Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Mrs. Damon sat on the sofa set in front of the fireplace. She was thinking hard at the moment, looking at the little boy that sat in front of her. Ino Rays preferred to stand next to the window, looking at the beautiful and bright moon from the high area of Moonlight Hills.

The night was quiet as usual in Damon’s mansion. The three of them had a small meeting in the one of the family rooms there. The room is not big. It’s about 8 times 10 square meters, smaller than any other rooms in that mansion. Such typical of the person from ancient times, that room was also modified with ancient crafting and statues. There was a large and very old painting of a middle-aged man wearing a coat and holding a sword like a duke.

Ino suddenly looked at both of them, “So what’s next, Emilia?” he asked, after waiting for almost 5 minutes.

Emilia Damon stopped thinking and looked back at Ino, “Lyon was talking about Valley of Lycans. I’m trying to figure it out. Why Valley of Lycans? What will happen there?” she tried to analyze.

“I’m sorry. I just see that when I saw one of those tainted-bloods. I don’t remember if he escaped or not,” Lyon explained.

Ino hummed, “Is it related to the vampire who turns those humans into vampires?” he asked.

“Future is a prediction, Master. It might be yes, or perhaps no,” Lyon said.

“So, this time you give us a quite hard time, Lyon,” Ino said.

Lyon looked down and feeling a little bit disappointed and regretful, “I’m sorry,” he said.

Mrs. Damon sighed, “Ino, please don’t blame him.”

“I don’t blame him. I’m just saying something that expresses my feeling now. Sometimes, criticize can help someone to get better, Emilia,” Ino replied.

Lyon suddenly got up from his seat. He looked so determined, “I’ll go there,” he said.

“Where?” Mrs. Damon asked.

“To the Valley of Lycans,” Lyon answered.

“Alone? Are you out of your mind, Lyon? I promise your mother to keep you safe and now you will go there alone. Please, don’t do that, Sweetheart,” Mrs. Damon said.

Lyon smiled sweetly. His eyes were so slanted and seemed like it disappeared when he smiled like that. “I’ll be okay, Lady Emilia. It’s not like I have to face the very big and strong monster. I just want to find for a clue.”

Ino chuckled in a sudden, “Now you have guts, Little boy.”

“It’s like what you taught me, Master,” he said and smiled again. And then after that, he whooshed outside the mansion.

Please, be safe, Mrs. Damon talked in mind.

Valley of Lycans located in the very remote area of Easternmost of Moonlight Hills. There was a lone road from the main town to the Valley of Lycans because there were some beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls were one of some belle of tourism in Moonlight Hills. There were also some caves inside the forest nearby. One of the reservations located near that area. About a hundred native townsfolk lived there.

Lyon needed about 30 minutes to go there by running. He ran through the northeastern wood belts to the easternmost valley. He panted. Basically, he had already been in Valley of Lycans. But that area wasn’t narrow. Lyon was a little bit confused where he should start his aimless mission.

“I’m thinking too fast,” he muttered, “Now that I’m here, I don’t know where to begin.”

He walked slowly, looking at oak and teak trees that dominated the forest. The night was cold and eerie. The forest was quite thick that moon light couldn’t pass through, made the place dark. But fortunately, darkness wasn’t a weakness for a vampire.

Lyon kept walking straight while looking around. He began to get bored. He then sat on the big trunk that lied on the ground, below the very big oak tree. He picked something in his pants pocket.

He sighed and smiled, “I’m lucky I’m still have this lollipop,” he then opened the plastic wrap and put the lollipop into his mouth. No matter if he was a vampire or not, he was still a kid after all. Most kids love lollipop.

He suddenly stopped enjoying the lollipop when he heard a sound of something growling. It was from his behind. That something moved so quietly toward him. He was trembling in a sudden. What is that, he thought, still wasn’t brave enough to turn his head around.

But he tried to look at it. When he completely looked at his back, he heard something was roaring and he screamed. In a second, he whooshed aimlessly. He then stopped and leaned against a tree while panting. It’s just a bear! Damn! I’m still a scaredy cat, he thought of himself.

Kept panting, he tried to walk again. But after several meters he walked, he stopped. He realized that there was a cave mouth in front of him. He studied it for a while, but then he tried to ignore it and walked by.

He whooshed in one point to another until he found a waterfall behind the forest. He was amazed, looking at how high the waterfall was. Since it was outside the forest, the moon light was brightly shone the area, and the light was reflected by the water.

“It’s beautiful,” he muttered.

But suddenly, he was startled. He turned around and shouted, “Who’s there?”

A shadow came from the deep woods. A woman finally appeared from behind the trees that she was hiding. She walked to Lyon and stopped several meters away from where Lyon was standing. She studying that little boy for a while, and suddenly spoke, “What is a little vampire doing here?” she asked.

Lyon studied her face for a while.

The woman winced then, “Who are you, Little vampire? Why are you studying me?” she said, realizing that he was analyzing her.

Lyon was startled at the moment, but then he bowed down to her, “I’m sorry, Ma’am. My name is Lyon Daendels. I’m sorry for being so suspicious.”

The woman scrubbed her chin, “Daendels? A noble vampire family if I’m not mistaken?” she made sure. Lyon nodded without replying anything. “You haven’t answered me yet. What are you doing here in Valley of Lycans? This territory does not belong to vampires,” she asked again.

“I’m just trespassing, Ma’am,” Lyon said.

The woman shook her head fast. Her eyes were as sharp as an eagle, looking at him fiercely, “A little kid mustn’t tell a lie. Tell me what you are looking for, Kid! And you seemed that you were studying me previously,” she forced him.

Lyon was trembling a little. He knew that the woman wasn’t an ordinary human. Is she a werewolf? Perhaps! I can’t tell if she’s one or not unless I get close enough to smell her blood, he thought. He actually wanted to run away, but he realized that it was not the wise thing to do.

“Why are you quiet?” she asked again.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Ma’am. I don’t mean any harm. I swear. I just want to look for the clues here,” he tried to explain.

The woman wrinkled her forehead, “Clues? For what?” she asked.

“There’s a vampire issue in town, Ma’am,” he replied.

The wrinkle in her forehead was getting clearer, “Vampire issue? Why do you have to look for the clue in here? Like I said, this is not a vampire territory! And I’m confused why they send a little child to do such a very important job,” she said.

Lyon sighed. He didn’t have any choice anymore, “I saw vampires when I looked at your eyes.”

“Oh, so you’re a mind reader? Or perhaps a fortuneteller,” she guessed.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. It’s not the thing that I can speak about with you,” Lyon said.

The woman nodded, “I do understand. But I’m afraid you must go, Little vampire. There’s nothing you can find in here.”

Lyon bowed down again, “Sorry for disturbing your place, Ma’am,” he walked away then. Sometimes he looked at the woman who was still standing at her place, watching at him.

Actually, I have found something in here, he thought while he was walking.

“You want to meet Ino Rays?” I talked on the phone with Erica. It was in the afternoon at my school. I had just finished my math class, and then I was walking in the corridor with Frank, Sam, and Walter. The three of them seemed very serious listening on us. “Why don’t you come here and meet him by yourself? What? You’re outside? No, Erica. I have no business with him! I even didn’t want to meet him!” I almost yelled, “Okay, okay, I will go outside and meet you,” I hung up the phone and sighed. I looked at Frank who looked at me back.

He winced, “What’s wrong with her?”

“I…actually don’t have any idea. She is too passionate with supernatural, and that annoys me a lot,” I said.

Sam chuckled, “Why don’t you just ignore her, Fender?” he asked.

“There’s no way Fender can ignore someone. He’s just too kind-hearted,” Walter chuckled then.

I sighed heavily and said, “I think I have to meet her. Does anybody want to go with me?” I asked.

“I skip,” Sam said.

“Me, too,” Walter did too.

I sighed again and looked at Frank. He looked so serious and nodded, “I’ll go,” he said.

“I’d better go to library for preparing Spanish exam,” Sam said. He walked away and waved his hand. Walter followed him after that. They seemed that they didn’t want to mingle with my unnecessary business.

Then there were just me and Frank. We both walked slowly to the main door to go out from the building. I didn’t know why Erica was so eager to meet Ino. I had no idea what she did want and why she had to take me to that part. She knew I hate Ino a lot, yet she still wanted to ask for my help to meet him. That was ridiculous.

“You really run into a trouble, Fender, when you let her get involve with this,” Frank said.

“I know,” I said and sighed, “But what can I do? Somehow she was already involved with this when she saw me turned into a werewolf and fought Angelica.”

“She’s a mere human, don’t you realize that? We cannot guarantee her safety if she is too much interfering with supernatural matter,” Frank warned me, “You should have told me about her. I would immediately compel her to forget about everything.”

I was quiet for a moment. Walter was right. It was too much for me if I let her being compelled to forget about everything. She was just…so excited that she knew some secrets of the world. And I couldn’t just destroy that excitement.

When we got out of the building, I saw she was standing alone next to her car which was parked not far from front yard. She quickly noticed me and waved with so much excitement.

I and Frank slowly approached her to where she stood. Erica Reyson just suddenly hugged me when we got her and said how much she missed me. I wondered if she had a crush with me. Somehow it was kindly flattering me when she was acted that way. Yeah, I was easily flattered anyway.

She looked at Frank and winced a bit, “You’re…a vampire from that night, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes. The name’s Frank Damon. It’s nice to meet you,” Frank greeted her politely.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Frank. Actually, it was very nice since the first time I saw you. Pale face, changing color of eyes, the last time I saw your eyes it was red and now it’s blue. What an interesting fellow!” she said happily.

“I take that as a compliment,” Frank smiled a bit.

I sighed and then cleared my throat to get her attention, “Now, tell me what you want with that hunter, Erica.”

Erica looked at me, “Can I just ask you to have me meet him? It’s…kind of a private matter.”

“Erica, please don’t get involve any further. It’s a very dangerous path you have chosen,” Frank said.

Erica nodded and seemed understood, “I know that, Frank. But it can’t be helped. This is the path I’ve chosen. Please understand me. I think I can take care of myself.”

“Actually, Erica, I don’t know where Ino Rays is now. You know I’m trying to avoid him at any cost,” I said, “And I think neither do Frank.”

“You can smell and track him, right?” Erica said.

I shook my head, “No, I can’t. It’s because he’s a hunter. I don’t know why every supernatural cannot track them down nor feel their presence. They’re just appearing and gone,” I explained.

“So, you really can’t help me?” Erica asked.

Frank hummed for a second, “Actually, you can search him by yourself inside the school. Perhaps you can try to ask someone there. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find him eventually. But if he’s somewhere else outside this school, you can try again another time,” he spoke like he was discouraging her.

Erica sighed, “Actually, I really wanted to talk to him. I’m afraid I won’t have any chance again, so…I think I shall bet my luck here,” she exhaled, the smiled at me, “Okay, I’ll go inside,” she waved and walked with her problems away from me.

“Do you want to stalk her?” Frank suddenly asked.

I winced, feeling a little bit confused, “Stalking her? I’m avoiding her now and you asked me to stalk her? That’s ridiculous, Frank. No!”

“Perhaps you want to know what she wants from Ino,” Frank guessed.

I shook my head fast and crossed my hands, “Nope!” I said straightly. But something was suddenly getting my attention. She’s so beautiful, I thought. Yet she was still angry at me. I looked at her walking on the small road besides the building. It seemed like she wanted to get inside.

I really wanted not to pay attention at her, but I really couldn’t. Frank just realized what happened to me when I suddenly left him behind and approached Norah.

Norah realized that I walked toward her, so she fastened her steps. But I quickly moved and held her by standing in front of her.

She sighed, really didn’t to look at me, “What?” she talked to me cynically.

I tried to smile but she threw her face away, “Hey, I just want to talk to you,” I said.

She looked at me again with the same expression, “There’s nothing to talk about and I actually don’t want to talk to you at all.”

“You still love me, don’t you?” I said.

“Fender, this is ridiculous! Don’t ever talk to me again!” she said and was ready to go.

But I quickly held her hand, “Can we please at least be friend, Norah?”

She winced and sharply looked at me, “Are you idiot, Fender? If you want that answer badly, yes, I do still love you but the thing I want to do the most right now is forgetting you, Fender. In this situation, being friend with you doesn’t help me to get for what I want. It’s over, Fender! Don’t ever start to open my wound again!” she pulled her hand and left me behind immediately.

Somehow I felt happy and sad at the same time. She still loved me, but she really wanted to forget about me badly. I didn’t want it, but what can I do?

Norah tried to hold her tears to come out from her eyes. It was more painful than letting it go though. Still, she couldn’t hold to not really shed a tear, even just a little. She tried to look tough and kept walking.

How can I forget him if I always have a chance to meet him every day? It looks like he doesn’t want to get over me, Norah thought. It was harder than she imagined.

“Hey?” a female voice called her from her front. She looked forward and saw a quite familiar girl smiling at her. She tried to wipe her tears that left in her eyes. The girl looked at her and asked, “Are you okay?”

Norah smiled back and pretended to be okay, “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“You look like you’re…crying,” she muttered, but she then smiled again, “Just forget what I said. It’s not my business. By the way, do you still recognize me?”

“Oh, yes,” she was enlightened, “You are the girl that with Fender that night, right? You’re looking for Fender? Actually, I saw he was just outside.”

Erica shook her head, “No, I’ve met him, but actually it’s not him that I want to look for. Oh yeah, my name is Erica Reyson. You’re…Norah, right? Fender’s girlfriend?”

“Ex,” Norah said it.

“I’m sorry I forget,” Erica said regretfully, but suddenly she brought that up by continuing talking about that, “Fender talked about you so much. I never see a boy who really loves a girl like him. You must be very special. Please don’t get misunderstanding. It’s not that I want you to go back with him. Actually, I just want to speak my mind.”

Norah tried to bear with that situation even though she hated it, “It’s okay, Erica.”

“I know the story, Norah. I saw him when his friend Angelica was murdered by a hunter. He was…more than broken. I didn’t know what happened after that, but it seemed that his alpha was trying to get the chance over that situation,” she said, “But…I think it’s better not talk about that anymore. Hey, you’re a hunter, right?” she suddenly brought up another topic.

“Yes, I am. What then?” Norah asked.

Erica hummed for a while, “Actually…I want to meet Ino Rays,” she explained. She saw Norah winced in confusion, but still didn’t reply. “I want to ask Fender’s help to look for him. But he said that supernatural can’t track down a hunter. Perhaps…a hunter can do that.”

What does she want with Ino, Norah thought. But she didn’t bring it up. She just smiled, “Even hunter can’t track down another hunter, Erica. I’m sorry that I can’t help you search for him. But…” she paused in a sudden.

“But what?” Erica asked.

Norah smiled a bit, “But…I think you’re lucky enough. There he is walking straight to here,” she pointed at Ino who was walking toward them without noticing that those two girls were talking about him.

Erica looked at where Norah was pointing at, and then she smiled widely, “You’re right. I think I’m quite lucky today. Thanks anyway, Norah,” Without turning back again, she quickly walked toward Ino Rays. She just jumped into Ino’s front so that boy stopped walking in a sudden. “Ino Rays? Still remember me?”

“I…think so,” Ino said while studying her face, “You’re that girl…at the woods that night.”

“Yes,” Erica nodded, “My name is Erica Reyson. There’s something I want to talk to you. Something very personal,” she explained. Ino still hadn’t replied yet, so she continued to talk, “Can we have a private conversation somewhere?” she asked.

“I’m afraid there’s no such thing like that in this school, Miss,” Ino explain, “As you can see, those pale creatures can even hear our heart beat. Unless we have a text conversation or perhaps we are smart enough to find such way, we can call it private. Actually, is it really important matter?” he asked.

Erica nodded surely, “For me, it’s very important I think.”

“So you can speak here or maybe you want to speak another time?” he gave her choices.

“I think…it’s uncertain that I shall meet you later,” she said. Then she took a deep breath before she began to continue speak again, “Take me with you,” she said, looking at Ino wrinkling his forehead. “I mean that…I want to be a part of your hunter party. When I saw you fought that night, you’re really amazing. In a second, I’ve become your biggest fan. I adore you. That’s why I really wanted to be your part.”

Ino was quiet for a while, but then he chuckled, “You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“I’ve never been this serious,” Erica said confidently.

Ino quickly stopped his chuckle, “It’s not possible, Miss. There’s many things you can do out there.”

“I want to be a hunter, saving some people from the danger of this world,” she looked so determined, “I’m very good at martial arts for your information. If that’s not enough, I wish you can teach me. Please, Ino, grant my wish!” she said.

“Hunter is an inheritance, Miss, not by nurturing. You must have a blood of hunter if you want to become one. That’s why it’s very impossible for you to come with me. My task is not suitable for a normal human,” Ino explained.

“But, I believe I can do it. I can be very useful I promise. Please, take me in,” she insisted.

Ino sighed, “Please, Miss, stop this pointless conversation. I’m sorry I can’t grant you your wish. You’d better do something else that every normal human does,” without thinking any further, Ino Rays just walked away. He seemed not care about Erica at all. He was a person who never cared to anyone indeed.

Erica was very disappointed. But she knew dealing with a person like Ino Rays needed a very special treatment. “I won’t give up, Ino. Not in a hundred years I swear!” she muttered.

“That girl is really annoying. Has she ever thought that this is not a child game?” Ino laid his head onto Mrs. Damon lap while she was stroked his head. They both were having a little camping under the tree, right in front of the lake at the back of Damon’s mansion. “I can’t let her be in danger by dragging her into my world. She’s just…insane I think,” Ino chuckled while looking at Mrs. Damon’s smiling face. He never acted like that to other people. But to Mrs. Damon, he seemed like he was a very cheerful and friendly person.

Mrs. Damon followed chuckling, “Just ignore her, Ino. You’re right. There’s no way you can drag a human into our world. You should have asked Lyon to compel her to forget about everything she knows now.”

“Actually, I really wanted to do that. But, she begged me not to,” Ino said, “Somehow I regret letting her having those memories,” his expression suddenly changed. He got up and looked at Mrs. Damon in such excitement like he was getting a new brilliant idea, “Why didn’t I think about it?”

Mrs. Damon winced, “Think about what?” she asked.

“I can intimidate her that I shall erase her memories if she keeps bothering me. Isn’t that a great idea?” he said.

Mrs. Damon nodded, “I think so. But you should do it with manner. Okay?” she smiled happily when she looked Ino nodded and smiled back to her.

Ino Rays was too happy spending his time with Mrs. Damon. He didn’t realize that a pair of eyes was watching over him. Those eyes were looked fiercely, full of hatred and jealousy. He was standing behind the window on the second story of Damon’s mansion.

I can’t let this happen! How could Dad ignore this? Is he still blind with his secret ambition that I even don’t know about? This is ridiculous! Why is Mom acting like this? I can never think about what’s in their mind, Frank talked in mind.

With his upset face, he turned around and whooshed to his drawer. He took his cell phone and sent a text. He was lucky, the reply was not as long as he expected. You’re great, Fender, he thought and grinned. He then texted a message again to the number I gave him. After that, he came back to the window, grinning at Ino Rays.

This will annoy you so much, Ino, he thought evilly.

Meanwhile in front of the lake, Ino who didn’t know that Frank had an evil trick toward him was still having his little chit-chat with Mrs. Damon.

“I hear a car arrives,” Mrs. Damon suddenly spoke while looking at the front yard direction.

Ino winced, “Who’s that?”

“Lyon,” Mrs. Damon answered, “I believe he can hear us talking in here,” she assumed.

Her assumption was right. In a second, Lyon had already been in front of them. He looked serious and a little bit nervous. He looked at Ino first and then Mrs. Damon.

Ino quickly stood up and began to be more serious, “Is it about Valley of Lycans?” he asked.

Lyon nodded slowly, “Yes, I want to talk to you both regarding that matter.”

“You had the answer after you went there, didn’t you? And yet, you had just given your intention to tell us now. Would you mind to explain that now?” Ino demanded.

“I’m…I’m sorry, master. But I have my own reason. I have a feeling about when I should talk to you about this. I’m afraid the vision is changing,” Lyon answered.

“Ino,” Mrs. Damon stood up and looked at him, “Don’t intimidate him!” she then looked at Lyon and gently spoke, “Please speak now, Lyon.”

Lyon took a deep breath, “I’m still trying to figure out what it means. I met a woman, a native townsfolk. When I looked at her face, I saw four people,” he said. Mrs. Damon and Ino began to listen more seriously. Lyon inhaled deeply again, “I saw Albert Donovan, Annabelle Manvel, Dmitri Donovan, and the last one…I never expected that I would see him. It was Fender Luts. That figure…was complicated and confusing. I tried hard to solve the puzzle, but I got nothing.”

Ino wrinkled his forehead. He seemed that he was thinking so hard, analyzing the names that Lyon’s mentioned. “Why does that werewolf boy appear? That’s the question I really want to figure out.”

Mrs. Damon looked at Ino and said, “Lyon won’t have that kind of face if he knows the answer. By the way, Lyon…” she looked at the kid, “The question in my mind is that Dmitri Donovan. He left this town long ago. Why appears now? I even don’t expect that he still lives.”

Ino looked at Lyon again, “What else do you see, Lyon?” he asked.

“We’d better talk about it inside. My husband and Frank should join this discussion,” Mrs. Damon said.

“It’s not a bad idea, Milady,” Lyon said and smiled.

It seemed like Mr. Damon and Frank already knew about Mrs. Damon intention. They both had gathered in the library where Gramps Blake spent his most time. Actually, he was there sitting on his rocking chair and reading a magazine.

Mrs. Damon and Lyon entered the room, continued by Ino seconds later.

Gramps Blake stopped reading and took off his glasses, “Well, well, so many people in here. Is there going to be a party?” he asked.

“Is it okay to let this old man stays here while we’re talking?” Ino said.

“Watch your tongue, Boy!” Frank said harshly.

Mrs. Damon stared at Frank and then looked at Ino, “Don’t mind him, Ino. He doesn’t even really understand what we’re talking about. And I hope there’s no violence or harsh words in here. Understand, both of you?”

Ino nodded, “Just continue then?”

“I heard what you’re talking about with Lyon. But could you all explain me more about this?” Mr. Damon finally spoke up.

Lyon raised his left hand, “Milord, let me do this. It all began when I foresaw the Valley of Lycans. When I met a woman there, I saw the face of four people, Lord Albert Donovan, Lord Dmitri Donovan, Lady Annabelle Manvel, and Fender Luts the werewolf. I tried to solve the puzzle created actually by my own mind, but it seemed like I didn’t have any capabilities to do that, Milord.”

Mr. Damon was humming. He thought for a minute analyzing the names that Lyon mentioned, “Three of them are purebloods. They can be related to this case. But, Fender Luts…I’m wondering why. He can’t be related to this swarming of tainted-bloods.”

“Lyon’s vision is random. Perhaps Fender is not related to our problem. It’s not impossible that he would be at Valley of Lycans, considering that he is a werewolf.” Frank explained, “We should better talk about those three.”

“It’s too coincident, isn’t it?” Mr. Damon still felt curious about it.

Mrs. Damon shook her head fast, “It’s not necessary to talk about him. Whatever the reason he appeared in Lyon’s vision, I believe it’s not our business,” she explained, “So, we have to solve this puzzle. Donovan and Manvel, both of them are pureblood. I think the situation is more obvious that the real culprit is a pureblood as we can see there are so many tainted-bloods have appeared until recently.”

Frank exhaled heavily, “I know Lord Albert and Lady Annabelle very well. They both won’t do such things, ever. My suspicious goes to Dmitri.”

“We can’t pick sides now, Frank. The three of them are suspects,” Ino said, he looked at Lyon then and asked, “What else did you see, Lyon?” but Lyon only shook his head. He sighed, “There’s something I really concern besides those suspects. It’s about the right time. We have to know about the right time to act. At this state, we can’t afford to lose the chance to get things right even though we’re not really sure if that chance has already been within our grasp or not,” he explained then looked at Lyon’s again, “That’s why we need you to find more clues, Lyon.”

Frank stared at Lyon who looked so confused. He began to think, more clues? Ino is right. We need more clues and the one who can find clues is only Lyon. But…wait, wait! I think it’s very easy to acquire the clues. Frank cleared his throat, trying to get attention, “I think I have an idea.”

All the eyes suddenly went to him. He took a quite deep breath, “We need Lyon to go meet Lady Annabelle or Lord Albert. But they both mustn’t realize that we are trying to find a clue from them. They must know nothing about this or I’m afraid the vision will change.”

Mr. Damon hummed for a while, “If that’s the case, I think I can make a plan.”

All the vampires there suddenly got distracted by the sound of the car parking in the mansion’s yard. They listened to the movement and voice.

Mrs. Damon winced, “Who’s that girl?” she asked.

Lyon approached Ino and shook Ino’s arm slowly, “Master,” he said after Ino looked at him, “I think the voice of that girl is familiar.”

Frank tried to hide his grin but in his mind, he was laughing. Enjoy it, Ino, he talked in mind.

They were still listening to the girl who wanted to meet Frank Damon. One of the maids led her the way. They both approached the room where everybody was gathering. Those vampires still focused on her until the maid knocked the door.

“Come in, Hilda!” Frank ordered.

The maid, Hilda, opened the door and finally revealed the mysterious guest. “Milord, there’s a girl wanted to meet you.”

Ino’s eyes bugged out when he saw Erica stood up in front of the door and waved her hand. What the hell…It must be Frank’s doing, he suspected. But he didn’t show any particular emotion toward Frank.

Erica confidently stepped inside the room and introduced herself to everyone, “I’m sorry that I barge in without any notice. My name is Erica Reyson and please don’t hide anything because I know the secret about all of you.”

“Is that friend of yours, Frank?” Mr. Damon asked.

“Actually, she’s a friend of Fender, Dad,” Frank replied.

Erica hummed and spoke again, “I actually…do not want to meet Fender or Frank. But…I think I have some business with Ino Rays,” she explained.

“For God’s sake, Woman, we don’t have any business at all!” Ino said directly, almost yelling.

Mrs. Damon looked at Ino and wrinkled her forehead, “You know her too, Ino? I’m curious, Sweetheart. Don’t tell me you make her pregnant,” she guessed.

I never know it’s going to turn out like this. This seems more interesting now, Frank thought.

“She’s the one we’re talking about earlier, Emilia,” he sighed, “I do not want to bring this up actually. But this girl is crazy!” Ino denied. He looked at Erica and stared her fiercely, “Listen, Miss…whatever your name is! Your request is ridiculous. You’d better give it up and go.”

“Well, well, well, what’s happening here? Why the situation becomes tenser? God, I don’t like it,” Gramps Blake spoke and chuckled at the end of his words.

“Ino, I swear to God you can’t get rid of me. Please, I need you to consider it again,” Erica begged.

Mr. Damon finally moved to the center, “Okay, okay. Enough with this unclear situation! What is actually happening between the two of you?” he asked, trying to chill the situation.

“Since I know about this whole supernatural thing, I ask Ino to train me to become a fine hunter,” Erica explained and she quickly talked again when she saw the expression of others, “I know it’s dangerous. But I think I’m strong enough to overcome this,” she added.

Ino sighed, “See?”

“Oh my God, Honey, what are you thinking about?” Mrs. Damon seemed astonished, “What Ino said is right. Your request is nigh impossible.”

“Master,” Lyon called Ino. He saw Ino looked at him and whispered, “May I speak something? But promise me you won’t be angry if you don’t like it.”

Ino sighed again. He sometimes wondered why Lyon always thought that he was going to be angry with him. “Of course not, Lyon!” he said.

He asked Ino to get closer and whispered again, “I think you can accept her request, Master.”

“Why?” Ino asked.

“In my vision, I see her standing with us. Later, she’s going to be very useful for you,” Lyon spoke, “Do you remember why I chose to be sided with you? It’s because I saw myself would be very great in your side. I see the same thing with her. It’s just for your consideration, Master. You can always decide,” he said.

Ino looked at Lyon right in his eyes. He put his hands onto Lyon’s shoulder, a little bit crooked because Lyon was shorter than him. “Are you sure about this?” he whispered.

“I’m never sure about what I see, Master. Future can be changed. But at least, it can help you to find a way,” Lyon explained.

Ino got off his hands from Lyon’s shoulder and looked at everyone. Those who could hear it were staring at him without any comments. Should I really trust Lyon’s words this time? But he’s proven worthy until now, Ino thought, facing a dilemma in his heart.

“So, Ino, what do you want to do with this girl?” Mr. Damon started the conversation.

“I think I’ve made a decision,” Ino said, making the situation became so damn tenser. “This kid is my advisor,” he said while pointing at Lyon, “He said that I should grant her wish, and I think I won’t risk a thing by not following his advice,” he explained.

Hearing what she was hearing then, Erica seemed very excited, even though she didn’t express it too much. “Really?” she said.

“You want to take my offer or not, Miss?” Ino said harshly.

But it didn’t diminish Erica’s spirit. She even looked more excited, “Of course I do!” she said.

“Then you must know that you have to be ready for all the consequences. Are you ready to give up your world? Your old life? Because everything you’ll face from now on is beyond your imagination,” Ino took it seriously.

There’s no turning back, Erica. Why do you have to be scared after all of this, Erica thought. Ino’s seriousness made her nervous. His glance in his eyes was frightening her. But she tried to hang on. It was impossible for her to take back her words after all the spirits she had previously.

She nodded even her heart was pounding so hard, “I’ll do anything, as long as I’m with you.”

In the seriousness of the situation, Mrs. Damon suddenly chuckled, made everyone paying attention to her, “No wonder that she will give up her life for this,” she commented.

Erica realized that she had slipped her tongue.

The situation turned out bad for Frank. He quickly left the room by whooshing very fast outside. He whooshed out of his mansion, until he thought it was far enough from their ears.

In the woods by himself, Frank picked his cell phone and quickly called someone. It was me.

I sighed when I saw Frank called me again. I was still wondering why she asked for Erica’s number. I figured that he would talk about that again. I picked up the phone and greeted him, “Hello, Frank!”

“Fender, I’m so sorry. I think I have made a mistake,” Frank suddenly told me that. I was confused of course. What kind of mistake that he made, that was the question in my mind. I didn’t speak anything until finally he continued his words. “It’s about Erica,” he said.

I’ve figured, I thought.

He then continued, “It’s because of that damn kid Ino Rays. I hate him! He stole my life, my family, everything!”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down! Tell me what he has done with this,” I said.

“I told her that Ino was in my house so that she would come. We know that Ino thought Erica as a nuisance, and I thought that if Erica came to my house, I could get revenge on him. But I was wrong. There’s a circumstance that I didn’t figure, which led Ino Rays to finally accept her request,” he explained.

Those words were startling me, a lot! “What?” I almost shouted, “What? What? Are you serious about this, Frank? You know you led her into her graves?” I was mad.

“I know! I know that, Fender! But…I told you that was my mistake and I regret that,” he said.

“God! I’ve told her that she should give up on her crazy thought. But she’s too headstrong,” I sighed. I couldn’t blame him either about this. That was Erica’s wish and no one could stop that, except Ino refused her. But when then Ino accepted her, there was nothing we could do.

I felt a bit sorry for what Frank was feeling. He seemed so desperate and regretful.

“So what now, Fender?” he asked.

“It’s her choice, right? There’s nothing we can do about this,” I told him.

My mother asked me to buy groceries, and it was suck. I parked my bike in front of the groceries store, several blocks from my house. That night was quiet. Moonlight Hills was not really a crowded town, but it was quieter. I didn’t know what happened, but I wasn’t wondering why.

When I opened the door, the sound dang and a few people there immediately looked at me for a second, and then ignored me again. They were busy with their own business.

First off all, I took my notes from my pocket and looked what I needed to buy. It was some vegetables on my first list. I went to the vegetables section where everything looked so green after I picked the trolley.

I put some cabbages and some greenish leaves into my trolley and then I looked again to my notes. My mom needed some seasoning then. Fortunately, it was next to the vegetables section. I picked a jar of pepper and looked at its label. But something happened then…

Perhaps it was because of quiet situation that day. I heard something. I mean…I heard someone screamed. I tried to focus on my hearing because three women were having a chit-chat and laughed out loud near me. The sound of cashier machine also distracted me.

I heard that. That was a woman screamed and cried for help.

I quickly threw the jar into its original place and ran outside. I didn’t care that some people looked at me oddly because of my behavior.

I still remember where the sound came from. It’s about two blocks from there. The scream disappeared but I could hear like someone was chewing on something. My feeling was worse after that and I fastened my steps.

Oh, my God, I talked in mind.

I was there when a vampire chewed on a woman’s neck like a dog eating a meat. He got to be very busy that he ignored when I came approaching him. I was very late then.

Frankly, I was afraid. But I did realize that I was a werewolf, a small pest like him would never be any obstacle for me so that I encouraged myself. I stepped forward cautiously.

It seemed like he had already finished draining the woman’s body. He then suddenly looked at me, showing his face which was covered by blood a lot. He stood up and looked at me fiercely. He got to think that I was his unlucky next victim, perhaps waiting for me to scream or run off.

Suddenly, he whooshed toward me without hesitation. But I wasn’t the old and weak Fender anymore. In one catch, I successfully grabbed his neck and slammed him to the ground very hard. He screamed like a woman, never imagined that he would be the one who did that.

I showed him my fangs and my gold eyes, and then I was ready to rip his heart out with my claws. But then I realized something.

I need him alive, I thought.

I didn’t know back then how to make him conscious without killing him. I couldn’t think any longer so I did hit his head hard vertically like slapping and he suddenly passed out. I thought firstly that I killed him. But I tried to make sure again. I got my head closed to his chest. I heard something, very low even to my super hearing. I studied what that was. I thought that I broke his neck earlier. Then I remembered Hail did the same to Frank at that time when I thought that she killed him.

It’s his heartbeat. So it should be this close and in very quiet condition that even werewolf to hear a vampire’s heartbeat.

I smiled, he’s alive, I relieved.

I didn’t care if my hands were full of blood. I quickly grabbed my phone then. I called Ivan immediately. “Ivan, I have great news for you.”

Ivan’s voice sounded so lazy, “What’s that?” he asked.

“You should come here quickly. I don’t know until when I’m able to keep him unconscious,” I talked passionately.

“What are you talking about?” he was confused.

“I think we’re lucky today. I get the ingredients that we’re looking for this time, a vampire alive that is ready to be sacrificed,” I grinned widely.

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