Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Claymore Wielder, A Werewolf Hunter

She was holding onto her dying breath. She looked at the bright sky where stars scattered everywhere. But it was too cold for her. She could feel the water washing her body as she was stranded to the riverside. Not even one of her muscle she could move. It was a miracle itself that she could survive that long.

She heard some people approaching. The steps were getting nearer. She smelled them. That was a familiar smell. She muttered, her lips were trembling in cold and pain, “Ansem? Casey?”

Ansem and Casey Grayson stood next to her body. They were looking at her and grinned. “You’re so tough, Sister,” Ansem said cruelly, seeing her only sister was fighting with death.

“Why are you betraying me, Brothers?” Hail asked.

Casey laughed like a devil, “Betraying you? Oh, Hail, it’s you own fault that you don’t realize from the beginning that we really…really hate you, Sister,” he said, “We were just using you from the beginning. You’re not our family. Yes, you have the Grayson’s blood. But you also have their blood, Half-sister. Your father is a Dale, our family’s mortal enemy.”

“Dale and Grayson were old friends!” Hail denied.

“Everything was changed when your father impregnated our mother, Hail,” Ansem told her, “I was born later but the hatred was in me since the beginning. We pretended that we didn’t know anything. Until…our father found a way to avenge your father,” Ansem said, and the story began…

Coniraya “Cone” Dale, the leader of the Dales Tribe, direct descendant of the old tribe from the first werewolves of Moonlight Hills, was a great man among us. He was an alpha leader, the strongest among the alphas. For more than a hundred years, he led all the werewolves of Moonlight Hills, and he continued our role for a coalition of founder family as the werewolf representative. He was greatly respected among our kind, even among the humans and other creatures.

He was actually a close friend of Brandon Grayson, my father. They had been fighting together for years and through everything. But, Cone had something that he hid from his best friend. He loved our mother, Natalia. They have been friends since the childhood. But Natalia chose Brandon as her husband. Cone tried to get over from his feeling of Natalia, and then he married a woman named Esther.

However, no matter how hard he tried to cover his feeling, he couldn’t bear it anymore. And unfortunately, our mother also had a feeling toward him. It was an odd situation. Cone and Natalia loved each other but they never knew it. They never told anything about their feeling. Until Brandon told Natalia that he loved her. Knowing that, Cone didn’t want to hurt his friend and neither did Natalia. Because there was no sign from Cone, so Natalia chose Brandon as her husband even though the one she loved was Cone.

But that thing was their biggest mistake. What they did actually was killing Brandon from the inside and slowly. When he finally knew that his wife and his best friend had an affair, it was like he was stabbed right through his heart with a very sharp dagger. He felt betrayed. He trusted both of them and he never expected that Cone and Natalia would do that to him.

Falling into despair, Brandon even wanted to kill himself. But he realized that he couldn’t die and just letting they live happily ever after. It was not his mistake that he felt that way after what they did to him. He kept quiet and pretended that nothing happened, but deep in his heart, he wanted to avenge them.

His hatred was growing for years. He planted his hatred to Casey and me, and some of his families and acquaintance. He also found out that you were not his daughter. Don’t you realize that sometimes his feeling toward you was different from the way he treated us? But he wasn’t stupid. He didn’t want anyone to realize. You never knew that you are Cone’s daughter before the incident. After that, then we told you.

Knowing that he became more and more respected by others, it made Brandon hated him the most. He also hated everyone. He was consumed by his rage and we couldn’t blame him for that, until he came up with a very dangerous idea.

Werewolf’s betrayal actually never happened. It was just a story that was made up with our father. He hated Cone Dale and Bernard Damon at the same time. We realized that our feeling toward vampires was never changing. And I think they were too. We wanted a fray between vampires and werewolves, but we knew humans would involve. But the true intention was destroying Dale family and those werewolves who supported them. We also wished that some damage happened to the vampire’s side too. After that, Brandon planned to pact a peace again with Grayson family leading the werewolves.

He then led some of werewolf’s leaders to think that vampires’ intention to get rid of werewolves. He created the story that it was them too who casted away all the witches and fairies from Moonlight Hills. He said that humans sided with vampires and didn’t realize that vampires might betray them someday. He set their mind to think that humans were beyond saving and let them handled themselves.

He did it. Though it wasn’t easy and through a very long argumentation among each other, he could convince them to believe in the story. But those leaders never told everything clearly among the werewolves. They just said that they wanted to rule over Moonlight Hills, just as Brandon asked them to do. Cone as their leader finally believed in Brandon and didn’t question him any further. Thus, the others also believed in him.

But there was miscalculation. Carter Dale, one of the sons of Cone Dale, betrayed his kin. He sided with vampires and human and told them everything about our plan. We thought that our enemy might know about that, but we never expected any traitor among us. Moreover, another miscalculation happened one by one. It was Bernard Damon’s idea that they put wolfsbane in our water supply. He was crueler than we ever thought. It can be expected from that bastard vampire. They are no friends for us werewolves.

At last, the hunters ambushed us. My father tried to save his family and friends. But many died, including him. He was successful to avenge Cone Dale, but his miscalculation led him to his death also. After that, you know the rest of the story…

Ansem finished his story and took a deep breath, remembering a pain from the past that tore a little wound in his heart. He looked at Hail who still couldn’t move on the riverside with full of hatred.

“So…” in her dying breath, Hail tried to speak, “There was never any betrayal from the werewolves? It was just your father, that selfish bastard Brandon Grayson, who did this whole terrible thing!”

Casey shouted and suddenly kicked Hail’s face, “How dare you say it to my father! You never know what he was feeling!”

“I’m right, aren’t I, Casey? Your father is a damn bastard! He ruined everything because of his bad feeling toward one person. Yes, my father is a dick. I don’t like him either. But what your father did was worse than terrible. Your father is a demon! Look! How many had died because of him?” Hail tried to express her rage, even though it was very difficult to speak. Both of them didn’t reply anything. They both just stood and stared to her. She grinned, “And here I am, the foolish one who is thinking I must avenge him,” she chuckled then, “So he was the one who pitting on us…and now I’m glad he died!”

Ansem spit on her, “You have no right to speak like that, Bitch!” he then chuckled, countering to what she did previously, “Mom filled me with the rest things Dad didn’t tell us after the ambush. I told her everything too. She was very regretful. Actually I wanted her to live and atone her sin. But she decided to help Dad, which also led her to her death,” he explained.

“Now seeing you dying like this was an entertainment for us. You have done your part, Hail,” Casey said. He laughed very loud, “Killing you won’t grant us any more power. We will let you rot here, Hail, and let the time kills you instead,” he continued his laughter.

The both brothers left Hail alone, fighting with the death. They chuckled as they walked away, and then disappeared into the woods. With her very last time, Hail looked at the beautiful sky that was filled with the stars. The wind and the water freeze her nude body. She was blue and pale like a dead one. But she was still breathing, even though it was very faint.

She closed her eyes because everything was blurred. She heard someone approaching, but she thought that it was just her hallucination. Or perhaps it was the reaper who wanted to take her. Whatever it was, she just ignored it. She was just talking in mind, Fender, please, you must avenge me!!!

I didn’t know what to do. I hugged him and held him from falling down. I could see my hands were covered with blood as I touched his back. It was like a very bad thing happened to me. It was Ino Rays. He was in the verge of his death. But I wasn’t happy. I’m sad and afraid, feeling so damn guilty.

I could hear Sergey ran limping along the space between us and him. He screamed, calling Ino’s name in a deep grieve. Everybody was watching. There nothing much they could do.

Sergey suddenly pointed his wand. He shouted something in front of my face. Regredior, he said. And it was like something invisible pushed me very hard to the back. I fell down to the ground, but I wasn’t mad. I just saw him catching Ino’s body, and laying him down. He was crying, hoping Ino to open his eyes. He kept shouting in front of Ino’s face, but his pale face didn’t respond a bit.

He looked at me with his very mad eyes, “What have you done, you son of a bitch?” he shouted, but he ignored me again quickly. Getting no response from Ino, suddenly he looked up and screamed very long and loud. It was incredible that suddenly a wind was blowing fast and the sky was rumbling. I saw a group of black clouds was covering the sky and sometimes a lightning appeared around them.

Is it his magic, I asked myself. But I thought I believed so. It was no coincidence that the sky suddenly changed into gloomy, just like what he was feeling right then. He shouted again, calling Ino’s name.

“Sergey…” Norah tried to approach and calm him, but he quickly pointed his wand to Norah, preventing her to step any farther.

“Don’t say that it’s over! I still can save him!” he insisted, even though she hadn’t said anything. He lifted his wand as high as he could, and then began to cast a spell. “Lanuae magicae!” but nothing happened. He cried again and seemed so desperate. He did the same thing for the second time. Still, there was nothing happened. “Come on! Come on! Please!” and for the third time, he tried to do it again, “Lunae magicae!”

Something happened next time. A flash of light appeared from his body, blinding us for a second. And then, we realized that he and Ino disappeared.

“He tried to cast a teleportation magic. I’m glad finally he can do it,” I heard Frank was muttering. I didn’t know where he went, but I hoped he could save him. I sat in despair, thinking that Ino might die because of me. I saw Frank looked at the cliff, he winced and then asked to Hope whether Hail was still alive or not. Suddenly my mind was divided. I remembered about Hail’s statement about I had impregnate her.

Norah Levin slowly approached me, and stopped when she was standing right before my head. She stared at me, and for several seconds she didn’t speak anything. I could guess what.

“So it’s true?” she asked. I knew Hail’s words would bother her a lot. I was quiet, didn’t know what to do and what to say. “You defended her. So I think she’s really pregnant. Is that true, Fender?” she asked me again, with a deeper tone.

I sighed, “I…I don’t know, Norah. I just think…that…perhaps it’s true,” I said. She kept staring at me with the same look. I didn’t know what to say anymore so I preferred to be silent and stared at her back. She exhaled quite deeply, and then looked down before finally she stared at me again. I muttered then, “I’m sorry.”

She shook her head quickly, “No, I’m sorry. In this situation, I think that she won’t survive that. If she’s really pregnant, it must be hard for you. I’m sorry,” she turned around and left me. She walked away and even didn’t say anything to Frank and Hope. I knew she was hurt, after all that happened between us recently. I didn’t know whether she still want to be with me or not. But after that happened, our future seemed so blur and hopeless. I couldn’t hold her to walk away. I even didn’t have any guts to see her face right then. I realized I hurt her again.

My mind was so messy, knowing that my unborn child might have died along with Hail, and then I feel responsible for what happened with Ino. It was sucks to let Norah being hurt like that. Everything was so damn terrible. But it didn’t stop…yet. I saw Frank approaching me. Seeing his face like that, my mind was a little bit uneasy.

He crossed his arms in front of his stomach and said, “Now it’s your turn to tell me about the moonstone Ino was talking about.”

I gulped. Another problem, I thought. I took a deep breath and stood up. Frank still patiently waited for me to speak. I hummed. Sometimes I looked at his eyes, but he was too intimidating so I put away my sight over him. Norah was right. I should’ve told him from the beginning. I didn’t know if he would be angry or not, but I was really afraid.

I looked at him again and I still saw the same expression. “This is…” I began to explain but it was so hard. I hummed again. He suddenly asked if it was bad. I just stupidly smiled like an idiot. He wrinkled his forehead and I knew he demanded me to speak immediately.

“I…and Ivan…we…we did a terrible thing,” I said. It was still hard to keep explaining, but his glare forced me to do so, “The moonstone is…it’s…it’s something that can turn people into an alpha.” After that statement, he seemed so surprised. Hope who was listening to us began to approach. I realized they were not easy words to be accepted. He then demanded me to explain more, so I continued. “The story was wrong. We found out the truth from the book that you borrowed to me last time. About the werewolf, do you remember?” I asked. He nodded, but didn’t say anything. Then I continued again, “Ivan as a purebred can read the ancient language in the book. He found the truth that werewolf was born not because of the God’s curse, but because of the power of moonstone.”

“I have lived for more than a thousand years, yet I’m still fooled by that story. Thy kin is great, Fender. ‘Twas so marvelous that they couldst keep that secret for a very long time. However, I believe ‘twas for a greater good,” Hope expressed.

But Frank didn’t express like that. He glared. Yes, he really glared at me. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. He said but with a pause at the end. I knew he demanded further explanation. “But…I and Ivan retrieved it. Ms. Denver spied on us and told her everything. She took it from us. Ino thinks that retrieving a very dangerous thing like a moonstone will bring me in a grave danger. I don’t know why he decides to help me. That’s why he was asking about the moonstone to her,” I said.

My explanation was as clear as it got to be. But Frank still winced. It seemed like there’s something that he didn’t understand. After he spoke then, I did understand why. “If the thing is so dangerous, why did you foolishly take it, Fender? I don’t understand! Is it just because of your curiosity? Have you ever think about the risk or something like that that make you consider to do that stupid thing? Care to answer my question now, Fender Luts?” He wasn’t asking me, but he was mad of me. I was quiet. I couldn’t see his eyes anymore. I knew he would scold me. It was my fault. Yes, I was the one to blame for everything.

“’Twas magic,” Hope muttered, but we both could hear him so we looked at him at the same time. “Oh, I pray for thy pardon if I interrupted, Frank. Methinks… an thither nought to possess their mind, ‘tis possible not for them to hast their mind disrupted. ‘Twas a force, a true irresistible force that they couldst not dismiss,” he said. I didn’t know but everything he said was true. It was that book, the book that corrupted us.

I raised my hand and spoke quickly, “Hope is right, Frank,” I tried to defend myself, “It’s the book. A witch that knows everything told me about the book, that how it corrupts the werewolf who possesses it. But she was too late. We had already retrieved that stone, and we’re unlucky. That’s the true story, I swear,” I raised my two fingers. Frank still stared at me, studying my face. I knew there were so many questions in his mind.

He scrubbed his chin slowly without moving his sight over me, “What is Ino’s involvement in this matter? You said he wants to help you. But why? Ino is your archenemy, and I believe he felt the same for you,” Frank argued. His curiousness was normal. There was no one believed Ino Rays would help me without any explanation. But I only knew one reason and I immediately told him that. But my answer was giving him more wrinkles on his forehead.

“Because he loves my mother? That’s ridiculous!” he rejected my reason. I told him it was because I was close to him, that Damons thought of me as a family. It didn’t answer his confusion. He still thought that it was beyond than that. I shouted at him, told him I didn’t know because I really didn’t know anything. He was quite then, but still staring at me.

“Perchance…” Hope spoke that we both looked at him quickly, “Thither…art some…answers if ye hark now. Methinks I hast some resolves. Please, heavy not, my friends. I shalt bring thee the tidings, anon,” he tried to melt the situation. It was so tense between me and Frank. Sometimes, Frank just asked me questions over and over and kept pushing me without knowing my true feeling. I knew I was wrong. Part of this was also my mistake. But what could I do? Do I have to kill myself to atone my sin? Not, right?

Frank sighed. He looked down and said sorry to me. Sometimes he was just too arrogant and I hated that. He even didn’t want to look at my eyes when he apologized. He didn’t say anything after that and suddenly Angelica startled us when she appeared right next to Frank with her very exciting face.

I asked what happened to her, that she seemed so happy. She screamed like a little girl who had been given a present. She ran to me and wanted to hug me. But then she realized that she couldn’t do that. I asked her again with the same question.

“Ino is dead, right? Tell me he’s really dead! Tell me now, Fender!” she spoke with all her excitement. I said I didn’t know. She then asked to Frank and Hope also. They just raised their shoulders.

Hope suddenly spoke something, “Is that thy purpose, Angelica? Doth thou really want that?” he asked. Angelica was quiet. She only said perhaps it was her purpose, but she added that she truly wanted that. Hope took a breath, “So ‘tis an adieu for us, my friend?” he asked again.

Angelica wrinkled her forehead, “I don’t know what are you talking about, Hope?” he said confusedly.

“A wandering spirit is a spirit with a pending business, Angelica. It can be either a revenge, desire, wish, goal, or something like that. If you really find what you want. You should have found your door by now. So…are you seeing it?” Frank explained and asked. Angelica was thinking hard. She didn’t speak for a while. Slowly, she turned her head around, and then looked at Frank again. Frank asked the same question again. We were waiting for Angelica’s answer. But she suddenly shook her head.

Hope asked her to make sure, because he said that the door for wandering spirit didn’t come out all the time. He added if she missed it then, she might be missing the chance to find the door for the next time. Angelica looked around again, but yet she explained that she didn’t see it.

“Does it mean…Ino is still alive?” I guessed, actually I hoped for that. “I’m sorry, Angelica. I didn’t mean to give up your hope. But…I wish Ino is alive now. If he’s dead, I don’t know what I have to do to protect myself. I don’t mean that I’m not feeling guilty at all, I really do,” I said.

Angelica looked around one more time, and then she sighed, “If that’s the case, I don’t care whether Ino is dead or not. Moreover, I’m not really ready to say goodbye to all of you, Guys,” Angelica said it with a big smile. I didn’t know if she really wanted Ino dead or not. Perhaps she was a little bit disappointed. I looked at the sky which was already bright again and began to think.

This is not over yet. Hail said that the moonstone is in her brother’s possession. I think he is the one that came when Hail attacked us. But how do I find him? He’s an alpha for sure. With Ino in a very bad situation, there’s no certain miracle that I can hope for. God, tell me what to do? If what Ino foresaw is right, is there something that can make me live longer? I don’t want to die soon, God. I don’t want to be executed. It’s not purely my fault. It’s not fair, God, isn’t it? Will you help me, God? Please, help me, I talked in mind.

A tone of pulse meter could be heard clearly in a small room, where a boy laid down on the bed unconsciously. The room was so quiet. An older boy sat next to him and looked at him with an empty sight. He was there for a night, even without a second to close his eyes. His tears were dry. It was as if his red and dry eyes had told everything even though he didn’t speak.

He exhaled, feeling a little bit tired but he couldn’t rest until he was sure that his little brother was alright. A nurse suddenly came from the outside. She brought a board with some papers and the checked the condition of the patient. She looked at the older boy and asked, “Why don’t you take a rest for a while, Mr. Jackson? You’ve been here for a whole night.”

Sergey looked at the nurse and smiled, but he couldn’t show her teasing smile just like he usually did to other women. He shook his head slowly, “I’m okay. Don’t worry about me. Is he…is he going to be alright, Miss?” he asked.

The nurse looked at Ino. She knew the boy had a very severe condition, “I hope he’s getting well soon, Mr. Jackson. He has a miracle. Some people won’t live long with the wound like that,” she expressed, nothing could give a little hope to Sergey.

Sergey sighed again. He looked down, seemed so regretful. He held Ino’s hand tightly. He wanted to cry, but no more tears left. “It’s my fault,” he muttered.

The nurse got closer to Sergey and put her hand on his shoulder, “Don’t blame yourself, Mr. Jackson. It’s not your fault that your little brother fell to the cliff,” she began to walked away and said, “Get rest soon, Mr. Jackson.”

Not long after the door was closed, it was opened again and someone come in. It was a man about 40 years old. He wore a black leather jacket and black leather trousers. He put off the black glasses that he wore and held it. In a glimpse, he looked like Renegade.

His body was all muscles. He had a shaggy head, somehow made him looked a little bit fiercer. A scar below his eyes showed that it’s wise to just leave him alone. Sergey looked at him finally, and he wrinkled his forehead in surprise. He couldn’t speak for a moment, but finally a word came out from his mouth, “Leo?”

The man whose name Leo grinned and then talked, “So, this is really happening. That’s why the order finally asked for my help. Actually, I can’t believe it’s my little boy who lies there,” he said. He got closer and looked at Ino’s pale face. “God, he’s really screwed. Why did this happen? Is the werewolf really strong so that a very powerful person like him was defeated?” he asked.

“It was my fault. I can’t protect him,” Sergey muttered.

Leo chuckled like a kid until his big body was shaking, “Jackson, you’re ridiculous! He doesn’t need anyone’s protection. Tell me what’s going on! He’s not the one who can be easily defeated even if he faces a pureblood, an alpha, a necromancer, and a fairy God altogether,” he still seemed disbelieved even though he saw Ino was sprawling on the bed, “You’ve seen it, too, right? Two years ago? You’d been beaten down, but he could stand up against them. Even though he was exhausted, it was amazing that he could be the toughest enemy they’d ever faced.”

Sergey nodded slowly, “I never forget that. I almost died. Ino had just been promoted as a four-slayer. He protected me and I was useless. Thanks to you and Ser Roland that finally came and saved us from that woman and her pets,” he said.

“Yes, that was two years ago, Jackson!” Leo said spiritedly, “When he began his role as a four-slayer, he already surpassed me. His grandfather and Ser Roland taught him a lot. I’m sure that now he can defeat all those superior creatures by himself. I can’t believe that a mere alpha can easily defeat him like this,” Leo said.

Sergey looked at Leo and almost yelled, “I told you it was my fault!” he gasped, trying to keep his tension low. He stood up and stared at him face to face, and then he took a breath, “I let that fucking werewolf and his vampire friend interfered. He was going to kill that alpha. But his feeling toward them…” he gasped, “Even he really wanted to kill them also, he couldn’t do that. I should have moved faster. I should have been stronger so that that bitch wouldn’t have a chance to attack him from his back,” he explained.

Leo hummed for a while. He looked at Ino and then at Sergey again. He repeated that movement three times. “This heartless boy finally has a feeling?” he then chuckled, “Frankly, I’m amazed! The most merciless hunter wasn’t randomly awarded to my little boy. He was taught to be like that,” he seemed disbelieved.

Sergey sighed, “He’s a human, too, Big fool! You’re not with him all the time, so don’t think you know him better than me,” he said, “So, the order finally calls you. What are you going to do now?” he asked.

“Now I know that Ino was perhaps a little bit reckless, I don’t have to be worried about the enemy,” Leo said confidently. He sighed then, “The others were panic when they heard about his condition. They’re too much. My feeling is right about there’s something wrong in this case,” he said, then chuckled. Sergey shook his head slowly seeing how bothersome his attitude was.

Sergey sat again on his chair. He took a breath, “Actually…I already killed the alpha…” he paused for a while, “But, she mentioned about her brothers. She had brothers! I don’t know how many or whether they are alphas or not,” he assumed. Leo chuckled again and said that Sergey was a coward. But Sergey just ignored his annoying laughter. He looked at Ino again in desperation.

But suddenly, a sound of someone running was heard. The door opened. A little boy with a pale face appeared while gasping. Sergey and Leo stared at him oddly. Lyon Daendels stepped in and looked at Ino for a while. He was still gasping. It seemed that he wasn’t used to run normally.

He looked at Sergey then, “Big bro, how could you not tell me about master earlier?” he asked. Sergey didn’t reply. He just looked at him without saying anything.

“I don’t know who you are, Little vampire. But don’t worry, Ino won’t die so easily. Just relax and breathe. I know vampire was spoiled by their whooshing here and there, and I can understand how a young vampire like you was not used to be running like a human,” he chuckled again, like there was nothing bad happened.

Lyon shook his head and didn’t stop gasping, “It’s not only that,” he looked at Sergey and asked for his attention, “I feel something bad, Big bro!” he took a breath before he continued, “I had a dream last night. It was so real and scary. I never had a scary dream like that before.” Sergey sighed, telling that Lyon should go to the point and didn’t talk aimlessly. Lyon took a breath again, “I…I saw this town was filled with blood, and…there were werewolves everywhere, many of them,” he explain.

The air became tenser in a second. Leo looked at Sergey, waiting for him to reply his eyes. But Sergey still winced through Lyon’s face. That kid looked so afraid and anxious. He finally looked at Leo, and Leo began to ask about his ability.

“One thing I know, Lyon can foresee through someone’s face. But I don’t know if he can do it through dream,” Sergey argued.

Lyon tried to take a deep breath and exhaled heavily. Somehow that could make him a little bit calmer, “Actually, Big brother, I…I’m not really sure about that at the beginning. This is my first time. But…but…it was so real. I’m afraid, I’m really afraid now,” he tried to control his breath again. Sergey ordered him to sit and he did so. He looked at both of them without saying anything for a while. Until, “After knowing that something happened with Master, I’m really frightened that it may happen in the near future,” he finished his explanation.

Leo was humming. He was thinking about something, “Werewolves?” he muttered. There’re not many werewolves in this town. How can they overcome this city? When? And where will they come from? That’s very disturbing, he thought. But suddenly, “The day after tomorrow is a full moon,” he said directly. Sergey and Lyon wrinkled their forehead.

“Can we believe in this unexpected prediction?” Sergey felt highly doubt, “First thing first, Lyon admits it that this is the first time for him. Second, full moon doesn’t mean an invasion,” he explained. Lyon and Leo both were thinking again. They looked at each other, and at the same time looked at Sergey again. “What?” Sergey asked.

Leo sighed. He knocked his fingers on the bedside, “I can take it as a warning, Little boy. But don’t worry about it, dealing with werewolves is my main job,” he chuckled confidently, “I don’t know why it’s Ino who is assigned in this werewolf problem. Thinking that Ino is incapable of doing anything now, just let him rest for a while. I’m going to take over from here,” he said. Sergey sighed, feeling a little bit annoyed with his cockiness. Lyon, like another innocent child, was just amazedly wondering.

“By the way, Big sir, who are you?” Lyon asked innocently.

Leo winced and then chuckled even though there was nothing funny around them. “What a poor thing you are, Little boy! How can you not know about the greatness in front of you?” he chuckled again. Perhaps it was the reason why Sergey hated him so much. He was full of chuckling and bragging. He stopped laughing and took a breath, “So what if you don’t know about me!” he then approached Lyon, scrubbed Lyon’s head, and bowed down, “I’m the claymore wielder, the greatest werewolf hunter. I’m one of the four-slayer,” he said briefly.

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