Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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I screamed like a girl on my bed, sitting and gasping while looking at my messy room. It was so embarrassing. I was like a freaking child who had just had a worst nightmare. Yes, I did have a very worst nightmare. My mother quickly opened the door in panic. But when she looked at me with all the sweat all over my body and my foolish face, she glared at me. She roared on me, telling me that I had almost made her heart failed, telling me that I was like a child, and so on, and so on. And all I could do was listening even though I felt a little bit dizzy then. But it was all for nothing, and the last thing I remembered was how loud the sound of how she closed the door. God, she must be very upset, I talked in mind, but I quickly ignored her.

When I remembered about my nightmare, I felt shudder. But I quickly ignored it. It was just a dream and I didn’t care about that. I got up from my bed and quickly went to the bathroom. I looked at the mirror. It was messy, but I thought I was still pretty. I washed my face with fresh water and looked again at my wet face in the mirror. I sighed a bit.

It was in the weekend so I didn’t go to school. I looked at my watch and it was almost noon. I truly slept like a hog last night, and it was really satisfying. I quickly got out of my room and passed through the stairs. In the living room, I saw Ben and my old man were watching TV. It was actually Ben who was watching TV, because it was a Disney Channel. My father was focus on his newspaper.

Ben heard my step and looked at me cruelly, “Dad, look! That dog finally awake,” he said and sneered on me. My father only commented why I was screaming like a baby and made my mother suddenly in a bad mood. I didn’t know why that little bastard always called me dog recently. Did I really smell like a dog?

But I ignored them and stepped into the dining room. I sneaked around and opened the drawer. There were some cans of raw meat and I picked one. It was more delicious than a pancake that my mother put in the dining table for me. I quickly opened the can with my claw and eat it like a hungry wolf. But I heard someone was approaching. Shit, I talked in mind. The meat was still half the can and I quickly threw it outside the window, into my backyard. I would pick it up soon before my mother found out that someone had thrown his meat supply into our backyard.

I sat on the chair, right in front of my pancake and pretended that I enjoyed it. My mother looked at me when she got in and wrinkled her forehead. I put a piece of the cake into my mouth and smiled on her. She sighed and ignored me. I continued with my pancake but I didn’t realize that she opened the drawer where she put her meat supply. She looked at me, and asked, “Fender, I think I have 10 cans of meat here. Why is there only nine now? Did you take it?” I gulped. I didn’t think she would really count the cans one by one. I looked at her and shook my head with an innocent face. She stood with her arms akimbo, glaring at me, “I remember I count them a few minutes ago. There were 10 cans. And now you’re here, there are only nine!” she began to suspicious on me, “This is not the first time I feel I lose a can of meat. Fender, can you explain?”

I shook my head again and swallowed my pancake, “I don’t know, Mom. Maybe it’s a cat,” I explained randomly.

“How can a cat steal meat in a can? Do you think I’m a fool, Fender?” she was upset. Her suspiciousness toward me grew bigger. Suddenly my bell was ringing. I jumped and quickly took the chance. I told her that I would open the door. I heard she was just sighing.

I sniffed and I knew exactly who came at my door. I opened it and smiled widely, “How are you, Ivan? Are you okay now?” I asked.

He smiled back, “I’m sorry that I asked you not to come to my house. I’m just afraid that my secret is revealed. I think that some will know about your situation. I’m just…”

“It’s okay,” I whispered back to him, “I do understand. I’m glad that you’re really okay now,” I said.

He sighed, “Actually…” he paused for a moment, “Physically yes, but…mentally…no!” he said unclearly. I winced, still wondering what he was going to say. He looked at me. He was so damn serious, and I knew he felt so anxious. “I had a dream. But I think it’s not really a dream. I saw this town…” he paused again, and I began to gulp, “I saw this town…was…full of rage and blood. This town was in a very big mess and danger. Many people died. I believe it’s not a dream, Fender. It’s a vision. All my family had that too,” he explained.

I suddenly gripped his arm. It was very tight. My body was trembling. I told him, stammering, “I…I had it too.”

“I’ve guessed, Fender. I began to wonder if this related to the moonstone,” he said.

I gulped again. God, this is not good,” I thought.

Frank wrinkled his forehead when he heard about what I was explaining. It seemed a little bit ridiculous, but I and the whole Jovanov family who had the same vision about this town broke that basic rule. It wasn’t ridiculous anymore. It wasn’t a joke at all. It was something that we all had to believe. That was my words to convince Frank and Hope. Hope took it seriously. But he didn’t reply anything.

Frank sipped his plasma juice again. He was thinking. “So…” he began to talk, “…do you werewolves have some kinds of sixth sense now? Do you truly believe it’s a fate?” he asked. I shook my head. I told him I was confused. Hope explained that he never heard that werewolves had something like sixth sense. He added that all werewolves had, was only strength beyond every creature. I agreed with him, but that one was an exception. “But it’s strange though, to think that all the werewolves had the same vision. Do you think every werewolf in this world have that same vision?” he asked. I raised my shoulders. He then hummed, “Do you know other werewolves in this town besides you and…them?” he asked again.

I shook my head, “None actually. I don’t know if some Hail’s betas from this town can be counted, if…they’re still alive,” I explained.

“Tomorrow…’tis a full moon,” Hope suddenly said. His words made me aware. In my dreams, I saw a full moon. I didn’t know why I was doing in my dream. I just remembered the blood and werewolves. I couldn’t forget the scream also. It was frightening. It was so real. The smell of the blood, I felt like I still could feel it in my nose. The screams were echoing in my ears. Hope looked at the two girls who had just arrived at The Tavern. They were fairies. He was suddenly whistling. The two fairies startled and looked at him. They quickly approached us and bowed down to Hope.

“Milord!” they spoke together. It seemed that they never expected to meet their Lord Camthalion.

Hope stood up, and then he bowed like a knight, “Please accept my apology to bother thee. I really desperately need thy favor. Spread the words to others. Please be prepared for tomorrow,” he explained.

The two fairies looked at each other. They seemed a little bit confused about what happened, but didn’t want to object. They looked at Hope again and agreed, “Your order is absolute, Milord,” one of them said. After that, they quickly got out from The Tavern. It seemed that they forgot about their intention to hang out there.

But not long after the fairy girls disappeared, Norah Levin stepped in from the door. She looked at us and approached. Suddenly, I grabbed her and kissed her like a desperate man.

Norah pushed me back after a while she enjoyed my kiss, “What are you doing, Fender?” she looked upset.

“I don’t know if I can live by tomorrow. I hope it wasn’t my last kiss, Honey,” I said.

She winced, placing her arms in front of her stomach and sneered, “What the hell are you thinking now, Fender? Is that the reason why you asked me to meet here, you moron?” she asked.

“Norah, look! I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s not the thing that we can simply ignore. He had a dream, a vision. This town will be in a grave danger, that’s what his dream told him about,” Frank explained. Norah was listening. She sat on the empty chair I prepared beside me, and I followed her to sit. She asked Frank to continue. “You-know-who and his family had the same vision too. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Hope relates it to the fact that tomorrow is a full moon,” he said.

Norah was thinking and suddenly she sighed, “In a condition when Ino is incapable, I’m wondering it will be so much worse than we think,” she added, “So what are we going to do? I hope it was just a common dream and tomorrow I will hit his head for making us worried. But…we have to be prepared for the worst,” she said.

Frank nodded, “I know. Can you talk about this thing with the hunter association?” he asked. Norah said that she would try. It made me a little bit relieved then, but I was still worried. “I will, too, ask my father and vampire elders about this,” he added.

“But I can’t promise that they will hear my words. I can’t talk about you-know-who to them,” Norah said.

“Neither can I,” Frank added.

I raised my hand, trying to get attention. “That’s why I gather you all here. If Norah can’t count on to her kind, and neither can Frank, we still have Hope. Do you think all the fairies here can help us?” I asked him.

But it was Frank who replied me, “Of course. Didn’t you hear what they said?” he told me, “Lord Camthalion’s word is absolute,” he added more. I nodded. Norah asked about who they referred to. Frank told her everything about what happened earlier. Norah began to understand and looked a little bit relieved. At least we have some ammunition, I thought.

“So, Guys, I hope it was just my stupid nightmare, but…are you ready for whatever happens tomorrow?” I asked them, and they nodded in a same time readily.

Norah Levin looked upset. She stood up in front of the old Mr. Rays who sat in his private desk. It was in Mr. Rays’ private chamber. The room was not big. There were so many relics and figures there. The situation was quite dark. Only a fireplace in the middle of left side shone the whole room. There were many papers and documents on his desk. As the elder’s leader of hunter association in the region of Skyfall City, he seemed that he had many jobs to be handled. He was like a president.

Mr. Rays didn’t use the long coat as he usually wore as the elder. He just wore casual clothes with a black leather jacket. Perhaps he was just bored to look like a bishop in a church. Sometimes an old man also wanted to be stylish. He read one paper after another and signed it.

He fixed his glasses position and looked at Norah, “You cannot judge the future by someone’s dream, young lady, even if it’s your boyfriend’s dream,” he said.

“But, Mr. Rays, this is very important. Please, consider this again. You will regret it if something happened tomorrow,” Norah said, “I beg you, Mr. Rays.”

“There’s no word of danger coming to Moonlight Hills, Ms. Levin. I don’t hear it from the warlocks also. I’m sorry, child, I cannot do anything, not if you don’t have any proof,” he made sure once again.

Norah knew it will be useless to ask for the Order. But at least she gave it a try. Still upset, yet she asked his permission to leave. She opened the door and got out. In a second, the Muller couple suddenly approached her. They seemed curious.

“Bianca told us you’re joking about Fender’s dream and wanted to talk to elder, Norah,” Mr. Muller got to the point, “Tell us what’s going on.”

“You won’t believe in such dream, Norah,” Mrs. Muller added. She whispered next to Norah’s ear, “We know you’re hiding something.”

Norah kept away and shook her head, “No, Dylan, I don’t hide anything,” she said. But Mr. Muller quickly grabbed her hand and whispered that she should trust them. Norah paused for a while. She looked at that couple’s eyes. They nodded several times, made her sure that she could share them her secret. “I’m sorry I can’t. This is not the thing I can share with others,” she explained.

“We won’t betray you, Norah. You know we will protect Fender,” Mrs. Muller insisted.

Norah exhaled. They were too pushy. She looked around to make sure that nobody in the surveillance. “We cannot speak here. It’s too dangerous. We’ll talk outside but please act normally,” she whispered and they agreed.

Norah walked away first to the outside of the building. After got out from the main door, Norah ran slowly to the tree at the backyard of the area. There were no hunters passed there because it wasn’t just a narrow place with no other access.

The Muller couple came not long after that. They were getting closer to each other. Norah began to speak, “Do you still remember the werewolf family when Ino tried to kill Fender?” she asked. They both nodded without any words, waiting Norah to continue again, “They are the werewolf family that lives in secret in Moonlight Hills. I cannot reveal to everyone that they actually live in town. And they are the part that I can use to make everybody believes in me.”

“What do you mean by that?” Mr. Muller asked.

“They had the same dream. All of them! It was like a vision about the future, and…” Norah stopped talking, made the two of them asked her to continue. Norah felt a little doubt, but it was already too far to go back. “I actually can’t say about this. This is for Fender’s safety. Please, keep this a secret.”

Mrs. Muller held both of Norah’s hands, “We promise, Norah.”

Norah took a deep breath. She made sure again that there was no one nearby. She then spoke, “Fender released the power of the demon called moonstone. I can’t tell you the whole story now. The Order mustn’t know about this or…”

“I know your reason, Norah,” Mr. Muller cut the words, “I don’t know what is that moonstone thing, but he has upset the balance of the world and he will face the Order’s judgment.”

Norah nodded, “Yes, you’re right. We’re aware of this matter. I don’t have many choices. The dream…I don’t know if it’s true or not. That’s why I can’t sell Fender’s safety. I can’t tell the elder the truth. It’s too hard,” she sounded regretful.

“If that’s the situation, we cannot depend on the Order. Do you have any backup plan?” Mrs. Muller asked.

“Frank was asking his elders and the Temple for help. But I don’t know if it will succeed,” Norah explained.

Norah was right. Somewhere far away from the edge of Skyfall city, Frank was debating with his father and most of the elders. Like what Norah was facing, the vampire elders also didn’t believe just in someone’s dream. For them it was so stupid and ridiculous.

“I don’t want to debate with you again, Frank! Don’t make me mad this time! You’re wasting our time!” Mr. Damon left the place in madness and the other elders followed from behind, leaving only Annabelle and Albert. Damon moved his lips to both of them, creating a word ‘don’t speak anything’, because the others were still in range to hear their conversation. Annabelle and Albert nodded and then looked at each other.

The situation was quiet for them. They couldn’t hear any presence anymore. Albert began to laugh, and Annabelle complained why he did laugh. Frank, in desperation, could only sigh and look down.

“Oh, Dear, please don’t be sad. There are still us here. Just tell me what happen,” Annabelle tried to calm him down.

Frank looked at Annabelle’s face in front of him, “If what I said is true, they all will regret it. We all will regret it,” Frank was upset.

“They won’t believe your story, you moron. You only said that Fender was dreaming about a danger in this town. Dream? Yes, it’s ridiculous!” Albert commented. Annabelle was mad at him again. She told him not to let Frank’s hearts down for more.

“Actually, I have some common sense that can make them believe. But…” Frank paused, leaving them in curiousness for a while, “…I can’t tell them,” he said. Both of them asked him why. Frank took a breath, “It’s related to Jovanov family. You know we can’t speak about them. The only vampires knew about their existence are the six of us, and we promised to keep that a secret,” he explained.

Annabelle whooshed to the sofa and sat down. She looked a little bit sluggish after hearing the reason from Frank. “So, the situation is very hard now,” she commented. Albert asked him again about the details, and Frank began to explain. Albert’s and Annabelle’s eyes bugged out after the real explanation was spitted out.

Albert’s laughter stopped. He couldn’t speak for a moment. But finally he could move his lips, “Are you really sure about that thing, Frank? If that’s the case, we must tell them. Fuck with those werewolves! We have to protect this town rather than protecting a few dogs!” he said.

“Please, Lord Albert, don’t get carried away!” Frank tried to warn him, “It’s still a prediction. We don’t know whether it’s true or not. They told us because they believe in us,” he explained.

Annabelle stood up quickly, “Frank is right, Albert. This is a hard decision, but we must believe in Frank’s way. I can convince some vampires to be prepared, and you can too. Darius and Mr. and Mrs. Aberschulen will help too. We have our own people. If they can be combined, I think we don’t need those elders,” Annabelle suggested. Frank added that he could convince all the vampires in Moonlight High to join the force.

The sun was setting and the sky was getting dark. I saw some black birds flying in the orange sky. It was a little bit unusual to see many birds at dusk in Moonlight Hills. The whole town did their activity like usual. People still hung out because it was in the weekend. Town was always crowded in the weekend, dominated by teenagers. I kept praying in my hearts that my bad dream would never come true.

I took a deep breath, looking at Norah, Frank, and Hope around me. We were walking in the heart of town, Town Hall St. where all the fun and business gathered there. It was in the Moon fountain, a very large fountain in the middle of Anubis square. The place was a great place for dating or perhaps having a chit-chat with your friends. Sometimes a carnival was held there. But thanks God there was no carnival on that day.

I still took a deep breath again. Frank seemed monitoring my gestures. I was so restless so that I couldn’t easily breathe.

“You’re beginning to feel the power of full moon, aren’t you, Fender?” he guessed. I looked at him, saying perhaps. But I made him sure that I could control my wolf then. “We don’t have much time until the full moon,” Frank began to talk again, “My vampire friends were ready at their base. How about the others?” he asked.

“I hast sent them. All the fairies art watching in every corner of this town,” Hope replied.

“There are some hunters who have their regular patrol. They must be aware if something bad happen,” Norah said. She was a little bit upset because the hunter association didn’t listen to her. Only Muller couple had their own move right then. I added that the werewolves were all set.

Frank sighed. He drank a plasma juice to calm his mind. He emptied it and threw the pack to the trash. He took a breath before he talked again, “We must split out. I will go with Fender, to make sure that he can behave,” he said. I was sure he was joking on his last line, but he didn’t seem like joking at all.

“May God be upon us, my friends,” Hope was praying.

Hope and Norah quickly ran and walked away from us. They went in the opposite direction, leaving us both behind. There were only I and Frank now. Everybody had their own role, and so did we.

The sky was getting dark so fast. We still didn’t know if the doom would still be upon us. We could only pray. The action was not only come from me and my friends. Another force was working without us knowing.

In the forest, Sergey, Lyon, and Leo were patrolling, waiting for the next thing to happen.

“Are you sure we don’t have to tell the Order about this, Leo?” Sergey asked.

Leo laughed, like he always did, “Do you think they will believe in a child’s dream, you fool? They will laugh at us!” he laughed again and stopped to take a breath, “Like I said to you, werewolf is my prey. We don’t need my little boy’s nor the order’s power to solve this problem. Let him rest for a while. He’s too tired,” he said. Lyon was only amazed with the way the hunter was speaking and how high his confidence was.

But it’s not easy for Sergey. Since the first time, he was already sick with Leo. He didn’t like the way Leo spoke, laughed, everything. But he didn’t have any choice but to depend on his help. If what Lyon predicted was true, it could be sure that he couldn’t do it alone. He still thought that telling the hunter association was necessary. But Leo insisted that they alone could overcome the problem.

“Sir Leo, may I asked you something?” Lyon suddenly spoke to him. The big man stared at the little vampire at the beginning. He then nodded, allowing him to speak the question out. Lyon took a breath. It seemed that he was unsure about the thing that he wanted to ask, but he was so curious. He hummed, and then, “I want to ask…but…please don’t kill me,” he said.

Leo laughed louder than the way he laughed before, “Silly little vampire! I won’t kill a little pest like you. Now speak it out!” he ordered.

Lyon gulped, “Are you greater than my master? I mean…you look older, stronger, tougher, and scarier than him. I…just can’t imagine how powerful you are because…Master is already amazing to me,” he said.

Leo stared at that kid again, made him nervous and scared to death. But suddenly he laughed even louder than before. He tried to control his breath until he began to speak, “Actually…” he paused for a second, “I’m not, Lyon,” he explain. Lyon winced in confusion. But before the kid started to ask another question, he told him the story, “Among the four of us, I hate to admit that I’m the weakest. But Ino is the third. There are two more who are greater than him. Yes, I’m older than Ino but it doesn’t make me stronger than him. And actually I hate the fact,” he explained.

“Wow! Who are those two persons, Sir Leo?” Lyon was amazed.

“The first is Roland. He was Ino’s teacher before Ino had the title of four-slayer. The second one is a scary woman named Cassandra. She is the best sniper in the world,” he explained more. He then chuckled, “So, if you really think that Ino is the most amazing person in this world, it means that you still don’t know the whole world, Kid.”

The air suddenly became so eerie and tense among them. The three of them looked at each other. Lyon lifted his head and closed his eyes. He let the moon’s light pouring into his face. Sergey looked at the sky. His heart pounded very hard in the sudden. Leo looked at his watch, and then he looked at both Lyon and Sergey.

“It’s faster than I expected. The full moon begins, let’s see what will happen next,” Leo whispered.

Still in the forest, some fairy were patrolling as Hope ordered them to. They looked at the sky when the moon was round and bright. One of them was wondering about what will happen because Hope didn’t give so much detail. They were muttered, talking about why they were there.

But suddenly, a fairy screamed in the air. Her friends startled and looked at her. Her face was pale, looking at the west side of the forest from up high. She closed her mouth with both her palms. One of the fairies below flew up and asked about what happened. The screaming fairy couldn’t speak at all. She only pointed.

It was a shocking moment from him when he looked at the pointing direction. At the moment, he couldn’t also speak. He gasped and frightened, like seeing a reaper who wanted to take his soul. Their friends below asked again. Both of them then quickly flew down and explained.

“There…there…there are hundreds of werewolves coming here. They are like a force of dragonflies that will attack a garden. You really won’t believe what you see! It’s an invasion!” the male fairy said.

“Perhaps this is what Lord Camthalion is scared about. He has a prophecy that this will come. That’s why we are ordered to be prepared,” the female one said.

A group of butterflies suddenly approached. They flew around the fairies and it seemed like they were having a conversation. All the fairies suddenly startled and stunned for a moment.

“What? Hundreds of raging werewolves are approaching in every direction?” one of them muttered unbelievably.

“What are we going to do now?” one of them were commented with her scared and panic face, “We are only twenty and we’re outnumbered!”

The rumbling sound of those werewolves who were approaching was heard clearly. They were anxious and panic. But one of them said that they couldn’t run away.

“My friends, we’ll stay here and hold them as Lord Camthalion ordered us to,” he said, “I believe His Highness already has a plan. Please, lend me your strength. We cannot let those werewolves to enter the town.”

All of them nodded and prepared for the worst thing that would happen. They made a line horizontally like Power Rangers, except that they were too many for a squad of Power Rangers. They all lifted their hand to the front, and suddenly a big wall of fire blocked the way. They were trying to tear the earth between them and those werewolves. But such magic should be prepared carefully. The werewolves were very fast. If only one of those beasts could pass the blockade, they will meet their doom.

“Come on, my friends! Give all your best!” one of them was shouting.

Those werewolves were getting near and the situation was getting tenser. All the fairies tried their best to hold those irresistible forces. Time was clicking and it was near to the conclusion. Can they succeed?

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