Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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League of My Saviour

Please don’t run, I kept shouting. I was running, through the middle of nowhere. Please stop! Please stop, I said. He was running so fast. I tried to keep chasing him, but I couldn’t make it. He disappeared. I gasped in the middle of my confusion. Damn it! I still can’t make it, I thought desperately.

I span around, figuring where he was then. He must be somewhere around here. Where could he be, I thought.

“Come out, please. I just want to talk. You don’t have to be afraid of me,” I yelled. Actually, it was me who was afraid of him. There, I don’t know why, I was a normal human. He was a werewolf, so I was confused that he was afraid of me. It didn’t make sense.

I span around again, and then I saw he peeked on me from behind a large tree. His ugly face popped out and popped in thoroughly. I smiled. I really smiled at him. I said that he didn’t have to be afraid.

But he suddenly came out from their hideout, staring at me with very sharp eyes. I saw him naked, standing like a dog and growling. My intention to move closer to him was gone. I stepped back slowly. He kept growling at me. His body changed little by little. Until he became fully shifted, I screamed out loud when he tried to pounce on me...

I jumped back and my head bumped on the sofa right behind me. I groaned, scrubbing my back head with my palm and getting up. Ivan chuckled, perhaps he felt uneasy to laugh loudly in front of me.

“That son of a bitch!” I mocked him, even though he was me.

“What happened?” he asked.

I was pouting, “I hate him! Whenever I tried to get close to him, he ran away. But this was the first time that he wanted to attack me. Such burden fellow!” I complained.

“He is you,” he said.

“I know he is me!” I talked to him loudly, “But he should have understood me! The fact is…he was annoying!” I was upset. Somehow I realized that I was also annoying. I sighed, he was me after all. He laughed. He really did it after he said what I was saying. I was wondering that he was thinking the same with me.

He stopped laughing gradually, and said that he was sorry. But I admitted that it was kind of annoying. “Have you ever thought that perhaps he didn’t intend to attack you? Maybe…just want to get to know?” he said.

Is he kidding me? He was so scary back then. He growled at me and jumped out toward me. I don’t think that he was going to have a nice chit-chat with me, I thought. But something crossed my mind…

“Will I dead if he really attacks me?” I asked.

He hummed, “Actually, if he really attacks you, you’re going to feel the pain. I felt it when my wolf bit my arm. But it didn’t leave a scar, so I think you’re not going to dead,” he explained.

It’s still not a nice thing to have your wolf tear your body off even though it doesn’t really happen in the real world, I thought. I sighed, feeling so desperate. The clock was ticking and there was no progress yet. Actually, I was scared and thinking that perhaps I just had to kill myself. At least I could choose which way had the least pain. If I was thinking how Ino would kill me, it was either chopping my head off, tore my body into two, or ripped my heart off. God, it must be very painful.

I heavily took a breath, trying to calm my mind against all the death things that crossing my head.

“Want to try again?” Ivan asked, destroying my reverie.

I shook my head fast, “Nope. I’m tired. I’ve been doing this for 2 hours non-stop,” I said, “Could you please delay the painful thing of this damn training a little bit later?” I asked, begging actually. It’d been days that I had a very harsh training with Ivan. It was so hard for an idler like me.

I still remember what Ivan had said to me. Being a werewolf is a curse. It’s originally a curse from the very beginning. Every werewolf will experience pain in both physically and mentally. Yeah, I felt that.

“It hurts, I know that. We all know that, Fender. When you become a werewolf, it’s like you have double personalities. You must conquer your other self. Even purebred like me having the same experience like you have now. The difference is…I have done it from the very first time I was born to this world,” he explained, I didn’t know why he said that to me. Ivan was full of quotes. He was like a very wise and old werewolf despite his age was only about 30. I know for a human, it’s already middle-age stage. But he even didn’t look older than me.

“So, what’s the meaning of those words?” I asked.

He chuckled again, perhaps thinking about how idiot I was, “All I want to say is…in order to survive, we must fight. I did it, many did it. It’s not impossible for you to succeed.”

“Yeah, but seeing my condition that I have only a few days to succeed that otherwise Ino will chop my head, it makes me desperate,” I said, “Can I do it, Ivan? Can I survive? This is Ino Rays we are talking about!” I felt like my madness was conquering my mind when I said that name. Ivan was quiet. I sighed, “If in the end…I still end up die, I think that why I should bear all this pain. I will die after all. Do you think everything that I’ve done is in vain?”

A phone ringtone broke the silence between the two of us. It was Ivan’s cell phone. He stood up and took it on his bed.

“Hello, Frank. Is there anything important?” Ivan asked after he accepted the call.

Frank, who was in somewhere I didn’t know that time, spoke, “Do I disturb you?” he asked back.

“No, not at all! Our training is over,” Ivan answered.

“Great. Now, please take Fender to the place I mentioned to you before,” Frank said, “If he asks you why I didn’t tell him for the first time, tell him that he’s too reckless. If he’s there, I’m sure he can hear me,” he had already anticipated that that question would come out from my mouth and somehow made Ivan feeling uneasy. Smart ass!

“Understood,” Ivan nodded.

Frank hung up the phone. He put it again into his pocket, and then he turned to some people who already stood there from the beginning. “They will come here,” he said.

“Do you think we should have told him a day before the full moon?” Annabelle asked, “You said yourself that he is reckless.”

Frank nodded, “Yes, he is. But I think there’s no great progress in their training. Ivan shouldn’t say that their training was over at this hour. My fear is come true, Fender still isn’t able to control his wolf. I think we should put him in his mind our plan B.”

“I agree with Frank. He must prepare for this,” Mr. Jovanov said.

“So, we just have to wait for him? What a boring activity! I don’t know why I’m dragged into this situation,” Evans sat on the bench with his bored face, propping his chin over his hand.

Norah sighed, “By the way, where’s Hope? He should’ve been here,” she asked.

“He told me that he wants to seek for another help,” Frank answered.

Hope Sanders walked slowly through the forest that led to the forbidden town beyond Moonlight Hills. The wind blew quite fast, blowing off the dried leaves on the ground. Sometimes the thin and dry tree branches were moved by the wind, looked like a devil’s hand that waving in the air. He walked alone, in one purpose.

The sky was getting dark little by little. Hope looked at the dusk sky which filled with orange light among the grayish clouds. He fastened his steps, perhaps didn’t want to lose another minute.

I’ve almost done, he told himself.

But something made him stop walking in a sudden. He heard something from behind. He didn’t turn around, just stood still.

“You’re still the same, Lord Camthalion. You’re lazy to use your own wings. I think it’s better than walking on the ground,” someone spoke from his back.

Hope turned around, looking at the old man who wore a black robe. He smiled, typically of him and bowed down, “Good greetings, my old fellow. How fare thee?”

The old man sighed, “What is it this time, Milord?” he asked, “The last time you brought your vampire and werewolf friend to me is enough. I don’t want to have another business with you. Please, Lord Camthalion, just leave me alone. It’s true that I owe you my life, but I’ve done so much for you.”

Hope chuckled, “’Tis been years that somebody called me by that name. Sire, let me speak through. Yes, thou dost owe thy life to me, yet thou did attack me the previous time.”

“Please, Milord. Don’t make me feel guilty. You know that attack won’t even give you a wound,” the old man said, “I just don’t want you to come,” he explained.

Hope frowned, “I do not imagine that I hath this kind of treatment from the one who said he owes me his life,” he satirized, “Sire, I do need thy favor.”

The old man sighed, “You win. Do as you please, Milord.”

A big smile appeared on Hope’s face. But suddenly his face became so damn serious. The old man could read how Hope’s expression changed. He realized that something that Hope would ask would be definitely important. He kept quiet, waiting for Hope to speak. Hope paused for a while. He seemed doubt about the thing he wanted to ask.

Hope took a deep breath, “I bring to mind that perhaps I need that potion.”

The old man’s eyes bugged out. He was surprised by the words that came out from Hope’s mouth. “Do you mean…that potion?” he made sure. Hope nodded. “But…but, Milord, do you think it’s necessary to have that potion? By the way, what for?” he asked.

“There’s going to be a fray. A war with a four-slayer,” Hope explained.

The old man wrinkled his forehead, “Four-slayer? You’ve got to be kidding me, Milord! What have you done so that you have to deal with a four-slayer?” he felt curious, surprised, and scared at the same time

“My soul is binding with the people I vow to protect. The werewolf…I shalt protect him no matter what,” Hope said.

“You’re too kind, Lord Camthalion. Tell me who are the people you vow to protect,” the old man asked.

“Three,” Hope raised his three fingers, “For more than a thousand years I live, I hath vowed to three persons, Ileana, the love of my life, Frank Damon, and Fender Luts. The two others art the vampire and the werewolf thou hath seen by yesterday,” he answered.

“Please, Milord, you have to reconsider. It’s true that the potion will make you stronger, yet it will degenerate your aura instead. You will look older,” the old man warned.

Hope knew the consequences. That was why the old man was terrified when Hope asked him about the secret potion. Hope smiled, “I hast lived for more than a thousand, getting old is not a nightmare. Thou knowth it shalt diminish a fairy’s power by leaving the fairy world. Thou can calculate. For hundred years, I hast been in this world. I’m deficient, Sire,” he said.

The old man nodded, “Okay, okay. I will follow your request. I have only one dose of that potion and I promise I won’t make it anymore.”

Hope chuckled again, “Hath no worry. I do not think that I shalt use it again after this,” he said.

In the deep forest of the west Moonlight Hills, somewhere quite far away, I and Ivan walked fast through the trees and bushes. We were almost running. For the beginning, we started by Ivan’s car. But it seemed that the meeting point was in a quite remote area. Damn, I hate remote area! I hate walking and I hate hiking in the forest like that. But it couldn’t be helped. Somehow, what I had to do was just being grateful because there were so many people who did care about me deeply.

So, I tried to forget about how lazy and how upset I was for doing an annoying jogging in the dusk at the forest.

Actually, I was still thinking if I could pass the situation safely. Having Ino as a schoolmate gave me knowledge about how powerful a hunter was. If compared to each creature and isn’t considering that hunter was part of humans, they are even more extinct than us werewolf.

From what I’d learnt about hunter and friends, there were a few of them in each country, but still it depends on how the population of human in each country. There are several of their representatives of hunter association in each region, so few if I compare to the representatives of The Temple vampire has which exist in every city or state.

But beyond their lack of quantity, they have a truly amazing and incredible power within their veins. They don’t have super hearing, but their sixth sense is greater than other supernatural. They also can be a silent killer because no one, even supernatural being can’t trace their movement.

Another great thing about them, although they don’t have flash movement like vampire, they can read every movement of their opponent, whoever it is, and prevent any attacks coming to them. What an incredible fella! It doesn’t stop on that. They have the greatest thing called four-slayer.

There’s only a statement in my mind that really fit in describing four-slayer. One versus one guy means suicide, many versus one guy means it might be a chance to flee and save yourself, and the four of them involvement means a race’s extinction.

So, there was a question that kept bothering me all that time, can I survive this?

I sniffed around and smelled some people nearby. I didn’t ask to Ivan and keep following him from behind, until finally we found a hut near the lake. The lake itself was hidden beyond the thickness of the forest. I never went that far, but I heard a rumor that there was a quite beautiful lake somewhere in the deep forest. The lake was called Angel Falls.

I stopped running, fascinated with the beauty above the lake. I saw something incredible, like a colorful stream flowing in the air.

Ivan stopped running too and turned around. He saw what I saw and looked at me again. He smiled then, “I believe it’s the first time for you to see this,” he said.

I nodded, couldn’t speak anything because of that.

“They are believed to be the spirits of the angels. Only supernatural other than common witch and hunter can see this, just like seeing a ghost. No wonder that this lake is called Angel Falls. But actually, no one can prove what they truly are,” Ivan explained.

But I just kept nodding. I couldn’t let my sight away from it. Being impatient, Ivan pulled my hand and ran to the hut, “Come on!”

“Okay, okay!” I said.

Ivan opened the door and we saw several people in there, including Frank and Norah. Some of them I knew, but some other I didn’t. There were even complete Ivan’s families. No wonder I don’t see them in his home, I thought.

I didn’t know why it was so crowded there. I just looked at them one by one, while they all stared back at me. I was wondering, what’s happening here?

The pale pretty woman who stood next to Frank suddenly spoke. She seemed a little familiar. I thought that I had seen her somewhere in magazine. “Who’s the wolf?” she asked. Both I and Ivan raised our hand. She then sighed, “I mean the lucky one,” she continued.

Ivan put down his hand, leaving me still raised my hand. “I think it’s me,” I answered.

She suddenly smiled like a naughty girl. I didn’t know why she did that. She whispered to Frank’s ear, “I never know that there’s a cuter boy than you, Sweetie.”

I heard what she said, definitely heard it and it absolutely…absolutely exciting. I never thought that finally, there was someone who thought I was more in something good than Frank. She said I was cuter than him, no wonder I really would like shouting and jumping out like a mad one. But I did keep my cool. I didn’t want to be embarrassing in front of the people I was unfamiliar with.

“So…” I hummed and got their attention, “What’s with the crowd here? Can somebody fill me up?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, Fender. I don’t believe in you from the beginning that you can meet up with Ino’s requirements, though I myself agreed with him. I just want to buy you a time. So, I gathered all the forces that will help you fight him,” Frank explained, “The reason I didn’t tell you this before because I want to see the progress. I know I’ll lose the bet but I think it’s worth to wait for you.”

This is ridiculous! If he already gathered all these people to help me, I feel like all the training I underwent like hell is in vain, I thought. I felt a little bit upset, more than that actually. But I couldn’t be angry. I was really an ungrateful person if I did that.

Though I know it wasn’t wise to be angry at him, my face couldn’t hide my feeling. “You said that I’m reckless.”

“That’s also the point,” Frank told me calmly.

“Why don’t you tell me, Frank?” I asked.

“Because you won’t try, Young wolf,” the pretty woman beside him suddenly spoke, “Just like Frank said to you, he wants to see your progress. I know how you feel about how hellish your training was. But it’s for your own good. Believe me,” she said, making me curious about how she knew about my hellish training. She suddenly chuckled, “My special ability is reading people’s mind. I know what you all are thinking now,” she said, answering my own question, “My name is Annabelle Manvel. It’s pleasure to finally meet a cute wolf like you, Fender Luts,” she introduced herself.

God, I was really flattered when she called me cute. It felt like my feeling toward how cruel Frank with me was suddenly forgotten.

The middle-age man beside her seemed a bit grouse toward her, “Hey, Annabelle. Stop acting like a bitch! You have your own husband,” he complained.

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous, Albert!” Annabelle teased him.

But his face showed obviously that he couldn’t accept that word, “No way,” he said, and then he looked at me without any smile, “My name is Albert Donovan. It’s not really pleasure to be here with you all, but I really like the challenge. So don’t get the wrong idea about me,” he said.

I was astonished when I heard two pureblood families in town, Manvel and Donovan, wanted to help a mutt werewolf like me. I just couldn’t wonder. But I saw three other vampires among them. I didn’t know how, but I believe that they all are noble vampires. They seemed strong and scary.

Besides those vampires, Ivan’s complete families were there to help me. Norah came with Evans and two other hunters, I believed so. Total was 15 people. I would like to call them the league of my savior.

Norah came at me. Perhaps she waited for the others to speak first. She seemed so sullen and desperate. She looked at me and kissed me fast, “I’m sorry.”

I winced, “For what? You did nothing wrong,” I asked.

She hugged me like she was going to lose me, “I cannot persuade the elders to stop Ino. Even they are powerless against the four-slayer.”

I smiled, though she didn’t look at my face because she leaned her head onto my shoulder, “It’s not that bad. We have a great power here,” I looked at them all, “Some of you don’t know me, yet you still want to help me against a fearsome person like Ino Rays. I can never thank you enough for your kindness.”

Norah got off of my hug. She still looked at me with her worrying face, “Ino is greater than you can imagine, Fender,” she then turned around and spoke to the others, “Please, I warned you all. Never underestimate Ino Rays. Although we outnumber him, there’s no guarantee that we will win against him, unless we have the help from another four-slayer. He has Sergey Jackson, a very powerful mage from Hawkbeak clan. I didn’t know who else he will be with.”

“I don’t care who my enemy is. We’re ready to face him,” Mrs. Jovanov said confidently, “Fender is our friend. We will protect our friend with our life.” The other Jovanofes nodded, agreeing with her.

Somehow I was flattered by what they did to me. I didn’t care about the reason, even though that Albert Donovan guy said that he only cared about the challenge. For me, they being here was something that made me feeling special. I still remembered how I thought about my miserable life at the beginning. But then, I was very happy. I couldn’t express my feeling into words.

Norah’s speaking suddenly dismissed my reverie. “By the way, I didn’t see Hope here,” she asked to Frank.

“Perhaps he’s going to be here soon,” Frank replied.

“I think,” the middle-age vampire woman, another one who was close to the man who looked the oldest among them, suddenly spoke, “Some people are approaching this area. Could that be them?” she said.

Annabelle cleared her throat, asking for attention, “My family has owned this place for a long time. And we ask our fairy friends to keep growing the trees that surround this lake to make the way through here difficult so that there are not many people come here. If it is someone else, perhaps it’s just a very brave wandering man or another supernatural.”

“Another supernatural?” another vampire man spoke. He looked younger than the previous man who was close to the woman who could feel someone approaching us. “Are they going to just see the spirit of celestial being above the lake? What a boring activity!” he said.

Annabelle sighed, “It’s not a spirit, Darius. It’s believed to be fragments of the celestial being. Somehow I learn the story about many celestial beings that gathered here long time ago, leaving their fragments above the lake. Though I’m still wondering too, I never once see a celestial being before,” she explained, somehow answering a question that I had in mind about that place.

Another question popped out in my head, what is a celestial being? It seemed like something that similar to angel or heavenly creature. Perhaps!

“How many do you think they are, Madame Aberschulen?” Albert asked.

She wrinkled her forehead, sensing something with his special ability, “They’re about one kilometer away and getting closer. There are two of them. I’m sorry, my ability cannot detect what creature they are,” she said. But it was a quite great ability, being able to sense someone from a far. Even werewolf’s smell can’t reach that far.

“Two?” Norah spoke, “Do you thing Hope brings another force?” she asked.

Evans, who always sat on the sofa at the corner of the room, finally spoke a word, “Only one force? It doesn’t have any effect at all. Does he think we will face a mere hunter? It’s Ino Rays! What a suck!”

Suddenly I sniffed continuously. I tried to detect who were coming to that place. “I don’t think it’s a fairy smell. Actually…” I paused for a moment and sniffed again.

“They’re werewolves,” Roman, Ivan’s younger brother, suddenly spoke.

Yes, he was right. And I thought I recognized the smell of one of them. We stunned, waiting for that two persons who were approaching that hut. Our eyes were staring at the door without anyone moving at all. They were close, until...the door finally opened.

Carter Dale, I talked in mind.

He brought someone I didn’t recognize. I didn’t think that any of us there recognize him either. He was a middle-age with a very big muscle. He was like a bodybuilder. I sniffed at him again, not directly sniffed at him, but I tried to recognize his smell. He was different. And when I saw directly to his eyes, I began to realize something. He’s an alpha, I thought.

“We didn’t miss the party, right?” he tried to make a joke. But none of us were laughing. I didn’t think he would expect us to laugh either.

“How you get here?” Frank asked.

The big man lifted his hand to the front, “Please, Vampire, don’t accuse us anything! We’re just trying to help.”

One of two hunters that tagging along with Norah, the female one, finally spoke, “I’m seems like you both are not invited in this matter. How do you know about this situation? Moreover, it’s dangerous that you can easily find him here,” she got the point.

The big man nodded, “Alright, alright! I can understand you have many questions in your mind. Let me explain you briefly. We’ve already known about the situation between Fender and Ino Rays. Since then, we’ve been spying on the situation here. Including how you’re trying to build an army.”

“I’m wondering why sometimes I felt a werewolf’s presence around me lately,” Ivan said, realizing something about what actually happened to him.

“About how we get here,” the big man explained further, “We’re lucky that we saw him with that little Jovanov,” he pointed at Ivan, “So, we followed them here.”

I winced in confusion, “I wonder how we can’t know that you’ve been following us?”

“It’s easy,” Carter answered, he then pointed at his nose, “We have this. We can’t lose track on anything as long as we have our nose. You should know that, Fender.”

Another knowledge I got from the day. I just realized that nothing could hide from a werewolf nose, beside hunter actually. Everybody will leave a trail. Their smell will be stuck on the ground and everything they touch. That’s how a werewolf’s nose works.

“I’m sorry to ask this. Why bother to help me?” I asked, “I never seem care about me, Carter. And...” I looked at the big man besides him, “You never know about me.” It didn’t mean that I wasn’t grateful for another one to help me, especially there was an alpha on our side. I was just wondering.

Carter and the big man stared at each other, and then they both looked at me together. Carter sighed, he raised his shoulder, “Actually, you’re right that I don’t care about you. But he did,” he pointed at the big guy.

The big guy nodded, “I just want to protect a family.”

Mr. Jovanov raised a voice again. He wrinkled his forehead, wondering about something, “What do you mean by family? Fender said that you didn’t know him, and he’s not a relative of yours either. You make me curios, Mister....”

“Dallas. Grand Dallas. You can call me Grand,” he replied immediately. He looked at Carter thoroughly, but Carter didn’t care about him. “Perhaps...” he looked at me again, “It’s time for you to know the truth.”

“What truth?” I asked.

“I am Cone Dale’s cousin. Perhaps some of you know about Cone Dale. He was Carter’s father. My mother was a Dale, though I bear my father’s name,” Grand said, “And I’ve made a vow to Carter’s mother, to protect all the remaining Dales and the one who carries its blood that live in this world.”

What he said made me confused more. I didn’t understand at all about what he explained to me. I kept wincing, feeling in confusion, “But I’m not a Dale,” I said.

“Your maker, Hail Grayson, is actually Cone Dale’s biological daughter,” Grand said and some of us bugged out hearing that news, “He once told me that he had a secret daughter from Grayson family. I don’t know that the girl is still alive. But she is beyond my protection now. She falls into her rage deeply. Actually, I’ve met her recently. But she doesn’t really care about what actually happen. Perhaps she has already known from the beginning.”

“I still don’t understand. What’s with me and Dale?” I asked.

Ivan suddenly cleared his throat, “Let me explain you, Fender,” he said, “If Hail Grayson is Cone Dale’s daughter like he told us, then he’s right. For werewolf, curse means blood. Maker is actually like a parent for us. You’re carrying the Dale’s curse, Fender. That means you’re carrying their blood,” he explained me clearly.

“Now you understand everything, so there’s no other reason why we’re here with you. As an alpha who carry the blood of Dale, I will protect my family at all cost. I don’t care if they’re purebred or mutt, all the werewolves who bear the blood of Dale are my family,” Grand said, “The other mutts are under Hail’s protection. She’s an alpha, so I can’t disturb her territory. And for the escaping girl, Carter said that she is safe with a fairy protecting her. Now I’m still focusing on protecting you.”

This is awesome, I thought. I couldn’t believe that actually someone as strong as him was there with me, saying he was going to protect me no matter what. Somehow, I felt like a very important person.

The lonely me was gone. I had many people that cared about me. Frank, Norah, Hope, Ivan’s family, and then an alpha from Dale, they were there for me, protecting me from a great danger that awaited me at the very soon. They even brought their friends with them.

I smiled. I really wanted to cry because I was so happy. But I didn’t do that. I just said, “Thank you. This means a lot to me.”

Mrs. Aberschulen, the vampire who had the power of sensing nearby people suddenly raised her voice again, “I felt some people approaching this area,” she winced, studying the situation, “There are three of them, and they are flying fast toward here.”

“It must be him. Only Fay can fly. It seems like he brought two fairies with him,” Norah said.

The couple of hunters that tag along with Norah and Evans were approaching me. They smiled at me, and I smiled back at them oddly. They looked friendly, just like Norah. In my imagination, most hunters were scary and fierce. But they didn’t.

“You’ve grown. I never know that the child who always cried over his mother can be this gorgeous,” said the woman. She looked at the man and laughed together.

Another weirdness I was feeling, spinning my head with questions and confusion. I hummed, “I’m sorry, do I know you?” I asked.

“Perhaps you forget,” the man said, “Yeah, you must forget about us. You were still a little kid back then. I’m Edward Muller, and this is my wife. We’re both close friends to your parents when your family lived in Skyfall City,” he explained, finally cleared the fog over my mind.

But I really didn’t remember about them. I just smiled, the laughed a bit, “Oh yeah? What a coincidence,” I talked awkwardly, pretending that they were familiar with me.

Mrs. Muller shook her head, “It’s not a coincidence actually. We heard your name mentioned when Norah and Evans talked about you with the elders. Luts is not a common name, even in Skyfall City. So, we think that Fender Luts they were talking about is the Fender Luts we once knew. That’s why we’re here to help you,” she explained.

I think I’m very lucky, I thought.

I heard the sound of the wings flapping nearby. I even heard the three of them finally stepped on the ground in front of that hut. I was sure that most of us realized that too. I sniffed and I was sure.

“It’s Hope,” I said.

The door was opened. Hope came in with his two fairy friends, a male and a female fairy. I never met them before.

Hope smiled, always giving a warm face to others, “’Tis great! I do not know ’tis already very crowded hither.”

“You’re late, Hope,” Frank said.

“I pray for thy pardon, my friend. I wast searching for strength. Though ’twas hard, I finally found these two volunteers. I wast very desperate. I thought we shalt lack of might. However, ’tis so pleasure to hath these many,” Hope expressed his excitement.

But Hope’s excitement was not as great as mine. I recounted again, six noble vampires, four hunters, seven werewolves, and three fairies. There were total 20 forces I had. It was great, more than great actually. I began to feel very confident to face Ino Rays. He’s an independent person, aloof, and arrogant. I bet he won’t have many friends to help him, I thought.

Frank cleared his throat, asking for attention. He began to speak when everybody looked at him, “I think everyone has gathered here. We have 20 people with us, excluding Fender. That’s a great number I admit. But...don’t ever forget. We’re going to face Ino Rays. This is not going to be easy. It’s a life and death matter. Let me ask you again, have you really prepared for this? For those who want to bail out, you’d better speak out now.”

“There’s no way I’m going to run from this! We’ll take the challenge!” Albert spoke confidently. He then saw Darius next to him, “Do you think so, Darius?” he asked.

But Darius only sighed, “Whatever.” Annabelle and Aberschulen couple was just giggling.

“We’ll protect him with our life. My family has decided that,” Ivan continued.

“I’ll never leave Fender behind,” Norah said.

“Us, too,” Mr. Muller added.

“We’ve already told you our reason, Vampire,” Grand said.

Hope nodded. His face was as serious as ever, “I am a custodian of him. I shalt give him my life.”

“So, it’s settled then. Soon, we’re going to face Ino Rays and we’ll have no regrets,” Frank said passionately.

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