Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Fully Shifted

It was like an epic war. Everyone from both side prepared to charge to each other. The ninja guy ran fast. He hadn’t drawn his swords yet, but suddenly something that startled his enemies greatly happened.

His body was split. It wasn’t like he was split into pieces, but he became so many. He jumped out high, seemed like those many of him would pounce toward Albert. But he picked something from his small bag on his waist. All of them did the same.

Albert bugged out. He saw hundreds of shuriken coming toward him. Wouldn’t let a single shuriken hit him, he whooshed to dodge and lose his control on the illusion binding he put to the witch.

“Albert, the others are just shadows! The real person is only one! That also applies to those shuriken!” Annabelle shouted.

Albert looked at Annabelle madly, “I know that. But I can’t decide which one is real, you moron! I still love myself!” he shouted back.

“Stop fighting with you own ally!” Darius said and he began to move, “He may be deceiving you, Lord Albert, but he can’t do that to me,” he lifted his hand to the front like pointing toward those bunch of ninjas.

Damn! He got me, the ninja thought desperately. He was unable to move. Darius bound him with his special ability. The other shadows were disappearing one by one, leaving only the real one who stood up without moving. But Darius upper hand couldn’t last any longer. A lightning strike was coming fast toward him.

“Pessulus!” the twin male witch casted a spell. He paid his debt to the ninja guy.

He was doubt. In his mind, he didn’t want to lose control over the ninja. But he couldn’t let himself got hit by the magic. But what he did was wrong. Having his mind split like that made his power became weaker. The ninja was strong enough to get away.

“Shit!” Darius muttered. He wanted to dodge immediately, but Mr. Muller showed his true power. He swung his sword in front of Darius, repelling the lightning away. “You’re pretty awesome, Hunter,” Darius praised him.

Mr. Muller looked back at Darius, “You’re lucky he’s still not using his true power, so a mere hunter like me can repel that magic. If the magic is greater, only Ino Rays can do the same thing. You’d better save yourself just like your Lord did to himself,” he advised.

In the opposite side, the other enemies had already made their move. The witches began to startle everyone. Starting from the twin couple, the man casted a magnificent spell. With his cool style, he stood up and lifted his hand.

There circles of lights suddenly appeared on the ground in front of him. Three creatures came out from the circle. There were two men and a woman. Their pale complexion and nothingness sight gave an eerie aura around the air. Together, they draw their each sword at the same time.

The other twin seemed like she didn’t want to lose with her pal. She began to cast her magnificent spell.

“Docebat tum genium quendam, qui vocat vos, qui hic!” she said that with her palm opened to the front. As she finished the spell, two large creatures appeared above her, causing fire, smoke, and icy wind blasted in the air. It was like a red complexion giant with a trident on his left hand. He flew above the smoke, roaring like a thunder in the red sky. The other one was a female angel, white-winged and had blue complexion, producing a freezing breeze around her. The sudden changing in the air was causing the sky into darkness and the real thunder began to roar.

Frank and the others bugged out. They really have to face quite formidable enemies. “A necromancer and a summoner, it’s a bad news!” he muttered by himself.

The last witch, the man who wore a coat finally took off his clothes, revealing his dragon tattoo on his torso. His mouth was moving, casting a spell quietly. And suddenly, another amazing spell was showed by him. His dragon tattoo moved on his body. In a second, that tattoo was removed by itself, creating two and half meter high dragon who could breathe fire.

At the opposing direction, Norah and Evans ran toward female hunter. That sniper shot his twin gun to both of them. Norah cowered behind Evans, while his brother tried to nullify all the bullets. But when the attack was over, Evans moved aside and Norah was ready with his counterattack.

Three arrows were shot at once in a flashy movement. The female sniper was a bit surprised by the attack. She jumped, rolling her body in the air while all the arrows passed by through her. But she was untouchable.

Norah looked at the dragon, “Another summoner! Damn!” she said.

The Jovanov family didn’t stay still. With the power of the full moon, they began to scream and howl. In a second, their body was turned into big four leg beasts with a wolf’s face. They moved fast, running toward the dragon that already stepped forward and breathed a fire.

Mr. Jovanov jumped to the dragon’s neck. He bit its neck and hung in there. The dragon groaned in agony, but the attack still didn’t have a crucial effect to it. The other werewolves did the same. They jumped toward the dragon and attack it all at once. The dragon tried to struggle while still breathing a fire into the air.

Anna couldn’t hang onto dragon’s body. She fell as the dragon kept struggling. Seeing an enemy in front of it, the dragon breathed a fire again toward the werewolf girl. But luckily, the dragon was too slow. Anna could avoid the attack.

In another scene, Sergey began to be part of the fray. He swung his wand and casted a spell, “Accerso gladius!”

Three swords appeared in front of the hunter zombies. They picked the sword and began to move. Darius, Annabelle, and Albert were there to counter them. The clanging sounds of the sword filled into the very crowded situation.

Annabelle screamed like a female warrior, swinging her sword to the female hunter zombie. She whooshed there and there, but the hunter could keep up with her speed. Annabelle gasped, trying to catch a breath. Damn hunter! I hate it when I fight them. It’s always like they can predict my movements although I can move like a light, she thought madly. She screamed again, whooshing toward the hunter. The clanging sound never stopped to be heard.

Grand, who was already fully shifted, launched his claws attack toward the red giant genie. The genie clashed it with his trident. The heavy blow of wind produced when the two things clashed.

Carter with his half-shifted mode, jumped to the head of the Genie. He punched him with his fist, causing the genie to budge a little. But that was a big mistake to the genie. Grand used that chance to blow another attack on his head. Like a bombed building, the genie fell down to the back, causing the dust blowing up like a smoke. He roared and the sound was like a thunder that deafened someone’s ears.

Another genie also had a quite difficult situation, facing the two fairies who mastered the natural magic. One of them successfully made her stuck in the growing branch that he manipulated. The other one quickly acted. He opened his palm to the front and beamed a fire. But the genie countered it with an ice beam from her mouth.

When the two powers clashed, another bang was happened in the air. The genie froze the tree that bind her so that she could broke it easily.

The fairy created some branches again from the ground that moved fast to re-attack. But the next time, she wouldn’t let her mistake to ever happen again. She created some ice swords that floated in the air. The ice swords cut every branch that getting near the genie.

“Attack those swords!” the wood fairy shouted to his friend.

Following his friend order, he beamed a fire again from her palm. The genie grinned, but she quickly countered it with the same attack.

The ninja and his shadows surrounded Mr. Aberschulen at the center. Damn it! Why do I have to stick with this annoying enemy, he thought desperately. Ninja is a most likely a slayer. They can master several weapons like sword, shuriken, and knife. Their movement is close to a vampire, even they are faster than other kind of slayer. And another great thing about ninja is that they can use some sort of magic. They usually called it a jutsu. With their jutsu, they can produce elements like water, fire, and many more. They can also multiple themselves into several shadows just like that ninja did.

All the shadows suddenly moved fast toward Mr. Aberschulen. He tried to dodge the enemy’s attack, but the shadows tricked him. The real ninja successfully hit Mr. Aberschulen with his sword. Mr. Aberschulen’s stomach was pierced. Blood suddenly came out from his mouth.

Mr. Aberschulen tried to swing his sword. But the ninja quickly moved away and dodged. Mr. Aberschulen stepped back. The wound couldn’t kill him, but it could weaken him for a while and it was a very dangerous situation for him.

Damn it, he spitted some blood.

“What are you doing, Sergey?” the man with a dragon tattoo approached him calmly in the center of the war.

Sergey looked at him, “Don’t you see I’m assisting those hunters? What about you?” he asked back.

The man chuckled, “I’m preparing something great.”

“So you will use your ultimate weapon?” Sergey asked.

He nodded, “I think so. I don’t know that we have to fight these many opponents. And they’re not weak. I just need to eliminate them at once. This is war. I don’t think Ino will complain about this action,” he explained.

“Do as you wish, Garr,” Sergey agreed.

Not far from where they were standing, Frank overheard their conversation. He dodged the fire spheres that flew toward him. Those spheres were burning everything that they touched. He looked at the necromancer guy, who controlled the sphere. It seemed like Hope had the same situation.

The necromancer guy stood up between Frank and Hope, controlling many spheres that flying around him.

Frank gasped. The attack was stopped for a while. He really couldn’t counter him because those spheres were protecting him. He whooshed to Frank, “I heard something about ultimate weapon,” he whispered.

Hope looked at him with cautious, “What do you mean?” he asked.

“That dragon summoner and Sergey there are talking about it. I have a bad feeling,” Frank said, “We need to act quickly!”

Annabelle, Darius, and Albert got their back at each other. The three hunter zombies were surrounding them. They gasped, feeling cornered and exhausted. Even the over confident Albert had his luck got pushed.

“Did you hear what that dragon summoner was talking about?” Annabelle asked.

Darius nodded quickly, “Yes, about the ultimate weapon. Frank was talking about it with that prince fairy.”

“I didn’t. It was a distraction. This is embarrassing to have ridiculously exhausting just for fighting those mere zombies!” Albert was upset.

“It’s because you have underestimate them, you moron! They were great slayers in the past!” Annabelle said.

“I know that. I can see that weapon summoner mage has provided them with many tools and they can use it easily,” Albert replied.

The twin swords that they carried suddenly disappeared again. As the replacement, a rifle came for each of them.

“Shit! Now they can attack us from a far! Spread out!” Annabelle shouted.

In another part, the female witch was fighting Mrs. Aberschulen. The witch attacked her with a lightning beam. But Mrs. Aberschulen can easily dodge it. She whooshed there and there, confusing the witch and finally.


The witch fell with her neck broke. Mrs. Aberschulen gasped, but she was smiling, “Finally I can kill you, Slut!” she whispered.

But something she never imagined happened. She bugged out, seeing the body of the witch shed and became dust in a moment. She realized that it was not a good thing, that the body she had killed might be a substitute. But it was too late for her.

From her back, like coming from nowhere, the witch did the same to her. She screamed fast and fell down. Her broken neck couldn’t kill her, but it obviously made her unconscious.

Revenged with the same grin, the witch said, “I’m sorry, Bitch! I have nine lives.”

“No!” Mr. Aberschulen screamed from his position, seeing his wife was in the great danger. But the ninja sudden attack prevented him to do a quick action to save his wife.

Frank, who realized the danger of his comrade suddenly asked Hope for help, “Hope, attack her!” he ordered.

Hope did as what Frank said. He lifted his hand high, and suddenly a dark sky was quickly created above the female witch. In a second, a thunder struck toward her from above.

Knowing the great danger, that witch moved aside quickly. She could dodge the attack, but she threw herself off and fell to the ground. “Damn it! It almost hit me. That fairy is dangerous!” she muttered.

While she was busy saving herself, Frank whooshed toward Mrs. Aberschulen and grabbed her. He brought her into somewhere quite safe from the war zone. In his hug, he poked her face several times until finally she regained consciousness. She took a quite deep breath when she was awake

“Are you okay, Madame?” Frank asked.

She gasped, still feeling dizzy, “I’m okay,” she said, and tried to get up, “Thanks God I’m a vampire. I’m sorry to burden you.”

“Die, you son of a bitch!” Mr. Aberschulen swung his sword to the ninja guy. With the almost same speed, he jumped and dodged Mr. Aberschulen’s attack. But it was not for hitting him that Mr. Aberschulen got into rage. He quickly stayed away while the ninja was busy to save himself. He whooshed toward his wife. “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, Honey,” he hugged her tight.

“It’s not your fault, Darling. I was careless,” Mrs. Aberschulen admitted.

Frank was cautious when that couple have a lovey-dovey moment against each other. He got to keep them safe in that vulnerable state.

The most thrilling moment finally began. The dragon summoner, stood up behind Sergey. “I’m ready!” he said.

“Are you sure? That spell can devour all your magic power. You’ll be weak for weeks,” Sergey warned him.

“I don’t care. I want to win this fray,” he insisted.

Sergey sighed, “Then show us your greatness,” he said.

The dragon summoner began in his position. He stood up like a devil from hell, raising both his hands slowly with his eyes in all white. His mouth moved, saying a long incantation quietly. In a sudden, the situation became so much bright when a large circle light appeared on the ground where he became the center of it.

Everybody was astonished and stopped fighting. They began to wonder, what was happening there. They were all inside the circle light.

The necromancer grinned a little when he realized what his comrade was doing. Hope, still standing not far from the necromancer, began to worry. He knew exactly what happened if that spell was unleashed.

“Frank, ‘tis a calamity! We ought to act fast!” Hope said, knowing that Frank could hear what he said.

Grand reverted back to his half-shifted mode and quickly grabbed the pants he took off previously. He screamed, “Those who can hear me! Please listen! This is a grand spell. This spell will eradicate us in a second. It will attack everyone who is considered enemy by the caster! Stop him now!” he shouted, and Frank alliance started to be greatly panic.

“This incantation needs time! Stop him before we’re too much late!” Carter added.

“Guys, attack that dragon summoner!” Frank shouted loudly.

But it was not an easy task. The enemies, one by one, were trying to block everyone, guarding the dragon summoner who was still continuing the progress of his incantation.

The Muller couple ran fast with their blowing sword. But the big sword hunter blocked their path quickly. He held their sword by himself and grinned, “I won’t let any of you slip through my fingers!” he said, seeing a very upset and desperate face of that Muller couple.

Shalt I dost it by now, Hope thought. I hath no other choice. This fray must be stopped. Please, Lord, I beg thou, grant me power, he talked in mind. He closed his eyes, and a wind was blowing fast around him. The necromancer could feel the tremendous power coming from Hope, but he just watched.

As Hope opened his eyes, the wind was getting stronger, and the sky was getting darker. Everyone was startled again by the magnificent phenomenon in front of their eyes.

Who’s this fairy, the necromancer asked himself curiously.

Once again, the battle stopped. Everyone watched at Hope who began to show his true power. The thunder suddenly roared in the sky. And when Hope raised his hand high, there was a thunder struck toward his raising hand, forming a spear like something epic or legendary.

So this is his true power, Frank thought and amazed.

The necromancer who was keeping an eye on him, suddenly bugged out. That spear!!! I believe only one person has that kind of weapon. This is no mistake. Fairy is an immortal being. It’s not impossible if he’s still alive and this young. There’s no doubt. He’s the great prince of Alfheim, Camthalion Willow Roval, he thought.

“Yeah! You’re great, Fairy!” Albert cheered on him.

Annabelle just amazed with her mesmerized face, fascinated by the coolness of Hope.

But…as he held his weapon, Hope’s face became so much pale in a sudden. He tried to hold on his limited strength. And the necromancer realized that weakness.

He grinned at Hope, “So it’s true. Noble fairy can’t stay strong outside the fairy world. You have a tremendous power, Prince Camthalion. But if your body can’t take such power anymore, it becomes useless, doesn’t it?” he said.

“Please watch if thou can hold this power, Sir Witch!” Hope pointed the spear to the necromancer. The witch was prepared to face the power of the great Prince Camthalion.

The witch quickly casted an incantation. Hope was ready to launch his attack. From the spear, a big thunder struck toward him. The witch countered it with a light beam from his palm. As the two great power clashed, a big explosion happened. Everyone was thrown back by the tremendous power. The light filled the entire area for several seconds, and then faded away.

Frank opened his eyes and tried to get up. He saw everybody was doing the same. The shield was still active. He saw Sergey still stood up, protecting the dragon summoner who hadn’t stopped the incantation process. Damn that Sergey, he thought desperately.

Hope and the necromancer still stood up. They both gasped, breathing heavily. The spear on Hope’s hand suddenly dispersed and disappeared. He fell, bended on his knees. He tried to hold himself with his two bare hands. Annabelle, who had already stood up and saw what happened, quickly whooshed toward Hope and held him.

“Milord, please hang on!” she was worried.

In his wheezing breath, he spoke quietly, “Please forgive me, Milady. I’m too weak.”

Annabelle looked at the necromancer who was still standing on his feet. But he couldn’t stand long. He also fell and bended on his knees. His condition was even worse. He coughed blood a lot.

The female sniper, who stood up near to the necromancer, ran to the him and did the same as Annabelle did to Hope.

“I can’t imagine if he was as powerful as he used to be,” the necromancer muttered.

In a stunning situation, someone suddenly took a big chance to attack. Frank was in a vulnerable position, looking at Hope with so much worry in his heart. The female witch took an advantage. She silently targeted Frank who was wide opened.

It will be great if one of them falls, she thought. She raised her palm and casted a spell. Frank wasn’t aware, but Anna was.

Without wasting any more time, she ran to made him aware. But all she could do was howling in her fully-shifted form. Grand realized about Anna’s howling. He shouted at Frank. But it was too late. A thunder struck fast toward Frank. Frank was too surprised to dodge that attack. But…

Anna screamed in agony when the thunder hit her after he jumped and tried to protect Frank. She was thrown along with him.

Frank condition was fine, but Anna had a different situation. Mr. and Mrs. Jovanov howled in sadness. Anna’s body suddenly reverted back into a human form in Frank’s hug.

Feeling sorry, Frank tried to cover Anna’s naked body with his long coat and embraced her, “Anna, damn it! Why are you doing this?”

Anne tried to keep her smile to Frank, “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Oh, God! Anna, please hang on!” Frank shouted desperately.

“I’m okay. I’m just tired. Please, Frank, just be here with me,” she spoke as her eyes closed slowly.

Frank looked at the female witch and growled madly. But he couldn’t leave Anna behind. But then he saw the three werewolves, ran toward the witch to get revenge. Another fight started again. The Jovanov werewolves were fighting the witch and her comrades. Then, everybody who had the chance to attack each other started the war again.

Hope was still in same condition. He was unable to move with Annabelle kept embracing him. He looked at the dragon summoner. The process was getting near to complete.

I ought to doth it or everyone shalt die, he thought. He grabbed on his pocket, feeling a potion tube inside it. I’m too weak now. If I drink this potion in this condition, I shalt die shortly after. However…everyone’s life is at the brink of doom. I shalt not let that happen, he talked in mind. He tried to strengthen his mind. In that state, he thought he had no other option. Either only he died, or everyone died…

I wanted to cry out loud, help me!!!!

But I knew that nobody could help me, so I didn’t do that. I just kept running and running. Sometimes, I looked back. Even though I couldn’t see her anymore and her scent disappeared, I wouldn’t stop running.

I was wondering what Hail wanted to do with me. I knew she liked me so much, but the horror thinking suddenly crossed in my mind. What if she wanted to kill me and get revenge because I didn’t love her back? So the safest thing was running away from her.

Frankly, I was worried about the others, especially Ivan. There was a chance that she will kill him, perhaps chopping his head, ripping his heart out, or something terrible.

Fender, please! Stop thinking that way, I ordered myself. Ivan is going to be fine. Hail just hurt him. She won’t kill him, I tried to calm myself.

I could feel the pain began to disappear. While running, I looked at my wound. It was healing. And suddenly another pain attacked me. I stopped running, hugging myself and moaning in agony.

I let myself fell, but I tried to hold on with my knees and my hands.

My head was lifted and I screamed loudly. The pain of my restructured bones began to kill me slowly. My claws and my fangs grew bit by bit. Somebody, please kill me now, I cried in my mind even though in the real condition, I didn’t want to die.

But suddenly I remembered I brought a penknife inside my pocket. I quickly grabbed it and pierced my own thigh with that knife. Another scream was coming from my mouth. But it stopped quickly. I gasped, feeling the pain all over my body. My body was covered with my own blood. But it was better than shifting and losing my mind.

I must run…I must run away, I told myself.

Slowly but sure, I gained my strength to stood up. There was no reason for me to keep staying there. I took a breath slowly, tried to ease the pain.

I was surprised in a sudden when I heard someone was screaming. My eyes were wandering around. I could still hear the scream, so I tried to focus on that. I was scared, but I couldn’t just forget that someone other than me was seeking for help.

To the north, I told myself. Without thinking any further, I ran to the direction when I heard the scream. As I kept running, the sound was getting clearer. Someone was chased by a four-leg beast. Oh, my God, is it Hail, I thought.

But I wondered who the girl that had been chased was. Keep figuring by myself, I tried to hasten my running. The more I ran, the more I sure about that werewolf. I sniffed, the smell still mix with other smell. But…I began to think, it’s not Hail.

I sniffed again and I smelled blood. When I tried to keep running, I finally find two dead bodies lying on the ground. They were both girls and the condition was very horrible. But I ignored them, there was someone who still alive out there.

Not far from where I was running, a girl screamed without stopping and ran away. Behind her, a four-leg beast was chasing her fiercely. She couldn’t keep up anymore, but she pushed herself. She had no other choice or the beast would kill her fast.

She looked at behind, and the beast was getting closer. While running, she got an idea. And her idea was supported by the situation. She picked the big wood while she passed, and suddenly he turned back and hit the beast’s face.

The hit was quite hard. It seemed like the girl was quite strong by default. It was proved by how she could survive the attack so far.

As the beast fell down, she kept running away. But she just bought a little time. The beast could stood up and chase her again.

For the next time, she ran out of luck. She was stumbled by the popping root on the ground and fell quite damn hard. She moaned in agony. She tried to stand up again, but the beast was very fast. She didn’t have another chance to flee.

But the beast realized that someone was coming. She stopped and got distracted. It was me, jumping toward quite high bushes and landed on my feet. I gasped, looking at the girl and the werewolf who stared back at me.

“Angelica!” I muttered.

How can she be here, I asked myself. She stared at me. God, she was so creepy. Does she recognize me? Of course not, I asked and answered myself. I was sure that she didn’t recognize me when she growled at me.

The girl was screaming, seeing another monster like me although actually I want to save her. Somehow, I realized that I wasn’t in my human form.

“Run!” I shouted. My voice was so heavy.

Still screaming, that girl quickly stood up and continued to run. Angelica switched her sight to the running girl. It seemed like she wanted to chase her again. But I didn’t stand still. I ran fast and jumped, caught her with my hands as I fell onto her.

We both rolled on the ground, wrestling and attacking each other. But unlucky me, she was stronger than me. She bit my arms with her strong jaw and I screamed in agony. But I avenged her by biting her neck.

We both detached to each other. We did the same thing, standing in the same position, staring, and growling at each other. I thought I began to lose my sense. But I still remembered about what happened.

Angelica tried to attack me again, and I did too. I grabbed her neck and push her down. She howled, perhaps screaming if she was in human form. I really started to lose my sense bit by bit. If not, it was impossible I had so much bravery to face her. Her big fist suddenly punched my face hard. It was so hard that I was thrown back.

I moaned when my body touched the ground. She was quicker than I thought. In a second, she already on my body, push my neck with her fist. She growled in front of my face, spitting some of her spittle. It was quite disgusting if I remembered that. But I really didn’t care that time.

She strangled me. I could feel the sharpness of her claws piercing my neck. My sense slowly came into my mind, and so did my cowardness. But I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was moaning in agony. She looked at me in the eye. Somehow, I wanted her to realize that I was Fender, a guy that she ever liked. But of course she didn’t remember me at all.

Cruelly, she threw my body into the bushes. I fell with my body in a facedown position. I couldn’t move. It seemed like my strength was gone somewhere. My sight was going blur. It was night and worsen. Even the power of the full moon couldn’t save me.

I surrender. I’d gotten no strenght left in me. So I closed my eyes and laid down without doing nothing.

But I felt something different in a sudden. I didn’t know if I was still concious or not, but I tried to open my eyes again. It was bright. I didn’t know what happened but I realized that it was day already.

I must be dreaming, I thought.

I tried to lift my head. Someone was standing in front of me. I winced several times to get my sight cleared. The light of the sun dazzled me. But then I realized that it wasn’t someone, it something. Actually it didn’t matter. When I got my sight clear, I knew it was me, in a wolf form to be clear.

He watched me, like feeling a pity.

I began to wonder if he tried to talk to me. I gasped, even in my imaginary world, I still felt so damn weak. He seemed like he wanted to get close, but he had doubt.

I talked. My voice was hoarse. “Help me, please.”

He was listening. He tilted his head like you were talking to a normal dog. Somehow he was kind of cute if he was like that.

“I must save Angelica and that girl. Please, only you can help me. Only this time. You can hate me forever. But only this time, please. I beg you,” I said.

He was still listening, but he didn’t move at all. I put down my head. My neck was so weary. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Even my own self couldn’t help at that time.

But suddenly I felt something on my cheek. When I opened my eyes, I saw him sniffed at me. “You...” I said, but I couldn’t continue. I just smiled, feeling happy that finally he began to try to understand me.

I laughed when he kept sniffing at me and licked me. I tried to get up even though it was hard. Then I sat next to him, telling him to stop licking me because it was kind of gross.

It was like playing with your own dog, only he was bigger. I didn’t know why suddenly I felt so much attached to him. I saw him looking at me. He was kind of cool. He must be the most handsome wolf in the world, I thought ridiculously. And then I realized it was not the time to think like that.

I grabbed his large neck and spoke to him, “Are you ready? We’re going to save someone. It’s cool, right? One day, we will become a great hero. Don’t you think so, Buddy?”

What the hell happens in this world? I just saw a big monster like a wolf, and a human-like monster, also like a wolf. Is that really werewolf? Is that such thing really exist in this world? God, I don’t want to believe it but I’ve seen them, the girl thought. She kept running until she ran out of strenght. She cowered behind a big tree with a wheezing breath and leaned against it. Werewolf? That makes me crazy! This must be a dream! Please, this must be a dream, she thought.

She closed her eyes for a while and opened it again. Her eyes still saw the same thing that she was in forest feeling so much frightened.

I’m not dreaming, she told herself.

She peeked to beyond the tree. The situation was dark, quite, and full of horror. She hid again and took a deep breath. She cried and sobbed. She never imagined that she would face a terror like that, knowing that her two friends were killed by the monster.

She heard the sound again behind the tree. She peeked and saw the monster appeared and ran toward her. She realized then that she couldn’t hide there forever. Shit! Shit! She could smell me, she thought and quickly took an action by continuing to run away.

While she was running, she looked at her back. There was still quite large gap between her and the monster. Forcing herself, she fastened her running as much as possible. But she knew that she was on her limit.

If I should die here, then I will die here, she thought desperately. She saw another large wood lying on the ground. She picked it and turned around. Even though she was scared to death, she didn’t care anymore. She was too much desperate, waiting for the mosnster who got closer by second.

“Come! Come, you fucking monster!” she shouted.

Angelica kept running fast and roared. As she got closer, she jumped and pouced toward the girl. But I came in a very right time. From behind the high bushes, I jumped and pounced at Angelica. We both were rolling again on the ground as we fell.

It was different from before. I was as strong as her then. When we both tried to got up, I looked at her and roared like a beast. It might not be the nice look of me, but I felt kind of cool. Yes, I was finally fully-shifted. The power of the moon allowed me to do so.

It was really painful when the first time I turned into a real werewolf. It’s no wonder, my whole body was shifted. I looked at the girl. She was really shocked. I didn’t know whether she realized it or not that I would help her, but she did ran as far as possible.

Angelica tried to attack me. She jumped onto me and her fangs pierced at my shoulder. It was hurt but I endured that. I bit her neck again and threw her body over mine. She got up quickly and we began to attack each other again. So far, we had strength in equal.

Back to the murder scene, Ino Rays stood up in front of the dead bodies. He held his thin sword, trying to roll over those facedown bodies. He had no expression when he saw an open wound in their stomach and neck.

He sighed, “Another murder. I don’t think I would let that beast alive even though he begs me,” he muttered. He picked a blue crystal from his small bag on his waist. He looked at it. The crystal was shining a bit. He kept looking at it for a while.

At the same time, another pair of eyes was watching him from a quite far distance. But some distance couldn’t let her to lose her sight over him. She didn’t move at all, cowering behind a big tree. She even breath very light, as if she was holding her breath.

She didn’t wink a bit. A tracing crystal? Such quite incredible witchcraft that he has, she thought. She continued to talk in her mind, so he’s using it to find my beloved Fender. He managed to acquire Fender’s blood. He’s such a dangerous boy. Should I attack him now? No, I must wait until he finds Fender.

The crystal stopped shining, and then he looked at the bushes to the west. He was studying it for a while. Someone was passing through it. It must be him, he thought.

Without waiting a second, he ran and slashed his sword, making an opening to the high bushes. She bugged out when she was watching Ino left. She sniffed, tracing where the direction Ino went was. She waited for a while. Her nose didn’t stop sniffing. When the right time came, she then quickly made her move.

Angelica pierced my neck with her fangs. Perhaps if I was a normal human, my neck would be broken. But it didn’t painless even though I was fully-shifted and at the peak of my strength. It was terribly painful. I was groaning in a wolf style, trying to endure my pain.

I don’t have any choice. If I keep yielding, she will kill me for sure. At the end, I must give her my all. I howled fast and tried to get revenge. I pierced her shoulder with my claws. She loosened her biting. I pushed her and slashed her face.

She was thrown and fell. Damn it! I pierce her too deep, I thought in regret, seeing a quite enormous hole on her shoulder. I didn’t see it, but I thought I have a quite similar wound on my neck.

She was lying down with her faltering breath. I thought she was already down. I won but I was sad. That fight should never ever happen. When I saw her body was slowly reverted back, there was no reason for me to keep standing and hold on my strength.

I let myself fell to the ground. I surrendered myself to that pain. Slowly, my body was also reverted back.

I heard someone called my name. “Fender, are you okay?” the voice was soft and weak.

I tried to lift my head, looking at Angelica who was lying in front of me. She stared at me, seemed like she wanted to cry. And she really did cry. I could see the tears of regret flowing on her cheek.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she sobbed, “I didn’t mean to do this. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody.”

I smiled. I really do understand what she was feeling, “Hey, hey, it’s not your fault. None of us want this to happen. I hurt you too, Angelica.”

“I wish you could kill me now,” she said, “I’m fed up with killing people. Those images when I killed someone, they haunted me. I don’t want to kill anymore. It’s better me who should die.”

“No, no,” I cleared my throat because my voice was so hoarse, “No one has to die!” I insisted. But the air suddenly became so much thrilled. I looked at the high bushes. The wind suddenly became quite strong, as if it was very suitable with the current condition. The bushes were destroyed from behind it, revealing someone who did that horrible thing.

How can he be here? The other should have fought him now. But…if he’s here…the others are…, I began to think panicky. But I thought I should be panic about ourselves then.

He stepped forward, carrying his thin and long sword on his hand. He looked at our naked body, lying on the ground fiercely. He was like a serial murder.

Angelica was shocked when she saw Ino Rays came and found us. She was scared to death. It was like her words about wanting to die were gone somewhere. She tried hard to drag herself, but she was too weak.

I couldn’t do anything. I was scared too. But if I was about to die then, so be it.

“Ino,” I called him and he quickly looked at me with his sharp eyes. “Please, you can do anything to me, but…let Angelica go.”

“No!” she was screaming, but it was too weak to be called a scream, “Don’t do that, Fender!” she looked at Ino with her begging face, “Please, Ino, you don’t have to do this. Please, give us mercy!”

I sighed, “It’s useless, Angelica. He’s the most merciless person in the world. You can kill me now, Ino. But please, I beg you! You must spare Angelica’s life.”

“I found two bodies out there…”

But before he continued his words, I interrupted, “It was me! It was me who killed those girls. We ended up fighting here and hurt each other.”

Ino began to walk toward me. I gulped and frightened. I tried to calm but I couldn’t hide my fear all over my face. He stood up in front of me then, and suddenly he pointed his sword right in front of my face. With his sharp eyes looking at me, he spoke, “Let’s see!”

I hast to do it immediately, Hope thought. He put his hand inside his pocket and picked the tube. It was a dark-colored potion like a diet coke. He had doubt in his heart, but he tried to get it away.

The situation was still bad. Everybody was fighting at each other, one side wanted to protect the dragon summoner, and the other side had to stop him. Hope sighed in regret. Somehow it reminded him when the great fantasy war happened. He didn’t want to have anyone killed, so he set his heart to do what he got to do then.

He raised, still holding that potion.

“Are you okay, Milord?” Annabelle started asking.

Hope didn’t answer. He just focused on what he was going to do. In his deepest heart, there was still doubt. Who wouldn’t? He was going to kill himself anyway.

The female genie breathed a frost toward the two fairies. The one who could summon a fire counter that attack. But he felt that the power of that genie was getting stronger.

The wood fairy launched an attack again. The genie grinned. She raised his both hands and her eyes got all blue. It was like an iceberg then coming from the ground and moving toward the two fairies. The fire fairy moved forward, he launched a fire barrier about 5 meters high to hold the ice movement.

“This genie is incredibly strong,” the wood fairy muttered. He coincidently looked at Hope and realized what he was holding on his hand. He winced, studying the tube carefully, and then he knew something bad would happen.

He suddenly shouted, “Lady Vampire! Stop him now! He was going to kill himself! Stay him away with that potion!”

Annabelle heard that clearly and realized that the fairy was talking to her, since she was the only lady vampire there. She looked at Hope’s hand and saw the potion that he held. Without thinking anymore, she whooshed and grabbed the potion without Hope realizing it.

Being startled, Hope looked at Annabelle, “Milady, what art thou doing?”

“Don’t, Milord! You don’t have to do this!” Annabelle said, even though she didn’t know about what truly happened.

“But we shalt die!” Hope said loudly, feeling so damn desperate. He never spoke in a very loud voice before. Even to the enemy, he was polite.

“I’d better die with you than letting you die alone, Milord. No! I won’t allow you!” Annabelle insisted, “If you want to let anybody sacrifice themselves, but not Frank please, I will gladly give this thing to him or her.”

In a very situation like this, she was saying something selfish like that, Frank thought. He coincidently looked at the female sniper next to the necromancer who was still bearing the pain inside his body. The female sniper seemed taking the advantage of Annabelle ignorance. She aimed at Annabelle.

But Frank wouldn’t let her do that. “Annabelle!” he screamed out loud, making Annabelle looking at her. But it was going to be too late if he didn’t act quickly. In less than a second, he whooshed to the sniper and crashed her.

Because it was too fast and hard, two of them were thrown to the ground, rolling and wrestling while their body in a fast motion.

However, the sniper was very agile and strong than she looked. When they stopped, the sniper was in the position on Frank’s body. She strangled him and pointed her gunshot to Frank’s forehead.

A banging sound suddenly heard. Annabelle screamed, saying Frank’s name very loud. A bullet pierced through Frank’s head. There was a hole in his forehead and blood over his face.

Annabelle screamed madly and whooshed toward the sniper. Forgetting that she wanted to save Hope, she let loose of the potion. She was really consumed by her rage. She did the same like Frank did to her, crashing to the sniper. Those two females fight each other in a very close combat.

I’m not dead, Frank thought, hanging onto his consciousness. The bullet didn’t stay on his head. It really passed through it. But his sight was all blurred. He couldn’t move for a moment. He just tried to wink his eyes to get the better sight.

Somewhere nearby, someone was running fast toward the war scene. But nobody had realized it yet, everyone was too busy dealing with the war.

Hope’s eyes were looking to the potion that Annabelle dropped. He looked at the dragon summoner. His incantation was near to complete. Without thinking any further, he moved and quickly grabbed it on the ground.

Carter, who was still dealing with the red giant genie, finally realized that someone was approaching them. He looked at to that someone, and suddenly he bugged out. He didn’t speak, just talked in mind, Ino Rays!!!

Ino was running fast, carrying his sword. With a single slash of his sword, he dispersed Sergey’s shield in a second. He then entered the magic circle light.

Sergey was shocked when he felt his magic disappearing. He was quite surprised that Ino suddenly came and destroying his shield. What is he doing, he asked himself.

Still hanging onto his consciousness, Frank tried to get up. His sight was getting better and the hole in his head slowly healed. But another danger was about to come again to him. The female summoner casted a spell again. The same magic attack was coming fast toward Frank. Frank still didn’t realize it. And suddenly…

It was like a clanging sound when Ino’s sword repelled that magic attack. The witch was surprised. Frank was too. His sight was better that previously. He knew exactly who was standing in front of him then.

“Stop it now!!!” Ino shouted like a thunder roaring in the sky. Even his shout was very frightening. He suddenly pierced his sword to the ground below him. Another astonishing scene happened.

The magic circle light suddenly disappeared and the dragon summoner fell. He was suddenly weak like his strength was drained. Sergey quickly helped him to stand.

“What the hell!!” the dragon summoner muttered.

“It’s Ino,” Sergey replied. The dragon summoner looked at him and realized who had the power to stop his grand spell.

Everybody wasn’t moving again. All the eyes looked at the boy who suddenly made the situation became so damn quite.

Ino was looking around. He then sighed, “I think I’m not too late. It seems like nobody dies here,” he said calmly.

Norah suddenly bugged out when she saw blood in Ino’s sword. The tears began to come out from her eyes. She screamed out like a crazy person, “You son of a bitch! I’m going to kill you now!” but when she wanted to run, Evans held her tightly.

“Please, Norah, you can’t do it!” Evans said, trying to hug his crying sister.

But Norah was still struggling, “What have you done to Fender? Tell me!!”

“Why did you stop him, Ino?” the big sword hunter asked.

Ino looked at him, “There’s no point to keep this fight. I’ve already finished it.”

“Tell me!! What have you done to Fender?” Norah kept shouting at him while Evans still tried with all his might to hold her.

“So…you killed him?” Frank asked.

Ino turned around, looking at Frank who laid down below him, “Do you really want to know?”

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