Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Purebloods at Large

Mrs. Damon began to shout in front of her husband, “Until when you will hide your ass like this, Bernard?” she didn’t care even though there were others around them. She looked so angry, never like that before. “Just because you are ashamed that you didn’t believe in your own son’s words which lead us to this doom, then you decide to keep staying here like a coward, like 10 years ago? What a worst man you are, Mr. Damon!” she then looked at the vampires around them who felt embarrassed for what they had done, “And you, Purebloods, all you can do is following this dick to sit here and let your fellow vampires, humans, fairies, everyone in this town died useless just because of your ego!”

“Could you please show me your respect, Woman?” Mr. Damon began to lose his control. But he tried hard not to lose it further, “I’m a pureblood and I’m still your husband!”

Mrs. Damon sighed. She knew that her words won’t move her husband juts like 10 years ago. “I always give you my respect and I began to sick of that, Bernard!” she said it in a low voice, but it was very harsh. “Now I will go to help my only son save the others.”

“I won’t allow you, Emilia!” he said, but his wife ignored her. Mrs. Damon whooshed without heeding his husband’s warning. “Emilia!” he shouted again but it didn’t stop his wife. He looked so angry. He really wanted to chase her but one of the vampires stopped him.

“Bernard, please, hear me out!” a pureblood asked him, so that he looked at him and tried to listen. “What Emilia was saying is right. We cannot stay here anymore. We have to do it, protect this town.”

“He’s right, Bernard. Our fellow vampires, our family, are there protecting this town, protecting us. We are the strongest here. It’s us who should protect them. There’s no reason for us to hide. We have to admit that it’s our mistake to let this happen again,” another one raised her voice.

The others began to speak, agreeing what Mrs. Damon had said previously. The main hall in Damon’s mansion suddenly became crowded. But when Mr. Damon yelled at them to stop, it was silent again.

“To be honest, I’m so embarrassed to my son that I didn’t believe him, that it’s too shameful to me for meeting him out there,” he admitted. He took a breath deeply, “If you all force me to act quickly, then it’s better for us to not waste time anymore.”

I didn’t have any choice. I had to protect myself. I focused on the werewolf to my right, hoping that I would have time to deal with another one. But I did realize that I wouldn’t have much time.

But suddenly, “Arrrgghhh!” someone whooshed toward the werewolf of my left, letting me deal with the one to my right. I attacked that werewolf. We were rolling on the ground, wrestling like an athlete. But in the end, I still lost.

It threw me until I fell down to the ground. It was quite hurt actually. The werewolf didn’t stop. He kept trying to attack me again. I tried to stand up. Showing my growl and my angry face, I attacked it back.

I have to fully shifted in order to win, I thought. But when I remembered about the pain and all the worst things, I reconsidered. I kept telling myself that I could win even though only with that form. The werewolf jumped off toward me, I put out all my might to face him. I focused my power in my fist and quickly I hit it with a punch.

I made it and he fell to the ground. I want to scream like a cheerleader, but I suddenly discouraged it.

I stayed away of that werewolf and the one that helped me previously whooshed toward me. I looked at him and winced, “Doug?”

“How’s life, Buddy?” he gasped and chuckled in the same time.

“I’m glad you’re still alive,” I smiled widely and really wanted to hug him. But I thought it was too dramatic.

“Those werewolves won’t kill me easily!” Doug said, “Where’s Frank?” he asked.

I looked around, but I didn’t see him, “I was with him, but suddenly he disappeared and we’re separated. Are you fighting alone?” I asked him back. He shook his head, telling that actually he fought with some other schoolmates until he found out that I needed more help.

We heard the growl. The two werewolves stood up again. It was enough to chit-chat. We had some problems to be taken care of. But another big problem was suddenly approaching.

My heart pounded so hard. I sniffed the smell and heard the steps. It was running toward here. Doug asked me. He heard that too, but he didn’t know what it was. Just before I told him, that creature appeared.

Its red eyes stared at us and those two werewolves. An alpha, I talked in mind. “We’re dead,” I muttered. How could I not to be so pessimistic? I couldn’t imagine how we could face an alpha in a situation like that. But the alpha wasn’t one of the Grayson brothers. I bet they were still fighting with Sergey and that hunter.

The smell was familiar, but I couldn’t remember. I was trying to remember where I met that werewolf. But I realized it wasn’t worth doing.

When that alpha ran, I quickly told Doug to run. We both stepped back and fled. But something weird happened. Doug stopped running. He realized that the alpha didn’t want to chase us. It attacked the two werewolves and tore them down without mercy. I winced, a little bit happy, but I was confused.

“F, look!” suddenly Doug pointed at something in the sky.

I was a little bit shocked. I saw a white-feathered-winged woman flew and creating a cyclone which blew off all the werewolves in her sight. She kept spinning them inside the cyclone until finally a big thunder toasted them into crisps.

The remaining vampires and witches who fought those dead werewolves began to step back. They still didn’t know whether the appearing angle in front of them was a friend or foe.

But I still remembered her face. She was the zombie that helped me and Norah some time ago. I looked at the alpha. I realized that she was also one of the zombies. “Thanks God!” I muttered.

“Do you know them, the alpha and the fairy queen?” Doug asked.

I looked at him, “We’re saved, Doug. A very powerful necromancer is on our side,” I told him. He asked me who. I just raised my shoulders. I told him that the witch had saved me when I got attacked by Hail’s werewolves.

“A necromancer that has an alpha and a fairy queen zombie, it’s awesome!” Doug was amazed.

“Not only that, Doug! There are still amazing zombies that will help us fight those werewolves,” I explained.

And when I’m trying to explain him more, not far from where I and Doug were standing, Frank was very shocked to see a giant red-headed-bull creature floating on the smoke. The creature breathed fire to the werewolves.

“What is that?” Lyon couldn’t close his mouth. He looked at Frank and called him, “Lord Frank!”

Frank was a little bit distracted and looked at Lyon, “It’s a genie,” he answered. Lyon asked him what a genie was doing there. But Frank couldn’t answer that question. He told him that he was also still figuring it out.

After successfully baked those werewolves, the genie turned to his original form, a red complexion man with an iron mail and a crescent sword. Frank told Lyon to ignore him, just considering that they were lucky. They both whooshed to another district of the town.

Meanwhile in a nearby restaurant, some people hid inside the kitchen. They consisted of some men and women. Some of them even were children. The kids were trying to hold their cry. All of them were. Some men tried to block the door with desks, chairs, and everything they found in the kitchen.

Most of them sat in the very corner of the room, hugging themselves and their kids. A mother told her daughter to stay quiet. The kid just nodded, but still she kept sobbing.

A sound of something thrown from the outside startled them and suddenly they began to panic. A kid almost screaming but her father clamped her mouth. They could hear the sound of something’s growling. They tried to stay quiet. Something was thrown again and the situation was getting tenser than ever.

However, the door suddenly was tried to be broken down. Some tools that block it could still prevent it to be opened. All of them were screaming. The men tried to hold the door as hard as they could. But it was for nothing.

Everything behind the door including the men was thrown back when the force was being so unstoppable. The werewolf could break in. The screaming was getting louder and scarier. Those gold eyes stared at those frightened people inside the kitchen. It was like telling them that it wanted to eat them one by one.


A very fast hand grabbed the werewolf’s neck and lifted it. It didn’t effect that the werewolf’s body was bigger than him. The werewolf was immobilized in a second. The man’s eyes suddenly turned black, dark like a night. He just strangled the werewolf until its body began to dry out like it was sucked.

After that, he threw it to the floor. The werewolf was only skin and bone left. Slowly, its body turned to its human form. The people who watched it were stunned. But when the man looked at them, they began to cry again.

The man grinned evilly, “Don’t scream! I won’t hurt you,” he said.

One of the men winced. He seemed quite familiar with the man. “You’re Mr. Damon, right? What…what are you?” he asked in fear.

Mr. Damon stepped in slowly, and the people still in fear even though they didn’t scream anymore. “I’m a vampire,” he explained, “But…never mind. Soon you will forget it. You will forget about everything you see today. You are going to sleep now and you will wake up like there’s nothing happened.”

One by one, those people fell down and were put to their sweet dream.

“Pathetic humans!” he muttered and sighed.

How many werewolves do I have to fight? This is endless! We’re not going to survive this, Norah thought in panic. She gasped in the middle of the fray. Some of her fellow hunters were still dealing with those werewolves. She just had a little chance to have space between them.

But there’s no time for her to rest. She aimed her arrow and began to continue her attack. Having a space from her enemies gave her more advantage since she was a sniper. She was confused that the werewolves suddenly became so much stronger. She had been ready with her silver arrows, but the effect was different. Those beasts had more resistance even to the silver. She never met the situation like that even when fighting werewolves in the full moon.

Is it because of the moonstone, she wondered.

She realized that she had run out of arrows. There were five left from the many she prepared before. She didn’t expect that the werewolves would be so many. She hung her bow on her back again and changed the weapon into a pair of silver knives.

She jumped toward a werewolf that was in the position to attack her. In the air, they were wrestling. Norah successfully stabbed the werewolf chest by the knives. They both fell, but the werewolf was weakened. Norah used her chance to tear the werewolf’s body from chest to stomach. She was covered with its blood, but she won.

She gasped and looked around. There were several remaining werewolves left. Some of the hunters were fighting them. But she realized that her fellow hunters who died in the fighting were not few. She regretted that. She wished if she had more help from the hunter association, there shouldn’t have to be so many victims.

“Kyle, have the words reached them?” she shouted to the nearest hunter.

Kyle, a small boy but very skillful hunter, turned his head to her, “I don’t know. The others were trying to contact to headquarter. Perhaps they are on their way here,” he explained.

The remaining werewolves were back off. They howled long while running. Norah and the other hunters left were chasing them. They wouldn’t let any of those werewolves alive. But chasing after them only led them into a great danger. The werewolves were not actually running away, but they were calling for reinforcement.

The hunters stopped chasing after they saw dozens of werewolves coming from their front direction. They stepped back, imagining how they would be after that.

“We’re outnumbered now!” a hunter muttered.

“Guys, we cannot fight them!” another one added, “We’d better run!”

“Wait!” Norah said. She felt a presence. Someone was approaching. She realized then that it wasn’t someone, but several ones. The other hunters felt that too. Those coming people were whooshing and appeared in a sudden, some people with a dark aura and pale face. “Purebloods!” she muttered.

One of the vampires suddenly turned into a wide electrical current that shrouded the group of those werewolves. They were howling, screaming in agony, but it couldn’t bring them down easily. The electric vampire grew wider and stronger, weakened those beasts so much. But still, it wasn’t enough.

“What the hell happen here? They should be dead, or at least fainted,” one of the purebloods commented in confusion.

Another one finally acted something. She stepped forward and spread her hand. She had the power to control the gravity. Those werewolves felt so much harder to move then. They were immobilized, but some finally escaped. The escaped ones began to attack. But it only led them to their death.

There were just a few of them and a vampire who had telekinetic ability managed to stop their movement. Those werewolves tried to struggle. But a vampire who had a pair of sword-hands suddenly whooshed fast and all the heads were detached.

Norah bugged out when she saw a small sandstorm approaching. The sandstorm suddenly shrouded the weakened werewolves. The electric wave was turned back into a vampire again and another one stopped using her gravity control. It was the turn of the mysterious sandstorm that rolled them within.

When finally the sandstorm brewed, the werewolves fell down like a dried leaves. They were really dried out. The sand then turned into a human form, a man with the great power.

“Bernard Damon!” Norah called.

Mr. Damon approached the hunters and talked, “We’re sorry that we didn’t make it in time. But you have to be grateful to stay alive like this, Hunters. Is there any reinforcement from your association?” he asked.

“We believe that they’re still on their way,” Norah explained.

Mr. Damon sighed, “So they’re late, too? How embarrassing!”

In a sudden, Frank and Lyon appeared in front of them. Frank looked at his father sharply, full of rage and hatred. “I can’t believe that the words were coming out from you, Father. Embarrassing you said? Don’t you look at yourself? You’re a shame!” he mocked.

Mr. Damon tried to stay calm and held his emotion toward his only son. He sighed again, “At least we came here now and try to save their ass, Frank Damon,” he said it calmly, “Don’t complain anymore! I hate to hear that!”

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to interfere with your family business. But we have many lives at stake here and now,” one of the hunters finally spoke out, “The werewolves are in every inch of this town. We have to move quickly!” he then ran, and all the hunters except Norah followed him. Mr. Damon asked the other purebloods to move also, and then they quickly disappeared.

Frank crossed his arms in front of his chest, “So finally, Father, purebloods at large.”

“Listen, Son!” Mr. Damon tried to show his prestige, “I know I was wrong and I’m sorry. I should have listened to you. But now, we’re trying to atone our sin. Without our help, you cannot defeat those many werewolves. We cannot count on the hunters alone because their great forces are not here by now. We are the great forces you need now and you should be grateful,” he said.

“I just hope you can say it earlier,” Frank said harshly. Mr. Damon sighed again. He felt useless to talk with his son. He turned around, ignored him, and whooshed away. “I hate him. He’s full of bullshit. I don’t know what made him decided to help us. He’s the most selfish person I’ve ever met,” Frank muttered.

Norah quickly put her hand on his shoulder, “It’s not a problem now, right, Frank? We can only count on the purebloods now. I don’t know how long the hunter’s forces will get here. This town needs help as soon as possible,” she commented, “Where is Fender?” she asked, “He was with you, right?”

“Yes, but somehow…we got separated,” Frank explained foolishly, “Actually…I forget about him,” he looked at Lyon then.

“Don’t look at me, Milord. I’m just following you!” Lyon tried to defend himself.

“Stop debating again!” Norah said, “We’d better find him now. I don’t want something bad happen to him,” she then ran and the other two followed her behind.

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