Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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War Among Races

It’s tomorrow, Fender, I talked in mind, trying to remind myself that the day after was my judgment day. For the previous nights, I couldn’t sleep at all. If I was too tired, I skipped class and pretend that I sick to get a rest in the infirmary. Yet, it was so hard to close my eyes and got into dreams.

Am I going to be okay, I asked myself.

As much as possible, I tried to avoid any contact with Ino. Imagining his face was already making me scared to death. I was wondering if I met him directly, perhaps I was really going to death due to being scared. I was very cautious, scared in every step I was in school. I never looked at one direction, thinking that I could never realize where a hunter like Ino will come to get near me.

I hated if I thought I couldn’t sense hunter’s whereabouts. That was suck. I laid down on the couch, looking at the ceiling, sometimes pretending to close my eyes when the nurse passed by.

God, I really can’t sleep. Is it the sign that I’m going to die, to enjoy my awaking moment before I sleep for eternity, I talked in mind. God, I don’t want to die. Please, let me live for another hundred years, I prayed.

I sniffed. I realized it wasn’t the nurse that approached me. So I opened my eyes and saw Norah standing beside the couch.

“Are you okay?” she asked with a worrying face. But then she answered her question herself, “I know you’re not okay. So don’t bother saying and asking me back do you look okay now,” she smiled, knowing exactly what I was going to say.

I chuckled, and then I arose. I sighed before I looked at her eyes, “I want to pass tomorrow, Norah.”

She held my hand gracefully, giving me a hope with her gentle smile, “You will, Fender. I promise.”

I smiled back at her, “I love you, my guardian angel,” I told her.

“Are you feeling better, Fender?” Mrs. Livingstone, the middle-age nurse in my school, suddenly appeared from the outside and asked.

I nodded, and then I got off from the couch, “Perhaps I just need a little rest, Mrs. Livingstone.”

She walked toward me, “You still look pale. Are you sure you don’t want to go home? It’s been days since you’re like this.”

“No, I’m going back to my class,” I answered. I looked at Norah and winced, “Is it already break-time?” I asked.

“You must be sleeping like a hog. Yes, the bell rang very loud,” she said, teasing me with those words.

I laughed, “Yeah, I must be.”

The day went by normally. Everybody was doing their regular business, studying, teaching, playing, and many more. It just felt like another day. But for some us, including the guy I feared the most at that time, that day was a day where you had to prepare properly.

Ino Rays, bringing his backpack on his back, stood up in front of the school’s yard. For several minutes, he was waited for someone there. His face was as flat as ever, like having no expression.

An expensive white car suddenly arrived right in front of him. The right window was opened automatically, revealing a guy with black glasses showing his grin. “Please come inside, Milord. I’m sorry I’m late,” he said with even no regret feeling on his face.

Ino got inside the car and said calmly, “Apology accepted.”

Sergey Jackson continued to drive his car, away from the school. He turned on the music and singing along the song. But Ino suddenly turned it off. He sighed, feeling upset but couldn’t do anything.

“How’s the progress?” Ino asked.

While driving, Sergey nodded and smiled, “No problem. Everything is going right on the track,” he answered. He looked at Ino who still hadn’t changed his sight, but he quickly looked back at the front. “What about your prey?” he asked back.

Still not changing his sight, Ino replied, “Our Intel is very useful. Like I’ve told you by yesterday, they are gathering forces. That’s why I told you to do that.”

Sergey chuckled, “I have anticipated that from the beginning you put that impossible condition to him. Giving him 7 days to control his wolf, you’re joking, ’Lil bro. I know they’re not going to surrender that easily. I’m smarter than you think you know.”

“I always know you’re smart, Big bro. Just want to check the situation out,” Ino said.

“So…” Sergey paused for a while, “Do you really want to kill him? There’s Frank protecting that boy. You’re just going to be soft again if you look at his puppy eyes when he begs to you,” he said.

“I can’t answer that,” Ino said calmly.

Just like hearing a bad and unfunny joke from that words, Sergey could only sigh, “For God sake, this is ridiculous, Ino!” he seemed a little bit upset, “You just can’t hurt that family. If you really have doubt to do this, you’d better tell me now so we don’t need to prepare anything,” he complained.

“I’m betting, Sergey,” Ino said, looked at Sergey’s face finally, “If he’s worth to be killed, then I will make sure that he’s going to die. I’m predicting a scenario, Sergey, and I’m planning on following that,” he explained.

“Do you think he’s worth to be killed?” Sergey asked again.

Ino sighed, “Even if he never kills anyone, he’s still dangerous unless he can control his wolf. We never know what will happen in the future, so I don’t want to take the risk. If I have a chance to eliminate any potential danger, then I’ll eliminate it,” he said, then paused for a while before he spoke again. His expression was a little bit changing, like thinking about something, “It’s since that day, when I went out with Helen and Emilia, and then I met him with Norah. That tainted-blood, he didn’t want to bite him while he had a chance. From that point, I knew he was a werewolf.”

“Yeah, I know vampire doesn’t like werewolf. They even didn’t want to taste werewolf’s blood. They can sense a werewolf by smelling the skin, and when they want to bite someone, they smell their prey’s skin,” Sergey said.

“I heard it pains them if they drink a werewolf’s blood. That’s why they avoid it,” Ino added, “I was doubt, Sergey. Fender is not a bad person. That’s why I tested him first, but he failed that.”

Sergey looked at Ino again for a while, “So, the conclusion is…do you still want to kill him or not?” he asked.

“I said I can’t answer that,” Ino replied, again in a very flat expression, making someone who heard that felt very annoyed.

What Sergey could do was only sighing again.

The day passed by and the truly thrilling moment was just about to begin. I didn’t go to school that day, neither did Frank, Ivan, and Norah. First, we didn’t want to encounter with Ino in the day when he was about to kill me. We even avoided the chance of it. Two, we were not focusing in school since we had to be prepared for everything.

I stood up at the edge of Angel Falls Lake, enjoying the beautiful scene of that colorful stream above it. I thought perhaps it was my last moment to see such beautiful thing.

I held a scrap of paper that I found in my locker by the afternoon of the previous day and read it over and over. It said, I’ll wait you by tomorrow night. You can’t hide, because I will find you wherever you are. I sighed, and then I looked at it again with my pathetic face.

Am I going to die tonight, I asked myself.

I squeezed it and throw it to the lake. I screamed out loud, showing how upset and sad I was then.

I felt a breeze around me suddenly in the windless air. Someone was already standing next to me, a vampire absolutely. I knew I was going to look so stupid and pathetic, but I couldn’t bear it anymore.

When I looked at her, she was smiling at me. “I’m sorry,” I said.

“It’s okay,” she seemed to understand, perhaps just want to cheer my gloomy heart up. “It’s acceptable to be this desperate. You’re facing a death in front of your eyes.”

I looked at the lake, trying to enjoy the view even though in the inside I was broken. “I can’t thank you enough to all of you. Though you are a vampire, you still want to help me,” I said.

Annabelle chuckled, “Oh my goodness, Sweetheart! Don’t mention it please. But frankly, it was because Frank that I decided to join this crew. He kept trying, even though he knew that the elders of the vampire wouldn’t help him much since he wanted to save a werewolf and the worst thing that he would oppose the most frightening man in the world. But Frank didn’t give up and some of us finally had our heart softened,” she explained, “But after seeing how cute you are, I think I have no regret,” she laughed at the end her words.

I did, too, “You’re a pureblood, right?” I asked, looking at her. At the first time, she only winced, but she then nodded. “I never meet a very kind pureblood like you,” I said.

She suddenly laughed loudly. I didn’t know where the point that my words were funny was. “It’s only because I like a cute boy like you. Frank is cute also. That’s why I will gladly help. Say you’re just an old man or a very ugly geek boy, perhaps I will act like Albert now,” she laughed again, but not as loud as the previous one.

I chuckled, “You risk your life for just a cute boy? Annabelle, you’re absurd.”

She suddenly looked at me in the eyes while her face got closer to mind. Somehow I was blushing. That was too close, like she was going to kiss me. She touched my face with her very soft palm and then spoke, “I’ll really do anything for a cute boy like you, Fender. I don’t care if you’re a werewolf, or even if a devil. ”

But her tempting intimidation toward me suddenly stopped when suddenly Frank Damon, I didn’t know if I should thank him or not, whooshed toward us and looked at us with his flat face.

“Milady, please, it’s not the time to show everyone an adult scene. Remember, you have a husband,” he said, “And you, Fender! You’d better not make Norah mad in the situation like this.”

Annabelle’s face became so sullen, “You’re cute but I hate you if you disturb me when I’m teasing another cute boy, Frank.”

Frank sighed, “Lady Annabelle, I’m not a boy. I’m elder like you.”

“To me, you’re still a boy, cute Damon,” Annabelle said with his coquettish style. She was really funny. And she too obsessed with a cute boy. I was lucky that I was a cute one.

Another vampire appeared like a flash. It was Albert. He seemed so upset.

“Why we have a little and useless chit-chat here? Talking about cute boys! Ridiculous!” he said with his arms akimbo.

Annabelle set her sneer face toward him, “You’re just jealous because you’re not cute, Old man!”

“Who’s the old man you’re talking about? I look like a 30 years old mature man!” Albert didn’t agree.

Those vampires were funny. They always complained each other. But I believed that they were kind, no matter the reason they told me about how they decided to help me. I laughed a little, making them stopped fighting and looked at me.

Suddenly the air was getting silent. I stopped laughing and felt awkward when the three of them looking at me.

But Annabelle chuckled with her hand covering her mouth, “You’re finally laughing, Fender,” she said, “You’re cuter when you laugh.”

“It’s better than your miserable face,” Albert commented.

I smiled and looked at Frank. He smiled back at me. I thought that I’d already made another vampire friend.

Someone suddenly shouted from inside the hut, calling for us. Creatures that had no super hearing ability couldn’t hear it. But since we were vampires and a werewolf, we could hear him clearly. It was Darius I believed, the one who always moaning when Albert spoke to him. Sometimes I felt pity about him. Since Albert was a pureblood and his grade was lower than him, he really couldn’t get out from his grasp.

Annabelle sighed, “We’d better get inside. I hate when I hear Darius complaining all the time.”

“That’s what I want to do. Lord Darius asked me to take you inside,” Frank explained, “I believe Lord Albert also wants to do the same.”

Before Darius shouted and complained again, they finally whooshed quickly to the hut, leaving me behind there. I sighed and walked a bit fast. I heard like a metal clanging from there.

When I walked inside, I saw Darius and Mr. Aberschulen were playing fence with the sword that they carried. Albert quickly joined the game. For the first time, I saw Darius was a little bit happy.

The hunter allies were complete. But I saw Evans still sat idly on the sofa. The Aberschulen couple was also there. At the same time, they were looking at me when I got inside. In the center among them, there was a box contained many kinds of weapons. There were swords, bows, and spears. It seemed that Darius or Albert brought them. Carter and Grand were also standing idly, leaning against the wall.

“Hey, Werewolf! What weapon do you master?” Albert asked me.

I shook my head quickly, “None,” I said.

“You suck, Werewolf!” Darius said, “Hunter plays with toys. We can’t just fight with these bare hands. You should see us vampires how great we handle a weapon.”

“Don’t compare him to us. He’s just a lazy seventeen years old boy who unluckily was turned into a werewolf. He even doesn’t know how to fight. We’ve lived for hundred years,” Frank defended me.

“You spoil him too much, Frank. You should teach him how to fight. He has already relinquished his humanoid title. And because of that, not many hunters will defend him anymore, unless his girlfriend and relatives over there,” Darius advised.

I began to think, Darius is right. There’s no way I can survive if I can’t defend myself. Being werewolf was not an easy thing. I was thinking about it over and over. Even though I’d just made some new vampire friends, but there were many vampires out there who hated werewolf. I had experienced when some vampires tried to kill me, and I was sure that I didn’t want that to happen again.

Annabelle chuckled, “You’re thinking too much, Fender. You’d better think about Darius’s advice later when this is over, Sweetheart,” she said after reading my mind.

“Where’s the other? It’s already dusk!” Norah suddenly asked. She seemed a little bit upset.

“Please don’t worry, Young hunter,” Mrs. Aberschulen told her, “I sense a flock of people were approaching here. Some of them are flying, so I believe it’s them,” she explained.

“Why don’t you choose the weapons here?” Mr. Aberschulen offered, “I didn’t mean to offend you, but these weapons we’ve brought seem better than yours.”

Mrs. Muller finally spoke, “Thanks for your offering, Mr. Vampire. But once we have chosen our weapon, it’s become the weapon for the rest of our life. I can’t guarantee that we can fight with our best with another weapon, unless we’re a slayer. But still, even a slayer has their own favorite weapon and they will use it over and over.”

Mr. Aberschulen smiled and nodded, “If that’s the condition, Ms. Hunter, please suit yourself.”

I turned around, looking at the door. They finally came. It’s those fairies and Ivan’s family. The others seemed already noticed too. The door was opened. Hope got inside first, while the others followed.

Norah exhaled heavily, “What takes you too long, Hope? I was worried.”

But Hope smiled and bowed, “Please, I beg your pardon, Milady. ’Twas not my own purpose to make your heart restless. There’s a thing I got to do.”

“I’m sorry we’re late, too. There’s something we must take care first,” Ivan said, representing his family, “We met this squad of fairies on our way here.”

“Oh, please, stop with this sorry-worry thing,” Albert complained, “Now you’d better choose the weapon that Darius and Sir Aberschulen have brought. We’re facing a hunter anyway.”

Hope looked at Albert without losing his smile, “’Tis very kind of you, Sire. But I’m afraid I must turn down thy offering,” he said.

“Lord Camthalion has his own weapon,” one of the fairies talked. Both of them barely talked. I didn’t know what made them so quiet all the time. “We can’t use them either. Most fays like us cannot use weapon. We only do magic,” he explained.

It was the second time that I heard someone calling Hope with the name Camthalion. Those native folks called him that when we were in search of Ichtaca. I didn’t really care about that name previously, but when I heard it again, somehow it bothered my mind. I just know that his name is Hope Sanders. Is Camthalion his middle name, I thought.

I had just realized that Annabelle’s expression was suddenly changed after that fairy spoke. I began to wonder.

“Wait! Wait!” she made everyone watching at her, “Please say that name again,” she asked, pointed at the fairy.

He winced, feeling confused about what she was talking about.

“Did…did you say Lord Camthalion?” she asked again.

“I’ve heard that name somewhere,” Albert muttered.

Annabelle looked at Albert with an upset face, “Are you an idiot, Albert? The meaning of that fairy calling him lord is because he’s a noble fairy. Why haven’t I realized from the beginning?” she said, making everybody confused about what she was talking about. She looked at Hope and then his upset face turned into mesmerizing, “If I’m not mistaken…no, I’m sure I’m not mistaken. You’re Milord Camthalion Willow Roval, the fairy hero in the history, the brave man who led the west army from Alfheim. I can’t believe you’re still alive. And I never know that you’re this cute,” she suddenly whooshed and grasped Hope’s waist in a second, “Milord, I got crush with you from the first time I saw you. And now, I get crush even more.”

Camthalion Willow Roval! So, it’s his fairy name. Neither he nor Frank did tell me anything about that name. Perhaps this is the reason that he didn’t use that name again, I thought, amusing in my own self.

Frank sighed, “Poor Hope.”

Hope was awkward and uncomfortable. But he really couldn’t lose his smile even though he obviously seemed so annoyed.

Albert sighed, “Don’t care about her. She’s a sick woman.” And I just laughed from what I saw that day.

Somewhere in a fairy house, Angelica sat alone on the bed. She hugged her own leg, leaning herself against the wall. She peeked at the window, the sky was getting dark.

Is it really the time, she asked herself. She exhaled heavily. That night was a full moon, the night that she and perhaps other mutt werewolves were afraid to face. I’m afraid, Hope, why don’t you stay here with me? You didn’t tell me anything about the important task that you want to do right now, she thought, feeling a bit curious.

She remembered that Hope ordered her to hide in the basement warehouse when the sky was getting dark. But she felt like she wanted to stay there a little bit longer.

In the silence, the phone suddenly rang and startled her. She was very shocked, that she was even wheezing. She quickly got up her ass and picked up the phone. “Hello?” she greeted.

“Hello, Sweetheart.”

The gloomy face on her suddenly changed into a happy face. She fixed her sitting position, “Mom?”

“Yes, this is me. How are you, Honey?” Mrs. Brownwood, who was calling from her home, asked.

“I’m fine,” Angelica said, “I really miss you and Dad.”

Burst into tears, Mrs. Brownwood tried not to sob, “I miss you too, Darling. I’m sorry that I call you now. But I was worried, and I can’t be helped. I just want to make sure that you’re fine. Where are you now, Angelica?” she asked.

“I’m in the bedroom now, Mom. I know it’s already dark that I should hide in the basement. But I’m happy that I wait a little bit longer so that I don’t miss your call,” she said, “But, Mom, we really can’t talk too long. I have to be there.”

“I know, Darling. The main reason I call you is because I want to talk to you about something,” Mrs. Brownwood said. She took a deep breath before she continued to talk, “I have talked this with your Dad. We’ve been discussing it over and over and finally he agrees. We’re going to move out to another country.”

Angelica sighed. She regretted that everything was going that way, “Mom, are you sure about this? I mean...this town is very precious to both of you. You belong in here.”

“But we love you more than anything, Angelica. We’re going to sacrifice everything for you. As long as Ino Rays is in this town, we can’t live here. I don’t want to be separated with you for the rest of my life,” Mrs. Brownwood said.

“I know that, but, Mom, I’m a werewolf and everything is not going to be the same. Out’s very harsh. Fender told me that vampires really hate werewolf,” Angelica worried.

“We are aware of that. That’s why you should hide your identity. As the time goes by, you’re going to learn how to control yourself. Perhaps when the situation is going better, we can come back here in Moonlight Hills,” Mrs. Brownwood said cheerfully, “You can talk to Hope and the others about this decision. I’m sure they’ll agree. Even if they don’t, it’s not their business. Are you okay with this, Honey?” she asked.

Angelica nodded quickly, “Yes. I’ll do whatever you both want to do. I’ll follow wherever you go, Mom.”

Mrs. Brownwood seemed very happy, “Okay, it’s settled then. In two days, we will go from this town, Honey. Now, you’d better hide. I don’t want it’s too late for you and you end up killing someone. Bye! I love you, Angelica.”

“I love you too, Mom. Bye,” Angelica hung up the phone and put it again. He quickly got up from the bed and walked away. But suddenly...she stopped walking.

Her heart pounded very hard. Her eyes were wandering around. She sniffed, smelling something that she couldn’t forget for the rest of her life. Without thinking anymore, she ran out the bedroom panicky. She ran down quickly through the stairs. But she realized that the one she feared the most was already in front of the door.

The house was trembling with all the plants moving to prevent any intruder. But she...was too powerful.

The door was slammed, revealing a woman standing there. Angelica screamed, feeling so frightened. How? How she can find out that I’m here, she asked in confusion.

“How are you, Sweetie? Don’t you miss me?” Hail, the alpha werewolf said.

Immobilized first, Angelica finally could take control of herself. She ran to the back of the house immediately.

Hail tried to chase her, but the creeping plants were still trying to interfere.

“Damn annoying plant!” she was upset.

Back there, Angelica ran through the door, out of the house. She really had no choice. She couldn’t stay in the house and let Hail took her again. She ran to the forest. The sky was already dark, but it didn’t stop Angelica to stop running. She ran very fast and didn’t think of anything.

But finally she stopped and gasped. She realized that she was gone too far. She sniffed again and lost the scent of Hail. She lost me. It seems like she is still fighting the plants, she thought. But when she looked at the dark sky, her eyes were bugged out, “Oh my God...”

Outside the hut, we all gathered with our restless heart. I stood next to Norah who kept hugging me from the beginning. The sky was dark and I feared to look up above. I could feel my blood running wildly. That was the sensation when I was going to face the full moon.

I looked at them one by one. Aberschulen couple stared each other like that was going to be their last moment. Ivan and his family gathered in one point. It was like that they were praying. Annabelle still stuck with Hope, while the other two vampires were slacking off. Those three vampires that Frank brought seemed calmer than any of us, like there was nothing going to happen.

Albert swung his sword in the air. He then looked at the werewolf’s family, “Hey, Dogs, are you sure you don’t want to use a weapon?” he asked.

“Lord Albert, please watch your tongue!” Frank warned.

Ivan sighed, “It’s okay, Frank. He’s still a vampire after all,” he said, trying not to worsen the situation. He looked at Albert without a smile, “Thanks for your offering, Vampire. But our claws can even tear an iron, so I don’t think we need to use those weapons of yours.”

Albert raised his shoulder and continued to swing his sword again, “Whatever you want.”

Still sticking with Hope, Annabelle acted as though she didn’t realized that Hope was felling annoyed. And the worst thing that Hope seemed that he couldn’t let everyone down. He was too kind-hearted.

“Milord, if we’re really going to face Ino, would you protect me with your mighty power?” she teased him.

Hope smiled awkwardly while trying to hold Annabelle’s hand from grabbing his body, “Dost not worry, Milady. I shalt protect you also. However, Milady, I’m not as powerful as I used to be. You ought to be more powerful than me. So I beg you, please protect Fender for me.”

Annabelle get her face closer to Hope, “If that’s what you want, Milord. I will protect you, too. I’m not let him put a single scratch on the beautiful face of yours.”

“Frank, actually I want to ask you this from the very beginning,” Norah said.

Frank looked at Norah when she talked to him, “What is it, Norah?” he asked.

“Do you talk with your mother about this? I know the situation. I think she’s the only one who can talk to him,” Norah said.

Frank sighed, “I do my best, Norah. Yes, I did talk with my mother. She did say that she would help. But...I think it doesn’t have any effect. As you know, Ino still wants this fight. I’m sorry, I don’t want to drag my mother into this, so I don’t bring her here.”

“It’s okay, Frank. I don’t want to burden her either,” I said.

Norah looked at my eyes, “How do you feel?” she seemed so worried.

“Uncomfortable,” I said, “But don’t worry. I used to bear with this feeling. If the time has come, please hurt me anywhere. Don’t let me turn.”

“I’ll do my best,” Norah said, she then kissed me deeply.

The situation begin to be more thrilled when Mrs. Aberschulen suddenly going panic. She acted uncontrollably. Everybody was watching at her then.

“I feel the presence of some people approaching here. Could that be them?” she explained. All the people there was being so damn serious, even those three vampire lords.

“Please, Madame Aberschulen, give us the detail!” Frank asked.

She looked at the west, wrinkling her forehead. She was trying to study the situation, “They are seven persons about a mile from here. They’re going straight to this direction.”

“What are they doing?” Mr. Muller asked.

Mrs. Aberschulen stared at him, “They are running, very fast,” she said desperately.

“It seems that what we feared the most is really happening. Ino isn’t fighting alone,” Annabelle explained.

“ did they know that we’re here?” Ivan asked in confusion.

Frank moved to the center of us. He looked panic, but he tried to calm down and think, “It’s not important to wonder how they know about us being here. We have to do something. Their target is Fender. What we have to do is bringing Fender out of here, as far as we could,” he explained. Everybody was listening. He looked at us one by one, thinking about the strategy. But finally he looked at Ivan, “Ivan, you go with Fender. You are his fellow werewolf so you know how to do to face his turning process in this full moon,” he looked at us all again quickly, “The rest of us will fight them with all our might. We won’t let Ino chases after Fender.”

Albert smiled widely and chuckled. He swung his sword arrogantly, “That’s the best idea, Frank. I can’t wait to face those hunters.”

“What are you waiting for, Ivan? Just go and take Fender out of here!” Mr. Jovanov shouted at his son.

Without thinking anymore, Evans ran and pulled me quickly. I was startled at the beginning, but then I realized that we didn’t have too much time to waste. My heart was pounding hardly, like a bass in the pub.

After several hundred meters we ran into the forest and left them behind, Ivan finally let go off my hand. But we were still running like a fugitive.

“I’m worried of them, Ivan,” I shouted.

While running, Ivan looked back at me, “You should worry about yourself, Fender. They are going to be okay. Mrs. Aberschulen said that they are only seven persons. Our enemy will face nineteen person head to head. They’re outnumbered,” he said.

I was thinking, what Ivan said was right. I had to think about my safety first, because I was the main target.

For several minutes we kept running. I tried not to worry about them, but I couldn’t. There were Norah and Frank, my precious persons. The others were also dear to me, and I didn’t want to lose even a single of them. But I forgot about myself, that there was another danger that haunted me silently.

Ivan realized it first. He stopped running and I did too. He turned back at me, and then he looked at his watch. He continued to look up above, and then looked at me again. “Don’t you feel anything?” he asked.

I remembered something, “It’s full moon,” I said.

Another second, the effect began to work. I fell and bended on my knees, hugging myself in agony. I felt the claws and the fangs were starting to grow fast. I moaned, “Ivan, do something!” I asked him.

He pulled me up and embrace me, “Bear with it, Fender,” he said.

I looked at his face. His fangs had also already grown. He then showed his claws and pierced it to my shoulder. I screamed loudly. Perhaps they could hear my screams out there.

I gasped, trying to control over my mind. It was painful. But I could tell myself, I was used to it.

“Don’t ask me if I’m okay,” I said, still ridiculously joking in the situation like that. But my smile suddenly disappeared. I sniffed, and Ivan did too. And we realized that another danger was approaching us right then.

It was too late. I could barely move, still trying to endure my pain. Ivan threw my body away. In the air, I could see Hail jumped off from the tree, right behind him. Just like I said before, it was too late. Ivan saved me by throwing me, but he couldn’t save himself from Hail.

In a half-shifted form, Hail pierced Ivan’s chest from his back. Ivan groaned, his mouth and his chest were covered by blood. I was shocked. What is she doing here in the very wrong situation, I thought madly.

I fell to the ground, quite far from where they were standing.

“Run!” Ivan whispered and then he fell as Hail pulled out her claws off Ivan’s chest.

I tried to gain my strength and stood up. I know it didn’t kill him. I still remembered how she did that to Carter and he was still alive. So without worrying about him, I continued to run as fast as possible. That was a very dangerous situation for me. I was alone, running in the forest in the full moon. Ino was there chasing me and I didn’t know what Hail wanted by coming at the very wrong time.

Be safe, my friends, I talked in mind. But I didn’t know if I could be safe after that. All I know then was I felt very desperate.

“Dad, do you think we’re going to win this fight?” Anna asked his father, “This is full moon. Werewolf’s power is at the highest. There are six werewolves here, and one of us is an alpha. I think we’ll win, but I’m afraid,” she said.

Hearing that words, Carter chuckled, “You’ve got a very wrong idea, Lass. In the full moon, all supernatural creatures have their power at peak. It’s not only for werewolves for your information.”

Grand poked Carter’s hand and being looked by Frank because of that, “You’re just wiping away this girl’s hope, Carter.”

“Why? I’m telling her the truth. If she put a high hope on herself, she can be disappointed.”

Anna was confused seeing two adult debating about a girl’s hope. She looked at her father again. Mr. Jovanov smiled to his daughter, “What this uncle said is true, Anna. But don’t worry, we’re going to win,” he said.

Mrs. Aberschulen stepped to the front. The others were lining horizontally. “Here they come!” Mrs. Aberschulen said.

They took a deep breath and be prepared. They even didn’t wink. They looked straight to the front, seeing a squad of people visibly approaching them.

There were seven people running fast toward them. But Frank felt something wrong. Norah and the other hunters did too. Carter and Grand sniffed, they realized that they were making a very big mistake.

“Lanuae Magicae!” one of them casted a spell and suddenly something even more terrible happened. They were teleporting right to tens meters away from where Frank and the others were standing.

Damn! We’re too late to move, Frank thought. His eyes were wandering around and he felt a sudden different air around them.

Ino is not with them, Norah thought desperately.

“Where’s Ino?” Carter asked. He looked at Grand and Grand could only shook his head.

Sergey led the group of the other six. The three of them were hunters. The swordsman could be seen carrying a big sword leaning on his shoulder. He was a big-muscled man with a fierce look. His appearance was very suitable with the sword he was carrying. The woman next to him has a pair of guns attached on her waist. For a woman, she looked so scary with a scar on her face. The last one, a man with a mask was covering his mouth and a twin sword on his back. He looked like a ninja.

The other three, two men and a woman looked like witches. The scary man, who wore a Chinese coat and sharp nails, grinned like an arrogant man. The other two looked similar, like a twin or something like that. But they didn’t look like quite nice people.

“We’ve been trapped,” Frank said, “Ino is not there with them. They know we will not have Fender in here.”

“So what are we going to do?” Norah asked panicky.

“We just get out of here and go after Fender immediately!” Mr. Aberschulen said. He and his wife suddenly whooshed to the back, but Frank knew that it was too late to do that. Something blocked their path and both of them were thrown back.

“Hey, Frank!” Sergey shouted, “I didn’t see Fender among you all. Where is he now?”

Grand suddenly changed himself into a half-shifted form. He quickly grabbed his fist and punched the shield behind them. But it was different from before. The shield wouldn’t budge.

Sergey laughed loudly, seeing Grand looking at him angrily, “It’s not like it used to be, Werewolf! You are trapped here. You can’t go anywhere unless you defeat us!” he said.

“There’s nothing we can do. We must fight them. They’re just seven and without Ino Rays, we can do it fast,” Roman, who had his blood boiled because the full moon effect, eagerly wanted to fight.

But suddenly, they who had the super hearing were startled when they heard screaming from the forest. They looked at their back.

Norah noticed their changing attitude and asked, “What happened?”

Frank looked at Norah, “It’s Fender. I think the full moon is beginning,” he explained.

“Just don’t worry about him. Ivan’s there with him. We must take care of them first before Ino makes his move toward Fender,” Mr. Jovanov said.

The enemies were still not moving. They seemed to wait for their opponents to make their move.

“What are they discussing about?” the female hunter asked.

Sergey shook his head, “They’re too far. We can’t hear them unless they shout.”

“But it seems some of them can hear what we are talking about now?” the female witch said.

“Are we going to wait like this forever?” the male witch with Chinese coat said with a bored face.

“Yes,” Sergey replied, “We have to wait for them to make their move.”

“Guys...” the other male witch started to speak oddly. The others were looking at him. He didn’t move at all, and it wasn’t like he wanted to do. “I’m already attacked. I think I fall into their illusion binding,” he explained. He felt like he was in some dark places and he was tied. That was what made him unable to move.

The hunter man with a big sword finally swung the sword and got ready, “It seems like there was no witch among them!”

“It’s a vampire doing,” Sergey explained.

Hearing the enemies’ conversation, Annabelle quickly looked at Albert, “Albert!” she shouted.

Albert grinned widely, “I’m sorry I cheat the start. It’s too much talking and I’m bored.”

Within a second, the ninja hunter finally made his move. He ran toward them. They noticed that the ninja was finally coming toward them. The fairies shouted that they had already attacked.

Frank shouted, “Guys, be ready!!!”

The situation got very serious and thrilled. Frank and the others were prepared to fight, and so did the enemies. They all started to move. It seemed that the war among races finally began...

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