Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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This Is Not the End Yet

A light appeared beneath the middle-aged man who wore a black leather jacket and black trousers when he had an incantation. His lips were moving fast, muttering something in a very strange language. Two men, the older and younger one, stood up side by side, watching what the witch was doing.

It was in the quite open area deep in the forest. There were several trees around them, but they were surrounded by a thick belt of green forest. Ansem Grayson whispered something to his brother. He only nodded while keep watching to the witch.

The light was disappeared. In front of him, a big and scary thing suddenly appeared. It was a black thing with a pair of black bat-like wings on his back. His eyes were red, with so many yellowish fangs inside his mouth. There was a pair of big horns on his head, sharp and sturdy. His skin was scaly like a snake. In a glimpse, he was like wearing a black leather clothes.

He was growling. There was like a faint smoke coming out from his breath. Mr. Andrew took a deep breath. He tried to look strong in front of that creature. Ansem whispered again to his brother. They were muttering something.

A demon, Casey thought.

The demon growled again. It was like he always growled when he took a breath. “How dare you summon me, Mortal!” the creature began to speak, “Speak out! What business do you have with me?” Mr. Andrew said a trade. The demon tilted his head. He wrinkled his forehead. “A trade?” he was humming then, “Is it interesting?” he asked.

Mr. Andrew grinned, looked so fishy, “I can guarantee you will be very satisfied, Demon,” he replied.

The demon hummed again. He scrubbed his chin slowly with his rough palm, “What do you want in return, Mortal?” he asked again. Mr. Andrew looked at Ansem and gave him a sign. Ansem quickly grabbed something behind his leather jacket. He then showed it, the moonstone. The demon’s eyes grew larger a little bit, seeing something that quite familiar with him. “A piece of my master Lucifer! How do you possess such thing?” he was full of questions.

“You don’t have to know the history, Demon! All we want to do is you to unlock the power of that stone,” Mr. Andrew said, “A witch asked a demon to lock the power of the stone long ago. The only one who can release its power is also a demon. That’s what we want you to do!” he looked impatient.

He hummed again, “Ahh…so that’s the reason. I don’t know why you want to release the power. Mortals wanted to seal it long ago because they knew that this thing is dangerous. Are you really sure about what you want, Mortals?” he suddenly chuckled. But it was so frightening, “I’m sorry. I won’t ask any question again. I will do as you wish if the trade is worth it,” he explained.

Mr. Andrew stepped back a little. He raised both his hands as high as his waist and began the incantation, “Qui ligabit ad animum meum, et vocavi te! Veni vocare dominum tuum!” a short wind come and gone fast. A faint body suddenly appeared. Eve Denver felt a little bit awkward at the beginning, but she then realized that the summoner had summoned her. Mr. Andrew looked at the demon again, “You can have this stray soul, Demon.”

The demon hummed and scrubbed his chin again, “Interesting! I’ll do what you want, Mortals. But the risk is all yours,” he said.

Eve realized that something was amiss. She looked nervous and afraid. But she couldn’t go anywhere before she was released. She looked at the three of them, confused about what really happened. When she looked at the demon, he stared back at him and began to show his blue tongue.

“Do you think you can fool us, Spirit? We know that you have betrayed us. I can sense that my bind is disrupted. Yet, you still come and tell us about the information we didn’t expect to hear so soon. I can guess that Ino Rays and his Hawkbeak witch had interfered. But they think they’re too good,” Mr. Andrew explained.

“But you let Hail go!” Eve said.

Ansem laughed softly, “We have another purpose,” he replied.

A crack suddenly appeared beneath Eve’s feet. She was screaming, but she couldn’t get away. The crack was getting bigger and bigger. She was crying for help, but nobody could hear her. Finally, she fell to the hole where it looked so red and fiery. Her scream faded away as the crack began to close again.

Ansem was shocked when the stone that he held suddenly shone for a moment. He could feel the magic was very strong inside it. “I release it, Mortals. Now I will go,” the demon said and finally was gone, creating a sparkle when he disappeared. Ansem was sighed. He quickly put the stone behind his jacket again.

“I never expected that the stone was sealed before. The protection was very tight. I’m glad you can reveal its secret, Mr. Andrew,” Casey said.

Mr. Andrew looked so cocky about himself, “I know it won’t be that easy, only to retrieve the stone from its slumber. I have investigated the site and I found an old inscription. The language was very extinct and unfamiliar, but I managed to understand some words,” he explained.

Ansem sighed. He smiled to both his brother and Mr. Andrew, “So far, things are going as we planned. We unseal the power of the stone, send that traitor to the hell, and…Hail…” he paused for a while. The three of them looked at each other. He then grinned like a devil, “We won’t ever find such a better way to finally get rid of that pest in our family,” he chuckled. The three of them chuckled. But suddenly they stopped when Ansem and Casey heard an echo of a howling through the air. “It’s her!” Ansem said, “She is calling for help.”

“Tsk…tsk…that’s not our business anymore. Let her deal with the most merciless hunter in the world. I pray for his success this time,” Casey laughed when he finished saying that.

“But…this is not the end yet,” Ansem muttered.

My heart pounded so hard when the three of us stepped out from the woods. It was only solid rock beneath us and across the cliff. There was lying a quite big waterfall. The scenery was amazing, but it was not the time to enjoy sightseeing. I looked at both of them. Their face was so nervous. I inhaled and exhaled deeply to control my fear. I looked around. All I could hear was only the sound of the waterfall.

We stopped walking when Frank stopped in front of us. He turned around and looked at us. His red eyes that time stared at me. He asked me if I could feel something. But I shook my head. I told him I couldn’t feel anything from afar because of that waterfall. He said he could understand because he felt the same.

I was a little bit surprised when I heard something from the sky. There were some birds flying toward us, or I might call it they were flying toward Hope. They were floating around him and voiced. It was like a squeaking to me, but Hope seemed understood of what they were talking. Hope smiled and he let the birds flew away. “They saw some furred-face humans running like a four-legged animal. The fray is about to begin, my friends,” he warned us.

Not long after he said that, Angelica Brownwood appeared from somewhere I didn’t know. She looked so anxious. We all tried to hear her out carefully. “I saw her,” Angelica said, “She was on the cliff over there with some of her werewolves. They have already moved,” she added.

“Do you see Ino or Norah, Angelica?” I asked.

She shook her head slowly. Frank told me that we couldn’t feel their presence, “Ino and Norah are hunter. We cannot sense them. I believe Sergey has gotten himself his secret potion that make everyone can have the stealth ability of a hunter. If they come, they will we be around here somewhere,” he added. The point was I didn’t know if they would actually come or not.

Norah would probably come, but adding Norah to our army alone wouldn’t have a great effect to us. The birds said that Hail was not alone, and Angelica did too. Ino must come or we’re going to be slaughtered, I thought. You’re too worried, Fender, I tried to calm myself.

Suddenly, I began to sense something. I sniffed and I set my ear to the fullest. I could feel that two persons were trying to approach us. They were getting closer. I knew that Frank realized it too. Hope noticed our changing expression and looked at to the direction where we both were staring at.

I saw her red eyes from the darkness of the woods. She appeared slowly with a woman, a werewolf too. She and her only companion suddenly turned their face into a monster. Hail wasn’t fully-shifted, but it didn’t make her weaker. She howled. I knew she was calling for her friends. I could hear the fast steps from every direction. They were approaching us.

“I’d better go, Fender,” Angelica whispered behind my head and disappeared quickly.

The sound of their steps was getting nearer. The three of us began to get closer at each other. Some creatures jumped out from the woods. They came from every direction. They were more than ten, enough to massacre us if Ino abandoned us. They were growling. Some of them began to howl, showing that they believed they would win.

Where are they, I thought nervously. Still, the three of us didn’t speak anything.

“I heard about the bloodstone, Damon! You’re going to tell me where it’s hidden!” she ordered Frank.

Frank grinned, had the chance to finally speak up, “You’re crazy. Why would I tell you? Do you think I’m stupid?” he rejected harshly.

“So you prefer pain, Frank Damon. I won’t kill you yet. You know it’s going to be worse than hell,” she warned, and then she looked at me, “If you resist, Fender, I won’t go easy on you. You still have time to side with me, Fender,” she said. I didn’t reply anything. I was just quiet. She could realize that my answer was a no. She growled at us first, and suddenly she howled long.

I knew it. It began.

Those werewolves moved fast toward us. We were ready when they have they first step forward. But not more than a second, something had stopped them. A chain of lightning from the sky appeared and created a circle around the three of us. I saw Hail could dodge the sudden attack, some of them could too. But the lightning which was moving and getting bigger had electrocuted many of them.

We were in the center when the circle of lightning surrounded us, covering our eyes from the very bright light. It was furious, like the nature itself showing its rage.

The light stopped in a sudden just like it appeared before, and we could see clearly then. I tried to tidy up my hair because the wind was strong before. They wouldn’t die easily but electric could weaken werewolves at the most. Some of them were fainted, some could survive. Those who could dodge the attack began to wonder who did such thing.

I could feel the air of magic around us. I believed they could feel that too. We all looked around. I recognized the condition. It was like something put us inside a very big glass. I couldn’t feel the wind anymore and the sound was damped.

A magic barrier, I talked in mind. Frank muttered, saying a name, “Sergey Jackson!”

Some arrows were suddenly fired from the woods. Some werewolves cried out loud when the arrows hit them. We looked at the direction where the arrows came. It was not far. Norah appeared and shot again. But the werewolves were faster. I saw a lone wolf who wanted to abandon his pack. But he was too unlucky. In front of him, Ino and Sergey appeared right before his pale face. In one slash, the head was detached.

“It’s a trap!” Hail shouted, and then she looked at Frank with her angry eyes, “You never know where the bloodstone is hidden!”

Frank grinned, “It will end here, Hail Grayson. This will be the conclusion!”

“You son of a bitch!” Hail muttered. She ordered her army to retreat. She knew that they were trapped by Sergey’s barrier. The barrier was getting tighter, I could feel it, and Hail wanted to destroy it by her bare hands.

It won’t budge. She tried to hit it again but it only shook a little. I looked at Sergey. He grinned, but I saw him casting a spell to strengthen his magic barrier. Hail howled long. She tried to call another help. I looked around, thinking who was going to come again. Norah knew what to do next. She aimed her arrows to Hail and shot three times in a row with a very fast movement.

Hail knew she couldn’t stay at that position any longer, but she was too cocky. She tried to catch the three arrows. Amazingly, she caught the two of them but one. The arrow hit her shoulder. But she pulled it out and showed her fierce face even though her blood was dripping. She turned into a real monster then, tearing off her clothes and ran to where Norah was standing.

I was too afraid. Norah didn’t move. She wanted to face her head to head. Fender, you must protect Norah now, I told myself. But my feet were trembling, I could barely move. Go, coward, I kept shouting at myself.

But before Hail could reach Norah, suddenly a fire appeared in front of her step. The flare was moving like it was alive. Hail stepped back and her sight was disrupted by the fire. The chance was taken by Norah. I looked at Hope who was the one that creating the fire. And when I looked at Norah again, she already shot some arrows to Hail. Hail stepped back again and tried to dodge the arrows by its sound. Some of them hit her but it didn’t have any great effect.

Norah was too focusing on Hail. She didn’t realize that the female werewolf who came together with Hail was trying to attack her from behind. I tried to shout and warn her, but a werewolf attacked me at the same time. Two werewolves even attacked Hope from different direction.

Hope showed his blue wings and a big wind was blowing around him, protecting him from the enemies’ attack. But it distracted him from rescuing Norah. The werewolf who attacked me successfully punched me in my face and I was thrown back. I rose with my fierce, furry, ugly, and angry face. I wouldn’t let my one full month training became useless.

I tried to hit him with my claws, but he blocked my hand. He began to kick me again. This time I won’t let him laid a single hand on me, I thought. I hold it with my thigh, and then I tried to hit him again. I punched his face and he fell to the ground. Yeah, I screamed in mind.

I looked at Norah again. I relieved that Frank was already there to back her up. I then looked at Hail who was engaging a battle with Ino. Ino didn’t use his thin sword like usual. He used a long iron stick instead like a kung fu master. He played the stick easily, tormenting Hail who had a difficult situation to reply his attack. Hail tried to jump then and pounced toward him. But with one swing, Ino could strike onto Hail’s stomach. A very hard blow hit her directly, made her fell to the ground. I believed if that attack hit a human, his ribs would be scattered.

Hail howled again, the same howl like what she did previously. Until then, no reinforcement came. Do they abandon her? Or perhaps they know that Ino is involved so that they’re too afraid to come, I thought. A lot of assumption crossed my head, but I was glad that the reinforcement didn’t come.

I was startled when I heard screaming right behind me. I turned around and saw that the werewolf who attacked me before was being electrocuted. Damn, I was too focusing on Ino’s fight, I told myself. I looked at Hope who told me to be more careful. I realized that he could handle the two werewolves by himself. They were scorched to the ground, shocking me a little bit that Hope was quite cruel.

I looked at Ino and Hail again. Their fight was so fierce. Hail still couldn’t reach Ino with his long iron stick, but yet she was so durable. And when Ino tried to swing his stick again, Hail blocked it with her claws. With one punch, she broke the stick into two. It was an iron stick and she tore it down like a bamboo. Ino seemed quite shocked when he saw that. He stepped back before Hail began to move, but Hail moved quite faster than he could imagine.

Hail swung her sharp claws to reach Ino’s body. But Ino was too slippery like an eel. I didn’t know how he did that, but he could manage to move between Hail’s grasp. He then grasped her hand back, and he threw her to the ground. He was truly a karate man. No! It was more like kung fu. Perhaps combine of many martial arts. I thought that Hail would hurt him, considering that Hail’s fist was big and fast. But he could pass that unharmed. Amazing!

Frank ripped a heart from the last beta, the woman that accompanied Hail in her first appearance. Knowing that she was alone and surrounded, she began to step back and being more cautious. Her red eyes stared at us. Some of her companions were dead, some others were just fainted.

But she wouldn’t just give up yet. He turned around and stayed away from Ino. We were scattered at the beginning and she took an advantage from that. Ino was bugged out when he realized that she aimed Sergey. Hope created a fire again in front of her. But she recklessly passed through it. Her skin was burnt a little but it didn’t any great effect.

The cocky Sergey was ready to face the alpha. I heard he casted a spell, “Accerso!”

There was nothing happened on him. But I saw suddenly, Ino had already had a pair of guns on his hands. He shot the bullet to the alpha but Hail could dodge some of the bullets. She was bleeding by the shot but she was too tough.

“Fulgur alveo!” Sergey casted the spell again and a wave of electric was beamed from his wand. Hail maneuvered and rolled on the ground, avoiding the beam of electricity. She jumped and with one grasp, she could reach Sergey’s head. Ino couldn’t shoot again and neither could Norah. She was too close with him.

But something blocked her in the air. Another magic barrier! It was cracking. It wasn’t as strong as he built to cage us all. Hail still tried to break through the barrier. Sergey wanted to casted another spell. But Frank whooshed and crashed into Hail’s body. They both were wrestling on the ground.

Not again, Frank Damon, I talked in mind. He was too reckless. He knew he couldn’t match with Hail, yet he still tried to rush toward her. Hail hand swung and hit Frank’s chest very hard. He was thrown like a leaf and fell to the ground. But the attack wasn’t too severe. Frank could stand again even though he was vomiting blood.

I then realized that our presence was only a burden to Ino. Hail couldn’t face Ino alone, but Ino couldn’t protect us all in this position. She tried to stay away from Ino and attacked the others. I began to yell, saying that we should gather to Ino. But it wasn’t an easy move. Like I’ve said previously, we were too scattered.

Hope tried to attack Hail then. He was floating low. His hand waved slowly, creating an electric wave around him. His attack was massive but it couldn’t be fast. Hail knew she had to face another electric attack. She moved fast to Frank. Frank tried to avoid her by whooshing away. But the area was too narrow thanks to Sergey’s magic barrier. Hail could grab Frank’s neck while he was running.

“Attack, Hope!” he shouted while being strangled by the alpha. But I knew Hope couldn’t just recklessly do that. However, Sergey thought differently. He casted the same spell to Hail. I was screaming when I saw Hail threw Frank’s body right toward Sergey’s attack. With my eyes, I witnessed Frank was electrocuted in the air. Damn it! Hail is too smart, I thought desperately.

Norah and Ino shot her at the same time. The range of their shot was quite wide, causing Hail to find it difficult to dodge. She growled and roared in pain. But she could still move and try to avoid the attack. Sergey, who was the closest from Hail, was recklessly running toward her. The attack from Ino and Norah was stopped. I didn’t know he was too stupid or perhaps he had another planning.

Hail moved again toward him and charged. Another barrier was blocking Hail’s movement again when she was going to grab Sergey’s body with her claws. But it was still not strong. Sergey didn’t stop. He casted another spell, “Ligaveris!”

The next thing I saw was Hail’s body couldn’t move freely in a sudden. She was bind by Sergey’s spell. She struggled and the invisible bind started to loosen. Sergey acted quickly. Another spell was come out from his mouth. “Thor de ira, de tonitru caelum!” he said, but Hail was moving too fast. She struck right onto Sergey’s chest. Sergey was thrown very far back. I didn’t know if a witch could survive that attack. I could see some blood was scattered.

However, Sergey’s spell wasn’t useless at all.

I was bugged out, all of us bugged out. A lightning beam from the sky hit directly onto Hail. It was like an explosive when she was hit. The area was covered in white light. It was more powerful than Hope’s attack to her weeks ago.

When the light faded away, I could see Hail’s body was reverted back. She was scorched but it didn’t kill her. I could hear her breath was falter. She was naked. Some of her body was burnt. I couldn’t believe that she still survived that attack.

I looked at Frank. He was managed to stand up again. Sergey was still alive although his wound was quite severe. He was still trying to cast a spell, “Eximo gun!” he said.

Ino’s guns were disappeared, but he then released the thin blade of his. It was the Scythe, a blade that repelled magic. Ino walked to Hail who was still lying on the ground. This is the end of Hail, I thought. Ino began to point his blade toward Hail. Hail tried to raise his head. She covered his chest with her hands.

“Tell me where the moonstone is and I’ll spare you!” Ino said. I was shocked when I heard that. Ino wasn’t joking about his intention to save me.

“No, it isn’t in my possession and I don’t know about it,” she rejected, “Although if I know, I won’t tell you a thing, Hunter! You will still kill me after all.”

Frank wrinkled his head, feeling confused about what they were talking about. He then raised a voice, “What are you talking about, Ino? What moonstone? This is not what we are planning. Hail Grayson must be killed!”

God, I forget about Frank. He still doesn’t know about that moonstone, I thought. He ignored Frank and talked to Hail again with the same question. Hail didn’t reply him, but she looked at me. “Fender, you don’t want me to die. Please, help me!” she begged me.

I stepped forward slowly, “I don’t care about you, Hail. You ruined my life. Why would I want to help you? You mean nothing to me!” I told her.

“I don’t care if I mean nothing to you, but do you still think that this baby inside my womb means nothing to you?” she said. Those words sounded louder than the previous lightning in my head. My tongue and my knees were numb in a sudden. I tried to ask myself over and over, is it really true?

She has a baby? From me? Impossible! Not, it’s not impossible! I made love with her several times when I was with her. She might have a baby from me, I thought. Ino seemed not care about what she said to me. He just told her that he had no choice but to kill her.

But I suddenly yelled, “No!” I ran quickly to prevent Ino from killing her.

Ino looked at me and pointed his sword toward me, “Step back, Fender! I won’t kill you but I will surely hurt you!” he warned me, “If she can’t give us the moonstone, she is useless. She’d better die!” he said. He looked at Hail again, “Think again, Hail Grayson! That moonstone will only bring your kind in a grave danger! If you still care about Fender and yourself, you’d better tell me immediately.”

Hail looked at me and then to Ino again, “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Fender will be hunted. I’m protecting him from his great sin!” Ino explained.

“I told you it’s not with me! My brothers have it. But I think they have betrayed me,” Hail said. It explained why there was no another reinforcement when she was trying to call for help. I saw Ino sighed. He pointed his sword again to Hail, telling that he had no choice but to kill her.

I yelled again, “No! You can’t kill her! She told you everything. We know where the moonstone is!” I told him.

Ino shook his head, “No, Fender. The only thing that will atone her crime is only if she could hand the moonstone over to us.”

“But she is pregnant! She has my baby!” I said.

“She made up that story, Fender. Even if it’s true, I don’t care!” he said.

For a moment, I thought he was very kind to me. But hearing him said that thing, he was still an insolent selfish son of a bitch to me. I suddenly charged at him. I couldn’t let him kill my kid. I was already closed to him. I tried to attack him with my claws but he could easily catch it. His sword fell, but it granted him ability to strangle me.

Frank whooshed toward us and tried to help me, but Ino easily grabbed his neck and threw him. Ino looked at me again with his frightening eyes while strangling me and said, “I told you not to interfere with my business, Fender! I’m trying to help you but that’s not making you so special!” he then stopped talking. I didn’t know why the situation became quiet in a sudden. It was like the wind itself stopped blowing for a second.

Ino’s eyes bugged out. I realized that his grasp over my neck was loosened. Then I saw blood come out from his mouth. Hail pulled out her hand again after she pierced Ino’s back with her claws. I heard Sergey was screaming very loud, calling Ino’s name.

“Tonitrua lucem!” and a beam of lightning hit Hail’s body fast. Hail was too weak to dodge his attack. Sergey still continued his attack until Hail’s body fell off the cliff, to the river right where the waterfall went to. I could hear her scream faded away, swallowed by the sound of water.

“No,” I muttered. With that condition, Hail will die with my child, I talked in mind. I hugged Ino’s body who began to crumble and fall. He coughed and more blood came out from his mouth. “No, no!” I felt more terrible seeing him like that. It was my fault that Ino was hurt like that. Even though he was a hunter, he was still a human. Even vampire or werewolf felt like death would come soon with a wound like that.

For all this time, all I ever want is to see Ino dies in front of me. But…why now everything is changed? I feel so guilty. I feel so sad and regretful. I don’t want him to die. I want him to live. Please, Ino, live! Please, I talked to myself. But I could feel his body was getting colder. His blood was running like a waterfall from his back. Hail injured his vital organ.

“Ino, please don’t die!” I muttered, but he didn’t move again. I could hear his heart beating very slowly, and it began to fade away…

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