Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Hail murdered someone again. The victim was Randy Abrams, the youngest son of Abrams family. Frank told me that Randy was a very annoying person. I thought perhaps that he was really deserved to die. Of course, his death caused a great panic again among the founder family members. Hail was smart. She knew she had to bail out first when they tightened their guard. But when they ignored, she made her best move.

Abrams family was a quite important member of the founder families. They were one of the richest besides Damon and Brownwood. Killing one of the Abrams was having a huge effect.

Frank told me that all the founder families would have a very important meeting at the very soon. He also said that perhaps Hunter association would take part. Thinking about hunter, the image of Norah Levin suddenly haunted my mind.

I didn’t listen at all what Mr. Bale, my old chemical teacher, said for the whole class. I just sat on the very corner back of the chemical laboratory and gazed at the window. I did hear Gill talked to me the whole time, but I didn’t listen nor reply him.

The bell which rang in a sudden startled me. The class was over. Quickly, all the students inside were ready to leave class. The old and boring Mr. Bale did the same too.

“Hey, F, you’re so quite. This is not so you!” Gill complained. He stood up and brought his backpack. I got up too. I sighed and walked away. But he kept following me, “Fender, what’s wrong with you? Please, speak something.”

I sighed again, “Gill, I‘m not in the mood to have much talking. Could you please be quiet a little bit?” I asked.

“You can talk to me anything. We’re pals, right?” he said.

I looked at him. Somehow it hurt my feeling to act to him that way. I smiled a bit, “We’re pals. But now I want you to be quiet, Gill. We’ll talk later,” I said, although I won’t tell him anything about the truth.

When I looked at the front again, Doug, my only vampire mate in the field, was standing in front of me so that we stopped walking. He sharply looked into my eyes.

Doug then looked at Gill, “Gill, please go for a while. There’s something I want to talk with Fender.”

“But Fender…”

I waved my hand in front of Gill’s face so he stopped talking. He saw me in confusion. “It’s okay, Gill. I’m sorry but I’ll talk to him. Could you please wait for me in French class?” I asked.

Gill sighed, perhaps feeling disappointed a bit since I chose to talk to Doug when I asked him to stop talking to me. “Okay, I’ll wait you there,” he began to walk away.

“Where have you been?” he asked in a low voice.

I continued walking, “We’ll talk while we’re walking,” I said.

He sighed and followed beside me, “You haven’t answered me.”

“You know the answer, Doug,” I replied.

“Being with that alpha has changed you, F. You used to be so noisy. What are you doing with her?” he changed the question.

Still walking, I looked at him, “I trained for getting what I want. But in the end I had to pay a big price for it. By the way, why do you care? You’re a vampire.”

“Of course I do care. We’re friends. It doesn’t matter if I’m a vampire and you’re a werewolf, right? You do the same thing with Frank and his two servants. From the very beginning, we have already been friends, right? When I know you have turned into a werewolf, it startled me but it didn’t change anything. The only reason we didn’t talk much anymore was because you stayed away from the team,” he said. We paused for a while and kept walking. But he suddenly spoke again, “I’m sorry.”

I looked at him again, “For what?”

He looked at me. I didn’t know why I felt like he was regretting something. “You’ve been through hell, and I wasn’t there for you. It was all because my shitty feeling about werewolf. I ignored you. But now I do realize, it doesn’t matter if you being a werewolf, or all the team being a werewolf, you’re all still my friends. I’m sorry for being so selfish. Frank has told me everything. I should’ve been there.”

I wanted to smile, but I didn’t show that. I couldn’t believe at the first time that he actually said that to me. Doug and I used to be quite close back then. We often hang out together, along with Gill and the other football mates. But he was right. I stayed away from the team after I was turned into a werewolf. It couldn’t be helped though.

Past was beautiful. I just wished I could woke up and found out that it was a dream. But it wasn’t dream. It’s a very damn reality that I had to face.

But hearing him saying that relieved me. Actually, my friend still did care about me.

Suddenly I stopped walking and it felt like I was chocked. Somehow, my anger conquered my head and I was going to blow up. But I had to calm myself down. Doug looked at him also.

He was standing in front of his locker and searching something inside it. My breath was heavy. I really hated him. He then finished dealing with his locker and walked away. He turned against us and didn’t look at me. But I was glad that I didn’t cross path with him.

“You must hate him the most,” Doug whispered.

“He’s like my archenemy. I really want to kill him,” I said, “He killed Angelica right in front of my face and didn’t regret it at all. He’s a murderer.”

Doug took a deep breath first, “I know it’s hard for you. But Ino Rays is one of the four-slayer. Their law is absolute among us supernatural.”

“But I can’t accept it, Doug. That’s why I chose to train with my alpha. I want to get revenge,” I whispered. When I said revenge, suddenly there was something crossed my mind. I remembered what Gill was talking at the lab earlier. That weekend, which was the day after the next day, our school would have a camping and it would be attended by senior and sophomore students of Moonlight High. Actually, I had no interest with that environmental care activity. But suddenly, I had an idea.

Doug winced when I looked at him and grinned, “You look fishy, F,” he said.

“Doug, there’s something I want to ask to you. But it must be a secret,” I said. He nodded and I began to write something on my cell phone. After I finished, I showed him my text.

Doug bugged out and shocked when he saw it. He couldn’t speak clearly at the beginning. “You’re crazy, F! Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

I nodded surely, “I’ve set my mind, Doug. Can you help me with this?”

“I…I don’t know. I’m not sure. But…if you’re really sure about this, I think I can try,” he said with doubt in his heart.

I began to look around before I looked at Doug and spoke again. I wanted to make sure that no one was eavesdropping to our conversation. “You have to be careful, Doug. No one can know about this,” I whispered in a very low voice.

He nodded fast, “I will. But it’s you who should be careful, F.”

“Don’t worry. I can take care of myself,” I said surely.

I opened my door and said I’m home. I looked at Ivan behind me then and asked him to come in. He smiled and stepped forward. That night, I asked Ivan to stay the night at my home. There were so many things I wanted to talk to him, and my house was the only place where no one could eavesdrop easily.

My mother got out from the kitchen and smiled to us. She seemed happy that I finally brought along a friend. She had already been relieved after I decided to go to school the previous day.

“Welcome home, Sweetheart. It’s nice that your friend comes when I prepared some special food,” she said.

Ivan smiled and spoke, “The grilled turkey smells delicious.”

My mother winced, “How do you know I cook turkey, Ivan?” she asked.

“I have such strong sense in my nose, Ma’am,” he said calmly, like he said it to someone who knew he was a werewolf.

But before my mother asked so many things to him, I cut it and pulled Ivan, “We’re going to my room first. Please tell us if the food is complete,” I said.

“Of course, Fender,” my mother then went back to the kitchen.

I let go off Ivan’s hand while kept walking upstairs, “Why did you talk it easily?”

Ivan followed me from behind, “Is that wrong? I usually tell everyone like that and no problem so far.”

“My mother is different. She will keep asking until she satisfied. I believe she would give you a lot of questions if I didn’t change the topic,” I explained.

Ivan chuckled suddenly, “So you got that gene from your mother,” he teased me and I pretend that I didn’t hear it. If I might say, I got that gene from both of my parents.

We quickly forget about what had happened earlier and got into my room. I closed my door and then threw myself onto the bed. I exhaled heavily in a facedown position.

“So…tell me now what happened back then. You didn’t speak a thing at school,” Ivan asked.

I tried to sit and got myself leaning against the wall. I look at him who approached me and sat next to me. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to speak out when many people can hear I talk even though I’m whispering. This is the best place to talk.” Then I began to tell him my story, “After Ino killed Angelica, I decided to go with Hail. She was the only person who could ease my heart at that time. I was so weak back then. That night I couldn’t sleep at all. I was thinking about what I should do. And then I thought, I had to get stronger. Hail is my alpha and I believed that she would gladly help me to accomplish what I wanted. So I decided to stay with her. I want to avenge Angelica.”

Ivan chuckled a bit. I looked at him and wrinkled my forehead, and then I complained about why he did laugh at me.

“I’m sorry, Fender,” he said immediately and stopped his laugh, “Your last words, about avenging Angelica, do you mean you want to confront Ino Rays?” he asked.

“Who else?” I said, “He is the murderer!”

“It’s not that I underestimate how you’ve become after your training with Hail. I can see your difference. But…confronting Ino is much too far, Fender,” he told me. Yes, everybody told me the same thing. “I don’t want you to do a reckless thing that may cause you end up getting yourself killed, Fender.”

I quickly got up from my bed, “I know that I’m still out of his league. But I can think smart, Ivan.”

Ivan did the same thing. He then winced at me, “You’re planning on something?”

I looked at him sharply, “I’m just going to kill him with these hands for sure!”

He bugged out a little, “I warned you, Fender. Don’t do anything reckless! You can’t underestimate Ino Rays,” he said. For a while we stared at each other. But then I thought something had distracted his mind. He winced, but not at me.

I just studied what he was going to do. He began to move and approach my drawer. He looked at the book that Frank borrowed me several days ago. He took it and analyzed the cover carefully. He seemed knew about that book.

He then looked at me, “Where did you get it?” he asked.

I was a little bit glad that he suddenly changed the topic. So I just answered straightly, “Frank borrowed me.”

“Do you know where Frank got this book?” he asked me another question.

I just raised my shoulder, “No idea. He just said that one of his family members found it in his library. What’s wrong?” I asked him back.

He looked at the book again without replying me. He then began to open and read it. I wait for him to reply so I kept quiet.

After five minutes studying some of the pages, he quickly looked at me, “This book is an origin history of werewolf. The very forbidden book even for us werewolves that is claimed to be lost. I’m confused how this book can be in Damon’s possession,” he said in a low voice.

I quickly approached him and looked at that book, “Really? Frank thought that it might be the history of werewolves from this town. By the way, how do you know that? You’ve never seen it before, have you?”

He shook his head, “I’ve never seen it. But I know that this book has a language that only purebred can understand. No other book which uses this kind of language exists in this world,” he explained.

I don’t understand some of the language. Could it be right, I thought.

I saw him studying the book again. He began to sit on my bed and continue reading. I sat next to him and waited for him to explain more. If he’s right that this book is the origin history of werewolves, it can be very interesting, I talked in mind.

Ivan’s expression was changing in a sudden. There must be something that he finds it interesting, I thought. He looked at me, “You still remember the story that I’ve told you about the beginning of the curse, right?”

I nodded, “Yes, you said that werewolves are originally human beings that had been given a curse by God. The curse affected all the citizens in a village.”

“You know what, Fender! That village location was around here in Moonlight Hills,” he said.

I was startled when he said that. I bugged out a little, paused for a moment. “Really?” I was shocked.

“It’s stated in this book,” he said, and looked at to the page again, “I’m sure it’s Moonlight Hills. Could it be another Moonlight Hills?” he suddenly had his doubt in his last words, looking at me again.

I was thinking hard. I wasn’t sure there was another Moonlight Hills. That town was already supernatural from the very beginning. If there was another Moonlight Hills, I believed Moonlight Hills that was mentioned in that book was here.

Ivan suddenly asked, “I’m curious. I don’t care if it’s forbidden. I want to search for the truth about my ancestors that have been hid for generations. Are you with me, Fender?”

I grinned, “You don’t have to ask me, Ivan,” I said.

Suddenly someone distracted my attention. I believed Ivan felt that too. We both sniffed and looked at each other.

“That fairy lord,” Ivan muttered.

I got up from my bed, “Hope. He’s getting near. What do you think he wants to do here?” I asked.

“Perhaps he’s just giving you a visit. He’s your friend after all,” Ivan replied.

“I’ll go get him,” I said and quickly walked out from my room. I went downstairs and felt that Hope was already in front of my door. The bell was ringing. I shouted at my mother that I would open the door. I fastened my steps and opened it quickly.

Hope was smiling. He was as friendly as ever. “Fender…” he muttered, seemed so happy that he could see me then, “How fare thou, my friend? I’m anxious. It hurts deep in my heart, knowing that thou had suffered. I hast been waiting for the very right time to pay thou a visit.”

I sighed, “I’m sorry, Hope. I didn’t mean to make everyone worried.”

“Knowing that thou art well flourishes my heart. Fender, thither is someone that hast been missing thee a lot,” he said.

I winced, “Who?” I asked.

“She is right hither with me. Just step outside and see to thy right,” he instructed.

I thought that he got to be kidding me. I didn’t feel any presence of someone other than him. But I did step outside and looked to the right. In a second, I felt like I was going to burst into tears. I was shocked. I couldn’t speak anything for a while. I thought I really wanted to hug her right then, but I realized that she already died.

Angelica smiled at me, “Hi, Pretty bookworm,” she greeted me.

The tears began to be shed from my eyes. But I tried so hard to smile back to her. I wiped my eyes and laughed a little although it was so hard to do so. “Hi,” I replied. Honestly, I really wanted to cry out loud.

“Hey, Sweetie, please don’t cry,” she told me.

But it couldn’t be helped. I tried to hold my tears as hard as I could. “I…I can’t touch you, right?”

Angelica shook her head, “No, Fender. I’m just a wandering spirit.”

I wiped my tears again, “I’m really glad that I can see you again, Angelica. But…haven’t you found your door?” I asked.

“Nope,” she replied and laughed a bit, “Perhaps there’s an unfinished business for me in this world. I’m still wondering what it is. Moreover, I still want to stay with you guys.”

An unfinished business? What is that? Is it Ino Rays, that I should really kill him to finish that unfinished business? I will give it a try, I thought. I sighed, “I’m sorry, Angelica. I couldn’t protect you.”

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault anyway. I’m just glad that you are okay,” she said.

I heard my mother’s steps were approaching me. I turned my head to her. “Fender, who is that?” but suddenly she winced, “Are you crying?” she asked.

I quickly wiped my eyes again, “No, of course not. I just get something in my eyes. It’s so windy outside,” I explained.

She sighed, “Why are you keeping the guest outside? Please let him in.”

I and Hope finally got into my house. Angelica just appeared suddenly next to me. She was a ghost so she could wander anywhere she wanted.

Hope smiled and bowed down to my mother, “Good greetings, Milady. ‘Tis a very great pleasure to finally meet thee in person, Mrs. Luts. Please let me humbly introduce myself. I’m a kinsman of thy son. The name’s Hope Sanders.”

I believed my mother was a little bit shocked to finally meet him and hear how he spoke. She chuckled, “Nice to meet you too, Mr. Sanders. What a polite person you are.”

Hope bowed down again and blushed, “That’s very nice of thee. Thou hath my greatest gratitude.”

Perhaps because Hope kept bowing down to her, my mother also did the same to him. She was still chuckling, “Please make yourself at home,” she replied. She then looked at me, “Fender, why don’t you bring your another friend downstairs? The food is nearly complete.”

“Yes, later, Mom,” I said, seeing my mother got back into the kitchen.

“Who’s with thee?” Hope asked.

“Ivan,” I answered, “Why don’t you two come into my room and meet him there?” I began to walk upstairs and they both followed me. Angelica just walked behind me instead of teleporting that time.

When I opened my room’s door, I saw Ivan just sat on my bed without that book. He got to put it somewhere and seemed like he didn’t want to share it with Hope or Angelica. He smiled widely to both of them. He didn’t look surprised seeing Angelica. I believed he had already met her before.

Hope, like he used to be, always bowed down to the people he met, whereas he had a very high title himself. “How fare thou, my friend?” he greeted.

“Fine, thanks, Hope,” Ivan replied with a wide smile.

I let Hope approached Ivan and they had a little chit-chat after that. Then, I really want to talk with Angelica. So I turned to her and looked at her eyes. Seeing her like that, it felt like she hadn’t died yet.

I smiled, only smiled without saying anything. She chuckled seeing me acting like that. “What?” she asked.

I shook my head quickly, “No, it’s nothing. I just can’t believe that you are standing in front of me.”

“It must be terrible,” she muttered, “If I had that experience, perhaps I would never stop crying from weeks.”

“Did it hurt?” I asked, “Died?”

She sighed, “I…I don’t know. I forgot. It was too fast,” she hummed for a while, “Perhaps…yes. But I think I forgot some of the moments when I died. I realized that I had died when I saw my head was separated from my body,” she suddenly changed the topic, “I heard you broke up with your girlfriend.”

Her sentence made me awful again. It felt like the name of Norah Levin came back and spinning above my head.

I exhaled heavily. Actually I was lazy to talk about it, “I hate when I have to talk about it,” I said.

“I understand. It must be hurt. I’m sorry, it’s because of me,” she seemed regretful.

I shook my head quickly, “No, it’s not your fault. I just had a feeling that I should stop Ino from doing anything he wants. I hate him from the very beginning. And what I saw back then made me hate him more than ever.”

“Fender is thinking about getting revenge to Ino,” Ivan spoke in a sudden, interrupting the conversation.

Hope and Angelica suddenly looked at me deeply. I felt like I was being interrogated. We didn’t talk anything for almost a minute.

“What do you mean by that, Fender?” Angelica broke the silence among us.

Actually I didn’t want to bring that situation up to everyone. But it seemed like Ivan still couldn’t accept that I was going to avenge Ino Rays. I knew he worried about me. I knew everyone worried about me. I realized that I was trying to walk in the line between life and death again. But I had made up my mind, and no one could stop that.

The sky was very clear above the forest of Moonlight Hills that night. Moon was shining brightly even though the phase of the full moon had already passed. All the students of Moonlight High were very excited as they got off from the bus. The teachers were busy managing all the students in order to not wandering off in small group or alone. Somehow the teenagers were trying to show off that they were brave enough, or perhaps they were just curious.

The forest was not very deep, still had the access from the road. But after some missing people and murders cases occurred, all the adults tried to be very careful. That place was the place for some people in Moonlight Hills to have a group camping, and the view was quite amazing. There was a river not far from our site. I could hear the water flowing.

For almost half hour, finally all the students were being gathered at the center of camping site. We were divided into several groups.

Mrs. Theresa, our group advisor, called the six of us one by one. There were two girls and four boys including me. The names that she called earlier were beginning to show up. But there was one person who still missing.

Mrs. Theresa wrinkled her forehead, studying the one who hadn’t come yet, “Who’s the last one?” she asked.

All the member of the groups except me, were staring at each other. One of them suddenly spoke, “I think it’s Ino Rays.”

Mrs. Theresa nodded quickly, “You’re right. Do you know where that boy is?” she asked.

They all except me were staring at each other again. That time, no one could answer that question. But finally, one of them shouted again, “That’s him!”

All the students looked at behind Mrs. Theresa. Mrs. Theresa turned her head around. They all watched Ino approaching us. Mrs. Theresa seemed upset that Ino was wandering around by himself.

“Where have you been, Mr. Rays? Do you know it’s forbidden for a student to wander aimlessly?” she was angry.

But Ino answered in a very calm way, “It’s boring, Ma’am. If you feel the same way like I do, you must do the same thing.”

“No excuses, Mr. Rays. You’re under my surveillance now, so you have to obey my rule,” she said straightly. She then talked to everybody, “Now listen, everyone. I don’t want you to break the rule. You know it’s dangerous to be alone now. Just stick together and don’t wander too far,” she suddenly opened her note that she carried from the beginning, “Now, listen to me for your roommate. Tina Anders with…” she looked at Tina and the other girl in our group, “Of course with Liliana Durban.” The other two boys were sighing. She then continued, “Rob Stewart with Murdock Benson, and Ino Rays with Fender Luts. Is that clear? For boys please don’t wander to girls’ tent.”

Mrs. Theresa began to go for showing us our camping site. We followed her from behind. Tina was having a little chit-chat with Liliana, and so did Rob and Murdock. I and Ino were left behind.

I heard Ino was chuckling softly, “I can’t believe that I will have you as my roommate today.”

I replied him with chuckled, “So do I.”

It was my doing anyway. I pretended that I didn’t know anything about it. In my heart, I want to laugh out loud. This is my revenge, Ino Rays. I swear you’re going to die right in my hand, I talked in mind.

“Are you okay with this, Fender?” he talked to me.

“I’m fine. Do you think I have another choice?” I said.

He chuckled again, “Yeah, you’re right. I’m just wondering, even in the school you tried to avoid me.”

“No need to worried, Ino. I’m very okay with this,” I said.

Our tents were quite far from the main camp. It was about half kilometer away. Our nearest group was about fifty meters away. That was a very good condition to have my secret little planning.

There were four tents with a bonfire in the middle of it. Since we arrived at night, missing from our original plan because we had a little problem in the road, the tents were already prepared. Mrs. Theresa told us to choose whatever tents we wanted to stay.

“You’d better go sleep now. Tomorrow morning you all have to wake up early because we will have an important morning briefing,” Mrs. Theresa said, “This is a little hint from me. After you get back here, this tent will be demolished and you all should rebuild it from the start. Please make sure you have your belongings put in a safe condition.”

The four of them sighed and moaned. It seemed that the task was a little bit annoying. But I didn’t care about that. I saw Ino had already picked the tent and got inside.

It’s just about the time, I thought.

In someplace far away, Frank Damon and Hope Sanders sat in a 24-hour little cafeteria near the main town of Moonlight Hills. It was called Moonlight Night, a café that was devoted to most supernatural beings in Moonlight Hills. At the beginning, I couldn’t believe that such place existed. But it did exist.

The café was used to be visited by vampires and werewolves. But when the werewolves were gone, it was dominated by vampires. But some fairies and witches could be seen also. Not many humans went there. They said that the visitors were creepy and the situation was a little bit eerie. It’s no wonder because they were supernatural. However, some who knew about the truth sometimes went there.

A beautiful vampire singer sang on the stage. The song was beautiful and calm, sung by her beautiful voice. Another beautiful woman, a fairy, was serving some vampire visitors in the bar.

Frank sipped his plasma juice in his glass. But when he heard what Hope was saying to him, it was like he wanted to spit it out because he was very startled.

“What do you mean by that, Hope?” he said in a high tone while putting his glass onto the table. Many visitors there looked at him oddly.

Hope looked regretfully seeing Frank like that, “Please accept my apology, my friend. I didn’t mean to startle thou, Frank. I dost think that I hast to tell thee about this.”

“It’s not that, but why don’t you tell me earlier?” Frank was a little bit upset.

“I apologize. This is my bad,” Hope said.

Frank sighed, “I’m not blaming you, Hope. It’s not your fault. This is a big matter and I think you should have told me at the soonest. I’m wondering why Ivan also didn’t tell me about this,” he sighed again heavily, “That idiot! What is he thinking? If I knew, I would go to that stupid camping activity,” Frank looked at Hope again, “Is there anything else you know about his plan?” he asked.

Hope shook his head, “Nothing more, my friend. Fender didn’t speak it out. He decided to keep that in his mind.”

“Oh, God, what are you guys thinking to let that moron does anything he wants? You all know that we have sacrificed many things, including our own lives to keep that idiot alive,” Frank sighed again, “Now he endangers his own life to fulfill his ridiculous thought.”

“I pray for your forgiveness, Frank,” Hope muttered, feeling so sorry about what happened.

Suddenly, a vampire waitress came straight to them and smiled, “I’m sorry, Sir,” she talked to Hope, “Your chrysantium juice is empty. Would you like me to fill it again?” she offered.

Hope smiled and nodded, “Yes, please. That’s very kind of thee, Wench.”

The vampire waitress was blushing while she refilled Hope’s drink, “Please, Sir.”

“You hath my deepest gratitude,” Hope said, and then seeing that vampire girl went away. But she was still looking at him. Hope looked at Frank again. His face became serious in a sudden, “So, my friend, doth thou hath something in thy mind?” he asked.

Frank was thinking hard. I think I have no choice. Ivan also doesn’t go with them, he thought. He quickly picked up his phone and called someone. Hope just watched him without saying anything.

“Hi, Frank, what’s up?” a girl was speaking on the phone.

“I’m sorry Norah to bother you,” Frank said.

Norah sighed, “It’s about Fender again, right?” she guessed.

“Yes, I think there’s no one can help us right now. I and Ivan don’t go there, but you’re with him,” Frank said.

“Just speak it briefly. And I will decide if I can help or not,” Norah explained.

Frank took a breath, “Fender is planning on something,” he said.

“What do you mean by planning on something?” she asked.

“I don’t know either, but Hope told me that Fender is going to do something very stupid and dangerous. He was talking about getting revenge to Ino,” he explained.

Norah seemed very shocked and upset, “What? That’s ridiculous!” she almost shouted, “Actually…I remembered about him saying the same thing. But I don’t think that he will go that far. Does he lose his mind?”

Frank didn’t stop sighing. He did it over and over, “I don’t know what that idiot is thinking. But we don’t want to let him throws his life away after what we have done to him all this time, right?”

“I’m going to check on him. Please just wait for my update,” Norah said.

“I’m counting on you, Norah,” Frank said.

“You can count on me, Frank,” Norah replied.

The night was a little bit quiet. I couldn’t hear the voices of those students having a chit-chat with their each roommate. It seemed that most of them had already fallen asleep. I could hear several adults talking. Perhaps they were the guards who kept stay awake.

I hadn’t fallen asleep since the beginning. God, I really can’t believe that I lie next to the one who I hate the most, I thought. I was closing my eyes, pretending to fall asleep. But actually, I waited for the right time to make my move. It was already passed midnight I presumed.

Slowly but sure, I moved my body to the side where Ino was lying. I opened my eyes bit by bit. The situation was dark. I was sure that normal human couldn’t see anything. But for werewolf, darkness wasn’t an obstacle.

Ino was lying, turning his back on me. I wait for awhile. His sleep was quite calm and nice. I was studying the rhythm of his heartbeat. I was sure he was really sleeping. But I kept quiet and still waited. I couldn’t make a single mistake, or I would die in an instant.

My eyes were still opened. Slowly, I began to turn little by little. I could feel my fangs and my claws grew by seconds. My emotion was overflowing in my head, but I tried hard to control it. That was the first time I was planning to kill someone. My gold eyes got to be glowing in darkness.

I then began to raise my body. I moved very carefully. I looked at Ino who still in the same position, didn’t move a bit. I was still studying his heartbeat.

You have to give a single blow to him, Fender. Where do I start? In his heart? Of course, it must be in his heart. Just ripped it out and your mission is accomplished, Fender. Do it now! Do it while you have a chance, I talked in mind.

I began to raise my hand, ready with my claws to pierce right through his heart and rip it out. I grinned like a bad guy. I thought that Ino would die right in my hands. That was my chance to finish that. From now on, everybody will know me as the one who can kill the most merciless hunter, I thought.

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