Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Grayson Brothers

Not long before the full moon began, the two brothers gathered in the deep forest of Moonlight Hills. It was an open area between the trees. Casey Grayson looked after his watch. He mumbled that the time was getting near. His little brother, Ansem Grayson, studied the white-colored stone in his possession. He watched it carefully and span it around his hand.

Around them, there were some men standing. They were quiet. Some of them looked at the moon in the sky. The air was getting chiller. Time was clicking and the full moon phase was very near to begin. Most of them were restless and anxious. But the two brothers looked calmer than any of them.

Ansem looked at his watch, and then he moved his sight to the sky, “It’s getting closer, Brother,” he said.

Casey sneered, “They will never imagine what they are going to face right now. This is our final moment. This peace of that town will be disrupted. We’re going to avenge what those vampires and humans did to us ten years ago,” he talked passionately and confidently.

“You’re right, Brother!” Ansem chuckled. He raised the stone on his hand and spoke loudly, “With the power within our hands, we’re going to destroy this town. If we cannot conquer it, then no one can.”

Casey stepped forward. He looked at the man around him one by one. They looked so tense. He cleared his throat and began his preach, “Brothers, today is our last chance to avenge our dear brothers and sisters, our parents and family, our friends, our everything that they had slaughtered long ago. They think they win over us. But they’re wrong. They’re totally wrong,” he took a breath before he continued, “Now they are going to face our judgment that will be never forgotten. They will remember this day as their darkest day. Have no mercy!” he roared in his last line and the other followed. He looked at the sky again. The moon had almost reached its perfection. He then asked his brother about the preparation.

Ansem grinned like a devil, “The others are scattered in every edge of this forest. We’re going to attack from every direction. They will be very surprised by our ambush,” he explained.

For almost a minute they paused and just stared. But suddenly the air was changed drastically. Slowly, they feel the power and the pain coming together as one. The two brothers’ eyes were glowing red, the others’ were gold. Ansem could feel the power within the stone began to reach its maximum as it was glowing. The stone was hot like an ember.

In a minute, the betas turned into a full-shifted beast. Their body was so big and furred. Claws and fangs appeared. And after the transformation was complete, they howled very long. They could hear the others’ howling from every direction. It was like a song of werewolves at night. The long howling was over. They finally began to ambush. The betas ran wildly into the center of the town.

But the two brothers remained. They looked at each other with their ugly face and glowing red eyes. They were at the state of half-shifted only.

They could feel the betas were getting farther from them. Casey began to speak. His voice was changed, hoarse and heavy like a monster, “You did a great job, Ansem! Hundreds of werewolves with the help from moonstone, we’ll be invincible!” he spoke gladly, showing his fangs all over his mouth.

“Please don’t forget that this is an ambush. They don’t have any preparation to face us,” Ansem added, “We’re lucky there are so many fools like them to be used,” he chuckled. He then looked at the stone, grinning in front of it, “Can you feel the power of this stone, Casey?” he asked.

Casey nodded and grinned too, “It’s marvelous. I feel like I’m the strongest alpha in this world. The difference is incredible. You are really smart, Ansem!” he praised his brother, “You’re right, Ansem. Creating another alpha is disaster. We’re going to have so many rivals. With this stone, we really can be the strongest alpha and we will conquer the world,” he chuckled in the end of his line. “So, we’ll wait here?” he asked.

“Do you really want to miss the fun, Brother? I don’t think so! Let’s join the party!” Ansem said cockily.

A bird flew from the south and approached a squad of fairies who blocked the west side of the forest. The fire blockade was still strong. From the other side, hundreds of werewolves were trying to pass through. But it was difficult for them since there was also a huge gap separating the ground. If they tried to jump off, the flames waiting for them on the other side.

They were growling in madness. Some of them tried to find another route, but some waited for their enemies to be exhausted. Suddenly a werewolf desperately jumped off through the gap. But the werewolf was unlucky. He fell to the deep of the earth. The others didn’t want to give up. They began to try what their friend was trying to do.

The fairies knew that some of those werewolves were trying to jump. They pushed their power to the limit. The earth moved again. The gap was getting wider while the werewolves were jumping. They began to fall down. A long howl faded as they fell deeper to the hole. But one finally made it through.

However, it didn’t stop at that. That werewolf got to pass the flames that caught them. He was burnt. He tried to keep running in the sea of flames. The fairies began to anxious. They saw the werewolf was struggling. The fire was burning in its body. But they realized that the werewolf was exhausted. It fell to the ground while the fire was devouring its body.

The bird was chirping to the fairies. Those who listened to the bird’s words were shocked. Their eyes bugged out. Somehow, they couldn’t focus anymore.

“Some of them are starting to enter the town? This is bad! This is a disaster! We’re doomed!” one of them yelled.

The bird was chirping again. One of the fairies muttered, translating the bird’s words, “Those werewolves were too many. They came from every corner and every direction. We cannot hold them all. Some of us were slaughtered. We tried to fight them with all our might. But we’re outnumbered.”

“There’s no use to keep staying here. We have to go back to the town!” one of them suggested.

Another one shook his head and disagreed, “No, we cannot let these hundreds move any further!” he said. They started to argue each other. Some of them were suggesting retreat, but some others disagreed. But they didn’t realize that those werewolves were not dumb. They had a very brilliant strategy.

A werewolf held another’s hand, and with all its might, it threw that werewolf until it flew through the air, passing through the fire fast. That werewolf was ready to sacrifice itself. But it wasn’t useless.

The fairies were shocked. They saw a werewolf successfully crossed the obstacle they’d made. The fire faded quickly from its body as it began to move. Another werewolf appeared with the same way. One by one, they finally made it. They were like grinning to the fairies, telling them that they had already failed.

Some of them stopped casting the nature magic. The flame was getting weaker. The fairies tried to cast another magic. Woods began to move and grow to hold the werewolves’ movement. The woods even could pierce some of them, but they were too strong and fast. How can they be so strong, one of the fairy thought.

The flame was completely disappeared. Those fairies couldn’t focus on the defense anymore. They had to defend themselves.

A fairy screamed and casted a thunder magic, made some of those werewolves bounced back and fell. But they couldn’t do anything more. The werewolves were coming like a rain from the other side.

“Guys, get back!” one of the fairies shouted. He grew up his wings and began to fly. The others didn’t have any choice. They followed as their friend said. However, one was very unlucky. A werewolf climbed a tree fast and jumped off. It pounced the fairy and gripped him until they fell to the ground. The fairy was screaming in agony, being slaughtered by many werewolves below. They couldn’t save him anymore.

A fairy looked back in sorrow and muttered, “Rest in peace, my brother.”

Meanwhile in the center of the town, people still didn’t realize that hundreds of werewolves were attacking from every wind. The activities were moving normally. Some people walked on the sidewalk, some laughed in the cafeteria. But the dangers around them were getting closer.

The peace was not last, until…

A woman was screaming…

Leo, Lyon, and Sergey were surrounded by the werewolves. They growled and threatened, but still hadn’t attacked yet. Lyon was scared to death, hugging Sergey’s hand tightly. Those gold eyes were watching them very carefully. They knew that the creatures they were facing were not ordinary.

Leo stepped forward a little, “Sergey, protect yourself now!”

Sergey knew what he was talking about. He hugged Lyon tighter and swung his wand. “Praesidium!” he muttered. A thin but strong shield suddenly appeared around him and Lyon. Lyon looked at Sergey’s face. Big brother is very kind. He’s protecting me, Lyon thought.

“Why don’t you protect Sir Leo too, Big Bro?” he asked.

Sergey looked down to Lyon’s face and smiled, “It’s because I’m trying to protect ourselves from him, Lyon,” he explained. Even though Lyon was confused, he nodded and pretended to understand.

Leo held the pendant of his bracelet. The pendant was like a Christian cross. He took of his bracelet, still holding the pendant. He looked at the werewolves around him. They growled and glared. But he just sneered on them. “They will know the taste of my Claymore,” he muttered.

And then something happened with the pendant. A spark appeared as the pendant suddenly grew bigger and bigger. So it isn’t a bracelet from the beginning. It’s a big sword! I thought he is a religious-man type, Lyon talked in mind.

Leo pierced the big sword into the ground. There was a wave of electric flowing around him. His sword, the Claymore, was imbued by the electric element. The werewolves thought it as their biggest threat. They stepped back slowly, feeling doubtful to attack roughly.

“So this is why we’re protecting ourselves?” Lyon muttered.

“His big sword, Claymore, is design to slaughter werewolf. That’s why he is very expert in werewolf things. The sword has magic in it. It’s an electric element, one of the biggest weaknesses of werewolf. And while the magic is on, it’s not wise to be near around him unless you have the power to protect yourself,” Sergey explained.

Leo chuckled seeing those werewolves were too afraid of him. He was acting so cocky. But he deserved to act like that. As he pulled the sword, the electric wave was suddenly flowing like a tide to every direction. It was moving fast so that those werewolves were too slow to realize it.

Lyon hugged Sergey tighter and hid his face when the magic shield was hit by the electrical wave. Sergey told him to not afraid. He explained that the shield would protect them safely. But another condition was different to the werewolves. They were electrocuted as the wave passed through their body.

But what Leo and the other saw was different from what they expected. The wave wasn’t strong enough to bring them down. Leo winced in confusion. They were just betas and he thought that the electrical wave like that should immobilize them in an instant, even in a full moon.

“What the hell is it?” he looked upset.

The werewolves were standing and angry. Quickly, they began to attack them at the same time. Leo swung his sword and a lightning struck from it, made the werewolves in front of him were bounced to the back. He impaled a werewolf’s chest and blew the electricity through it. The werewolf fell and immobilize. But it didn’t make his job easier. “Shit!” he mumbled.

Sergey told Lyon to move away as the shield was fading. He couldn’t win the fight by hiding within the shield forever. Lyon quickly whooshed and stayed away. Then Sergey began to show off.

“Fulmen!” he casted a spell. Some bolts were launched and hit the werewolves around him. He raised his wand and the point of it suddenly blinked. “Thor de ira!” he casted another one. Some thunders then struck from the sky, hitting some of the werewolves. Both of them create a wave of electricity around each of them, preventing for those werewolves to recklessly attack.

“This is ridiculous!” Sergey was upset, “I never fight a werewolf this strong, even in the full moon!” he complained.

“They’re strong indeed, but they are still not match to my Claymore,” Leo still spoke cockily.

That conversation made Sergey a little bit lost his focus. A werewolf tried to charge him. He realized that quickly and casted another lightning attack. But he couldn’t dodge another one. A swung of claws hit his chest hard and threw him away. He fell harshly with a big ‘ouch’ coming from his mouth. Leo quickly moved. He swung his sword to the werewolf who hit Sergey. A head was detached then.

He sneered, “I’m getting serious now!” he said as he saw the furred body fell down and the blood squirted like a fountain. With no Sergey around him, he felt he could move more freely. Some of the werewolves pounced toward him. Another electric attack came from the sword. The werewolves fell and immobilized for a while. Leo didn’t waste time anymore. He moved quickly as the other hunters did. Mercilessly, he cut them down on their head, their waist, hand, everything. He just did it randomly.

He turned his head around and saw four werewolves jumped up to him. But he quickly could manage the situation fast. With one fast swing, he tore them all into two pieces. Blood was scattered. He showed his rage toward those remaining werewolves. They suddenly lost their guts. They stepped back. Some of them quickly fled from his sight until all of them did the same.

In a sit position, Sergey stroked his own chest and sighed. Lyon quickly whooshed to Sergey and helped him to stand.

“Are you okay, Brother?” Lyon asked. Sergey just nodded and tried to clean his clothes from dust.

Leo dragged his big sword and walked, “So the premonition is right after all,” he commented. Sergey looked at Lyon, and Lyon just raised his shoulders and showed that he was innocent. “I don’t know what happened in here, but I have a very bad feeling about this. We’d better go back to town,” he said.

“I’m just confused,” Sergey said, “What made them so strong? Werewolf is very weak with electricity, unless they’re an alpha. Yes, it’s a full moon, but it’s abnormal!” he commented.

Lyon shook Sergey’s T-shirt to ask for his attention and said, “Do you think it’s related to…it, Brother?” he asked. Sergey was thinking for a while, and then he raised his shoulders.

Leo winced, “It? What it?” he asked.

“We’d better go to the town now before it’s too late, Leo!” Sergey quickly changed the topic and ran. Lyon followed him from behind.

Leo still wrinkled his forehead. He was thinking, there’s something they hide from me. What is it? I’m getting curious now. I bet Ino knows about this. He then began to forget about what he was thinking and quickly after them.

While Sergey and the other luckily succeeded to keep on living, I and Frank were trying to fight for it. Of course we didn’t actually fight the werewolves directly. We fled from them. I couldn’t ever imagine that we were going to face those many. And there was something different with their power.

It was near the edge of the city. Frank was some steps in front of me. I sometimes looked back and actually they had already lost us. But we were too afraid to stand still, so we kept running and running. I looked back again and saw nothing. And suddenly I realized that Frank stopped running. I couldn’t brake anymore so I hit him hard. It was quite hard I thought.

We raised and he began to yell at me madly. I told him I was sorry and regretful. But I also added that he didn’t warn me when he wanted to stop. We gasped, feeling so damn tired and upset.

“Where did they go? God, they are like a swarm of insects in the field!” I commented.

“I think we lost them,” Frank added, “But what next? Are they really going to attack the town? So your vision is really a warning to us. I bet my father will hide his face now! If he can do it, he will put it in his underwear!” he spoke so upset. He tried to take control of his emotion and took a deep breath, “So…” he began to speak again, “…do you think this is related to the moonstone?” he asked. But all I could do was only raising my shoulders. He scrubbed his chin smoothly and thought, “Hail said that she didn’t have it. She gave it to her brothers.”

“So, you think other Graysons are trying to start a war?” I asked.

He nodded, “What else? Werewolves don’t randomly attack a town,” he had his argument, “The thing that connected to this crazy invasion is only the Graysons. Do you feel that those werewolves are stronger somehow? They’re brutal, full of rage, and merciless. I bet it’s not only because of the full moon.”

“You’re right. I felt that too,” I agreed, “So it really is related to the moonstone. Oh, God, I’m doomed! If the hunters know about this, this will be the end of my life!”

I smelled something in a sudden. I tried to sniff it. Frank looked at me oddly. He asked what was going on. I didn’t reply. The scent was familiar. I thought I knew it somewhere. I muttered, “There are alphas.”

Frank looked at the direction when I set my sight to. It was about a hundred meters from where we were standing. It was the main road to reach the center of the town. I ran quickly. Frank yelled and ordered me to wait. But I ignored him, forced him to go after me.

I felt like my emotion wasn’t stable. It seemed like my rage was controlling me. I didn’t know what happened. I just ran until finally the moon light could touch my face. I gasped, looking at the two ugly male not far in front of me. I didn’t know why I was so upset to see them. It was him, but I didn’t know the other one. I felt like I wasn’t to avenge him although I didn’t know what my truly reason was.

Frank whooshed and in a second he already stood right next to me. He muttered, “Grayson brothers?”

They both chuckled, showing their fangs inside their mouth. Their red eyes glared at us. They looked so strong, that the usually me would chicken out just to look at them. But right then, I didn’t feel any fear.

“Look, Ansem! I remember his face. He must be that little fucking Damon,” one of them said.

“So you’re an alpha now,” Frank commented.

Ansem, the one I had ever seen previously, began to speak, “Time changes, Damon! And this one…will never be the same like 10 years ago,” he explained clearly that all those things were their doing.

Frank realized that something wrong was happening to me. He looked at me and asked about what was going on. But I didn’t answer. Actually, I ignored him. All my concern that time was those two brothers. I began to lose my control. I suddenly ran fast toward them and began to launch an attack.

A big fist suddenly hit my ugly face until I was thrown back to where I stood previously, really in the same spot. I didn’t know if it was just coincidence or he could do it in math process. “Ouch!” I said loudly.

Frank quickly helped me to stand and asked, “What happened with you, Fender?”

I shook my head quickly and took a deep breath, “I don’t know. What really happened to me?” I asked him back, but his face just showed all confusion.

“It seemed that you lost control, Fender? Are you sure you can get through this?” he made sure of me. I hold his hand tightly. I wasn’t sure but I tried to make him sure that I was going to be okay.

I sniffed, and I though those alphas felt them too. Two people were approaching us. One was a witch, and another was a vampire. They were getting closer and the situation among us was getting tenser. I knew who they were. I remembered the smell. Frank then looked at me. He realized that too. He asked who. I just answered him in one words.

I looked at my right side when they finally appeared. I was surprised that they were actually three persons. One of them must be a hunter, since I couldn’t sense him, I thought.

Sergey looked at me and Frank, and then he looked at those brothers. “They’re alphas. Do you know what the hell is happening here, Damon?” he asked.

“They must be the culprit!” the kid vampire said.

“You’re right, Lyon,” Frank answered, “They are the Grayson brothers. They want to start a war. We have to stop them immediately.”

Ansem laughed very loudly. He was so annoying and arrogant. I couldn’t blame him to have such over-confidence with a moonstone in his possession. God, I was really…really pessimistic. “Please, Little Damon, don’t be ridiculous! You all are doomed. Do you think you can defeat us? Not even in your dream! Our werewolves have already infiltrated this town. Within a night, Moonlight Hills will be a history.”

The big guy hunter slowly stepped forward a little. He leaned his big sword on his shoulder. It was really a big sword. He sneered. He was like a bad guy in appearance. He chuckled. It seemed that he had the same over-confidence like Ansem. “Ah, you really underestimate me, Dog. Don’t you recognize me? I’m the one who slaughtered your kind the most ten years ago,” he said.

Ansem’s brother’s eyes bugged out. And so did Frank’s. I thought that they recognized that man.

Ansem looked at his brother. He then muttered, “Do you think he’s Leo Rays, the werewolf’s hunter?” he asked. His brother just said that it was no doubt. When I heard about the last name, I was tingled. I thought that the name was quite familiar. I looked at Frank who still stared at the hunter without blinking. He was like looking at the scariest thing in this world, just like when he was looking at Ino.

Yes, it’s Rays! It’s Ino’s last name, I suddenly remembered. How can I forget such thing, I talked to myself. He must be a relative of Ino. But only the first child can be a hunter. Is he his father, I guessed.

“You both should go to the town. Help the people of this town as many as you can. Just…don’t get killed,” Sergey told us, “Let I and Leo fight with these dogs!”

“How about me?” Lyon asked.

Sergey looked at the kid vampire and smiled, “You’d better go with them, Little brother. Save others!” he said.

Frank suddenly ran away and told me to do so. I didn’t have any choice but to after him. I saw Lyon the little vampire followed us too. I looked back, thinking that Sergey got to have a very best partner to replace Ino for a while. He was a Rays after all.

The question bothered me so much. After quite far away from them, I began to ask to Frank, “That guy…is he Ino’s father?”

Frank looked at me, “I don’t know. I wondered that too. But one thing I know is that he also one of the four-slayer,” he explained. He then asked Lyon about that. Lyon said that he also didn’t know. He added that he had just met him and he realized that the guy had the same last name with Ino after Ansem said that.

What a family, I thought.

We kept running to the center of the town. I began to hear screaming. The three of us heard that clearly. We fastened our steps. Frank and Lyon even whooshed fast to act quickly. I tried to catch up with them. The power of the full moon powered me up. It was like turmoil in the town’s heart. I was getting panic and more. The sounds of fight and scream mixed up.

God, what is really happening, I talked to myself.

I suddenly stopped running and I bugged out. It was like hell. Bloods and bodies were everywhere. Humans, vampires, fairies, and even those werewolves died like a dried leaves. Houses and buildings were demolished, burned down without mercy. I saw some vampires were fighting against a force of werewolves. They were exhausted. But they kept trying to defend this town.

Fairies did the same. But their natural magic like fire and wind destroyed everything it touched. It seemed like their power burned down some houses. But it couldn’t be helped. They had to fight those invaders. Witches began to reveal themselves. That was the first time I saw many witches in front of me. I only knew that they were rare in Moonlight Hills. But then I know witches just hid from the society for all that time.

I suddenly realized that two werewolves were trying to pounce toward me from my left and my right each. I couldn’t face both of them. I could only face one, but another one would hit me down. I was in a very difficult position then. The worst thing was…I could not get away with them.

Lord Camthalion Willow Roval, or usually be called Hope Sanders, walked alone in the edge of the forest. He looked exhausted. His right hand and forehead was bleeding. He walked in a limp slowly. He looked behind. No werewolf was coming toward him.

He suddenly stopped walking. He looked around. The breeze was flowing around him, like trying to cheer him up. He realized that the nature was trying to talk to him.

“Thou shalt be out, Pamela,” he talked in a low voice.

A low laughter of a woman suddenly could be heard. In front of him, a dark thing like a shadow gathered in one spot. Then from beneath the shadow, a woman appeared. She smiled nicely to the fairy prince, “I really can’t hide from you, Milord, since the nature can talk to you.”

“’Twas them who told me about the great force I’m familiar of inside this town. I may guess ‘tis thee, Pamela Riddle,” Hope said.

The witch whose name Pamela quickly approached him. She touched his face gently with her soft palm, “You look really bad, Milord. Let me heal you for a moment,” she said. A green warm light suddenly appeared from her hand, giving an aura of mending to his body.

“Wherefore doth thou not give us thy favor, Pamela?” Hope asked.

She took off her hand, and then walked away a little bit, “Is Ino having a hard time facing them alone?” she asked.

“’Tis impossible. He’s not in a good health,” Hope replied.

Pamela was thinking a bit. But she didn’t want to continue her question. She only said ‘oh’. “I want to add something. Nobody asked me!” she commented.

“I’m asking thou now,” he said.

Pamela exhaled deeply, “If the very handsome fairy prince in front of me is the one who ask, I cannot say no,” she laughed again, “I owe you my life, Milord. Roland Gilmore could kill me if you didn’t save me two years ago when I faced his disciple. You can count on me anytime, Milord,” she said. Quinque miles fero, she began to casted a very powerful spell. A second later, some people appeared around them. They were pale like a dead body. Yeah, they were actually already dead.

Full reanimation spell, Hope thought.

Pamela’s face was getting serious. She looked at every one of her zombies. “Minions, it’s show time!” she said. And in an instant, those zombies began to move like a flash. Those werewolves would have a very hard time then.

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