Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Hunting a Tainted-Blood

Moonlight High at night, the situation was quiet and a little bit creepy. The building was pretty dark. Only some lights could be seen in a few rooms. The wind was blowing pretty strong even though the sky was very clear. The moon started to move from its beginning phase. It was only a little of it appeared in the sky, like it was peeking from its slumber. However, the light was enough to make the backyard of the school quite bright.

A young girl and two males, one of them seemed younger than another, stood under the biggest trees there. The older male leaned against the trunk, looked so bored all over his face. He seemed yawning several times.

The younger and paler male was on the line, speaking very seriously through the phone, “I’m still waiting Ino Rays. Do you have any signs or something like that? I understand. Please keep update,” he then hung up and sighed.

The woman who watched over him finally spoke, “So what’s next?” Norah asked.

“I don’t know. There’s no sign of a tainted-blood’s appearance,” Frank answered.

Evans yawned again, “We’d better go home and sleep. We act randomly and in the end we will get nothing,” he complained.

“What you do is complaining all the time, Evans?” Norah complained back, “Yesterday’s hunting was not enough. I believe there are some remaining tainted-bloods that still hide within the woods. We even don’t know whether there will be more of them or not.”

“But we still have to wait for Ino and Sergey,” Frank said.

Norah showed her annoying face, “If they’re late, we’d better move first. I actually didn’t want to work together with those annoying pests,” she said.

Frank suddenly turned around and winced. He looked at the direction to the road where the car came to the backyard. “I think they’re nearby. I hear a car coming fast right toward here,” he explained.

For a minute they wait and were quiet, finally the sound of the car could be heard even for those humans. A light appeared from beyond the school building. And a second later, a car moved fast and parked right in front of them.

When the engine was off, Sergey Jackson got out from his car and yelling, “Yeah, it’s awesome!”

God, this man is so noisy, Frank thought.

A second later, Ino Rays got out from the front seat. Just like usual, he didn’t give any damn expression within his face. Frank winced, he felt another presence. He looked at the back seat and suddenly the door was opened. A little boy got out and smiled.

Another vampire? Who the hell is this boy, Norah thought.

“Why do you bring him, Ino?” Frank asked.

“Lyon is our guide, Frank. You should be grateful I bring him here. Also, he’s my companion now. Don’t be surprised if he is around with me!” Ino replied.

“Can we start this because I’m getting bored more and more?” Evans started to speak. He stopped leaning against the trunk. He seemed ready with his double swords attached on his back. Norah was also trying to get prepared. She picked the big backpack of hers under the tree and picked some weapons inside just like crossbow, arrows, and a pair of daggers. She attached the arrows case behind her back and that pair af daggers on her waist.

Lyon smiled at Frank, “Don’t worried, Milord! I’ll be okay. I will be stronger than I used to be.”

Sergey suddenly raised his voice. He cleared his throat first before started to speak, “Since I’m the one who talk too much here, I will tell you all the brief explanation fast. We’re late and I admit that. But it’s not that we’re late for nothing. We have discussed many things for us to have a better strategy…”

But Norah suddenly cut his words, “Yeah, you do talk too much, Sergey. But you really can’t talk it briefly and fast,” she mocked him.

“I couldn’t agree more, Norah,” Ino replied, “But I don’t want to talk too much and Sergey is the only one who knows our strategy,” he then looked at Sergey, “Keep continuing, Sergey.”

Sergey nodded and smiled, like Norah’s mocking didn’t really affect him at all, “Thank, ‘Lil bro. Let me continue fast,” he said, but Norah and the others could only sigh. “After several hours we talked, finally we found the best conclusion for this. That was hard, really. It’s not easy to find such best strategy. You have to thank me because I’m genius,” he chuckled, made everybody felt so much cranky. “Okay, please hear it carefully because I don’t want to explain this twice,” he said.

Are you kidding? Who wants you to explain twice, Frank thought.

“Vocatus magia,” Sergey said it fast and his wand suddenly appeared in his possession. He then continued the spell while swinging his wand in the air, “Concelo magia, exsto!”

Something was happening in the air among where they were standing. A screen appeared above them. It was like a map of the forest behind the school. The red dot was blinking right in the school building on the map, where they were then.

Sergey looked at his watch, “5 minutes more before we start to make a move,” he looked at the screen and the red dot began to move, “We will run for 5 minutes to the direction. It’s about 1 kilometer away after the woods right behind the school.”

“I can do it in less than one minute,” Frank said.

Sergey quickly shook his head, “No, Vampire! Timing is very important in this mission. You all must obey this,” he then continued with the screen. Then, the single red dot was divided by three and it went in different directions. “In the middle are Ino and Lyon. Frank and Evans go to the right, while I and Norah go the left. If we encountered an enemy, we have only 10 minutes to finish that.” The three red dots kept moving until it met in one point. “We mustn’t reach the final area more than 30 minutes. Less is okay, but more is prohibited. Do you understand? We still have 3 minutes to go if there’s any question.”

“What’s the meaning of this?” Norah seemed disbelieved, “Is it just based on your prediction?”

It’s Lyon’s prediction. Future can be changed, but Lyon’s sight is somewhat trustworthy, Frank thought. Frank cleared his throat, asking for attention, “We will follow this. No question anymore from us.”

“But, Frank?” Norah resisted.

Frank looked at Norah deeply, “Just believe in me, Norah.”

Looking how serious Frank’s face was, Norah began to understand. There was something that Frank couldn’t tell her and she realized that. So finally she just obeyed and kept quiet.

Sergey smiled very wide, “Guys, I think the time is ticking by now.”

Several hours ago before they started their move, I sat alone in the Tavern, reading a book about werewolves. It was different from the original werewolf’s book. Actually it was still in Ivan’s possession.

I wasn’t there for only reading a book or having a sip of hot chocolate, but I was waiting for someone. I looked at my watch. She was already late for five minutes. But then I sniffed and realized that she was already around. I looked at the window. Her steps were so clear. She was running. When she appeared at the window I looked at, she realized that I was there. She waved her hand and quickly got into the Tavern.

That was the first time I met her since we met at my house previously. I thought that she forgot about me and his curiosity since she hadn’t called me. Actually, I was glad. But unfortunately, she called me in the sudden and I couldn’t break my promise.

She gasped when she stood in front of me. She then sat down and drank my beverage. “I’m not late, right?” she asked.

“Five minutes,” I said.

“Thanks God,” she relieved, “How are you, Pretty boy? I think I’m kind of missing you,” her eyes then a little bit got larger when she realized about that book that I read. Somehow she became enthusiastic. She moved to the empty chair right next to me and said, “This book is really about werewolf?” she whispered.

I nodded, “Yes, I’m still learning, too.”

“Can we start the interview now?” she asked.

“You can ask anything,” I answered.

Her elbow leaned on the table and she put her head on her hand. She smiled, looked at me with her mesmerizing face. I thought she was quite pretty. But I denied myself, she was actually really pretty. I asked myself how I could not realize that. She didn’t stop smiling. “Tell me everything about werewolf,” she said.

I sighed. Her question was too general. But I didn’t say my complaining, “Werewolf is a shape-shifter. Europeans call us lycanthrope, or lycan for short.”

“I know that, Sweetie. Just tell me about something else,” she asked.

“From what I know,” I continued, “There are three types of werewolf…”

“Alpha, beta, and omega, right? I was digging in some research and I found that,” she cut me again. “Alpha is their leader. There is almost only one alpha in one pack. The members are beta. And the like of you is called omega, the one who didn’t have a pack. You really didn’t have a pack, do you?”

If you really know everything, then don’t ask me to tell you, I thought. But still, I didn’t complain. “Yes, I didn’t have a pack,” I answered, “That’s why my life is so fragile and miserable.”

“Why don’t you go with your alpha?” she asked.

I shook my head, “My existence itself is an accident from the beginning. I actually didn’t have to be in my life now. She was targeting Angelica Brownwood, the female werewolf that you saw fighting with me at the forest. But I was there with her when Hail attacked.”

“It must not be easy for you,” she muttered.

“Not at all! It was like hell!” I said, “Because of this fate, there’s nothing in my life but pain and sore. I had to temporarily quit from my football squad. I had to hide myself from Ino Rays, the hunter you also saw in the forest. When he found out that I was a werewolf, he was going to kill me. At that moment, there’s nothing in every second that I felt but fear all the time.”

Erica looked at me seriously, “So…what happened after that hunter killed her?” she asked.

“It wrecked me totally,” I said, “I never felt that kind of traumatic before. Even if I remember that again, I still felt the same pain in my heart,” I stopped talking and exhaled, “Hail was there. And then I decided to follow her for training or something so that I could get stronger. She actually supports me a lot, but she is a murderer. I can’t be with her.”

“You want to get revenge to that hunter? Did you kill him?” she asked.

“There’s nothing in my life that I want to accomplish but kill Ino Rays,” I explained, “But I think I can’t do that. I really can’t and he is too much stronger for me.”

A beep in my cell phone suddenly startled both of us. I put it on the table on purpose since the beginning. Without thinking any further, I picked it up. “Hello, Ivan, what’s the matter?”

I heard Ivan was running somewhere. The situation was quiet. I thought it wasn’t in the main city or some roads. I began to think that he had already made his move to the woods.

While running, Ivan spoke to me, “Go to the woods now! I’ll send you the coordinate. Wait you soon, Fender!” he hung up then.

“What’s the matter?” Erica asked.

I got up and cleared up my belonging on the table. I put everything in my backpack and was ready to go, “I must go. There’s some business I have to take care of.”

Erica suddenly tried to pulled me when I left, but she ended up tailing me, “Wait, wait! I’m in!”

I stopped walking and turned around, “No,” I disagreed, “This can be dangerous, Erica. There’s no way you can come with me.”

She kept pulling my hand and said eagerly, “I don’t care! Just let me in!”

God, she was so determined, I thought. “But I didn’t ensure your safety.”

“I can take care of myself. Don’t worry!” she said.

I couldn’t think of anything and that girl was really eager to tail with me. I didn’t have any choice, “Then let’s get going!” I said.

Damn it! That girl only slows me down. I admit that she has a very amazing stamina to keep up with me like this. But she was still a nuisance, I thought. She was running several meters behind me, but actually I could run much faster than that. She kept yelling at me to wait for her so I reduced my speed more and more.

I turned back my head, “Hurry up!” I yelled back.

“I know!” she yelled again, “But I’m a human!”

Who ask you to come, I thought desperately. While running, I kept sniffing to track if Ivan was already nearby. But in a very sudden, I stopped running. Erica fastened his speed and finally reached me. She leaned on my shoulder and gasped.

I sniffed again. This is a smell of vampire, I thought. I set my nose and my ears to the fullest, trying to analyze the situation.

“A vampire is coming by. You’d better stay close at me,” I whispered.

“What? A vampire?” she actually wanted to yell, but I thought that she didn’t have breath anymore to speak loudly.

I took a breath. Yes, that’s only one, I talked to myself. I looked at Erica who was still tailing right beside me, “Be careful. Vampire can move like a wind. Only werewolves and hunters can predict their movement.”

“You said that vampires in this town live in peace with human?” she asked. We both were talking quietly.

“It’s different. The one who is approaching us is a tainted-blood. Tainted-blood is a human that being turned into a vampire. It seems that one or more of those pure vampires did a very big crime. Turning a human into a vampire is prohibited. It’s the law made by their own,” I explained.

“Who did such terrible thing?” she asked.

I shook my head slowly, “Still haven’t figured yet.”

“If that vampire bites me, will I be a vampire too?” she asked again.

“Pssst!!” I asked her to be quiet, “Don’t move! It’s close!”

Erica, whose the face was pale like a vampire itself, kept holding my arms. She was trembling in fear. We both kept quiet and didn’t move. I knew that vampire was still lurking somewhere to begin to attack us. My nose couldn’t be fooled.

Suddenly, it was like the wind that whooshed toward us. That vampire had already begun his move. But I didn’t train with Hail for nothing. In one movement, I successfully grabbed his neck and strangled him. Hail taught me to predict vampire’s movement.

Erica startled and screamed very loud, but she didn’t go away even though she knew that vampire was right in front of her.

I transferred my power to my fist so that my claws appeared in both my hands. After that I quickly punched his face until he fell right to the ground beneath me. It was so hard so that he could barely move.

“Eat that, Vampire!” I mocked him.

Erica yelled again, but that time in a cheerful way. “Awesome, Wolf boy!” she shouted.

I looked at her seriously and she suddenly stopped acting strange, “Stay focus if you don’t want to be killed,” I said, “About your question before, tainted-blood cannot change you into a vampire. Noble ones do.”

“He seemed rampaged. Is a tainted-blood uncontrollable?” she asked.

“Tainted-blood can’t control their hunger, yet they still have their human sense. However, it seems that their urge of blood overtakes everything. Their mind tries to deny that, but their body controls their brain to do so. That’s why creating tainted-blood is a high crime,” I explained.

Erica sighed, “Who did that horrible thing?” she talked by herself, but then she asked me again, “Can they be saved?”

“Yes, through a very hard training. But it takes time and power. Also, we want to avoid many casualties so sometimes we prefer to kill them instead of letting them live,” I answered.

“God, that’s cruel! They didn’t ask to be turned, just like you! Why don’t we give them a chance?” Erica spoke her heart.

“I know that. But I have no idea why. Sometimes they are allowed to live, but in many cases, the chance for them to get killed is high,” I said. I suddenly looked at the vampire when he began to move again. Quickly, Erica jumped to me and kept staying close.

He tried to get up even though it looked so hard. It seemed like my punch wasn’t enough to bring him down.

Erica kept pulling my hand, sometimes she pulled my T-shirt. “Fender, do something!”

When that vampire was standing by his own feet, he suddenly whooshed away from us. Damn it! I forget that I have a mission to capture a tainted-blood. And I have wasted my chance, I thought madly.

Without thinking anymore, using my super hearing and super smelling skill, I pulled Erica and tried to chase that vampire. I shouted to her, “Hang on! Just keep following my pace,” I didn’t know if she could really follow my pace or not. My running was getting faster. I didn’t think Erica could keep running. She got to run out of her breath.

I didn’t have any choice, I talked to myself. In a second, I pulled Erica and threw her to the front. And in one hop, I caught her with my two hands. She was screaming when I did it.

She yelled angrily at me then, “Are you going to kill me?”

I just grinned at her, “You don’t, right?”

After several minutes in pursuit, I stopped running. I didn’t put her back in case I had to keep running again.

“Why stop?” she asked.

“I felt another presence,” I said. My eyes looked around and I tried to sniff. It was a werewolf. That werewolf moved fast toward us. It was faint at the beginning, but as he came close by, I just sighed then.

Ivan Jovanov appeared from the darkness of the woods and wrinkled his forehead, “Who is that?” he asked.

I put Erica down and somehow I couldn’t explain everything.

“For God’s sake, are you crazy, Fender? You bring a human here?” Ivan looked upset.

“Please, don’t blame Fender. I’m the one who pushed him to take me in. I know about everything,” she tried to explain.

Ivan nodded quickly, “Your very existence here proves that you know everything, Miss,” he said. He then looked at me again, “Want to explain something?”

“Later, Ivan. We have to focus on catching that tainted-blood,” I said.

But suddenly the air became so damn eerie. The wind was like it stopped moving. The moon seemed brighter than before. I and Ivan then realized that something might happen.

“We’re surrounded,” I whispered.

Just like already had the signal automatically, Erica quickly jumped onto my back and did the same. I sniffed again. It was more than the number that we could handle I thought. The three of us were getting closer once.

One by one, they appeared from the woods.

God, there are so many of them. How can we survive this, I thought desperately.

“It’s beyond my imagination. Who did create these abominations?” Ivan whispered.

I began to count. There were 15 of them. Even though they were just tainted-blood, that number was too high.

“Are you ready, Fender?” Ivan asked.

“Do I have a choice?” I asked him back.

Meanwhile, Frank and Evans were also surrounded by many tainted-bloods. They both had their back at each other, feeling so cornered and desperate. Evans shouted and swung his sword when one of those vampires approached fast. But unlucky him, he just could cut that vampire’s right arm. The vampire screamed out loud and back off. He then ran away from the fight.

Shit! In this situation, I could not focus on that dying vampire, Evans thought, knowing that losing an arm wouldn’t make him died.

“I can’t believe we are attacked by these many,” Evans grumbling, “It’s already 5 minutes I assume. We could only kill 10 tainted-bloods so far, 20 more left. What do you think? Can we make it? What happened if we pass 10 minutes?” he asked many questions.

“I didn’t know either, Evans,” Frank said.

Evans looked at Frank with his bugging eyes, “But you were sure that we have to follow Sergey’s order! I think you already knew.”

“Just kill them all in less than 5 minutes!” Frank said. This is unforgivable! Who made these many tainted-bloods, he thought.

Frank suddenly whooshed to a group of tainted-bloods on his right. With his fast movement, he could rip the hearts of two of them. Those vampires just fell to the ground and didn’t move again. Other vampires didn’t stand still. They launched their counterattack at Frank at the same time. They succeeded put a few scratches around Frank’s face and body. Frank was struggling. He managed to punch two of them until they both were thrown back. But he groaned when one of the vampires pierced her hand to Frank’s back.

Damn it, Frank thought.

At the same time, Evans was facing the same problem. He just swung his sword randomly when all those vampires attacked him at the same time. Some of them were losing their part of bodies. But it didn’t kill them easily. Some were still struggling, the others began to flee.

That made a little space for Evans to breathe and think. He then re-launched his attack toward the remaining vampires. Almost all of them around got cut in their head. There was left one vampire lying on the ground. He could barely move. But the merciless Evans just cut his head off just like he did to the others.

Evans looked at Frank and intended to give him a hand. But Frank had the situation under his control. Several vampires were lying on the ground lifelessly. Some of them managed to flee.

Frank gasped and touched his bleeding back. But it was nothing for him.

“We run out of time. There’s no way we can catch up the time if we try to go after them,” Frank said.

“I’ll go with you,” Evans muttered.

Without wasting any more time, they quickly made their move to the point of assembly.

In the opposite direction of Frank and Evans, Norah and Sergey faced a little difficulty. They met a group of tainted-bloods twice. But they could overcome the first fight in less than 5 minutes, and the remaining enemies of the second fight were less than 10.

All the vampires could not flee from their grasp. Norah did the killing thing the most while Sergey had his great shield spell to prevent them from fleeing and also to protect them fully by enemies’ attack.

“Sagitta magica! Ignis!” Sergey used the same spell again as many fire arrows were firing at those tainted-bloods. Inside the shield, it was so hard for those vampires to dodge the attack. One of them was hit by many fire arrows and those magic burned her body until she fell to the ground with her body roasted.

Sergey is smart. He knows vampire is weak with fire so that he used that powerful spell again, Norah thought.

Norah felt a vampire attacked her from behind. She quickly turned back and aimed her crossbow at the attacking vampire. A wooden stake was launched and hit right to that vampire’s heart. That vampire just went directly to the ground and died instantly.

Another vampire was attacking. But Norah used her knife in her possession to counter the attack. The knife was pierced into that vampire’s neck. Norah pushed him to the ground and sat on him. She quickly picked one of the wooden stakes attached on her back and impaled him with that stake in his heart.

She gasped and looked around. There was no vampire left alive in their sight.

“Another five minutes, Norah. We have to move fast!” Sergey yelled.

They also continued their movement to their assembly point.

This is crazy, I thought and hell yeah, back to the situation where the three of us were struggling from those vampires force. I didn’t have many spaces to move because I have to stay close to Erica. Only Ivan could wander and attack those vampires freely. But it didn’t make him easy dealing with them. We both had our half-shifted mode. But I tried to make sure that my face didn’t have too much changing because I didn’t really like to have a dog face. Even though Hail said the more I shifted the more power I had, but it was really ugly.

Erica seemed like she could adapted with the situation. I knew she tried to suppress her fear. And I realized that she wasn’t an ordinary girl. Yes, she was a normal human. But as a girl, she was quite extraordinary. I thought that she learnt such kind of martial arts.

“Behind you, Erica!” I shouted and wanted to turn around. But I saw her using her fighting skill by having a 180 degrees kick movement. And she was so lucky that it hit the vampire’s head. That vampire was thrown back and fell. I looked at her and amazed, “Wow!”

She was just blushing. But then we realized it was not the time for that.

I looked at Ivan. It seemed like he managed to kill some of them. “Don’t kill them all, Ivan! Remember, we need them!” I shouted.

What is he thinking? It’s not easy even to kill only one of them, Ivan was distracted by my annoying statement.

The fighting continued again. Some vampires attacked us at the same time. I kept punching and kicking them while protecting Erica beside me. Erica was fighting too. She followed my order to attack from my blind spot.

“Ha! I knew I could be useful in here!” she was overconfident.

“From the left, Erica!” I shouted. Why she acts like that in the situation like this, I thought.

She then sprightly prepared to launch her massive kick. But it ended up different. That vampire was too fast. He managed to catch Erica’s leg. She was shocked and I was too. In a second, he threw Erica’s body with all his might. Erica was thrown and hit the ground very hard.

“Erica!” I shouted. But I got distracted. A vampire attacked from my back and I couldn’t dodge it. We were like wresting on the ground.

The amazing Erica tried to move and struggle in agony. Her breath was short at the beginning, but she could manage to control it. Falling like that wasn’t easily accepted by a human body.

The danger didn’t stop for the moment. Seeing a fresh blood bag lying on the ground, a vampire was trying to attack her. She couldn’t scream but she knew that she was in a brink of death. But I realized, I thought that Ivan realized too, that a person was approaching us.

A tiny creature whooshed fast toward Erica. A vampire! Yes, what else might it be?

That little boy with a pale face suddenly pounced to the vampire that wanted to attack Erica. Even though he was little, his movement was very amazing. He possessed wooden stakes on his back and he used one of them to pierce that vampire’s heart.

Another one appeared, and he wasn’t a vampire. He ran quickly toward Erica. He knew that some of the vampires were attacking her at the same time. He arrived in the very right time and used his martial arts to fight with those vampires. I didn’t know why he didn’t use his sword like usual.

He threw some shuriken and immobilized them. And with some stakes in his possession, he threw it fast to those vampires’ heart. They fell like flies to him.

I could hear some things whooshed from the west. They were wooden stakes. I knew instantly who launched them by her scent nearby. Those wooden stakes successfully hit some of the vampires.

“Ignis!” a fire from a witch spell flew from the same direction and burnt some of the vampires to a roasted meat.

I realized that the remaining vampire was the only one who attacked me. I remembered what Hail told me. Vampire could be killed by ripping their heart. So I strangled him and quickly took over control. In no time, I pierced my claws to his chest and ripped his heart.

My hand was trembling when I saw a heart covered with blood in my possession. Quickly I threw it to the ground. That was my first killing.

Some seconds later, Frank and Evans appeared from the east. Frank was a little bit shocked seeing me there, “Fender? What are you doing here?” he quickly whooshed to me and helped me to stand. “Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded and gasped, “I’m okay.”

“This need an explanation,” Frank warned me.

Erica was still sitting on the ground, looking at the boy who had helped her. She looked at him like she was amazed. This boy…he was the one who wanted to kill Fender that time, she thought.

Ino turned around and gave her a hand to stand. “Are you okay?” he asked with smile.

Erica nodded quickly, “I’m okay.”

Lyon, the little vampire, quickly ran to Ino. He looked at Erica first and then looked at Ino, “I don’t know why there is a human here.”

“Lyon, can you compel her to forget everything she had seen?” Ino asked.

Hearing that, Erica moved backward, “No!” she rejected. Everybody was looking at her. “Please, don’t make me forget about this! Please, I beg you! I have promised to Fender that I wouldn’t tell anything.”

“So you knew from the beginning?” Ino asked.

“Yes,” Erica answered fast.

Like he was forgetting about what he asked previously, Ino looked at Lyon and changed the topic. “What the meaning of him being here?” he muttered. Lyon shook his head. Ino sighed and said, “You can tell me everything, Lyon.”

“No, Master, I really have no idea about this. What I saw is only this place. I never know that it will lead us to him,” Lyon said quietly.

“So far, what have you found?” Ino asked.

“I think I have found the answer, Master,” Lyon said, “But don’t talk about it here. Everybody is listening,” he told him.

What are they talking about? Who is that boy actually? I think I have met him somewhere before. They’re so fishy. I know they are hiding something, I thought.

“So what are these two werewolves doing in here? And they bringing along a human?” Evans asked with his annoying expression.

“I believe we are doing the same just like all of you, hunting those tainted-bloods,” Ivan replied.

“Why do you have to bring a human?” Norah asked.

Ivan raised his shoulder, “Ask your ex-boyfriend for that question.” And Norah quickly stared at Fender fiercely. Ivan could just chuckled seeing that.

“Is there anything you hide from me, Fender?” Frank suddenly asked.

I hummed, and quickly shook my head, “No. Not at all!” I said.

“Really?” he asked deeper.

“Yes, Frank,” I talked straightly, “Why do I have to hide something from you?” I looked at him with my sure eyes and he began to stop asking.

I looked at Ivan and he looked back at me. That time, we totally failed to retrieve a vampire. We knew we couldn’t make that secret to be known to others, even with Frank. That was a werewolf’s secret and no one could know that. But seeing how they moved like that, I thought it was going to be very hard to secretly doing that mission.

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