Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Ino began to walk toward me. I gulped and frightened. I tried to calm but I couldn’t hide my fear all over my face. He stood up in front of me then, and suddenly he pointed his sword right in front of my face. With his sharp eyes looking at me, he spoke, “Let’s see!”

“No!!!” Angelica screamed, “Please, Ino! Don’t kill him!”

I knew Angelica’s crying couldn’t stop Ino from killing me, so I decided to take that fate, die in his hand. I just hope I had no regret. I closed my eyes tightly. Please, do it fast and painless, I talked in mind.

But I just felt like a scratch in my face. Does death only feel like this? It really doesn’t hurt at all, I thought. I tried to peek. I wondered what I could see after I died. But I thought I saw the same thing, so I opened my eyes fully.

I still saw Ino was standing in front of me. There was also Angelica, still in her place. Am I really dead, I asked myself. I wiped my cheek with my finger. There was a little blood when I saw it. Then I realized Ino just scratch my cheek with his sword.

Ino sighed, “I hate to do this,” he said, making me confused. I really didn’t understand what he was going to do. He picked a tube with green liquid inside from his little bag. He opened the lit and dowsed the point of his sword that had the spill of my blood into the liquid. There was some sort of weird reaction when my blood mixed with that liquid. He then muttered, “It’s disgusting!” but after that, he drank all the liquid. No wondered that he said it was disgusting.

I just looked at him in confusion. What’s the meaning of this, I talked in mind.

He closed his eyes for a second, perhaps feeling the weirdness of that thing’s taste. He then opened his eyes again. He looked at me carefully. I just wanted to say what to him, but I was afraid to even say one word.

He nodded, never showed what the meaning of his nod, “I think I began to understand,” he said, “Do you know what that thing I drank earlier, Fender? It’s called revealing-the-truth potion. RTT potion for short. It’s a witchcraft of course. Don’t you get it why they call it revealing-the-truth potion?” he asked.

I still don’t get with what he was talking about. But suddenly, he did something so damn terrible in front of me, something that I would never ever forget for the rest of my life. He turned around fast, and without saying or signing something, he slashed his sword in a blink of eyes.

I just bugged out with my mouth opened. I couldn’t say anything. He moved to fast. I even didn’t catch a breath. I saw it with my own eyes when Angelica’s head was detached. I saw it too when her innocent head fell to the ground. Her expression even remained the same. Her body finally fell too. Blood was everywhere, spurted like a fountain. She didn’t have a chance to scream. It was a very terrible thing I ever saw in my life.

Ino turned to me again, “You still didn’t get the answer, Fender. Let me help you with this thing. It’s because you can’t lie, Fender. When I drank your blood with that potion, I can see all your memories from days back. I know she was the one who killed those girls. I’m sorry I killed her without any notice. I don’t want any disruption,” he explained, “You should be grateful. I won’t kill you. As I promised, I won’t hunt you again from now on unless you break the rule. I know you have that ability to control your wolf. You’re no longer on my list, Fender.”

I didn’t happy at all hearing what he said. I wanted to be mad. I wanted to kill him right then, really wanted to do that. But I didn’t move. I just stunned, seeing him in anger, and seeing Angelica in sadness.

He turned around again and began to walk away, but suddenly he stopped. “I think there’s someone watching us from afar. I didn’t know who he or she is. But after seeing your memory, I think it’s your alpha. But I can’t deal with her now. There’s something important I must do. See you later, Fender. Remember, don’t waste the chance I’m giving you now,” after he finished talking, he then ran away fast, leaving me and Angelica’s body behind.

He disappeared and I still stayed put. My whole body was trembling. There were tears flowing in my face. I couldn’t speak anything. I even didn’t realize that someone was approaching me. I just knew when I saw her, Hail Grayson, walking toward me slowly.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said softly, “You know I won’t hurt you.”

I looked at her, still couldn’t speak anything.

“Oh, my God. You must be cold and hurt,” she was quickly getting nearer to me and hugged me, covering my naked body. She did it very slowly and gently, “It’s okay. I’m here with you. You’re not alone. I know it’s sad. Angelica is my child too, just like you. I’m also sad and mad. You can cry if you want. Let me be your shoulder from now on.”

She’s right. I really want to cry, I talked in mind. I hugged her back and began to sob. And then I cried out loud. I screamed like a crazy person. It was very hurt, really painful in my heart. That was the first time I ever lost someone I care about. I didn’t stop crying and Hail still hugged me tightly.

I still remembered when Angelica smiled at me when I got to school. I remembered how cheerful she was, teasing on me all the time when we met. I still remembered when she said that she liked me from the first time she saw me. I knew I was going to miss that, her smile, her laugh, her everything.

I never thought that I would lose her too fast. I was still hoping that it was just a dream. I really wanted to wake up and end that nightmare, that the day after, I would still see her beautiful face at school.

“Nooo!!!!” I screamed desperately again.

Ino Rays was running fast through the forest and the bushes. He slashed everything that blocked his way. Guided by Fender’s memories, he quickly ran to the lake where everyone might be fighting at.

He winced when he heard some noise from right in front of him. They must be there, he thought. Ino fastened his running toward the direction. He saw at the end of the woods. It was brighter there. I’m getting closer, Ino thought.

When he went out from the woods, he realized that the shine was a magic creating. He could feel his mate’s shield around the place. He didn’t stop running, seeing everybody fought inside the circle of light. He was ready with his sword.

Only one slash, the shield was dispersed. He then entered the circle of light. He saw one of those witches tried to attack Frank who sat on the ground. It seemed like he was hurt or something. Frank was lucky. He was near where Ino appeared from. Seeing the situation, Ino kept fastening his running to Frank.

He was in time. He swung his sword to the lightning and repelled the magic.

“Stop it now!!!” Ino shouted. He suddenly pierced his sword to the ground below him. The magic circle light suddenly disappeared and the dragon summoner fell. He was suddenly weak like his strength was drained. Sergey quickly helped him to stand.

Everybody wasn’t moving again. The fight suddenly stopped. He then sighed, “I think I’m not too late. It seems like nobody dies here,” he said calmly.

“You son of a bitch! I’m going to kill you now!” Norah suddenly shouted out like a crazy person and wanted to run and attack Ino, but Evans held her tightly.

“Please, Norah, you can’t do it!” Evans said, trying to hug his crying sister.

But Norah was still struggling, “What have you done to Fender? Tell me!!”

The big sword hunter who stood near to Ino began to ask, “Why did you stop him, Ino?”

Ino looked at him, “There’s no point to keep this fight. I’ve already finished it.”

“Tell me!! What have you done to Fender?” Norah kept shouting at him while Evans still tried with all his might to hold her.

“So…you killed him?” Frank asked.

Ino turned around, looking at Frank who laid down below him, “Do you really want to know?”

Carter sniffed. He tried to recognize the blood that spilled on Ino’s sword. He then began to realize that the blood wasn’t Fender’s. He quickly raised his voice, “It’s not Fender’s blood,” he spoke loudly, “I remember the smell of his blood. It’s not his,” he explained.

Hearing that, Norah stopped struggling and began to calm down. She gasped, trying to stop her cry, “What?” she was confused.

“You said you’ve finished that? Whose blood is it?” the big sword hunter asked again.

Ino nodded, “He’s right. It’s not Fender’s blood. I didn’t kill him. I kept my promise.”

“What do you mean you kept your promise?” Frank asked.

“He did what I wanted him to do. He proved that he can control his wolf,” Ino explained.

Everybody was wrinkling their forehead. It sounded a little bit unbelievable. They muttered, talking about what really happened. Some of them relieved and felt happy. Some were just wondering.

The female witch sighed, “So, everything that we’ve done here is in vain?” she complained.

Her twin witch said, “I’m grateful that we have to stop it by now. I’m tired of fighting,” he tried to stand still even though he was still feeling the pain.

Sergey quickly raised his voice, “Everyone, we’re done here!”

“Wait!” Carter held them. All of them were looking at him then. “I’m curious. That blood on your sword proves that you’ve killed someone. Who is it?” he asked.

Then everybody changed their sight to Ino.

“If you insist, then I will tell you. I killed Angelica Brownwood,” Ino answered.

Hope was shocked when he heard Ino said that. It was like a thunder that struck right on his head. impossible! could she, he was confused. His body was trembling in a sudden. He then fell and bended on his knees. He really couldn’t believe with what Ino had just said.

Annabelle quickly forgot about the hunter and whooshed to Hope. She grabbed him in such worried, “Are you okay, Milord?” she asked.

It was not only Hope, all of them who knew Angelica Brownwood were feeling the same. They were shocked and sad. But they really couldn’t do anything. They couldn’t resist Ino’s power and might.

“If he killed Angelica, then she must be somewhere around here. You said that she was safe in that fairy’s place?” Grand whispered, “Do you think he can also find where Angelica was hiding, Carter?” he asked.

Carter shook his head. He was as shocked as everybody, “I have no idea, Grand.”

Sergey quickly approached Ino. He was also shocked and confused, “How do you find her?” he asked confusedly.

“I have no idea. She was there. Both of them were hurt and naked. They were fighting each other,” he answered.

Sergey wrinkled his forehead, “Naked? So, Fender was also fully-shifted.”

Ino nodded, “Yeah, it’s RTT potion. I know everything from his memories. Angelica killed again, that’s why I can’t let her live. It seems that the alpha was also there. But I must get here first.”

“Wow, that boy is really something. He’s really doing it at the very last time,” Sergey was amazed.

“You’re right. He’s really something,” Ino agreed.

Carter and Grand were eavesdropping their conversation. They looked at each other.

“It answers your question I think,” Carter said.

Grand nodded, “I’m sure she was forced to get out from her hideout. She couldn’t resist the power of full moon and finally turned. I don’t know how, but it seemed Angelica was wandering until she got around this place and met Fender. Knowing that they are talking about Hail, I think we know who the culprit was,” he tried to analyze the situation.

Carter saw Ino and his forces were walking away. The genies and the reanimated zombies disappeared one by one. The dragon was back into a tattoo. He sighed, “What do I have to say to the mayor? His only daughter is dead. In the end, we cannot save her. I hate when somebody has to die,” he was regretful.

“What we have to do is protecting Fender at all cost. Another Dale’s blood bearer is dead. We cannot afford to lose another. We can’t live forever like fairy or vampire. And we can’t force human to bear our blood. We must protect Dale family from extinction, Carter,” Grand said.

“If the werewolf’s betrayal never happened in this town, we wouldn’t have to put so much work in this,” Carter said.

Somewhere nearby, Norah still hugged Evans tightly. Her mind was still weak after she was desperate to think that her boyfriend died. She couldn’t stop crying. But deep in her heart, she was relieved.

“Norah, please, stop it! Fender is okay,” Evans said.

“I know. I’m just relieved, Evans. I was scared to death when I think that Fender was really dead,” she said. She tried to wipe her tears and stopped crying.

“But somebody dies, Norah. You should feel sorry,” Evans said.

“It’s not that I’m happy about Angelica’s death. But...I couldn’t hide that I’m glad Fender is safe,” she replied.

Frank walked to the center, looking at every member of his allies. The Muller couple hugged each other, and so does Aberschulen couple. They looked glad after the fight was over. Annabelle still stuck with Hope. She remembered about Hope’s deadly potion and was glad that Hope hadn’t drunk it yet. Hope was feeling otherwise. He still regretted about Angelica’s death.

Not far from them, Albert and Darius were having a chit-chat. Darius complained all the time about how regretful he was to join that stupid and suicide fight. Grand and Carter looked so sullen. They didn’t spoke anything after that. The two fairies sat down, feeling so exhausted after the fight.

After having their clothes on, Jovanov family came out from the hut. They seemed worried about Ivan.

“I didn’t hear him talking about Ivan. Honey, I’m worried,” Mrs. Jovanov said.

Mr. Jovanov embraced his wife, trying to calm her down, “Me, too. But I believe he’s going to be okay,” he looked at Anna and asked, “Are you feeling okay, Anna?”

Anna who was being hugged by his older brother, Roman, nodded slowly, “I’m okay, Dad,” she looked at Frank, “I’m worried about Frank. He got shot in his head.”

“He’s vampire, Anna. A shot in his head can’t kill him easily. You should worry about your brother. I concern about Hail Grayson. He said that that bitch was around there somewhere,” Roman said.

Mr. Jovanov nodded, “You’re right, Roman. I think I should go there to see what happen to Ivan and Fender.”

“Be careful, Honey,” Mrs. Jovanov said.

Mr. Jovanov kissed his wife, “I will. Take care of Anna and Roman. I’ll be back soon,” and without wasting any more time, he quickly ran to where his oldest son went.

At the center, Frank finally raised his voice. Everybody began to gather around him. He looked at Mrs. Jovanov, “Is it okay that your husband goes alone, Ma’am?” he asked.

Mrs. Jovanov nodded, “I think he’s going to be alright,” she replied.

“Guys, I didn’t want to talk too much now. I think I should go after Fender and Ivan like Mr. Jovanov did,” Frank said, “All I want to say now is thank you very much.”

“You don’t have to thank us, Frank,” Mr. Muller said, “Ino is smarter than we think. Actually, Fender fought by himself. Even though we’re all here, we can’t save him. He did it by his own strength.”

“I’m glad Fender is safe, but...I also want to say I’m sorry for Angelica,” Norah said her condolences, “I know some of you are also trying to save her. I wish she can rest in peace.”

“Please say my thanks to her,” a soft voice suddenly came around them.

Frank and the others beside the hunters turned their head to where the voice came from. Everybody bugged out and was surprised when they saw a girl came from nowhere in a sudden.

Hope smiled a bit when he saw Angelica Brownwood standing in front of them. But he then realized, it was her ghost that he saw, “Angelica...”

“I’m sorry I’ve messed up,” Angelica said regretfully.

The hunters were a little bit confused at the beginning. But slowly they began to understand.

“I think that Angelica’s ghost is here,” Mr. Muller whispered to his wife.

“Why are you here, Angelica?” Frank asked, “Did you find your door?”

Angelica seemed confused about what Frank was talking about, “Door? What door?” she asked back. But then she suddenly remembered that she had something very important to tell to them. “We’ll talk about that thing later. I almost forget that I have something more important to tell you. Fender...he...he was brought by the alpha. Hail Grayson took him,” she suddenly seemed panic, “I’m sorry, actually I want to chase them. But since I know supernatural can see ghost, I was too afraid. When I finally tried to after them, I got randomly being there and there until finally I found you all here.”

Frank became panic in a sudden too, “So there’s no way I can keep staying here. I won’t waste any more time,” without thinking any further Frank was running after Mr. Jovanov.

“Wha..what’s going on?” Norah was confused.

“Hail Grayson took your boyfriend,” Carter replied.

And in a second, without saying anything, Norah did the same as Frank did. Evans had no choice but to follow his sister. The Muller couple was after them too.

Hope wanted to go, but Annabelle held him, “No, Milord. You’d better stay here with me. You can’t have another fight.”

“But, Milady, I hast to protect him,” Hope insisted.

But Annabelle still forbade him to go, “Just believe in them.”

“We’ll go, Milord!” the two fairies said together and after them together.

Albert embraced Darius and grinned. Darius had the bad feeling about that. “Want to have another interesting challenge, Brother?” Albert asked. Actually, Darius really wanted to reject that request. But Albert pulled him as he whooshed to chase after them. Ha had no choice at all.

Anna hugged his brother tightly and prayed, “Be safe, Frank,” she muttered.

Ino walked through the woods somewhere in the south of Moonlight Hills. The forest was dark. The light of the full moon could barely trespass the thickness of the trees. But he walked calmly. There was no fear even the slightest in his face.

The night was quite. Only the sound of some bugs in the forest could be heard. The rest was sounded asleep.

He kept walking and going faster, until finally he found a small abandoned house in the deep of the woods. He stopped for a while when he was in front of the rotten wooden door. He pushed that dirty door and that door began to open slowly, creating a cracking sound that breaking the silence of the night.

Inside, a middle-age woman was waiting anxiously. She didn’t speak at all, waiting Ino to get in.

Ino stepped inside, watching the anxious face of that woman. He sighed then, “I didn’t kill him.”

The woman’s anxious face was disappeared, changing into a relieving and happy smile. She quickly step forward and hugged Ino tightly, “Oh, Dear. Thanks God. Believe me, you did the right thing.”

“I don’t know that the prophecy is right or not, Emilia,” Ino said, hugging her back, “But something happened and prevented me to kill him.”

Emilia Damon, Frank’s mother, released her hug. She looked at Ino with her gentle eyes and touched Ino’s face, “It’s not about right or wrong, Sweetheart. It’s about believing.”

“That boy you’re talking about, can he really see the future?” Ino asked curiously.

Mrs. Damon nodded, “It’s his ability. He can see the future of someone by seeing their eyes. Not long ago, he came to my house to have a visit. At the same time, Frank brought Fender home. That’s when he told me that one day, Fender will be a very important person. In the future, he will be a hero who can save the peace of this world. That’s why I quickly came to you to tell this when Frank told me about you wanted to kill Fender,” she explained.

“At the very last time, he could really do it, controlling his wolf. It seemed impossible. I couldn’t believe it either, but he really did that. I never imagine that a slack off and lazy mutt werewolf like him can do it in a quite short time. It’s very rare,” Ino said.

Mrs. Damon smiled, “It’s fate, my dear. Perhaps his prophecy is right. Fender is destined to be a great person. Death won’t come to him because it’s not his time.”

“I’m sorry, Emilia,” Ino murmured.

Mrs. Damon winced in confusion, “Why?” she asked.

“I killed Angelica Brownwood,” he confessed. Mrs. Damon bugged out and covered her opened mouth. She stepped backward a little. “You must hate me. I...I couldn’t let her live. She killed some people and I couldn’t help it. I killed her when I had a chance. I’m sorry,” he seemed regretted.

“My dear,” Mrs. Damon sighed, but she quickly hugged Ino again, “Please, don’t you think I will hate you because of that. I’m regretful, really, to hear that you did it, my dear. But it wasn’t your fault. You’re just trying to protect people.”

“Am I really merciless, Emilia?” Ino asked.

Mrs. Damon looked at Ino in the eye, and embraced his face, “I hate to admit it, but you are, my dear. But don’t blame yourself. You’re made into this,” she said, and then smiled, “I promise you, I’m going to change you.”

“To accomplish that, I really need that boy’s help,” Ino explained. Mrs. Damon waited for him to continue. “I want to take him with me.”

“Ino, I hate to say this, but I think it’s quite impossible,” Mrs. Damon replied, “He is very weak. He always looks like a sick person. I don’t think his parents will let him to go with you.”

“I insist,” Ino said doubtlessly, “He’s a vampire. There’s no weak vampire. I believe he just lack of bravery. I will train him.”

Mrs. Damon was quite for a moment. She was thinking. “If you say so, then you can try,” she said.

Ino nodded, “That boy will determine the fate of my preys,” he said.

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