. Sergey swung the sword, but Sam managed to dodge. Walter did the same, but they kept hitting the shield.

Frank face seemed so upset, it’s fast, he thought.

“Accerso!” Sergey casted a spell again. The next one, some shuriken appeared in the air. He hit those small but very dangerous weapons with the sword until they launched toward Walter. Those small things moved so fast. One of them hit Walter’s shoulder. He screamed and fell to the ground.

Sam couldn’t ignore that. He had his chance to counterattack. But Sergey’s movement was faster than he could imagine.

“Tonitrua lucem!”

A light beam hit Sam’s body. He was thrown back to the wall. The beam kept hitting him. Then suddenly, Frank’s eyes were getting larger a bit for a second.

It’s time, he thought. He whooshed as the time that he waited from the beginning finally came by. Sergey knew that he made a pretty big mistake. He stopped the attack, but he was too late.

He screamed in agony when Frank successfully grasped his neck and pushed him toward the wall. The sword in his left hand fell off. But he still managed to hold the wand in his right hand.

In the brink of his dying situation, Sergey casted a spell again, “Ignis!”

Frank moved away from him, avoiding the fire that suddenly came out from the wand. Easy and simple, but quite dangerous spell if it hits me. He’s smart to choose the spell, Frank thought.

Shit! I can’t really underestimate him. Now I do understand why he waits all along. He knows that my shield spell was worn off when I launched the attacked, Sergey thought desperately.

Sam and Walter stood up again and began to attack Sergey at the same time. But the shield was already activated again.

“Keep attacking, both of you! That shield won’t last forever!” Frank yelled at them. He struck toward him also and had his power at full while he hit the shield.

Sergey was trembled, defending himself. The shield was still tough, but Frank was right that it wouldn’t last forever. I can’t be like this. It’ll cost me a lot of energy. But I’m sure I’m going to make them paralyzed, he thought.

“Sagitta magica. Spargens!”

Frank knew the spell. But it was too fast. He couldn’t warn Sam and Walter. He wanted to yell, but it was too late. Hundreds of arrows made of lights were spreading out from Sergey’s body to all direction. It was like a laser beam that coming from the disco ball.

Frank was ready to dodge, but it was too powerful. He could avoid most of the light arrows, but some of them successfully hit his body. However, the opposite condition went to Sam and Walter. They screamed as the light arrows pierced their body rapidly.

The attack was stopped after a while torturing them. Sam’s and Walter’s body fell to the floor with so much blood covering theirs. They passed out, seemed like dead. But Frank knew that the attack couldn’t kill a vampire easily.

He also had some quite severe injuries. The light arrows pierced his chest, shoulders, and thigh. He was covered by blood too, weakening his body. Sergey kneeled after he launched that massive attack. It really cost him a lot of energy. He tried to stand up again and took a deep breath.

Damn vampire! It’s quite a burden to face the son of a pureblood, he thought.

He’s too strong. Being Ino Ray’s right hand man quite fit him a lot, Frank thought.

“Orbis munitus!” Sergey began his incantation again. A circle of light beneath him suddenly appeared. He seemed to have his incantation continuing. Frank winced, studying the spell that Sergey was using.

This is quite a great spell I assume. In his state, he still can maintain his magic energy inside his body, he thought fascinatingly. He was ready to overcome what was going to come to him.

“Accerso!” the sword that he summoned previously suddenly flew back to his hand. “Celero!”

Frank was surprised when Sergey’s movement suddenly become much faster than before. He whooshed like a vampire. He suddenly appeared in front of Frank and slashed him. But Frank whooshed and dodged. Frank realized that the light circle beneath Sergey kept following him when he moved.

Sergey didn’t stop attacking. He kept slashing Frank with his sword, but Frank still managed to avoid those attacks. It seemed that vampire’s movement still superior.

In the brink of his dying state, Sam tried to gain his consciousness. He looked at Frank who was still fighting with Sergey. I must help him. Frank can’t make a counterattack in this situation. And he couldn’t dodge that witch’s attack forever.

He held on his hands, trying to stand up even it was so difficult to move. His sight was blurred a little, but he forced his body to keep moving.

Sergey gasped and held on his leaning sword. He used too much energy, but still he still couldn’t bring Frank down. Frank knew that when Sergey was standing still, his shield spell was activated so that he didn’t try to attack.

Sam suddenly ran toward Sergey to launch his attack.

Idiot, Sergey thought when Sam hit the shield again. He swung his sword, impaled Sam in his stomach.

“Sam!” Frank yelled.

In the other hand, Sam was still holding the sword that impaled him. Now’s your turn, Frank, he thought. Frank realized that Sam was sacrificing himself in order Frank to be able to make an attack. He whooshed toward Sergey to not let Sam’s dying in vain.

But, Sergey was grinning...

Frank successfully grabbed Sergey’s neck, but that was his fatal mistake. As he entered the circle that still followed wherever Sergey moved, hundreds of light arrows suddenly attacked from the circle to above, like a backward raindrop.

“No!” Sam groaned and fell down.

Frank screamed loudly when those arrows pierced his body. And Sergey didn’t stop his attack.

“Tonitrua lucem!” a light attack hit Frank’s body until he was thrown back to crash the shield, “Perduco!” the attack still continued, preventing Frank’s body to fall, “Disilliunt!” Sergey’s attack hadn’t ended yet. A sphere was moving fast through the light to Frank.

Frank knew that spell. He realized that Sergey wanted to blow up his body...

Meanwhile, somewhere nearby, a while in the past...

My wolf was still in rampage, never realized that he was facing the most merciless and one of the most powerful hunter in the world, Ino Rays. I pounced him and my claws were clanging again with his sword.

His face was so calm, like he wasn’t very serious when facing me. He pushed me again and I was pushed back.

He grinned, picked up something from his little bag on his waist. Some shape-star little things that seemed very sharp he picked. I believe that those things are used by ninja called shuriken. He threw it toward me.

I was barely hit. Those things moved so fast. But since my wolf controlled my body, I became magnificent somehow. I managed to dodge all of those things. Amazing if I think about how clumsy and chicken I am.

But I was too happy, not exactly can be mentioned like that since I lost my control over my mind and body. Yeah, it was too soon to think that I was amazing. Ino moved fast toward me who had been busy dealing with his shuriken.

He slashed me. I tried to move back in order to avoid his attack, but I was a little bit late.

I groaned when his sword successfully slashed my chest. My blood was spilled. I fell down to the ground. I twisted on the floor like a drying worm. And at the same time, I gained my control over my mind again.

I screamed, “God, it hurts!”

I realized that someone who I feared the most walking slowly toward me. He grinned, like a grim reaper from hell. In agony, I tried to drag my own body back.

“It seems like you have come back, Fender Luts,” he said.

Ino, I thought. I never knew why I end up being beaten by him, but that was a very dangerous situation. I have to flee, I told myself. The pain was quite annoying, but it was better than being impaled right at the time. At least, I had tried.

I tried hard to stand up, but finally I got myself on my legs and ran away. However…

I fell some things flying toward me. I turned my head to the back, three of the shuriken had already targeted me. I tried to dodge, but I was nothing without my wolf. I screamed again and fell down. The time I got attack for the second time, the pain was the worst.

One of them hit my back, and it was silver. Those shuriken were silver. It felt like my back was burning. I screamed as loud as possible. I couldn’t move my body. I thought that it was my end.

Several minutes before the brink of my death…

“Tonitrua lucem!” a light attack hit Frank’s body until he was thrown back to crash the shield, “Perduco!” the attack still continued, preventing Frank’s body to fall, “Disilliunt!” Sergey’s attack hadn’t ended yet. A sphere was moving fast through the light to Frank.

Frank knew that spell. He realized that Sergey wanted to blow up his body. But he wouldn’t allow that. He needed to save me. As he screamed, he struggled and finally he could free himself from Sergey’s continuing attack.

Sergey’s eyes grew larger in surprise. He could never imagine that Frank could escape from his spell.

“Damn!” Sergey said, then he did something, “Foramen!”

Something happened on the sphere that he launched. As it reached the end and blew up, it was sucked by some invincible hole in the air. Somehow, the school building was safe from destruction.

Sergey kneeled again, breathing in agony. He was using too much of his energy, and he ran out of it. He coughed blood. The same condition happened with the opposite side. Sam and Walter were passing out. Frank didn’t have energy left to have an attack. They all were exhausted.

Frank suddenly sensed someone nearby. He looked at his back. An arrow flew toward him and passed right through them. The sound of broken shield in the air was heard as the arrow flew by.

“Frank, go! The spell is broken!” Norah yelled.

Sergey looked at Norah far in front of him, “Shit! My power couldn’t even hold the shield from her attack!” he was a little bit upset.

“What are you waiting for, Frank! Go!” Norah yelled again.

As he tried to stand up, suddenly he heard my voice screaming. He was panic. He didn’t care that he was in pain. He kept pushing himself to move. He whooshed, ran as fast as he could. He knew where I was and he told himself to reach that place as soon as possible.

Not far from there, I still fought with the pain. I couldn’t move my body anymore. It feels like my whole body was burning then. I even couldn’t scream anymore. I saw Ino was still walking toward me and grinning. He was ready to cut me in half.

Good bye, everyone. Goodbye, world. I’m going to die, I talked in mind.

But when Ino stood right in front of me and was ready to slash me, Frank suddenly appeared between us and kneeled.

He gasped, almost crying. He didn’t have any power to defend me anymore.

Ino winced, sighed then, “That idiot Sergey even can’t do his job right. Don’t interfere, Damon!”

“Please, I beg you. I beg you, Ino. Spare him,” Frank begged while still knelling in front of Ino.

“You’re asking too much. I can let a dangerous beta lives like this,” Ino said.

Frank looked at Ino in the eyes, “He’s not dangerous! I keep him safe all this time.”

“But he nearly killed someone,” Ino said.

“Because you set him up!” Frank yelled, “Please, Ino, please! Spare him. He’s my only brother. I’ll do anything to make him safe. I’ll do whatever you want.”

Ino sighed again, “Oh, God, I hate that look from a Damon. Okay, okay, don’t cry in front of me! I hate seeing man cries. I’ll spare him in one condition.”

“What is that?” Frank asked. His eyes bugged out watching a nearly impossible situation in front of his eyes.

Ino popped in his sword into the stick and pit it in his pocket, “A werewolf who can’t control his inner wolf is like a ticking bomb. The more I let him lives, the more chance that he will kill somebody. I’ll give him time until the next full moon for him to control himself.”

“But it’s a week from now!” he disproved.

“Take it or do you want me to kill him now?” Ino offered again.

Frank gulped. But he nodded quickly, “Yes,” he agreed, “Fender will be under my care.”

Ino chuckled, “Okay, we’ll see. See you next week, Luts. Hope you can make it,” he turned and walked away from us.

Frank sighed. He relieved, but at the same time he was anxious. A week? Can he overcome that, he thought. He quickly looked at me and pull out the shuriken that piercing my back. I didn’t scream. There’s no energy left in me to do that.

He tried to embrace me on his hands, “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Do I look okay?” I said, and then I chuckled a bit. But my joke was over when I felt the pain again, “It’s silver. I thought I was going to die.”

He nodded, “I know. You heard him, right? We only have a week.”

“What if I can’t make it?” I asked desperately, knowing that it was hard to do that.

“I’m going to find a way to save you, Fender,” he said, making me calm, “By the way, that was quite interesting game. You make us all want to beat the crap out of you,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, it’s a very dreadful match,” I said.

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