Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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The Murder Continues

My mother cried out loud and hugged me so tight when she found me standing in front of their door. I went home and suddenly everybody was burst into their tears. Even my little brother showed that he missed me a lot. They asked me what happened, but I didn’t answer a single thing. I chose to stay quite and didn’t want to be disturbed.

At that time, I stayed on my bed, hugging my own legs. I peeked outside through the window. It was already in the morning. I saw everyone in my neighborhood was busy dealing with their morning activity, eavesdropping them.

I sighed, feeling so damn terrible.

I didn’t want to do anything right then. I just wanted to stay alone at my room. I heard my parents were talking about how they worried about me. But I didn’t care. I felt like dying was so much better for me then.

Norah, why do you leave me, I thought desperately.

The sound of a parking car got my attention. I could see a familiar black Porsche there. I sighed, seeing a rival in my handsomeness got out from his car and came into my terrace. He pressed the bell. I could hear my mother steps quickly approached the door.

“Frank? You don’t go to school?” my mother asked.

“I’ll go later. But can I meet Fender, Mrs. Luts?” Frank said.

“Of course you can. He’s in his room. He had stayed there since last night and never goes out until now. He didn’t eat, nor allowed us to come inside. Please help him, Frank,” my mother begged.

“I try my best, Mrs. Luts,” Frank said.

Frank then stepped inside my house. He greeted my father and Ben while he was walking. I could hear his steps began to reach the stairs. He was getting closer, and finally he knocked at my door.

“Fender, can I come in?” he asked. I didn’t answer. He tried to open the door but I locked it. He knocked it again, but I didn’t reply. I really wanted to be alone.

But he didn’t give up. In a second, he was already outside my window, knocking the glass and looking at me. He quickly opened it and got inside.

Damn, I forgot to lock my window, I thought. He must be whooshed toward Ben’s window in his room next to mine, then through the roof. He was really annoying. I couldn’t do anything but let him got inside my room. But I didn’t smile like I used to be. That was the first time I ignored him.

“Hey, what happen?” he asked, but I still ignored him. He took a breath, “Hey, Fender! Stop acting stupid, you idiot!”

Suddenly I looked at him and said, “You told her.”

He startled at the beginning, but he could still keep his cool. He just sighed, “’re mad at me. Yes, I told her and I’m sorry for that. Perhaps saying sorry is not enough to fix this. But you know exactly, I didn’t have any choices,” he explained.

“We broke up, Frank,” I said.

“I know...I know. And I’m really sorry for that. You can stab my heart with a wooden stake if it can ease your mind, Fender,” he said. I didn’t know if he really meant his words. “Norah was dying because you were missing, Fender. She cried all the time, night and day. She never stopped trying to find you. She didn’t even care if she was tired or sick. She didn’t go to school for days. I tried to keep this a secret until her brother Evans came to me and begged. He wanted me to stop Norah from end up killing herself. That’s why I thought that I should tell her the truth,” he took a deep breath before he continued, “But telling you were okay without reason is ridiculous. She wouldn’t believe me. So, I told her everything. Am I doing wrong, Fender? You can hate me if you like, and I just can say sorry. But I had to do the right thing. Please, speak something.”

I sighed. I got off from my bed. I came to him and hugged him tightly. He was a little surprised with what I was doing. Perhaps he didn’t imagine that I would do that. But he was right. Frank was always right. I realized that I was too selfish. Because of my rage, I lost Norah. And I didn’t want to lose Frank either.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. Somehow, I couldn’t hold my tears again, so I was crying on his shoulder.

He hugged me back like a big brother tried to calm his idiot little brother.

“I love her. I love her so much, Frank. I don’t want to lose her. But she won’t forgive me. She will never do that,” I said, “What should I do? Please, tell me what I should do to make things right.”

I kept crying on his shoulder. Frank didn’t say anything. Perhaps he didn’t have any answers of my question. All he could do was just standing and hugging me.

I knew saying that to Frank wouldn’t solve anything. I just wanted to speak my feeling out. But in the end, I realized that nothing could save it. Even if I didn’t want it, it had already ended.

I laid down on my bed lazily. It had been three days since I broke up with Norah, and for that long I didn’t go to school. All I did was staying in my room and daydreaming. I didn’t go out of my room even once. I couldn’t sleep. I only ate when I felt so starving. I picked the food my mother put in front of my door.

Some people had come to see me. They were my teachers from school, some of my friends and football mates, and even from the police. But I didn’t want to see them. I just heard they were talking with my parents downstairs. Only Frank I allowed coming to my room, and he always got in from my window because I didn’t want to make people think I made a special treatment to him. But still, I spent most of my days alone in my room.

My parents were worried I was got a post-traumatic and began to be going crazy. Yes, I did have a very terrible post-traumatic moment. I saw Ino killed Angelica in front of my eyes…very cruelly, and then I lost Norah. I didn’t know if I really would be crazy.

I also received many texts from my friends, but none of them I replied.

I was desperate, and it was very acute.

I was reading a history book of werewolves. That was what Frank told me. Frank brought it to me from his library the previous day. It was a very thick book. I tried to read it slowly because reading was the only way to kill my boredom. Frank said the book was rare and secret. He said he didn’t know that he had that book at his library. It was Gramps Blake that found it. Thinking that I would find some important information from that book, Frank borrowed it to me.

I had read several pages. The words were kind of confusing, like some very ancient phrases or something like that. Yet I still understood some of them even though it was hard to analyze it. Some of the words were not very familiar, causing it was even harder to understand.

I sighed and put the book beside me. It was tiring. But something distracted my mind. Someone was knocking the door. I looked at the window. It was already dusk. The sky was getting dark. I hoped the visitor was not looking for me.

I set my ear to the fullest. My mother opened the door. She said hi. It was a female. I could hear her very soft voice. I sighed when I heard she was asking my mother to meet me.

My mother said that she was afraid I didn’t want to meet people. But that girl said something that bothered my mind. Please tell him that I know his secret, she said.

What’s the meaning of this? Who is that girl, I thought.

My mother asked her about the secret she was talking about, but she didn’t want to answer that. I didn’t want my mother to keep digging, so I quickly got off from my bed and running outside my room.

My mother looked at the stairs when she heard the sound of my steps running downstairs. She winced in confusion, “Fender?”

“I’ll meet her,” I said. I walked to the girl and took her hands. I brought her away to my yard.

“Hey,” she greeted me.

I winced, trying to remember her, “Who are you?”

“Don’t play dumb! You’re Fender Luts, right?” she said. I nodded without replying. “I searched for you all this time and when I finally found you, you were missing. It’s been a month from that day. I’m sorry to be rude. Let me introduce myself. My name is Erica Reyson. I’m the one that you saved that night. And I know that you are not a human.”

God, I remember, I thought. “You’re crazy,” I said.

“Please, Fender, don’t play dumb. I saw you when you reverted back to a human again after your fight with that werewolf girl was over. I was there, not running away,” she explained.

How could I not realize that she was there? I must be distracted. But what about Angelica and Hail, I thought confusedly.

“Still stalling, Fender?” Erica said.

I hated to admit it, but I grabbed her hand and brought her into my house again. My mother asked me about what happened. But I only said later and kept running with that girl. I brought her into my room and locked my door.

I saw her face. She seemed quite afraid. “Why do you come here?” I asked.

“I just want to know the truth,” she replied.

“You know the truth, Woman!” I said a little bit loud, but when I heard my mother steps approaching my room slowly, I quickly grabbed my boom bass remote control and switch on the music. I set the volume almost to the maximum. I knew she wanted to eavesdrop.

Erica seemed a little bit confused, “What happened? You don’t have to set the music too loud like this.”

“My mother is eavesdropping,” I replied.

She winced again, “How do you…” she began to think about something, “You have a super hearing like superman.”

“It’s a common ability for werewolf,” I said.

“So you’re really a werewolf, Fender?” she asked. In my mind I talked, what else must I be? Do you think I’m Frankenstein? I winced, didn’t know what she actually wanted to do. She kept looking at me from top to toe. She then quickly grabbed my hand and studying my fingers. After that, she looked me in the face very closely. In a sudden, she was so surprised and stepped backward, “Your eyes?”

I nodded, showing her my gold eyes in purpose, “Gold?”

She nodded also, “Your eyes are gold for a moment.”

“I can make it permanent if I want to,” I said, “Now tell me, Erica, what do you want with me?”

She sighed, “All this time, I’m searching for proves of this phenomenon. My major is forensic science and I found many murder cases in Skyfall City, some has happened here in Moonlight Hills. I don’t think that those cases are human’s doing. It’s beyond that and people think I’m crazy if I said it was supernatural,” she explained.

I sat on my bed and turned off the music since I could hear my mother gave up and walked away as she couldn’t hear our conversation at all. “Actually, human don’t have to know about us. But since you’ve already seen me, it can’t be helped. Now you know about this, please keep this a secret. You haven’t told anybody about this right?” I asked.

She quickly shook her head, “No. I think people won’t believe me either.”

“What about your friends’ death?” I asked straightly.

“The case was closed already. It’s wild animal, same old conclusion. Some pale-looking policemen came to my house and interrogated me. They tried to made me sure that my friends were killed by a wild animal, and I just agreed them. But still, I was looking for you,” Erica explained, “I knew that they knew the truth. But as you said, this has to be a secret for human. Because I don’t want to be stated as a crazy person if I insisted that I saw a werewolf, so I pretended to accept everything as they said.”

I was thinking. So they had already made a move to settle this, I talked in mind.

“So, is there anything besides werewolf?” she suddenly asked again.

I looked at her and winced. She was surely wanted to know about supernatural. This girl has already known everything. Perhaps it doesn’t hurt if I tell her the truth about this tow, I said. She was still waiting, staring at my face eagerly.

I sighed, “Yes,” I replied, “There were others like vampires, fairies, and witches. So many creatures live here and in the Skyfall City. The pale-looking policemen that came to you, they’re vampires.”

Her face seemed surprised. “So…all this time I’ve lived with them?” she asked, and I nodded. “This is kind of like a movie. For all this time, I’m just wondering whether it’s true or not, that supernatural really exists. But now everything is clear,” she looked so satisfied, “Can I ask something about you? How did you turn? Were you bitten by another werewolf?”

“Yes,” I answered.

She sat next to me closely as we had already know each other for long, “It’s kind of cool, to have such a great ability like yours.”

Don’t tell me that this girl is asking me to tell her how to turn into a werewolf, I thought. I exhaled heavily. That was like an interrogating for me. Actually, I just really wanted to be alone. “Just a few questions, Erica! After that, you may go because I want to be alone.”

She grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly, “Is it okay to be a werewolf?” she asked. Just like I thought, she was not thinking carefully.

“This is a piece of advice from me, Erica. Being werewolf is suck! You have to believe me. I was human before. For us, being turned into another creature, whatever it is, is a doom. I was through hell. I couldn’t control myself. Somebody wants to kill me because I was considered a threat,” I said.

But suddenly she cut my words, “The one that cut off that girl’s head?”

I paused for a second. Hearing her saying that, it reminded me of that terrible thing. I sighed and nodded, “Yes, he’s a hunter, human with supernatural power. Hunter’s power somehow is even greater than supernatural’s itself. You’d better stay out of that ridiculous thing and be the way you are now, unless you want to undergo some hellish things that I’ve been through. Moreover, I can’t turn you into a werewolf. Only an alpha can. You can search in Google if you really wanted to know what an alpha is.”

I saw she looked at me and stayed quiet. She was thinking about something. I wasn’t Annabelle so that I couldn’t see what she was thinking about. I sighed and got up, and then I looked at her again, “Now, could you please leave me alone? You saw what happened to me. Please understand.”

She got up and nodded, “Actually, there’s so many things I want to talk to you. But I do understand that it can wait. I’ll call you later,” she said.

“But not within this week,” I warned her.

She chuckled, “Monday is already next week, right?”

I exhaled heavily, “Whatever!” I grabbed her hand and pulled her out. It seemed like she didn’t want to go if I didn’t push her. Somehow she was kind of pain in the ass.

We went downstairs and saw my mother looked at me with her curious face. Erica said farewell to her and then she looked at me again, saying that she would meet me on Monday. I didn’t reply anything, just letting her go.

This is ridiculous! I suppose to have my peace time in my room alone. But then she came and destroyed it. I was still wondering why I didn’t realized that she was watching over us.

I was about to come back to my room when my mother finally called over me. I stopped walking and turned around.

“What’s the secret she was talking about? Don’t tell me that she is pregnant? Is it related with your disappearing, Fender,” Mom asked me directly. Wow, she really makes a fast conclusion, I thought.

But that conclusion was more ridiculous that I thought. How could she judge that I made a girl pregnant? I didn’t express anything by the way. And unfortunately, her suspicious got even more.

She suddenly shout at me, “Fender, answer my question!”

“No, Mom! She’s not pregnant! I’m still unwell now, so please don’t ask me with your ridiculous question!” without thinking anymore, I just turned around and ran. I didn’t care that my mother called and was after me. I shut my door again and ignored her. She knocked my door and called me, but I didn’t budge an inch. I laid on my bed, covering my head with a pillow.

That idiot, Fender! How long will he keep acting like a child, Frank drove his car on the lone and quite road to his mansion. He drank his plasma juice and drained it empty with a sip, and then he threw the empty tetra pack to the seat next to him.

He was just called by Fender’s mother, hearing her crying and telling how she was sad with Fender. She was asking what happened to Fender to him, but he couldn’t answer much. He just said that Fender didn’t make someone pregnant. He believed that his statement could ease Mrs. Luts’ heart for a bit. But still, she still suffered in pain. Whose parents didn’t feel that way, seeing their kid like that?

While driving, Frank tried to call his best friend. But he realized that his phone wouldn’t be picked up. He sighed and threw his cell phone after several times trying. Fender won’t pick it up in the time like this, even though he knows it’s me who’s calling him, Frank thought.

The night was clear and the wind blew fast. Trees from each side of the road were blowing by the wind, creating a dancing shadow from the moon’s light. That night was peaceful. No car seemed passing the road.

Frank’s cell phone suddenly rang. Frank sighed. He threw the phone too far. But actually, it wasn’t a problem for a vampire. Just in a second, the cell phone was already in his hand. He picked up the phone.

“I’m sorry. My phone was in my bag and I didn’t hear it ringing. What’s the matter?” the voice of a girl was heard.

“Actually, I didn’t want talk this with you, Norah,” Frank said.

Norah sighed. She was searching for a thing in a minimarket while having a phone conversation, “This must be about Fender.”

“Actually…yes,” Frank admitted, “I…I just don’t know who else can I talked about him with. He’s really broken, Norah. I pity him,” he explained.

“I don’t know what to say, Frank. It’s over. It’s not him who feels the pain, I do too. But he must accept that like I do,” Norah said.

“Do you really think there’s no way you both can go back together?” Frank asked.

“For now, no!” Norah answered straightly.

Frank sighed again. He was actually tired thinking about his best friend. But it couldn’t be helped. He didn’t talk for a moment, but that way he can realized that something was approaching him. It was like something was running from behind his car. Frank’s eyes grew larger and he quickly turned his head around.

Shit, he talked in mind.

It was a big four-leg beast, running toward his car fast. The sound of car and his chat with Norah distracted him from realizing it sooner. It was a little bit late, that werewolf was right behind his car and ready to attack.

With a swinging of her hand, the car was thrown and fell backwards. It moved for several meters until it stopped by the trees in the side road.

Frank sighed, damn that bitch! My black Porsche again!

He was standing behind the werewolf. As she hit the car, Frank quickly whooshed and got out. He wouldn’t make the same mistake.

Hail Grayson who had already turned herself into a big beast, turned around and saw Frank sharply with her red eyes. She saw Frank was ready with a knife. The light of the moon was reflected from it. Frank brought it as he whooshed from his car earlier. He purposely put a silver knife on his car since the first time he was attacked.

“What…what happened there?” Norah asked panicky.

“I’ll call you later, Norah,” Frank hung up the phone and put it to his pants pocket. “What do you want, Hail? If you want to kill me, it’s not going to be easy,” without thinking any further, Frank whooshed to launch his attack.

That silver knife was stabbed to that werewolf’s shoulder. But she just groaned a little. Hail Grayson swung her claws. Frank was thrown until 5 meters away to the back. Both of them were hurt. Frank felt his stomach like burning. He saw to his torn T-shirt in stomach area with his blood spilled. He then looked at her, seeing Hail running into the forest.

Bearing the pain, he tried to get up. He whooshed from one place to another, listening to where Hail was running to. She moved so fast. He didn’t care if he lost his silver knife right then, he kept chasing after her.

When he found her running away, Frank kept whooshing and finally caught her in one jump. They both rolled on the ground, trying to attack each other. But unfortunately, it stopped when Hail position was on Frank. He got no luck if fighting with woman. Hail swung his claws again, hitting Frank’s head very hard below her.

The sound of a broken neck was heard. Frank lost consciousness in a second. His head was bleeding. At the end, he couldn’t keep his word that defeating him would not be easy. Hail was still too much strong for him.

One hour earlier, on the road not far from the fighting scene happened, a black sport Mazda car seemed having a little problem on its engine. The owner, a young man with a quite expensive suite, sighed inside the car and hit the steering wheel. He cursed in a very dirty language, feeling in rage.

In a very bad mood, he got out the car and looked around. The situation was quiet. No car seemed passing in that area. He purposely turned on the car light to ease his feeling. He then quickly called someone with his cell phone that he held from the very beginning.

“Hello, Lars! It’s me, Randy Abrams! I want to complain with your work!” he shouted madly, “My car is in trouble again! If you don’t have capabilities to fix it, then tell me sooner! I will search for another want who can completely fix my car. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere when my car suddenly shut down,” he explained, “Of course! You must pick me up and take responsibility. I’ll send you my position, but don’t take it too long to get here!” he quickly hung up the phone and vituperated, “Suck!”

He sighed again, leaning against his useless car. He looked at the clear sky. The moon was shining brightly.

But suddenly he was startled by the mysterious sound from the woods in front of him. He was a curious man and quite brave one, so slowly he began to step forward and winced. He kept walking, feeling more curious as the rustling sound became clearer.

“Hello? Who’s there?” he asked.

He stopped at the very edge of the road, still looking at the woods curiously. But he began to bug out when he saw a pair of red dots appeared from the woods. He kept standing and watching. The red dots were moving closer until he realized that it was a pair of eyes.

Fear suddenly came to his mind and he began to step backward slowly. The figure from the darkness of the woods became so much clearer as it got closer and closer. Randy suddenly heard a growling sound. Suddenly, he decided to turn back and flee. But when he looked back, it was the big beast like mixture of wolf and bear chasing after him.

He knew he didn’t have time to open the car and got in, so he ran passing through his car into the forest of the opposite side. He kept running and screaming for help, but no one was there.

The beast was still chasing after him when he tried to look back. He tried to dial emergency call with his cell phone, calling for help. But he couldn’t do it properly while he was running in fear. The cell phone was fallen. Randy didn’t have a choice but to keep running. But he began to run out of breath. He regretted for being a heavy smoker.

When he couldn’t bear the pain anymore, he suddenly fell to the ground. He screamed out loud when he saw that beast bit his legs with its strong jaw. The beast dragged him fast into the bushes and the sound of his scream was chilling everybody’s goosebumps if they heard it.

Regaining consciousness, Frank tried to open his eyes. It was blurred at the first time, but his sight became clearer. He tried to get up, feeling dizzy over his head. The pain hadn’t disappeared yet, but he struggled over it.

He then looked around. The situation was still quite. There was no sign of Hail Grayson. He looked at both his palms and realized that she didn’t kill him. But what suddenly crossed in his mind was not the fact that Hail didn’t kill her. He sniffed. His eyes were wandering around. He smelled blood. For vampires, blood was very attractive and familiar.

Slowly, he moved to the high bushes near where he was standing. He cleared the way from bushes and branches. Some area was revealed and he was startled by the scene he saw in front of his eyes, yet his expression didn’t show it much.

A body was hung by the robe. His neck was terribly torn. It was almost half of it and his blood was still freshly overflowed. The face looked so miserable, with his eyes and mouth opened. There were scratches everywhere in his body.

There was a big wooden plate embedded on the ground, right below him. It was written this is not the end.

“So, the murder continues,” Frank muttered. He realized that Hail didn’t kill him because she wanted to show that to him. Randy Abrams, another member of founder family, Frank thought and sighed.

He groped his pants pocket and picked his phone. He then called someone.

“Frank, what happened to you?” Norah was worried.

Frank sighed again, “Hail Grayson. She attacked me. But I’m okay, don’t worry. There something terrible I found in the forest. She killed again,” he explained.

“Another founder family?” Norah asked.

“Yes. He’s Randy Abrams. He was such an arrogant man and I didn’t like him. But it’s not that I’m happy to see him hung with his neck torn,” he said the details.

“It’s too sadistic. What are you going to do, Frank?” Norah asked again.

“Have another meeting with all the members. This must be stopped. I’ll meet you later. I think you should tell your hunter association regarding this matter. See you, Norah,” he hung up the phone and put it back again in his pocket.

While looking at Randy Abrams, Frank thought, when will this be over?

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