Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Retrieve the Moonstone

I looked at that vampire who was dragged by me. He looked so miserable with so many Hawthorn prickles around his body. Ivan pierced him with those so that he couldn’t easily move and struggle.

We walked through the quiet forest. Ivan walked while carrying the book. Sometimes he opened it and read.

“Where actually will we go, Ivan?” I asked him with my bored face.

He, who walked in front of me, turned around his face, “Valley of Lycans. Do you know that place?” he asked me back.

I winced, “There?”

“Have been there before?” Ivan asked me again.

“That place is where I trained with Hail. We didn’t actually stay there, but we often went there,” I explained, “What else do you know about that place? And how that related to this?” I gave him another two questions altogether.

He looked to the front again, “We’ll go to the cave within the deep of Valley of Lycans. Native townsfolk call it Black Fang. Based on this book, it’s the place where the moon stone is hidden,” he explained.

So we’ll go there, to the Black Fang cave, I thought.

We spent more than one and a half hour to enter the deep of Valley of Lycans by foot. Sometimes we ran fast, but sometimes we walked slowly and took a breath. But finally, after we passed through a very long and tiring journey, we stood in front of the cave that Ivan claimed to be the Black Fang.

I remembered that place. I walked passed there several times when I was with Hail.

“Feeling familiar?” Ivan asked me and I only nodded while still looking the cave entrance. He asked me again, “Ready to get inside?”

I looked at him next to me, “Do you think we’re going here just to stand in front of the cave? Let’s go inside!” I said.

We both entered the cave. It was very dark. The forest outside was thick and there was no light from the sky. Thus, even in the very entrance the situation was very dark. For us werewolf, we could still see in the darkness. But it was too dark. We still need a light even just a little.

I winced, realizing that I saw something attached on the cave wall. “It’s a torch. No! There are some torches on the wall,” I said.

Ivan finally realized that too, “I remember I bring a match in my pocket,” he said and lighted it up.

I sighed. Why didn’t he do it sooner, I thought.

But when he touched the torch with his bare hand, it lit up by itself and so did the others. We both were so surprised then. The torches were lined against the wall. It was about a hundred meters perhaps between the entrance to the very corner of that cave.

Ivan shut the match off and sighed, “It’s all magic’s doing. Actually I have felt it since the beginning I entered this cave. Do you?”

“I don’t know if it’s magic or not. I just felt a little bit strange, like I was in the middle of thick fog for a moment,” I said.

“That’s magic,” he explained and walked away.

I followed him from behind until we reach the very edge of that cave. I saw Ivan opened the book again and read it. He kept turning the pages until finally he stopped. While the book was opened on his hand, he seemed like he was searching for something detail.

I didn’t ask anything, just waiting for him to tell me what he was doing.

He suddenly stopped at one area of the wall. I winced, looking at what he was looking at. The cave wall was a little bit different if I examined it. The color is darker than any others.

I heard Ivan saying something. “Thihirta numea!” he mumbled.

He looked at me then, raising his shoulders. There was nothing happened.

“Have you already followed the right path?” I asked.

“I have followed every word in it,” he said.

But actually, what we had to do was only waiting for a little longer. As we argued if we have already done the right thing, there something surprised us again.

The cave was shaking a little like a quite minor earthquake. After several seconds, it stopped. Suddenly Ivan shouted.

“Hey, look at that!” he said.

I looked at to the floor where Ivan pointed. It was not in there before, but then I saw a circle crafting like a pentagram, but it wasn’t like that precisely I presumed. I looked at Ivan who was examining it, “What’s that?” I asked.

He looked at me again while in his squat position, “This is the key I think.”

I actually didn’t quite understand to see that thing as a key. But I pretended that I knew about it.

He searched on the pages again, and when he found it, he quickly stood up and looked at the dying vampire. “We must do it fast before this vampire dies,” he said. I didn’t asked anything, just seeing pull the vampire and put him inside the circle. That circle was quite big so that it fit the vampire’s body inside it.

The vampire was still having his consciousness, but he could barely move. Actually, I couldn’t stand seeing someone dying like that. I felt so damn guilty.

“Do we have to kill him?” I asked.

“Are you joking, Fender? He’s about to be sacrificed. What else do you think we’re going to do?” Ivan said, “Nothing can save him, Fender. He will be killed by those hunters or noble vampires anyway. He’s a tainted-blood, some who already being consumed by human’s blood. He can’t be saved. You don’t have to feel so bad about this.”

I nodded after hearing his very long sentences, “Okay, let’s proceed,” I said, “By the way, we’re no mage. Can we do it without one?” I asked.

“I think so. You’ve seen me have this progress so far, right?” he explained. He then turned the pages again and stopped in one point. He examined it carefully, and read it loudly. It was the language I’ve never heard before. “Akhkharu, edin na zu!” he mumbled.

The next thing happened was something that startled me the most. I didn’t know whether Ivan knew about what was going to happen, but that was so inhuman. As he finished casting that kind of spell or something like that, a flame suddenly appeared inside the circle, roasting the vampire who was lying inside it. He screamed in agony, seemed so painful.

I tried to keep away my sight from him, but I could still hear his scream. God, I really couldn’t bear that situation.

The screaming was finally stopped, signing that he died already. I looked at his body and felt nausea. He was roasted dryly like a crispy fish. The flame was still burning on the circle. Slowly, the fire was fading bit by bit until only smoke came out from his corpse.

“I’d prefer killing him instantly, Ivan,” I said.

Ivan looked at me and raised his shoulder. It seemed that he didn’t know either about what would happen.

A tremor suddenly happened again. That time it was a little big bigger than the previous one. We saw a wall in front of us opened like an automatic door. A small room was revealed.

Without hesitation, Ivan quickly stepped inside the room. I wondered if the room had many traps in there. But it seemed that it was safe when I saw Ivan roaming the room without something bad happened.

I got in, looking at the altar at the center of the room. I saw it, a stone with the color of grayish white like a full moon, lying on the altar. We both looked at it and stared at each other after that.

“Is it the moonstone?” I asked.

“What else could it be?” Ivan answered. With cautious, he tried to pick it up. I was scared too, but when he successfully took it, nothing happened. “I think we have to get out from here immediately,” he said.

I nodded quickly, “I couldn’t agree more,” I said.

But before we began to step out, we heard someone approaching us. That someone ran throughout the cave entrance to where we were standing. We got out the room and waited for that one. A silhouette appeared. We were a little bit startled. It was a woman.

The woman was dressing like native townsfolk, very brown and leathery. She had brown complexion, like all the native townsfolk were, black long hair, and a very dark and sharp eyes looking at us. I was wondering who that woman was.

She looked at the corpse and seemed quite shocked, “You! What have you done?” she asked.

“You know about supernatural, right?” I asked.

“I am supernatural, Werewolves!” she explained, “Now tell me what have you done to that moonstone! You mustn’t acquire that dangerous thing. Oh, God, what will happen now?” she seemed distressed.

I winced in confusion, “How do you know about this moonstone and we are werewolves? Who are you actually?” I asked.

“My name is Cava, a guardian of the Valley of Lycans. When I felt the tremor earlier, I knew something bad was happening. Do you realize that what you are doing now is prohibited? Do you realize what kind of danger that will happen if you take that stone from its slumber?” she was upset.

“I know about the ability of this stone. This thing turned an entire village into alphas long ago,” Ivan explained, “You’re not a werewolf. How can you know about this?” he asked.

Cava sighed, “I’m a guardian of this valley. Of course I know about this. You’re right that I’m not a werewolf. Actually, I’m a witch. But one of my ancestors was a human that turned into a werewolf long ago. You don’t know the history why that moonstone was sealed in this cave.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Are both of you purebred? Because if you’re not, it’s impossible for you to decipher the languages,” she asked. I told her that Ivan was the purebred. She looked at Ivan and studied him, “You must know that the tale about the God that cursed an entire village was wrong, right?”

Ivan nodded, “I know many things about the past after I read this book,” he explained.

“It was that moonstone. The source of its power is from the devil, that’s why the first werewolves felt that it must be destroyed. But it couldn’t be destroyed. They kept that dangerous thing too long. Some of them were corrupted and wanted to use it over and over so that they could dominate the entire world. But some of them still had their sense. They realized that the first purpose of using that moonstone was only to get rid of vampires, not to conquer the world,” Cava said.

“Did they succeed?” I asked. Cava asked me back about what I meant about succeeding. “I mean, the corrupted one, did they create another wave of alphas?” I asked the detail.

She nodded slowly, “Twice,” she answered, “All of them were alphas and as long as the moonstone kept its existence, all the werewolves would become corrupted. Those good ones asked the witches to get rid of the moonstone. Finally they found a way to hide the moonstone here in the cave, and created that grimoire, a vampire’s soul, and a werewolf existence as the key,” she then pointed at Ivan who carried the moonstone, “You, Purebred, you should put the moonstone back to its chamber! I can close the door again.”

Ivan was quiet for a moment. He stepped back and seemed resisted. I didn’t know why he acted like that. He hid that moonstone behind his back and looked angry.

God, what happened with him, I asked myself.

“No, it’s not how the thing works. I can make this stone useful!” he insisted.

“Don’t you realize that the stone has already corrupted you, Purebred?” Cava shouted.

I looked at Ivan in confusion and then looked at Cava, “Miss, does that thing work so fast?” I asked.

“The grimoire! It has the power to corrupt also. That’s why werewolves shouldn’t have that book. You should take back his sense, Mutt, before it’s too late!” she ordered me.

I didn’t know why she suddenly asked something that I didn’t know about. But she asked me to speak, and then I speak, “Ivan! Don’t be ridiculous! If that thing is as dangerous as she speak of, we must return it.”

Ivan looked at me. From that moment, I know his eyes were different. “You are ridiculous, Fender. Think about what we can do with this stone.”

Cava was right, Ivan was corrupted. I realized then why I also easily agreed with his crazy idea, to retrieve the moonstone even though it was very make sense that the moonstone was an evil thing. Ivan read the grimoire by himself so that his corrupted mind was worse than me.

I didn’t know if my words could make him back to his sense, but I didn’t give up trying. “Ivan, listen to me! Listen to me now! You are corrupted! Do you want to be like this? Do you want to make others suffer because of your foolish desire? Think about it!”


“There’s no but, Ivan!” I shouted at him, “We must stop this! Now!”

His expression changed a little bit. He seemed like he was thinking, that his common sense was back to his brain.

“Are you listening to me?” I asked him again.

“I’m listening to you, Fender, but…don’t you hear that?” he asked me back.

I winced, set my ear to the fullest, and then I realized that something bigger was approaching us. I sniffed and at the moment, I knew it was a big danger. I didn’t know how she knew about our presence there. She was there in the cave, and I thought in a few seconds later, she would appear.

“Hail Dale?” I muttered.

A while before I get my step into the cave, Frank and the others had their own mission to be accomplished. Both he and Annabelle walked slowly through the woods of Valley of Lycans. Annabelle knew that she was a suspect since Mr. Damon and Lyon met him previously and realized that she was one of those who appeared in Lyon’s mission. But she made sure to them that she was clean so that she followed whatever they wanted her to do. Furthermore for Annabelle, she wouldn’t waste her chance just to be alone with Damon’s boy.

They’re waiting there. I wonder if something amiss will happen, he thought.

He looked at Annabelle who seemed so happy. He didn’t think that Annabelle would be related to that tainted-blood problem. Even though she was kind of annoying, but he knew that she had a very good heart. But the clue forced him to treat her as a suspect, though he was sure that Annabelle wasn’t the culprit.

They kept walking and Annabelle didn’t stopped talking about how beautiful that night was and how happy she felt at that time. While Frank, yeah…you know…he didn’t really fond of talking.

“Actually, it’s better for us to stay here in the forest and having a lovey-dovey moment, Handsome,” Annabelle tease him. But Frank just looked at her and shook his head slowly. She sighed in disappointment, “Just tell me how long will we get there.”

“You just can see it through my head, Milady,” Frank told him politely.

She looked so sullen, “You know, Handsome, it’s very annoying if anyone said that to me. Actually, I don’t like peeking into people’s mind. But if you asked me to, then I’ll try to figure out myself,” she sighed.

While kept walking, Frank exhaled heavily, “It’s close already, Milady. Please don’t speak anything until then.”

Frank was right. A lone house seemed not far from where they were walking. They didn’t make it fast, just walking normally like a human did. Annabelle took it more serious then and didn’t speak anything, following Frank’s lead from behind.

Whose house is that? It’s not the part of the reservation around here. Perhaps it’s the house of the guardian of this valley, Annabelle thought. There was a story among supernatural that Valley of Lycans had its own guardian. But since that place was very remote and even supernatural besides werewolves didn’t want to spend much time around there, not many people knew about what the guardian was.

The house was quite small, made mostly from the woods. There was a smoke from the chimney. Perhaps there’s someone inside, she thought.

Frank stepped closer to the door and knocked three times. Annabelle who stood beside him was only giving a sign through her face. Frank didn’t reply anything but looked back at her.

In less than a minute, the door was finally opened. A woman with native-looking clothes showed and winced, “Are you his cousin? I don’t know you will bring another,” she asked.

Frank wrinkled his forehead back, “Whose cousin?” he asked back.

The women turned around and shouted, “Hey, Vampire! It seems that these ones are not the one that we expect,” she said.

“Ma’am, can we get inside?” Annabelle asked.

The woman looked at Annabelle, “I’m not letting some random vampires get inside my house easily! Tell me what your business here!”

But before Annabelle or Frank figured about what answer they should come up with, Albert Donovan finally showed up. He looked at Frank and Annabelle in confusion, “What are you two doing here?” he asked.

“What about you, Milord?” Frank asked back.

“Let’s talk inside,” Albert offered. He then talked to the woman, “Cava, please let them in. They’re my fellows,” he asked.

The woman whose name Cava finally nodded. She looked at them both and said, “You both can come in,” she then got inside again while Albert followed her.

Frank tried to put his first step inside the house slowly. And when nothing happened, he continued further. Annabelle kept following him. They got to the inside, a small area like a living room with some chairs and a fireplace burning. There was one room on the right and one on the left. Judging from the size of that house, the rooms got to be very small.

Albert, who had already sat on the chair, began the conversation, “Now, could you please tell me your story?” he asked.

“You told me first what you are doing here, Albert,” Annabelle asked.

Albert sighed, “It seems that I cannot argue with you, Annabelle. To be honest, I’m here for a witch potion.”

Frank looked at the woman. So, she is a witch, he thought.

“I’m a guardian of this valley, who is actually a witch. I’m a potion trader,” Cava explained.

Frank looked at Annabelle and gave her a sign. Annabelle nodded and quickly replied, “He’s just dealing with this woman to do their potion trading. Not more,” she explained.

Albert quickly stood up and seemed mad, “Hey, what is this actually about? I don’t understand! Annabelle never tried to peek on my mind without talking about that! What’s going on?”

Annabelle suddenly talked to him hardly, “Shut up, Albert!” she then turned back and seemed like she was analyzing something, “Someone is approaching,” she said.

There was no one talking among us then. Albert, who seemed very upset, tried to stay silent. Annabelle had a quite sensitive hearing while Frank and Albert didn’t notice about someone approaching.

“It might be him. Dmitri!” Albert whispered.

I talked without a sound to Albert. Please don’t talk about us both now, I said and then I put my fingers onto my lips. He nodded agree. We all were waiting for that someone who was getting nearer.

The sound of the steps stopped in front of the door. The situation was getting tenser.

“Open the door. It’s me. Dmitri!” he shouted from the outside.

I looked at the woman, asking her to let him in. Cava agreed without any question. She went to the door and opened it. We heard they were talking outside. Cava let him in and they began to walk into where we gathered.

It was him, Dmitri Donovan! He was very confused seeing Annabelle and Frank were there with his cousin.

“I don’t know that it’s very crowded here,” he said, still watched at us in confusion.

Frank looked at Annabelle. He knew that Annabelle was trying to get the information. His eyes got a little bit larger when he saw there was a changing expression in Annabelle’s face.

“He’s the one!” Annabelle whispered.

Albert looked at Annabelle and winced, “What do you mean he’s the one, Annabelle? What are you talking about now?” he looked confused.

Annabelle pointed Dmitri straightly, “You are the one who created those tainted-bloods! You are the culprit, Dmitri!”

Dmitri seemed very shocked when Annabelle accused him that. He stepped back slowly, a little bit grinning. In other side, Donovan seemed even more shocked to know his cousin was the criminal. He couldn’t accept that really.

Donovan shook his head a bit, “No! This can’t be!”

“So, this is a trap? How dare you?” Dmitri began to show his true face. He knew about Annabelle’s ability and there was no point to hide his crime anymore. Facing the three of them might cause him got captured and everything that he had planned could be destroyed in second. I must flee, he thought. And without delaying any second, he whooshed back out the door.

But, he didn’t realize that the trap was very perfect made for him. He stopped right in front of the house, seeing some people standing in front of him in confusion.

“How…” he was confused because he couldn’t feel their presence before.

Sergey Jackson chuckled cockily with his annoying face, “Surprised? You must be!”

“How couldn’t I notice you? This many…” he paused and thought, “Impossible!” he shouted angrily.

“Thanks to the stealth potion I made by myself, we have the same ability as the hunter. God, I’m so proud of myself!” he was bragging, and Ino could only sighed seeing the idiocy of his big brother.

Mr. Damon, who was also in presence, stared at freaking out Dmitri, “I’ve heard everything, Dmitri! You will be punished because of what you’ve done! There’s no point in running because that mage has shielded this place. You are captured, Dmitri Donovan!”

Frank, Albert, Annabelle, and Cava showed right behind him. Albert still couldn’t believe what his cousin did. Cava felt something like a trembling and she suddenly sensed some dangers around her place. But the shield in that place prevented her to go. And also, she got caught in the middle of something that she even couldn’t think about before. But others seemed didn’t care about the other thing happened.

“Dmitri! Tell me this is wrong!” he said, but he knew that Annabelle didn’t have any advantages in lying about his cousin. “Why, Dmitri? Why?” he asked.

Ino pointed his sword to the criminal, “There’s nothing can forfeit your sin, Vampire! You’ll die here in my hands!”

But what Ino said was too early. There was something that they didn’t even imagine before. In a sudden, Sergey was screaming in agony. He shouted that he was suddenly under the illusion binding.

Annabelle looked at Albert and told him to stop. Frank and Mr. Damon wanted to act quickly, but it was too late. Dmitri took a very slight chance he had. In a second, after he realized that the shield is weakened, he burst through the barrier and gone.

Mr. Damon was late. He caught Donovan’s neck and strangled him. Frank wanted to chase after Dmitri, but he realized that it was impossible.

“What have you done you idiot?” Mr. Damon pushed Albert to the wall.

“I’m sorry, Lord Damon,” Albert seemed regretful.

Sergey stood up and looked at him angrily after he was released for the binding, “You are the flaw!” he shouted and pointed at Albert.

But Ino was the one who was madder among them. Seeing the criminal fled from his grasp was something that he couldn’t accept and he would settle that thing to that who interfered. “You betray us!” he was ready to swing his sword.

Mr. Damon quickly held Ino from going further, “Stop, Ino! Don’t make the situation worse!”

“Stay away, Bernard! I can’t tolerate such action!” he whispered.

“He just can’t think straight. It was his family. I can understand why he did that. For us, pureblood member is very precious. We can’t afford to lose even one of us. Please understand! Don’t blame this to Albert!” Mr. Damon explained.

But Ino still insisted, “I don’t care about vampire’s feeling. I’m going to crush everyone who upset the balance of this world. That’s what hunters do, Bernard!” he said.

Still trying to hold him, Mr. Damon sighed, “Please, I just want you to understand that this is not Albert who should be put the blame on. Will you do the same if my wife defends me when I upset the balance of this world? Will you kill her also?” he got the weapon to make Ino thinking twice about attacking Albert. Yeah, the weapon was very effective. Ino was quiet for a while, still looking back at Mr. Damon. “We’re going to capture him. Now that we have already known about who is the culprit, it’s going to be a lot easier. Okay?”

“I have your word then, Bernard. You must make this thing right quickly or…I will accuse the whole Donovan family for the treachery,” Ino warned him.

“I’m still wondering how you could be here without us noticed,” Cava started another conversation, “I’ve heard about someone mentioned a potion before.”

Sergey laughed cockily, “It’s my secret formula and I call it stealth potion. I created it myself and it’s very complicated. It uses the blood of hunter so that we can absorb their stealth ability. But it’s not only the blood of hunter that we need…”

Ino quickly looked at Sergey and cut his words, “Where’s the point that you said it’s a secret, Moron? Don’t talk too much or I will make you don’t talk at all! That potion is forbidden!” he then looked at Cava, “I know you are a potion trader, Woman, and what you heard earlier must have you tingled. But I warn you, this is not something you want to accomplish!” he said, “Let’s go, Sergey! We have many things to do!”

They both begin to leave. The others were watching Ino scolded him while they’re away.

Sergey Jackson! He’s not only the master of shielding spell, but also a master of potion creating. I must have an eye on him. But Ino Rays, he’s a big difficulty, Cava thought in mind.

“Are you out of your mind, Albert? What you have done was not only endanger yourself, but also your entire family!” Annabelle scolded him.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t let Dmitri dies!” Albert said.

“I understand your feeling, Albert. But it’s his own choice to be like that. You know that what he’s done is forbidden. Nothing can save him from our judgment,” Annabelle said, “Your pureblood member is more than any of us. Losing one is not really a great deal!”

Albert still had his body leaning against the wall. He then sat down and looked so desperate. Frank looked at him with pity. He never saw Albert felt that way for the last hundred years.

Frank squatted next to him, putting his hand onto Albert’s shoulder. He didn’t say anything, just showing that he concerned deeply about what he was feeling.

Cava sighed and began to talk, “Actually, I felt something amiss happened in this area. But what happen between you prevents me to go. I’m afraid you all will destroy my place if there was a fray here. Can you guarantee my place’s safety while I’m gone?”

“I’m sorry you have to be dragged into this, Ma’am. But I’m sure there’s nothing going to happen. You can go as you wish,” Frank said.

Cava nodded once. Without delaying any further, she quickly ran to the place where I and Ivan were trying to retrieve the stone.

Hail, still in his fully-shifted mode, strangled the weakened Ivan onto the wall. Ivan couldn’t defend himself. There was blood over his face and body. An alpha’s attack was very fatal to us betas. Even to me, she did it very cruelly. I laid down without moving, feeling my consciousness began to fade slowly. I even couldn’t feel my pain too much. She pierced my stomach with her claw and I was nothing compared to her. I felt like my training was useless.

The witch woman, Cava, was still trying to struggle with her pain. She was bleeding on her shoulder. Hail didn’t hurt her too much. But that wound had already weakened her a lot. She was just gasping while leaning against the wall.

Ivan was moaning in agony, while Hail still studying at him with her bright red eyes.

Hail ripped Ivan’s jacket and took the moonstone from his possession. She then let him loose until he fell down and looked miserable.

“No! Don’t take the moonstone! It will corrupt you!” Cava shouted. But Hail didn’t care about that. “Tonitrua lucem!” Cava attacked her with a lightning strike. But she was too weak. Hail could easily dodge that attack. She ran quickly to the witch and swayed a quick attack from her fist.

Blood was scattered when Cava’s head was hit by the claws. She collapsed and for the moment, I thought that she was dead. But she didn’t. I could still hear her very weak pulse, but I didn’t know how long it would last. I was trying to regain my consciousness. Even though it was hard, I managed to move a bit.

I head another step getting closer. Hail turned her head to the source of the sound. It was still blurred at the beginning, but I finally could sit on my ass and leaned against the wall. My sight was getting better. I saw a man carrying a coat.

He was a middle-aged man, but I didn’t know his true age since I realized that he was a werewolf. Moreover, I began to know that he was an alpha. I was shocked, knowing that there was another alpha besides Hail. There was a scar on his left eye, making his appearance scarier.

Hail reverted back to his normal naked body and the man threw the coat to her. She put the coat on and smiled to that man, “So…you decided to come after all.”

He chuckled, “I don’t want to miss all the fun here. All I did was just waiting for you and that was boring!”

Hail threw the stone and he caught it, “Keep it safe. There’s something I want to talk about with him,” she said as she looked at me. I didn’t speak a thing, just seeing her approaching me. She smiled on me, but I hate that. “I’m sorry that I hurt you, Sweetheart,” she was then getting closer to my face and kissed me on the lips, “You always betray me but I never hate you. Actually, I really want to hate you, Fender. But whatever you think about me, I still think about you as my pack. Don’t forget that!”

“What do you want to do with the stone, Hail?” I asked.

“It’s none of your business unless you stop betraying me. However, it’s useless now,” she sighed.

I grabbed her hand, “No, don’t take it, Hail! Please…you know that it can corrupt us. Don’t make this world any worse that it already has.”

“See you later, Sweetie. Hope you will join me someday,” she then got up and walked away.

I saw her and that man went away, leaving us behind and taking the stone.

I shouted to her, “Hail, stop! Don’t go! Don’t take it! Hail!” But it seemed that she didn’t care about me.

“I don’t know why you are very fond of him, Hail. You know he can be your weakness, don’t you?” the man said. Both of them walked along the riverside, at the very corner of Valley of Lycans. The only sound that could be heard was the water flowing to the valley.

Hail sighed. She nodded, “You don’t have to say that, Casey. I know what I’m doing.”

“I just want to remind you, Hail, don’t ruin our plan!” the man whose name was revealed as Casey warned her, “We have gone this far, but we’re still stuck. I can’t believe that those hunters quickly had an action.”

“From the beginning, we had a very wrong time to move, Casey,” Hail said, “We didn’t realize that Ino Rays was stationed here. He is the root of our problem. But confronting him means suicide. We have to stay low and avoid any casualties by Ino Rays and those hunters.”

As they walked farther up, they saw two men waiting under the big lone tree right at the side of the river. They both looked so mysterious and eerie. One of them stood up when he saw Hail and Casey appeared.

“I hope you can retrieve that stone, Siblings,” the young one said, the one who had a pair of red eyes, glowing in the darkness. He still sat on the stone right under the tree.

Another one, the quiet old man, walked outside the shadow of the tree, revealing his face, “How’s the situation, Hail, Casey?” he asked.

Hail pick the stone from her coat and threw it to the man standing in front of him, “We can retrieve it, Mr. Andrew,” she said cockily. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking at the man who was examining the stone. The stone was shining, reflecting the bright moonlit from above. She kept looking at him, wondering what he would do to that stone. “What are you looking for?” she asked again.

Mr. Andrew stared back at Hail. He winced. His forehead was wrinkled like a folded satin, thinking very hard. It seemed that he has no idea about what he was going to do with that stone.

Hail knew that the man didn’t have enough knowledge to examine the stone. She sighed, underestimating him. “Do you know how to make that thing work, Mr. Andrew?” she asked again.

“Where’s the grimoire, Hail?” he asked.

Hail paused. She was thinking hard. She remembered that she left the grimoire on the ground, thinking that the book didn’t mean anything anymore since the moonstone was already in her grasp. She looked at Casey and the both were staring at each other.

She exhaled heavily, “I left that thing beside that Jovanov boy,” she paused again and the others were staring at here, made her so awkward. “I don’t think that the book is useful!” she defended herself.

The young guy, who was still sitting under the tree, finally stepped out from the shadow. He laughed like he was watching a comedy opera. “Never finished what you started, Hail! And you, Casey, you’re as dumb as her!” she mocked them both.

“Shut your mouth, Ansem!” Hail shouted at him. She then looked at Mr. Andrew and sighed again, “So, what do you want me to do? Is it useless without that stupid book? I don’t think I can go back there to retrieve the book now,” she explained.

Mr. Andrew shook his head, even though he felt quite upset and disappointed. “Actually, my fellow clan’s mates can examine it. It needs time, but we have no choice,” he said.

The Ansem guy laughed again. He didn’t look so scary as an alpha werewolf because of his attitude. He stepped forward, getting closer to the gathering. “We’re not going to take over the world. We just want to create soma alphas to destroy those vampires and the founder family. I’m sure it can wait. And…it’s not like the world is going to end tomorrow,” he said, with chuckling in every word of his.

Hail suddenly remembered about something quite important, something that had helped her since the beginning. But that made her happy about the pending matter due to her stupidity. “Where’s the ghost?” she asked, looking around where the ghost might appear.

“Just come out, Ms. Denver!” Mr. Andrew instructed.

From the woods, in the darkness, a faint woman figure appeared slowly, feeling so afraid to come out like a scaredy cat. Everybody was watching her approaching in a very slow motion. Eve Denver was finally revealed that she had an affair with Hail and her group.

Hail grinned like a bad guy, looking at those who stared back at her. “We don’t have to worry with her in our side. She is our spy and even supernatural can’t sense a ghost.”

“Your idea about making a ghost our spy is really incredible, Hail!” Casey said.

However, they didn’t realize that another pair of faint eyes was watching them from the woods. As Hail said about wandering spirit, no supernatural can sense their presence until they showed up. The ghost was eavesdropping, hearing all their plans about what they were going to do next.

In a very cautious move, Angelica Brownwood, the ghost who peeked on them, spoke in her mind, Fender and the others must know about this.

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