Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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A Month Later

Moonlight High in the afternoon, all the students were happy when the school time was over. In a second, the school corridor became so much crowded. The day was being as usual for most of them. But for some of them, the day was different since a month ago. A month had passed since the death of Angelica Brownwood.

Frank Damon and Norah Levin, they both walked together since their classes were face to face. They met when they went out from each class.

Norah was quite, and so was Frank. They didn’t talk much although they were close. Yet they still walked together. Suddenly Norah stopped walking. She looked at the poster of her missing boyfriend on the wall. Missing people was not a taboo case in Moonlight Hills recently. But it was the first time that student of Moonlight High had been missing.

Norah sighed, feeling sad and hurt. Frank could only hold her shoulder gently to give her a calm touch.

“Is he okay, Frank?” Norah asked.

Frank shook his head slowly, “I don’t know,” he replied.

Norah sighed again, “It’s been a month. There’s no news from him. Doesn’t he realize that his parents were worried about him?”

“He seemed that he doesn’t care about it. I’ve been with his parents since he was gone missing. I can’t stand seeing Mrs. Luts crying all the time. Perhaps she can’t cry anymore now,” Frank explain.

“You know it’s hard to explain them about the true situation. And Mr. Sheriff decided to not let them know the truth,” Norah said.

“What about you? Are you okay now?” Frank asked.

Norah looked at Frank in the eye. Frank could see her sadness and realize by her look that she wasn’t okay. She tried to smile since she didn’t want Frank to feel pity on her, “I’m trying to be okay.”

“Even though you’re not?” Frank continued.

“Yeah, Frank, I’m not okay and you know that,” she said. Suddenly her face was sullen. She exhaled heavily, “I don’t know if I should hate him or not. It seems like I want to give up on him.”

Frank didn’t replied when he heard Norah said that. He just looked at her while she looked at him back. What is that idiot doing actually? Does he really want to give up on everything he has now, Frank thought.

For them, one month was too long. A month later, everything was changed...

The moon was shining bright in the dark sky, full and round. The sky was so clear that night. Stars were spreading, blinking like a diamond. Hope stood alone in a cemetery on the top of the hill. Moonlight Hills cemetery was located on the quite high area, miles away from the main town.

Many believe that Moonlight Hills cemetery was a creepy place at night. It’s no wonder actually. Cemetery is the place for the dead. But the myth said that many creatures from hell appeared there. It was folklore from long ago. Yet many people don’t have enough guts to be close to that cemetery, even in daylight. The mayor of the town appointed a witch as the keeper of that cemetery. No one else would accept that job ever.

“I’m sorry, Angelica,” Hope put a bunch of flowers on her tomb.

Actually, Hope was not really alone. Angelica’s ghost was there behind him, looking so depressed seeing how Hope acted since the day of her death. “Hope, please, until when you will be like this? I’m right behind you and I didn’t count how many times you said you’re sorry since the day I died. Don’t you see I’m feeling healthy now?”

Hope turned around, looking at Angelica, “Thou art a spirit. Thou dost not feel any pain.”

“Then don’t make yourself painful all the time, Hope,” Angelica begged, “I’m free of pain, and you should do the same. I can’t stand seeing you like this. Please, Hope, I beg you. You can see me like usual. I’m still living in your house, although sometimes I wandered randomly. It’s no different, right?”

“I couldst not save you. I should hast been stronger,” Hope said.

“For God sake, Hope. I wish I would hit you hard so that you can see there’s nothing wrong having me as a human, werewolf, or even a ghost. It’s the same. I’m still here with you. You can stop mourning about me!” she said angrily.

Hope sighed and closed his eyes for a while, “I’m sorry, Angelica.”

“I hate that words, Hope!” Angelica said, “Please, never say you’re sorry again! Ever! Promise me?”

Hope paused for a while. He took a breath deeply, “I say my oath.”

Angelica smiled widely, “I want to see you smile. Please,” she begged. She waited for Hope to give her his smile, and then she had it. Her smile grew wider, “That’s the Hope I know. He never seems sad. You know you’re more handsome when you smile, my prince.”

Hope was blushed, “Thou art flattering me, Angelica,” he said with his beautiful smile.

Angelica sat on the big stone around there. She then looked at the full moon that reminded her about her short time being a werewolf. “I’m glad that I don’t feel that pain again. The full moon is so beautiful and back then, I couldn’t enjoy it. I don’t know if I should be happy being a free spirit like this,” she then looked at Hope again, “Am I going to be like this forever?” she asked.

“To be honest, I dost not hast any wisdom about spirit,” Hope explained, “There is perhaps one matter that I know about. Spirit shalt find their door,” he said.

Angelica sighed, “I wonder when I will find that door of mine. But I still want to be here with you. So I think I won’t find my door soon,” she chuckled. She looked at the full moon again and remembered about someone, “Thinking about the full moon today, I’m worried about Fender. Is he okay?”

Hope sat next to Angelica, looking at the full moon too, “I wish.”

“But he’s with that bitch!” Angelica looked angry, “I hate her so much.”

A sound of ringtone startled them. Hope quickly picked his cell phone. He looked at the screen. Frank, he wondered. He put the phone on his ear, “Is there anything I can do thee a favor, my friend?” he asked.

Somewhere far away, Frank was driving his car fast. He seemed upset, “I hate Ino Rays!”

“How’s now?” Hope asked again.

“He ruined my life. He ruined Fender’s life. He also ruined our life. And now he ruined my family. What the hell that he really wants?” Frank seemed so mad.

Hope sighed, “I dost not really understand. Wouldst thou mind if thou teach me more?” he asked.

Several hours previously…

The sky was about to get dark. In one of the remote areas in Moonlight Hills, there lied a quiet and peace mansion with old-fashioned Western European style. But the peace was about disrupted when a car arrived and parked in front of the mansion. There was no one there in the garden. When the engine shut down, a boy and a middle-age woman got out from the car.

“So, he’s here?” Ino asked.

“He rarely got out from this mansion. Like I’ve told you before, he looks weak like a sick person. He gets a homeschooling because no kid wants to befriend with him, even his fellow vampires,” Mrs. Damon explained, “Are you really sure about this?” she made sure.

Ino nodded with a very confident face, “Doubting is not my style, Emilia.”

“I know. But I’m worried about his parents,” Mrs. Damon said. They both got into the terrace. There were so many statues around there. Mrs. Damon used an old-fashioned knocking door iron that was hung on the door. She knocked several times.

A pale woman opened the door. She smiled widely when she saw Mrs. Damon. “Oh, Milady, how pleasant to have you here!” she said gladly, “What’s going on so that you come all the way here?” she asked.

Mrs. Damon replied her smile, “Actually, we want to see Lyon. Is he here?”

The woman chuckled, “You know that he always be here, Milady. Please come in.”

Hearing the invitation, Mrs. Damon and Ino came inside the house. The householder lady, Mrs. Daendels, walked down through the stairs and fastened her step toward Mrs. Damon. They both hugged each other.

Mrs. Daendels looked at Ino, “Who is this handsome boy?”

“He’s my another son,” Mrs. Damon said.

Mrs. Daendels winced for a while, perhaps she was confused that Ino didn’t look like a vampire. But she quickly ignored it, “By the way, I heard you want to see Lyon. If I may know, do you have any important business with my only son?” she tried to have string attached.

“Can we see him now?” Mrs. Damon asked.

Mrs. Daendels paused for a second, but she quickly smiled again, “Of course,” she agreed. She then guided them to the room of the boy whose name Lyon. It was located in the third story. The three of them walked through the palace-like corridor where you could see the open air. She pointed at the very corner room at that corridor.

Mrs. Daendels opened the door, revealing an 11-year-old boy who was reading on his bed. He looked at the guest oddly. Perhaps feeling a little bit confused that someone wanted to meet him. Lyon Daendels had a very small body, with a red hair and spotting face.

He smiled to her mother, and then to his two guests. He quickly got up from his bed and bowed down to Mrs. Damon. “How are you, Ma’am?” he greeted politely.

“I’m fine, thanks, Sweetie,” Mrs. Damon replied by her smile. She then looked at Ino, “I think you should speak by yourself.”

Ino nodded, still looking at Lyon in the eyes. Lyon was feeling a little bit uneasy with the older boy in front of him. Ino walked slowly, seeing Lyon trembling in nervousness.

He put his hand onto Lyon’s shoulder, and then he bowed, making his face as high as Lyon’s, “Could you tell me what are you seeing now?” he asked.

This guy is too straightforward, Lyon thought. He paused, feeling so frightened in a sudden. He looked at Ino who still staring back at him. “I…I’m sorry. I think you don’t want me to spill it out right now,” he stammered.

“Do you have any idea how?” Ino asked again.

Lyon hummed. He was very nervous. But suddenly he quickly grabbed a note and a pen from his desk. He then wrote something on the note. He tried to secretly told Ino what he wrote on that paper.

Ino’s eyes grew larger in a second when he saw Lyon’s writing. But he didn’t show another expression. The writing was so surprising him. It said, you’re going to marry a Damon.

Ino took the paper from Lyon and then tore it off fast. He put the scrap paper into his pocket. He then rubbed Lyon’s head and said, “I want you.”

Mrs. Daendels wrinkled her forehead, “What does it mean actually? I don’t understand,” she said confusedly.

Ino turned around and looked at Mrs. Daendels, “I want to borrow your son, Ma’am. I will train him to be a hunter.”

Mrs. Daendels was very shocked hearing Ino’s words. Her emotion was blowing up in the sudden. Her eyes were as large as in the maximum. Lyon never saw her mother to be very mad like that. “Who do you think you are, Boy?” she shouted at Ino. She then looked at Mrs. Damon, “Milady, what’s the meaning of this?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, Leila, he needs your son ability. I can make sure he won’t be harmed. Ino can take care of him,” Mrs. Damon explained.

Another expression was shown by Mrs. Daendels face. When she heard the boy’s name, suddenly she was trembling in fear, “Ino? Milady…don’t tell me that this boy is…”

Mrs. Damon nodded quickly, “Yes, Leila. He’s Ino Rays.”

“For God sake, Milady! Why do you bring such dangerous man into my house?” she asked. In a second, she whooshed to take her son and stepped back, “You!” she pointed at Ino, “You must be forcing her to do this. No, Hunter! I won’t let you take my son! Never!” she shouted.

“I don’t accept rejection, Ma’am,” Ino said.

“Ino, please, do it in a polite way,” Mrs. Damon asked, “Leila, this is not as bad as you think. Ino just wants to borrow your son’s help. That’s all. Lyon still can stay here.”

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t! Lyon is very weak. He can’t be involved in hunter’s affairs. That’s too dangerous!” Mrs. Daendels insisted.

Ino sighed. Actually, he really wanted to do it by force. But he promised to Mrs. Damon that he wouldn’t use violence. He began to think, and finally, “Why don’t we ask him? Let’s see his decision. Hey, Lyon, do you want to come with me?” he asked. Lyon was quiet. Then Ino talked again, “I can see how boring your life is by staying in this big cage all the time. Do you want this to happen for the rest of your life, which means forever? I can show you another world. You won’t regret it. I promise.”

But Lyon was still quiet. Mrs. Damon spoke again, “See? My son doesn’t want it! So, it’s better for you to stay away.”

“Don’t worry about the dangers outside. I believe you know me well. I’ll protect you,” Ino said again.

“Don’t force my son!” Mrs. Daendels shouted.

“I want to go with him,” Lyon suddenly spoke and startled his mother a lot. He looked at his mother, “I want to go with him, Mom,” he repeated.

“No!” Mrs. Daendels still insisted, “I won’t allow you. It’s too dangerous!”

“But…” Lyon looked at Ino again, “He’s right. He’s Ino Rays. Everybody fears him. I don’t have to worry about dangers. He will protect me. And…” Lyon looked at his mother again, “I still can stay here,” he turned his head to Ino again, “Is it right, Brother?”

Ino smiled, “You’re absolutely right, ‘Lil bro.”

Frank finished his story over the phone. His upset face didn’t disappear at all. “Mrs. Daendels called me. She told me everything. Damn it! That bastard has corrupted my mother. I’m going to make her see that Ino Rays is dangerous and need to be stayed away.”

“’Tis the first time thou hath a conversation with me about thy problem since long ago. Art thou certainly okay, my dear friend?” Hope asked.

Frank sighed, “I used to tell everything to Fender. But…you know…Is it okay if I talk with you now?”

Hope chuckled, “Absolutely, my friend. I believe that thou miss him a lot. I’m correct, art not I?”

“Miss him? Yeah, a little! But a lot? Not really! I just don’t have too many friends,” Frank denied, “Just forget about Fender. Norah gives up on him. I think I want to do the same. I believe he’s okay. Hail Grayson has a feeling toward him. He’s her special kid. He told me by himself.”

“Is Norah all right?” Hope asked.

“Painful, of course! I don’t have any choice but to tell her the truth. I can’t let her to worry all the time about Fender’s safety, while actually he is doing okay,” Frank said, “Just go back to our topic, about that bastard boy Ino Rays that has corrupted my mother! Damn him! My mother used to hate him. But…since he saved her from Hail, my mother seems like she has debt to him. She treats him like her golden boy.”

Hope took a breath, “I am not sure actually. However, I feel like Ino Rays hath some indescribable feeling toward thy mother. Am I correct?”

“I think so,” Frank replied, “Actually, Fender realized about that first. By the way, Hope, we can talk about it later. I have arrived at my home. See you tomorrow,” he hung up the phone and tried to park his car.

He quickly got off from his car and listening. He knew his mother was having a conversation with his father and Blake. He was driven by his mad when he thought about Ino Rays. He then whooshed inside his house, and a second later he had already stood in front of his family.

Mrs. Damon realized about Frank’s bad expression. She also could read it by the way he got in impolitely. “What’s the matter, Sweetheart? You look upset?” she asked.

“There’s something we must talk about now, Mom. And since everyone is here, I want everyone to know about the truth,” he said, and then looked at his father, “Especially you, Dad.”

Mr. Damon who was sitting right in front of his wife on the set of sofa, had his face bored, “What is it again, Frank?” he asked lazily.

“It’s about Ino Rays and you, Mom,” he pointed at her mother, “I don’t know why you are so close with him now. But it’s a bit thick if you allow him to do as he pleases.”

Mrs. Damon winced in confusion, “What are you talking about, Frank? And could you please speak with a low voice with you mother?” she seemed a little bit upset.

“Mrs. Daendels called me. She said you let Ino took his son,” Frank explained.

Mrs. Damon suddenly breathed heavily, “She still doesn’t understand.”

“What do you mean that she doesn’t understand, Mom? You told Ino Rays about her son’s ability. That’s why he took him. You know our ability is a secret matter. You can’t tell random people about someone’s ability,” Frank said.

“Darling,” Mrs. Damon tried to reply gently, “I have my own reason,” she answered.

“What reason?” Frank pushed, almost shouting.

“My reason…it’s that I can’t tell you,” Mrs. Damon said.

This is ridiculous! I won’t let this happens any further, Frank thought. He took a breath, collecting the guts to tell them about something that he held up for quite long time. “Mom, I don’t know if you realize it or not. Ino Rays is falling in love with you!”

Mrs. Damon looked at her husband, and then both of them laughed.

“I’m not joking! It’s proven by the way he acts toward our family. You are the reason he feels it so hard to hurt us. He’s merciless, Mom, yet he shows mercy to us,” Frank tried to make them sure.

“Honey, I think he just wants to change,” Mrs. Damon tried to share another opinion.

My mother is really corrupted by him. Don’t tell me that...he began to think about something. “Mom,” he said, “You love him?” he guessed.

“Of course I love him,” Mrs. Damon answered.

“You’re ridiculous, Mom!” Frank spoke loudly. He seemed so much upset hearing that word directly from his mother.

“I love him as my son, Frank,” Mrs. Damon told him in detail, “I love him just like I love you and Helen. His life is terrible, Frank. I pity him. I began to understand why he’s acting like that.”

“But you seem like you treat him like your special son, even if compared to me!” Frank said.

Mrs. Damon suddenly smiled, “Oh, so that’s the reason,” she chuckled, making Frank more upset about that, “I think I smell a jealousy in here.”

Blake was also giggling, “I think you’re right, Lady Emilia. Gramps Frank is jealous.”

Frank sighed. He was fed up to keep talking with his mother. He then looked at his Dad, “Dad, please speak something. There is someone who falls in love with your wife,” he said, seeking for support.

“If it’s Ino Rays that falls in love with her, I don’t mind at all,” he said calmly, “I think it can be an advantage to me.”

Frank finally gave up. He didn’t have any words left in his mind to argue with them. Even his father was crazier than he thought. I won’t let Ino interferes my family’s life. I have to do something. If they let this happen, then I will do something to stop it, he promised himself.

“Another tainted-blood? This town is going crazy!” Norah spoke while she was running through the forest in the darkness of the night, “I can’t believe the small town that very famous for its peace suddenly becomes a hell like this. Who made those tainted-bloods?” she seemed upset. In her hand, there was a quite big crossbow that could shoot several arrows, enough to bring down some of those pesky vampires.

Evans, who was running next to her, felt otherwise. His dual swords were hungry for bloods. He seemed enjoying the sign of doom that appeared in Moonlight Hills. He grinned like a bad guy, “This small town is boring, Norah. Sometimes my swords need entertainment.”

Norah looked at Evans and pouted, “You’re idiot! Some lives are in danger when you think you can fill your swords’ hunger!”

“Stop talking, Norah! We have so many things to be done now!” Evans said, feeling uneasy when Norah was trying to preach him.

A shadow suddenly moved fast from the right of them. Both of them braked and stopped. They turned to where the shadow was appearing. Norah was ready with her bow. With one shot, several arrows were rocketed fast.

“There are two of them!” Norah said.

She was right. There were actually two shadows there, but one was down because of Norah’s arrow. The remaining one was suddenly appeared from the darkness and whooshed fast toward them. But Evans anticipated quicker than the vampire thought.

A swung of his swords was able to cut off the vampire’s head while he was getting closer. “Two down!” Evans grinned excitedly.

Both of them suddenly startled when they heard some noise nearby. Without thinking any further, they rushed to the scene where the noise came from. When they saw the high bushes blocking their path, Evans tried to cut it with all his might.

The leaves were scattered in the air. The situation behind the bushes was revealed. They both were shocked, especially Norah. They saw those tainted-bloods were slaughtered.

A fierce looking werewolf looked at them. His claws were full of blood. He walked toward those hunters and slowly, he began to revert back to his normal look.

“Fender?” Norah muttered.

Yes, that was me. I kept walking to her, smiling happily. I thought that she was going to miss me a lot. But when I tried to hug her, she suddenly stayed away.

I was startled, wondering why she acted that way.

“It’s me, Norah. What’s the matter?” I asked confusedly.

She tried to be strong. I knew that. But how strong she was couldn’t keep her from crying. Yet she still tried to hold it.

“Please don’t!” she sobbed.

I frowned, “What’s wrong, Norah? Don’t you miss me?” I asked again.

“Please don’t say anything,” she was crying. She hugged herself and stayed away his sight of me. I was waiting and standing in front of her until she finally looked at me. “Why are you doing this to me?” she asked.

I didn’t know why she acted that way. And I also didn’t know why she asked me that. That was nothing like I was expected. It was too different. I was confused.

“I don’t understand, Norah. I’m home,” I said.

“You left her for a month, you idiot!” Evans said angrily.

Norah looked at Evans, “Shut up, Evans! Please don’t interfere,” Norah said. She then looked again at me, “Why did you leave me for that woman, Fender?” she asked.

I was feeling more confused. I wrinkled my forehead, “Norah, what do you mean by that question? I don’t understand.”

“Don’t play dumb, Fender!” she shouted. She didn’t stop crying. She even cried more. She tried to control her emotion first before she began to talk again, “I know what happen between you and your alpha!”

I began to think. I never knew she would say that to me, “Frank told you,” I muttered.

“You didn’t know how I felt when I lost you for days! Frank did! I was broken, Fender, thinking that you might be dead or worse. But then he told me everything, and I began to understand that you’re going to be alright. And now...your existence here proves everything,” she said.

“I go with her because I want to get stronger Norah!” I tried to defend myself, “Seeing how Ino killed Angelica, it pains me. I felt useless. I was mad, mad of me because I was so weak. And now I’m stronger than before. I’m going to avenge him. That’s my reason, Norah!”

“But I can’t believe that there was nothing happened!” she said.

I was startled again by her statement. I was quiet for a while. She had already thought that far. It seemed like Frank told her everything. That wasn’t secret anymore. She knew all the things between me and Hail.

“You can’t say anything, can you?” she said.

“She...she was my alpha, Norah. You know I can’t resist her,” I said.

She took a breath and stopped crying. She wipe out her tears, “Don’t you realize how I feel, how you’re friends feel, how your parents feel? If you really want to get revenge to Ino, one month is not enough. You’re still not in his league. Even for years, it can’t guarantee. But for me, for us, one month is too long, Fender. And it’s too late.”

“So...” I felt so lame, “We’re going to end this?”

“I think it’s a better way,” she suddenly turned around and went away.


I was going to chase her, but Evans quickly blew me off, “Stay away from my sister! She doesn’t want you anymore. From the beginning, I don’t like her being with you. And now that she wants you to stay away, you’d better do that or I’m going to treat you as a threat!” he said while pointing at my face, and then he turned around and after Norah.

What’s happening here? Why does it end like this? This is not the way it should be, I felt desperate. I looked at her walking away from me. She didn’t turn her head. But then I began to realize that I was going to lose here, yet I still didn’t want to.

I called her, “Norah, please! Please come back, Norah! I beg you, Norah. Please come back. I love you, Norah. Please, don’t leave me alone,” I cried.

But no matter how hard and desperate I cried, she didn’t come back to me. I bended on my knees, feeling so miserable. It was a mistake. I didn’t want it to end like that. In my heart, I was still crying, begging Norah to come back to me. Please, Norah. Please come back, I talked in mind.

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