Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Moon Stone

What am I doing here, I thought with my heart in the peak of nervousness. I was freezing, with my claws ready to pierce his heart. But I didn’t move a bit. My heart pounded very hard. My whole body was filled with sweat. I kept telling myself that it was my only chance, perhaps my last one. But still, I didn’t finish it.

I saw Ino still in the same position. Am I really incapable in killing someone, no matter how much I hate that person the most? God, I really can’t do it, I thought.

For almost a minute I froze in the same position. My breath was heavy and my sweat was getting uncontrollable. No, no, no! Why am I so weak and stupid, I kept yelling at myself.

That was too long, yet I still hadn’t done it. I quickly went out from the tent. Nobody was outside. I ran through the deep of the woods. I kept running and running, until I finally stopped in somewhere I didn’t know. I leaned my hand against the big tree and tried to control my breath. Slowly, my body reverted back to normal.

Why? Why can’t I kill him? That was close, but I can’t do it. I really can’t do it, I thought desperately. I realized that I had already lost my chance to kill him. I knew it would haunt me for the rest of my life, knowing how weak I was.

But suddenly, I was very startled…

I almost fell to the ground when I heard his voice right behind me. I turned around but fortunately I still could keep my balance. My eyes bugged out when I saw him standing. It felt like my heart was going to stop beating.

“Why changed your mind?” he said with his very calm face.

How? How did he know about that, I thought. My fear suddenly took control over my mind. It was the same feeling like when I saw him coming after my fight with Angelica ended.

“Why did you change your mind, Fender?” he asked me again, “You want to kill me, don’t you? God, you must really…really hate me.”

I was sure that he was sleeping, yet he still knew about that. I didn’t know if he pretended or not, but I realized that I’d been fooled by him. If I really did attack him, he would have his counterattack against me. But that didn’t mean I would be safe after that.

His face was still calm and annoying, “Can’t talk?”

I didn’t reply him by words, but by showing off my claws instead. In my training, I learnt to control which part of my body that I should supply my power to.

He stepped back a little and raised his hand to the front, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, chill! It’s not like that I want to attack you now.”

“Don’t pretend, Ino!” I said.

“So, you really want to fight like a man, instead of lurking from behind? If that’s what you want, Brave werewolf, I’m going to answer your call. I really want to see your progress after your last whole month training,” he said and then grinned, “I will fight you with only these bare hands. You should be grateful for that, Fender.”


We both looked to the direction where the voice came from. Another hunter was coming because I couldn’t feel her presence.

“Stop it! There’s no need to shed more blood here!” Norah shouted at us.

“Okay, I will surrender,” Ino suddenly bailed out, and thanked God he did that, “I hate to see a girl shed her tears in front me,” he turned around and walked away. But after several steps, he looked at me again, “If you want to switch tent, I don’t mind at all. Or perhaps you can ask your vampire friend to compel Mrs. Theresa for that,” he grinned at me and walked away again.

So he really knew. But how? Does he have an Intel? I have to be more careful if dealing with him, I thought.

Norah came to me with her arms crossed in front of her stomach, looking at me with her sharp eyes, “Satisfied? I don’t know that you become more stupid after you spent your time with that alpha bitch!” she seemed upset.

“Thanks,” I said, “For still caring about me.”

“In your dreams!” she wouldn’t admit.

I smiled very wide, “But you’re here to help me. You must be watching over me since the beginning,” I said.

She seemed more upset than before, “Don’t ever think about that, Mr. Luts! Your friend Frank Damon called and begged me to watch over you because he had just known that his friend is doing his suicide mission. Don’t misunderstand me!”

I giggled, “No matter how hard you try to deny that, you still care about me, and you still love me.”

She sighed, but yet her eyes still showed that she was angry at me, “Good night, Fender. I think I have done my role.”

But when she tried to walk away, I held her hand, “Norah, I still love you, too.”

She harshly pulled her hand back, “I don’t care,” and then she walked away, leaving me behind in the emptiness of my heart.

I sighed. I tried to overcome this sadness over and over, but it seemed that it was getting harder as the time passed by. “I love you. And I always will, Norah,” I muttered.

Meanwhile, none of us realized that a pair of intangible eyes was watching. She hid herself behind the tree, peeked on the lonely me there. But besides her, there was another intangible creature that caught her.

Eve Denver was startled when she realized that Angelica Brownwood was there near her, “How did you…”

“What are you doing here, Ghost?” Angelica asked harshly.

Eve seemed a little bit upset, “You’re a ghost too! I saw you were killed by the cute boy who had already gone earlier.” Angelica was winced, feeling a bit startled that she knew about what happened. She then felt nervous in a sudden, “Please, don’t mind me. I’ll go!” she then disappeared from Angelica’s sight.

In her mind, she was curious about that ghost girl. Her heart suddenly felt uneasy. There’s something wrong about her, Angelica thought.

When the thing is not as you have planned, everything will be suck. That was what happened to me after my plan to kill Ino Rays was totally failed. I knew my movement was a little bit too fast, and I should be grateful that things hadn’t gone too far. After realizing that Ino actually had already known about my plan, I knew that what had I done, was the best thing to do. Ino would definitely kill me. So, good thing sometimes happened along with the bad thing.

The rest of those camping activities were nothing but boring. It seemed like what I did there was only mourning about my life. When I saw Ino Rays, it felt like I really wanted to kill someone. But when I saw Norah Levin, it felt like I wanted to kill myself. There was no fun at all. Two days there was like a living hell for me. God, I wasn’t used to be like that.

I tried to forget about everything. When I got home, I just laid onto my bed and did nothing. My life was still miserable. I spread my hands and my legs, still lying onto my bed while looking at the ceiling. My sight was empty.

When my mother knocked my door and asked to get in, I didn’t reply. So he just barged in without my permission. But I didn’t care.

“Hey, Sweetheart, do you want to eat something?” she asked, “I have just made you a special stuff,” she smiled very wide.

I just sighed and shook my head, “No, thanks.”

“Fender, please, you can tell me anything if you have a problem. I’m worried about you. Your dad is, too. Is it because you broke up with Norah?” she led the question. It was one of my problems, but I didn’t give any reaction. “If you’re still like this, I think it’s better to bring you to the psychiatrist.”

Her last words really annoyed my mind. I lifted my head and looked at her, “What?” I shouted, “No! I’m not crazy, Mom!”

“So what can we do? If you don’t want to talk to me, maybe you can easily talk to the doctor,” she explained.

I raised my body and sat, “Never! Please don’t do anything ridiculous!”

I heard a sound of a motorbike parking in front of my yard. I sniffed and knew at the second who had come. I looked at the window, seeing a cleared sky in the afternoon. What is Ivan doing here, I wondered.

I suddenly got off from my bed and walked away, “My friend is coming,” I said. I walked passed through my mom who was standing in front of my door. I quickly went downstairs and ran to open the door.

Ivan smiled faintly when he looked at me, “Having fun?” he asked.

“You mocked me?” I said. But he just wrinkled his forehead. Perhaps he really didn’t mean to mock me at all. I was just being sensitive. I sighed and spoke again, “What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I found something in this book,” he said while showing me the werewolf book that he was carrying. After he said about how important the book was, I decided to let him studied it first. He pulled my hand and brought me to sit on the bench of my terrace. He sat next to me and opened the book.

But I could hear my mother lurking and hiding behind the door. I sighed, “Mom, don’t eavesdrop, please!”

She suddenly came out with her upset face, “How do you know?”

“It’s teenager’s matter. Adult is prohibited,” I said, “Please leave us alone. I will bring Ivan to eat your special stuff together later.”

She exhaled, perhaps still wondering why I could sense her coming. But she didn’t continue and got back to the kitchen.

I looked at Ivan and asked him to continue. He opened the book again and showed me one of the pages. I tried to read it but some languages were so hard to be understood. I looked at him again and shook my head.

“God, I forget you can’t read this,” he said and chuckled, “So, what I’ve told you about the beginning of werewolf being is totally wrong.”

“Which part is that?” I asked.

“The curse that was given upon a village by God to make all the folks inside became werewolves, you remember?” he gave a hint. I nodded slowly. “The story is false. I didn’t know since when our ancestors tried to fool us with a false story,” she explained, making me so damn curious, “The fact is…the curse wasn’t given by God, but the folks cursed themselves in purpose.”

Such an interesting story! I felt more curious as he spoke more.

He then continued, “The explanation is complete within this book. I can’t believe I finally find it. It began with the spreading of vampire’s existence throughout the world. They tried to rule over human. Those vampires came to Moonlight Hills and took control. Humans were shrouded by fear.”

So, vampires were newcomers in this town. But they seemed to be easily took control over this town though. Now I know why vampire’s population in this town is quite high, I thought.

“What happened next?” I asked.

Ivan’s voice was become quieter, “The folks in one of the villages of this town, tried to rebel. But they realized that they couldn’t win against vampires. Thus, they sought for a devil’s power.”

I wrinkled my forehead, “Devil’s power? What kind of devil’s power? Is there something so powerful that could make an entire village into werewolves?” I said, also in the very low voice.

“It’s called moonstone. They held a ritual with a moonstone in their possession in a full moon. Over a night, all the villagers became alphas,” he explained.

“What?” I was startled. It was shocking actually, to hear such kind of power by just a stone. “Unbelievable! All the people were alphas?”

Ivan nodded, “There’s no doubt. It’s stated in this book.”

“Do you think it’s authentic?” I asked, beginning to doubt.

He nodded again surely, “I’m sure of it. The language proves it. It’s very ancient. And when I looked at this book, it seemed to be made since long time ago,” he explained.

I tried to analyze what Ivan had said to me just like Frank always did. I began to conclude everything in my mind. So, now I do understand why the ancestors of all werewolves tried to keep the true story a secret. It’s because of that moonstone, the incredible power from the devil which can create many alphas. If the power was misused, then I believe it could be a great chaos happened in this world. History just like what happened in Moonlight Hills 10 years ago can be repeated, and it will be worse. Another great war might happen if all the creatures felt threatened when alpha werewolves became so many in this world. Greed is what we fear the most, I thought.

“Does the book mention about the existence of the Moon Stone?” I asked.

He nodded, “Yes, and I plan to look for it,” he said.

I bugged out in an instance, “What?” I felt like I want to shout but I ended up whispering, “Are you out of your mind? This book is dangerous. We must destroy it actually!” I said.

“I did try. But it can’t be destroyed. It’s protected by some sort of magic. That’s why this book is still existed,” he replied, “I really do want to search for it. Do you, Fender?”

I was thinking about it. Somehow, I was curious too. Even though I tried to tell myself to stay away from that, my curiosity overpowered me. When I looked into Ivan’s eyes, everything seemed became more interesting.

“How do we find it?” I asked.

Ivan seemed a little bit nervous when he tried to speak. He looked around, like avoiding someone nearby to overhearing us. He then got closer to my ear. He spoke like it was without a sound, “It needs the soul of vampire to reveal the map.”

I just stayed away in a sudden. I winced, feeling so damn shocked to hear that, “That’s absurd, Ivan. We can’t kill…”

Ivan put his finger onto his lips, signing me to keep quiet.

“Yes, we can’t do that. It’s prohibited! We can’t be the enemies of vampires, or even the hunters,” I said.

“I know that. I have a plan, Fender,” he told me, “Do you remember about tainted-blood case in this town recently? I heard the hunters and all vampires join forces to eliminate them because they’re a threat. It seems like the culprit hasn’t been captured yet and those annoying pests are still at large,” he explained.

I hummed, “So…tainted-blood is still a vampire, right?”

Ivan nodded and grinned, “And I think killing a tainted-blood is not really a sin,” he said, like a little bad guy.

Norah Levin sighed when she heard her name was mentioned under Ino Rays’ team. One of the elders, the grandfather of Ino, Mr. Rays, appointed her and her brother, Evans, to work under Ino Rays and Sergey Jackson. It was in Damon’s mansion where vampires and hunters were having a meeting.

Helen Damon seemed to keep close with Ino Rays, embracing his hand romantically. Ino seemed not to be annoyed by Helen’s action. He just kept quiet and calm no matter how tense their conversation was. Sergey Jackson was standing next to his best buddy, and for that time, he wasn’t as noisy as he used to be.

Feeling abused with the elder’s decision, Norah raised her hand, “I have an objection!” All the eyes were staring at her, but she didn’t care. “Why do I have to be with those annoying couple?” she complained.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Norah! I asked the elder to pair you both with them,” Mr. Levin shouted at his daughter. “You should learn from him,” he said.

“I don’t mind at all,” Evans said calmly. He was getting a very sharp look from his sister then.

Helen, still hugging Ino’s hand, suddenly looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong with her? Does she have a problem with you?”

“Perhaps it’s because I did want to try to kill her boyfriend,” Ino answered flatly.

Hearing that, Norah quickly looked at Ino with her mad eyes, “Ex-boyfriend! I can hear you!” she emphasized.

Sergey just chuckled, “That girl is really upset about you,” he commented.

Mr. Damon, the elder from vampire side, suddenly raised his hand. Then he was the center of their attention. He put down his hand and cleared his throat, “I think I have a request too,” he said. The other attendance winced, wondering what kind of request that a pureblood like him would ask. He walked to Ino and embraced him like a big brother did to his younger one. He smiled very wide, “I want my boy to be paired with them also,” he said.

Having the same reaction as Norah was, Frank quickly complained to his father, “Nonsense. I work better with my own peers.”

Mr. Damon put up his finger to his son, moved it to the right and to the left several times while shaking his head, “No objection! Ino is very close to our family now. I want you to get along with him,” he then spoke to Ino, “Do you mind, Son?” he asked.

With no expression, Ino shook his head, “Not at all,” he replied.

What is he doing? Son? He called him son? This is unbelievable! I know there’s something fishy in his mind. What a very sly man my father is! He must want to take advantage over him, Frank thought. But he decided not to speak anything in front of everybody. He had no choice but to follow his father’s order.

“What about me?” Helen raised her voice.

“You?” Mr. Damon wrinkled his forehead while looking at his daughter, “No! You stay away with them. You can only be a burden,” he replied. Helen was just feeling upset, but couldn’t do anything to change that.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” one of the elders from vampire side raised his hand and spoke, “I don’t think we have to put our concern more in the squad. We have to move quickly to stop this. The victims are getting more and more, yet we still didn’t know who the bad guy is.”

“I don’t think we can accomplish anything if we haven’t found the culprit?” Mrs. Damon finally spoke out. All the eyes then looked at her. She sat in the chair, right beyond the crowd of the vampires. But her statement got her into the highlight. Those who covered her moved away so everybody could see her spoke. She continued to talk, “This meeting purpose is to get the conclusion, right? Yet I still didn’t find any conclusion in here. We’re just talking about the squad, which is the thing we can talk about later. The most important thing is the culprit and how to find him or her,” she paused for a while, waiting for the others’ response. But no one gave a respond, so she continued again, “What we need is uncommon skill to find out about the truth. I think we vampires have some sort of skills.”

Mr. Rays the elder winced, but then he smiled widely, “Such a brilliant woman you are, Mrs. Damon. I regret that you didn’t join in our previous conversations. If I may ask you a question, what do you think the uncommon skill that we need the most?” he asked.

“First of all, we need a mind reader,” Mrs. Damon replied.

Mind reader? God, now I began to understand what Mom is thinking, Frank thought. He raised his hand, trying to get attention, “May I speak?” he asked.

“Please, my son,” Mrs. Damon offered.

“I think I can get the point of my mother. Please allow me to continue,” Frank said, “The reason why we need mind reader is because the culprit is a noble vampire. Judging by the work, I think he or she is a pureblood. Mind reader is only our preemptive action, if the real culprit is someone among our community,” he explained. Everybody listened to him carefully without any sound. “One of us has the ability to read mind. But I’m sorry I can’t tell who it is since most vampires hide their precious ability.”

Mr. Rays scrubbed his chin softly, “It’s so great to finally have you both. We would step faster if you were in this forum since the beginning. You’re not only has the beauty eyes of your mother, but also her brain,” he chuckled then and spoke again, “I’m sorry if I asked this. You can choose to not answer my question. Is he or she in here with us?”

“No, Sir Hunter,” Frank answered, “If he or she was here, then I definitely would also say no.”

Mr. Rays was burst into laughter, even though everybody was so quiet. But he seemed not care. He took a breath before he spoke again, “What a funny creature,” he said while still giggling, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please don’t get offended.”

God, he really isn’t like his grandson at all, Frank thought. Perhaps everybody was thinking the same.

“So, the person in our side will meet all the noble vampires in this town. We will see if the culprit is one of us, or perhaps there are more than one,” Mrs. Damon continued her explanation. She then got up from her seat, “For further action, let me take it secretly by myself. I think I have a way for myself to keep involving.”

“Is it necessary to hide it from us, Mrs. Damon?” Mr. Levin asked.

Mrs. Damon nodded, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hunter, but the condition is the same like my son has told you all. This is a vampire’s secret.”

“Could we know what kind of ability?” Evans asked.

Mrs. Damon sighed, “If you insist, then let me give you a clue,” she finally agreed, “It’s predicting a future.”

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