Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Norah Levin, one of the most beautiful hunters I’d ever met, stepped into the corridor of Moonlight High with a big sigh. Another day when I have to meet Fender again, she complained to the world. She began her steps, passing through a group of female fairies. They were infamous with their pranks among supernatural. But of course they hadn’t even a single gut to take on Norah. They just smiled very friendly to her, such attitude that they didn’t give to others.

She hated every situation when she remembered of me. There was no chance that our relationship could be saved, perhaps. But I never thought in my mind that I would give up easily.

Just when she was thinking about me, I walked slowly from the direction of my locker, had been finished preparing my book for my first class. I walked wearily, with my hand leaning against the wall. My steps were a little bit limping, trying to hold my pain.

I haven’t told anything about my story after Hail attacked us the previous night. Ivan was very severe. I believed he didn’t go to school that day. Some witches, friends of the woman named Cava who tried to stop me from retrieving the moonstone. She was badly injured too after the last blow from Hail on her. But still, Ivan was the one who was in the brink of death.

We were saved by healing magic from the witch fellows of Cava. But for us a werewolf, getting a wound from the alpha was not a simple matter. Hail impaled me in the stomach and that wound was still open. That was why I was feeling not very healthy. I didn’t want to make my parents worry if I didn’t go to school, nor let them knowing that there was a big scar in my stomach.

I did notice that there was Norah watching at me. I tried to feel like I was better and nothing happened. I smiled at her widely, but she pretended that she didn’t notice me. She knew that I would come to her so that she fastened her step, but I didn’t give up. I quickly caught her by blocking her way, didn’t care about my pain. She sighed, not talking even a single word. She just threw away her sight from me. “Look at this pretty girl here! Walking alone with no one accompany her. Until when will you keep staying alone like this, Sweetheart?” I teased her.

She looked at me then, angrily, “I’d rather be alone!” she said. She was still stone-headed. I hated that when she pretended that she didn’t care about me. She said herself that she still loved me back then.

But I didn’t move away. I still blocked her although she was trying to get pass me. Until her patience was disappeared, she pushed me back right to my stomach. For several seconds, I felt like I was going to die. The pain was flowing through my blood and flesh. I didn’t fell, just trying to hold my wound in agony. I didn’t speak anything nor having even a single sound.

That was terrible. For a moment, it seemed like everything was black and I couldn’t hear anything. Even though that was going back to normal, the pain didn’t disappear fast.

Norah looked at me in silence for a moment. “Don’t pretend that you’re…” she stopped talking, kept looking at me who didn’t move a bit. “You’re…not pretending,” she muttered. She quickly grabbed me, hugged me, and brought me to the nearby seat. She sat me on the chair. I didn’t exactly watching her face, but I bet she was really scared off. “Oh, my God! Fender, you’re bleeding! Wh-what happened?” she whispered, realizing that there was something wrong with my red shirt.

I took a deep breath when I was finally able to breathe then. I looked at her pale face, “I use the red shirt in purpose you know. I know it will bleed,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Tell me what happened, Fender!” she insisted. I didn’t know why I was so happy back then, seeing her feeling so worried about me. I wanted to smile very wide, but I thought that she was just seeing me moaning. She looked at me and I remembered that face. It was like when she knew I was kidnapped by Hail and dumped in the river.

I shook my head slowly, “I can’t say it here,” I whispered.

“I must know. Let’s talk somewhere quieter. Can you walk?” she asked me.

“If you don’t mind to carry me there,” I said.

She sighed, nodded, and quickly hugged me to help me stood up. It felt painful, but I liked the situation. Actually, I could still walk even though it hurt me when I stepped forward. Finally, we got into a janitor room where the first time she knew that I was a werewolf. It was the closest place from where we were.

We were like skulking, getting into the room and she closed the door. She put me onto the floor, letting me leaned against the wall.

She looked at my sweat face again. I was trying to bear the pain, but I really lost my strength. Slowly, she pulled up my shirt. She was very shocked when she looked at my wound. I didn’t want to explain the detail. It was too disgusting.

Norah looked at my face again, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for what I did previously. I didn’t know you have a terrible wound here,” she felt so regretful, “Who did this, Fender?” she asked, with a very low voice.

“Hail,” I whispered.

She wrinkled her forehead, “Why? I believe she treasures you a lot.”

“Time changes, Norah. It’s not like I have an affair with her anyway. I just used her to take my vengeance. Why don’t you forget about our past? It’s the time for us to start a new one,” I told her, truly hoping that she could pity me and get back to me. I didn’t care if it had to be that way. But she didn’t show any sign of accepting on her face.

She just sighed, “Don’t change the topic, Fender!” she seemed upset, but she didn’t yell. She pulled up my shirt again, looking at the wound on my stomach. “You must be treated, Fender. How do you feel now?” she asked, but she quickly sighed and answered herself, “Must be terribly painful,” she took a deep breath, “What can I do to ease your pain?” she asked.

I didn’t answer for a moment. I looked at her face who stared at me with a very regretful face. I held her hand. There were some dirty thoughts crossing in my mind. I squeezed her hand tightly. She didn’t react anything. She just looked at me. Perhaps she felt a little bit weird.

I set my face in a very terrible mode, feeling like it was the last time I was ever going to see her. “Kiss me, Norah. It will fade my pain away,” I said.

She looked a little bit surprised and mad at the same time, “You’re ridiculous, Fender! You’re just using the situation!” she tried to hold herself from yelling at me even though it was like her eyeballs wanted to pop out back then.

“Do you want to see me dying in hunger for your mercy, Norah?” I begged her. It was too much but I really did like it. She was still upset, but thinking about it. She looked at me and I began to realize that she started to pity me. I didn’t care if it had to be that way. I truly hope that she would accept me again even though it was based on her pity.

Norah exhaled deeply. She didn’t speak anything until several seconds later. “I don’t hope that something bad will happen to you, Fender. But I think I’ll regret it if it will be the last time,” she said. I was pretty surprised that she suddenly held my face and kissed me passionately. I was stunned for a moment, but I really enjoyed that. I held her head also and replied the kiss. We really did make out there.

The pain was gone somewhere, or perhaps it was just my hormone that killed it temporarily.

When the kissing stopped, I looked at her and smiled widely. “I love you, Norah,” I said.

She smiled back at me. It felt like she was giving a high hope to me. She said something that really gladdened my heart at the moment, “I love you too, Fender. But I hate you more, so…don’t ever think I will go back to you,” she added, killing my mood after I heard that. But then she kissed me again. I was confused whether I should be happy or not. But at least, I could enjoy that happy thing for a moment.

I didn’t realize that someone was approaching us, and neither did she. We were too busy with our little dirty business. I had just realized when that person moved the door knob, and I quickly pushed Norah a bit and stopped kissing. We both looked at the opened door, watching at the janitor who was staring at us in confusion.

His face was as awkward as the situation. He threw the mop to the side of the room without even stepping in. He just said, “I will pretend that I don’t see anything,” and after that, he quickly closed the door again.

We both stared each other then, and suddenly we both laughed.

Norah looked at me with his naughty eyes and said, “I don’t care. Do you?” she asked. I shook my head innocently, and she smiled very wide. “I’m not finished yet, Handsome,” she said and continued to kiss me again. I was just thinking about one word back then, marvelous!!!

Frank Damon stared at the eyes of the nurse in the infirmary. The nurse was quiet, like she was being hypnotized. At first, she was a little bit worried when we got in and she looked at my full-of-pain face. But immediately, Frank took over the situation. Slowly, he told the nurse to stay quiet and told her that this was not her business. He told her again that she was very hungry and she should go somewhere to seek for the food. He insisted that she wouldn’t come back until she was told to. Frank added that she didn’t need to worry about the patient, because the patient, who was me, was going to be alright.

The nurse nodded slowly. She was acting like there was nothing happened and walked away. Frank told Sam to guard the door, never letting anyone who didn’t have any business with us to come.

He closed the door and saw both me and Norah. Norah helped me to lie down on the bed. She stroked my face gently and I was very happy. Frank approached us, asking me what had happened to me. I didn’t answer him. I was just looking at Norah who smiled back at me. Oh, God, I really missed that smile. It was like I lost it for a very long time.

Frank realized that I had been ignoring him, and suddenly he cleared his throat. We both looked at him at the same time. “I think someone is ignoring me now,” he complained. I still didn’t reply him. He looked at me, more seriously then, “Really, Fender, you tell me now what’s going on with you,” he said.

“I was attacked by Hail, Frank,” I replied. I saw him winced at me. He knew that I didn’t tell him everything. He kept staring at me. I thought he knew that I was gulping.

He sighed in the end, but he still spoke his mind, “You’re very bad at hiding something, Fender. I know there’s something happened with Ivan too. He didn’t go to school today,” he explained.

The sound of a door opened was paying us attention. We looked at the door and saw Walter brought a girl with him. I knew that girl, but I didn’t recognize her name. She was my junior, I was thinking. I didn’t know why Walter brought her. I didn’t sense her as a supernatural. After a brief explanation to Frank, Walter stayed outside, leaving the girl inside with us. She approached us, staring at us one by one and ended at me.

“Where’s the wound?” she asked. I was still confused but I showed her my wound. She wrinkled her forehead and asked me to put off my shirt. I still didn’t know who she was and what she was going to do with me. Norah helped me to put it off, revealing a very disgusting scar on my stomach. I really didn’t want to see that. She looked at my wound, studying it for a moment, and finally she revealed her true self.

I saw her picked a wand which was embedded inside her long sock. “You’re a mage?” I asked. I could never distinguish between a witch and a normal human. They looked the same. Frank told me that there was a different air among them. But I still couldn’t feel that air.

She smiled, a little bit sweet for a girl younger than me. She had a small body and small face, making her cute. She was not as beautiful as Norah or Angelica, but she was quite worth it. Her hair was brown and long with a ponytail style. I never knew that she was a witch. I never knew how many witches were there in my school. They were too secretive, and I couldn’t even feel one.

She chuckled, “I’m not a mage. I’m an apprentice. Mage summons their wand, not put it inside the socks,” she joked and laughed. “How did you get this wound, Fender?” she asked, getting so damn serious again.

“My alpha,” I said.

She studied my wound again. She even tried to touch it. I wouldn’t touch anything like that in someone’s body. She muttered something, perhaps a spell. Poculum accerso, she said. I didn’t know what that meant, but something appear on her palm after she spoke that spell. A vial of something blue!

She looked at me again and smiled. She was like a pediatrician to me. “I know alpha’s attack is severe. You’re lucky this deep wound didn’t kill you. You got to be having some sort of magical medication first somewhere,” she guessed. She was right and I was nodding.

“I can’t believe that Hail Grayson will do that to you, Fender. She must be very mad of you,” Norah brought that topic again. But it didn’t take long. The apprentice pointed her wand to my wound, spinning it above my stomach. She began to have an incantation again. A warm light appeared and I felt like it tickled me. But it was a little bit comfortable. She took a deep breath, and she spoke to me, “Please hang on. It’s a little bit painful now,” she warned me.

With the warm light still filled the air above my stomach, she poured the potion in that vial onto mine. I didn’t prepare anything. She said that it was a little bit hurt. But the fact was it was felt like hell.

I screamed, but my voice couldn’t be out of my mouth fully. I began to moan and my body was shaking. It was really…really felt like I was going to die. She was lying. It wasn’t hurt a bit, but it burnt my whole body alive. My tears were coming out because of that horror feeling. Norah tried to calm me by embracing my head. She whispered to me that she was beside me and nothing I should worry, though I knew that she was the one who worried.

She looked at the apprentice and said, “Are you sure he’s going to be okay?” she asked.

The apprentice nodded slowly, “I know he’s in pain. But the magic is working, Norah. Wait a little bit longer, please,” she explained.

Slowly, my breath was a little bit in order again. I was exhausted. It felt like everything was black. I closed my eyes, barely keeping my consciousness awoke. Norah began to relieve when she saw my wound was healing bit by bit.

“You’re amazing, Helen. It’s working!” she was amazed, whispering in her glittering eyes. Helen, the apprentice, smiled sweetly. Norah looked at me and stroked my sweaty head. “He’s fainted,” she said. She then looked at Frank who was quiet since the beginning. They were just staring at each other, and Frank smiled like he was teasing her.

Helen exhaled with relieve, “Thanks to his fast-healing process. It greatly helps him a lot,” she said. When she thought that her business was over, she told them that she should go. The other nodded without any reply. She just smiled then and walked away.

Frank and Norah watched at where Helen was going. After she closed that door again, they both stared at each other. For several seconds, they didn’t talk.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Frank?” Norah suddenly asked, breaking the very awkward situation. She saw Frank smiled faintly. He didn’t chuckle nor laugh. Norah knew that it wasn’t Frank’s style to laugh or even chuckle when he was thinking that something was amusing or awkward. She realized that there was something that in Frank’s mind. “Just spit it out, Frank!” she forced.

Frank smiled faintly again, “I’m just wondering why…” he paused. Norah asked him about the continuing of that why. She looked quite upset and curious. “You know that Fender needs a very special treatment, yet you were both making out in the janitor room. What were you thinking anyway?” he said it explicitly.

Norah chuckled finally, “Were we so obvious?” she asked.

“I believe you’re going to be a trending topic right now,” he said, joking but it was not really his style. He said it like he didn’t mean to joke. He saw Norah laughing for a while. He waited, didn’t laugh at all. I didn’t know how he managed to have such boring face. I believed that his laughing nerve was cut down. After Norah stopped laughing, he began the conversation again, “Do you really want to go back with him?” he asked.

Norah silly face was disappeared. She began to show a serious mimic. She exhaled deeply. Her mouth was shaking, like she was going to speak but it was so hard to do so. She looked down, perhaps thinking about something. Frank didn’t speak anything, waiting for Norah to speak her mind. Norah looked at my face for a moment, and she then looked at Frank again. Still, for several seconds, her lips were shaking without any words coming out from her.

“I do,” she muttered very low, but she knew that Frank could hear that clearly, “I really do, but…I don’t know. There’s still part of me that really hate him the most and I can’t dismiss that. But Frank, honestly I…I still do love him so much,” she explained.

I smiled. Actually, I didn’t sleep at that time. I heard everything that they were talking about. My gut was always right. That was why I never gave up my love with her. I still closed my eyes but finally I spoke. I believed that she was very shocked that I wasn’t sleeping. “I heard that, Norah,” I said.

Norah quickly looked at me and said, “What the hell….Damn you, Fender! So you’re pretending that you are fainted? That’s dirty!” She saw me chuckling even though I still closed my eyes tightly. “You…you! Just pretend that you never heard that, Werewolf!” she warned me. And I still kept my wide smile showed off.

I never thought that Eve Denver, the ghost that I thought friendly and harmless, could be the one that screwed everything. That night, Angelica came to my room and talked me about everything. She had already told Hope and Frank about it. Frank was also surprised that Eve Denver would have a conspiracy against us. He called me by phone and we talked about it for the whole night. Actually, we have a phone conference with Hope also.

Eve Denver was my ghost admirer, always peeked on me from afar at school. Sometimes I felt her presence around me. But I did ignore her. I still thought she was harmless and to think that I had a secret admirer made me proud, so I let her be. But my cockiness and stupidity stabbed my back finally. I was regretful.

I began to understand why I thought that Hail Dale knew everything. Imagine! She knew when I was ambushed by the vampires who wanted to kill me. Thanks to her interference actually, I was saved. She also knew about Ino’s attack and took of advantage on me. The worst thing was she knew about that moonstone. I realized I had been through better and worse. But being spied with my own alpha who obsessed at me wasn’t a very wise thing.

Hope Sanders stood up under the big tree in the deep woods. The night was bright. The moon shone like a Goddess from heaven, very shiny as usual. Some fireflies flew around the fairy. They seemed like they had a conversation with him. Hope smiled. He was whispering something that only those fireflies understood.

Angelica Brownwood, who stood up beside him, looked a little bit bored. She was quiet, watching Hope having a little chit-chat with those creatures. She warped here and there, but there was no sign of the people they were waiting for.

She finally appeared right in front of Hope, made him a little bit surprised. Her face was tense. She looked a little bit nervous. “They come. I can see them. Both of them, Frank and Fender!” she said.

The fireflies were dismissed, leaving Hope with his serious mimic, “How’s that wandering spirit?” he asked.

Angelica shook her head slowly, “I haven’t sensed her yet. But I believe she is going to spy on them. That bitch will never be satisfied for what she’s gotten. She obsesses with Fender. I don’t know if that ghost willingly helps her, but she obsesses with him, too,” she looked upset. Hope was chuckling. Angelica looked at him fiercely, feeling annoyed that why Hope made her a laughingstock. “Why do you laugh?” she asked.

Hope didn’t stop chuckling, making Angelica felt more annoyed than before. He tried to stop it immediately. He knew that Angelica’s face was changing. “I dost hast in mind why thou look so fearful. ‘Tis because thou, too, art imprinted on him,” he said. Norah didn’t say anything. Her face was blushing. She only said that she got to stay away and watched the situation. So she disappeared then. Hope sighed. He looked at me and Frank who were already arrived.

I saw him waving, and I waved back to him. Frank whooshed fast to him, leaving me behind so that I had to run again. I sighed when I finally could reach them. I smiled to Hope, “So…this place again, my guardian angel?” I said. I heard he laughed a bit hearing me called him my guardian angel.

Stop chuckling, he began to speak, “I love this place, Friend. ‘Twas my playing place with some creatures hither,” he explained. Frank added that female fireflies here were his biggest fan. I laughed, thinking that Frank was joking. But then I realized that Frank was never joking. It was really fireflies that were Hope’s greatest fans. Weird, I thought and stopped laughing.

Frank spoke again, “We’re here for not joking. Please take it seriously now,” he said. He took a deep breath before continued, “We have a really big plan now. Hail Grayson must be stopped. We have to retrieve that weapon, the weapon that caused the war of purebloods long ago. Bloodstone!” Frank stopped talking and the three of us stared at each other seriously.

Without us being notice, a pair of eyes had been watching us from the beginning. She hid behind the tree not far from where we were standing. But we couldn’t sense her intangible form.

However, that was how our plan succeeded. Quietly, Angelica was lurking from her behind. In one grasp, she pulled her hair out of her hiding. Ghost versus ghost!

She screamed, feeling the air with an eerie sound. Even though it wasn’t really clear, we supernatural could sense that. Angelica shouted at us and showed herself. She was dragging the ghost who struggling from her grasping. She begged her to let her go, but Angelica didn’t budge.

Angelica smiled proudly, “I catch the culprit!” she said.

I, Frank, and Hope looked at Eve Denver who looked so frightened. She still tried to struggle from Angelica. “I can’t believe you betray us, Ms. Denver. You sold us out to Hail Grayson. I thought we were friends,” he said regretfully.

“I…I…I’m sorry, Mr. Damon…I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…I’m sorry,” she began to cry. Angelica pulled her hair harshly again, made her screamed. She told her not to act and think that we were stupid.

“Angelica, please, I begin to think that we should let her speak her mind,” Hope said.

“Talk, Bitch!” Angelica shouted at her without letting her go.

Eve was sobbing, “I…I was forced to do that. Her witch…her witch did something to me. He made me attached to him and forced me to do what they want. I…I never want to do this. I swear you,” she explained.

I remembered that Hail had some witch friends. If what she told us was true, it got to be a summoner. As I read in the book, a summoner could summon a ghost and had the ability to bind ghost to their will. I began to believe what Ms. Eve said was true. I thought that she never betrayed me. We had some conversation sometimes in the school and I knew she wasn’t a bad person.

But suddenly, something was happening. She screamed in a sudden in agony, like she was hurt by something invisible. Angelica was shocked so that she let go off her grasp and stepped back. Frank knew that someone was nearby, a witch for sure, the one who could hurt a wandering spirit. He shouted, asking who was there lurking in the shadow. And from a three directions, some people we knew suddenly appeared.

Norah, I thought. There was also Ino Rays and his witch best friend. Sergey Jackson walked slowly while pointing his wand to Ms. Eve and enchanting a spell continuously. Ms. Denver still screamed and held her head. “Stop! Stop it!” I told him. He didn’t stop doing that and I really wanted to tear his body into two. I shouted again and finally he stopped. But it wasn’t because of me. It was because his spell was over.

He smiled cockily and said, “Now you’re bended on me, Ghost!”

“How could you do that to her, you filthy bastard?” I said angrily.

But he ignored me and kept smiling like a dick. Frank looked so surprised of what he had just done. He’s a mage, right? How can he do such a wonderful spell that only level of summoner or above can do that? It’s only his little wand that makes him still a mage, he thought.

I looked at Norah and was a little bit upset, “Norah! You told them? How could you?” I said.

“I’m sorry, Fender. I have to tell Ino. This matter, you all can’t do this alone. We hunters have the role in it, and Ino is the one who in charge to capture Hail Grayson,” she explained.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Werewolf! How could you manage this successful without a sorcerer controlling that ghost?” Sergey defended their action, “She was bind by your enemy. Don’t you understand what she was trying to tell you? She can betray all of you even though she doesn’t want to.” Hope nodded and agreed. Frank said that he had a point. I just couldn’t admit that it was Ino again who had the biggest role in that.

Norah sighed. She looked at me and began to melt away. “Please understand, Fender. It’s not just you. It’s for the whole town’s sake. We need to cooperate, no matter what,” she said. She was right. I was too selfish that I didn’t want Ino’s help to finish that problem. No matter what, Hail got to be stopped. There shouldn’t be any more deaths. With the moonstone in her possession, this whole town was in a grave danger.

Frank suddenly pointed at Sergey. He winced at him, looking with so much curiosity. “I remember you couldn’t see a ghost last time, Sergey,” he plotted.

Sergey laughed and with his cocky style, he spoke then, “People learn, Vampire, and so do I. I’m not only able to see them, but I also can bind them with my spell. You’re surprised because I can do such things although I’m still a mage, don’t you?” he chuckled again, “I assure you, I’m still a mage, though I’m no ordinary one.”

“So you can see me then, Witch? Please tell Ino Rays I really wanted to spit on his face right now,” Angelica looked so angry. Sergey laughed again, telling her that he wouldn’t care about that. Angelica threw away his sight from him. She really turned around and walked away. She just disappeared then. I could understand how much she hated Ino Rays.

Frank suddenly started the conversation back to the main topic, “I believe you all know that bloodstone is only the bait to lure her out. It’s a fake story. Thus, since we have been this far, do you have any idea what will we do next?” he asked. I believed he ran out of ideas. I shook my head either. There was no way a great idea came from my head. I saw Hope also didn’t have any brilliant thoughts. Frank asked Norah again and Norah looked at Ino.

Ino sighed, “I can’t see the ghost but I believe we can use her for our advantage,” he explained. He looked at Sergey. They didn’t talk, just stared at each other. And suddenly Sergey told him that he didn’t disrupt the enemy’s binding at Ms. Eve. He began to ask, “Can you control her?”

Sergey nodded confidently, “Of course I can, and actually I have done it, ‘Lil bro.”

Ino looked at us again. He smiled a bit, “Now that we can control the ghost, we can use her. Judging from your conversation previously, though I didn’t know what she was talking, I can assume that the wandering spirit is actually on our side. It makes this a lot easier,” he said. I really couldn’t get his point yet. But I still kept listening. Hope asked him about his true intention and Ino began to talk, “If that werewolf did a conspiracy over us, I think we can do the same. The wandering spirit, she will be our double agent,” he said.

I really hated him, but I did love his idea.

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