Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Leo slashed the claymore in the air and a lightning struck toward both Casey and Ansem. They jumped high and let the vertical lightning passed below them. A wall was blowing when the lightning hit it. Casey looked at the blowing wall. It’s not good to be hit by that. Damn slayer, he thought.

They realized that Sergey and Leo were not easy enemies. Both of them used magic so that they could have advantage in long-ranged fight. However, werewolves could only fight in short-range. All they could do since the beginning was dodging their attack. They had to think of another strategy.

Both of them were standing next to each other. They looked at Sergey and Leo carefully. The enemies were still preparing for the next attack.

Casey whispered to his brother, “We can’t be like this forever, Ansem.”

“They’re tough,” Ansem commented.

“He’s a four-slayer for your information,” Casey felt annoyed about his comment, “The witch can’t be underestimated also. He’s Ino Rays’ right-hand man,” he added.

Sergey lift his wand and casted a spell. The two brothers knew that style. They knew that a thunder would strike from above. They jumped in an opposite direction and ran like a dog while the thunder kept hurling behind them.

But Sergey’s position was quite open. Casey Grayson took the chance immediately. He ran toward Sergey and pounced to him. “Scutum magnus!” Sergey created a shield in front of him. But the magic was still raw and Casey’s power was able to break it through. Sergey became so damn panic. He tried to step back to avoid Casey’s grasp.

Another lightning from the claymore attacked him from his left. He had no choice but to avoid that attack rather than focusing in attacking Sergey. He jumped again and rolled in the air like a gymnast. But that position then made him wide open.

Sergey pointed his wand and casted a spell, “Lactari!” and suddenly an impulse pushed Casey’s body hard until he was thrown back and fell to the ground. He gasped. Fighting with those two alphas made him exhausted. He already casted so many spells. It didn’t matter how strong he was, he was still a mage. He was not too good in controlling the magic around him like a summoner or necromancer could do. His power was drained drastically. That’s why he could only cast an impulse spell rather than thunder spell to avoid more wasting power.

That brat has already reached his limit, Leo thought. He began to act quite more aggressively. He knew he couldn’t count on Sergey too much anymore. Anyway, he was only a mage.

Sergey stepped back. He ran backwards and casted more spell. His lips moved rapidly. It seemed like he was trying to restore his magic from the nature. He pointed the want to the front again, “Superimposita scutum magnus!” he shouted.

Ansem knew that he was getting weaker. He chased him over and tried to attack. Layers of shield covered Sergey’s body and Ansem still tried to break it through. Even though it was hard, Ansem could break it one buy one. But it could buy time for Leo to quickly save him.

Leo jumped, slashed the claymore to the ground where Ansem was standing. He dodged. The electrical lightning passed him through and hit a parking car nearby. The car was overthrown in a second.

“It’s enough,” Sergey muttered. He pointed his wand toward Ansem, “Tonitrum folliculus!” a sphere created by the wand and flashed toward Ansem. Ansem couldn’t dodge it. Leo’s attack immobilized him. He was thrown back when the sphere hit him. But it wasn’t like Sergey expected. The power he created was too weak.

Ansem could still stand by his feet. The electric hurt him but it wasn’t good enough to bring him down.

How can I be so weak, Sergey was angry to himself.

Leo looked at him and felt upset, “Are you sure you still can keep up with this fight, Brat?” he underestimated him.

“Shut up!” Sergey shouted madly, “Just show me you can defeat them by now!” he replied.

Seeing the two of them began to fight each other, Casey and Ansem gathered and thought about their next strategy.

“It’s our chance, Brother,” Ansem whispered, “They seemed that they don’t have a good relationship. I don’t care if he’s a four-slayer. We’re at our best now and together we can beat him down,” he said confidently.

Casey nodded and grinned, “You’re right, Ansem. Moreover, that witch has worn out. He’s not our threat anymore. He’s just a mage, so he can’t maintain his power too long,” he commented.

They were still looking at the two of them fighting in words and it felt so good for them to see that. The grinning of their face was getting wider, showing the fangs with their sharp golden stare. Ansem looked at his brother’s face, “We shall beat the witch first,” he whispered and he saw his brother nodded and agreed.

With Sergey and Leo were still arguing, the werewolf brothers didn’t want to lose the chance. They immediately made their move.

“Shit!” Sergey muttered. Leo turned his head around. He knew that the enemies had already acted. He felt like Sergey was only a burden then, so he charged toward them alone and left Sergey behind. Sergey knew he couldn’t have any attack for a while so that he chose to stay and gathered more power.

“Just eat this, Sons of a bitch!” Leo charged and slashed his claymore. Another electrical attack was launched again. The two brothers jumped off and dodged. The jumped so high until they could pass through him. Leo looked around and realized that the two of them didn’t want to attack him then. “What the hell! Come and face me, you coward!” he slashed his sword again in the air.

They both dodged again and the electrical attack then was directly aiming to Sergey. That bastard, Sergey talked in mind with his eyes bugged out. He created layers of shield again and the electrical attack hit them so hard. Sergey had to put an extra power to hold it until the attack was worn off.

“Are you crazy, Old man?” he was mad. But he knew that it wasn’t the time to get angry. It was actually the time to get anxious. “Uh-oh,” he saw the two brothers were charging toward him fast. He turned around and quickly fled. He had no power left to make a counterattack.

Ansem jumped up high and landed right above Sergey who was running. Sergey was screaming when Ansem stepped on his back. He gripped Sergey’s neck and threw his body to Casey. Casey caught him by biting his leg and then passed him again. It was like they were playing with Sergey as a ball.

Leo couldn’t do anything. He really wanted to attack them with his claymore’s lightning, but the risk was too high. They could make Sergey as a shield. But he also couldn’t see them and do nothing. He was in a difficult position. So he was just running after them with a sword ready in his hand.

Sergey screamed again as his body flew in the air and he was going to hit a wall. But Ansem caught him right on his neck. It was more painful than hitting a wall actually. He felt like his neck was broken, but he could still bear the pain. However, for how long?

While gripping his neck, Ansem pushed his body to the wall and quickly pierced Sergey’s stomach by his claws. Sergey coughed up blood, and a second later he was slammed to the ground. It was only a few movements and then no movement at all from him.

Casey listened to his heartbeat, “It’s getting weak. Should we finish him off by now?” he asked.

“No need, Brother,” Ansem said. He looked at Leo who was getting near. “Let him dies in a terrible pain. We just have to focus on this annoying slayer now,” he advised.

Casey nodded, “You’re right. It’s getting heat now here. I’m all fired up. I think the luck in our side now,” he said confidently.

Norah Levin ran so fast and hugged me when she finally reached me. She hugged me tightly and for a while, she wouldn’t let it off. She said she was glad that I was okay. I was also glad that she felt that way. Thanks to Doug that I was still okay then.

Frank looked at Doug. His face was so damn serious when staring at him. I knew they were communicating. The only thing I was confused was why they were doing that. Is there anything that they’re hiding from me, I got suspicious. Who wouldn’t?

“Stop staring each other and tell us what are you talking about now?” I was upset, “It’s not like the two of you were alone now. There are us here,” I said. Norah stopped hugging me and turned to Frank and Doug. But she didn’t comment anything.

Doug looked at me. He seemed a little bit mourning in a sudden. “I’m just talking about the casualties on our side…I mean…on the vampire’s side,” he explained.

I did understand why they chose to keep quite in that conversation. I saw some of them were fallen. I didn’t know what happen with the others. Frank ordered all the vampires at school to be in charge. They were defending this city then. Hope the rests were okay, I thought.

“So, how many?” Norah asked directly to the point.

Frank sighed, “We don’t know exactly, but it seems that almost half of us. With the purebloods on the move, I hope that they are going to be okay,” he said.

My leg was so limp when I heard that almost half of my schoolmates were died during that invasion. It didn’t include how many humans and fairies died because of this. I took a deep breath, but it was so hard to breathe. It was because of me. It was because of me that all of this happened. This was my fault. I was the one to be blame of.

I hugged Norah and cried. I really cried out loud like a child. Doug was a little confused, but Norah and Frank understood why I was crying.

Norah hugged me back, “It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”

“How could it be his fault?” Doug asked.

“There’s something that we cannot speak right here right now, Doug,” Frank told him and he understood to wait for the reason.

I want to speak but suddenly Norah stopped me, “Sshhh, don’t speak anything,” she stopped hugging me and looked at me in the eyes, “We shouldn’t talk about it here. Please, don’t lose focus. We still have something to do now. It hasn’t ended yet,” she said.

I wiped my tears and nodded, “I’m sorry. I got carried away,” I took a breath then and looked at Frank, “So, do you have any plan now, Frank?” I asked.

“Actually, I don’t,” he said. He looked around and there was nothing left. Some werewolves there fled and scattered when the alpha and fairy queen zombie came. The others were died. Some surviving vampires and hunters looked for the others to be saved. There were only me and Doug until a while later Norah and Frank got there.

“I think there are still many townsfolk to be saved,” Doug gave an idea.

“Doug is right. We have to move quickly,” Norah said. She then pulled me and we began to run. But I stopped running. Norah was confused, but she didn’t object. She just waited for my response.

I turned around. My nostrils moved. I sniffed and suddenly the fear was spreading through my veins. They were getting near. I could hear them now. I thought that Doug and Frank could hear them too.

“What?” Norah asked.

“Another forces,” Frank said seriously. He stood still and be ready. “I can hear the steps. There are many of them. Their growling makes me restless.”

“We have to run quickly. We have to search for those zombies or took shelters somewhere,” Doug seemed more restless than any of us.

Norah didn’t agree, “No,” she said. I was surprised then until she continued her words, “Not until we are sure that nobody is left behind here.”

I never thought about that. But I didn’t want to think any longer. I quickly sniffed and used my super smelling to track if there was anybody left behind. I saw a candy store nearby. I told Frank that there were some people in there. Without thinking or waiting for anything, he whooshed inside.

The situation was messy, just like any other places. He began to shout, searching for calling rather than only depending on his super hearing. He called again, telling that it was safe. A voice suddenly appeared from a room. Some voices followed. Some people were trapped there. They said that the door could be opened.

Frank approached the door, telling the people inside to back off. After that, he kicked the door and broke it. Men, women, and some teenagers came out and cried. Frank told them not to be panic and followed his lead. He walked outside and they followed them behind.

I saw them came out from that candy store. Doug brought some people from another building and so did Norah and Lyon.

“Are there more, Fender?” Norah asked.

I tried to concentrate. I looked around and sniffed. I wasn’t very sure, but I thought that there was nobody left. Moreover, the enemies were getting nearer. And they were not far in front of us.

“Oh, God!” I muttered. The people screamed and cried. I shouted, telling them to run away, “Run, now!”

They followed my order. They began to run away. Doug told us to run also. But I said no.

“What are you talking about, Fender? Are you out of your mine? They’re about a hundred!” Doug said.

“Lead them to the safe place, Doug,” Frank told him. Doug looked at him and argued. But then Frank yelled, “Go!”

Doug had no choice but to follow Frank’s order. He led them to run away. Frank looked at Lyon. He stared back. He was scared and confused.

“You’d better go with him, Lyon! It’s okay, just go and hide,” Frank said.

Lyon cried without a sound. He just wiped his tears and nodded. Then, he whooshed to where Doug and the other ran away. Then the three of us were standing still to face what I called something I didn’t know why I did that. The werewolves were unstoppable like a tsunami. They ran from the hill like an avalanche. I wondered to myself, what do I put myself into?

Norah was ready with the remaining arrows on her back. Frank looked paler than he usually was. Me? I was regretting that I had chosen to stay there. But I couldn’t take back my words. God, could you please help me again this time, I prayed.

Leo roared and slashed his sword against the two brothers. Without the help of Sergey, they could get close to him. Their claws were clanging with the swords sometimes, creating a spark when they clashed. Ansem attacked him from behind, but Leo ducked as he could sense his movement.

From below, Leo tried to slash his sword upward. But Ansem kicked the sword quickly. It fell but Leo could still hold the grip. He then created an electric wave around him to make them kept away. Ansem did that, but Casey was brave enough to keep staying and attack.

It was beyond what Leo expected. Casey forced himself even though it was so painful to infiltrate. His fist hit Leo’s back so that the hunter was slammed to the ground. However, he still could hold the grip. The attack was quite hard so that he was vomiting blood.

Ansem didn’t want to waste Casey’s sacrifice. He quickly charged to the fallen Leo. But Leo didn’t really lose control of himself. He turned his body around and struck a lightning from the blade. An open wide position made him unable to dodge. He didn’t expect that Leo could have his counterattack in that position.

He was thrown back when the lightning hit him. The three of them were paralyzed, being hit from each other. By leaning on his sword, Leo tried to get up. But the two brothers didn’t want to give up also.

I was still really far to catch up with Ino. How can I be called a four-slayer? Do I deserve of that title? I even couldn’t beat just the two alphas in front of me, he regretted in his mind. He slowly began to stand up. He saw the werewolves were also standing by their feet. They were still staring at each other, feeling not ready to launch any attack.

“I hate electric, Ansem!” Casey whispered.

“Do you think I like it?” Ansem said, “This guy is really dangerous to our kind.”

Casey looked at the full moon, and then he turned to his brother, “How about our time?”

Ansem looked back at him, “I don’t know!”

A whisper behind them in a sudden made him startled. It was a whisper like someone was casting a spell. “Sagitta magica, bothynus!”

They turned their head around and bugged out when they saw a rain of magical arrows fell toward them. The thing that made them shocked that it was Sergey who casted that spell, the one that they thought were dying in agony and waiting for his death. But they were wrong. Their cockiness devoured themselves.

How can I not sense him moving, Ansem thought in confusion.

But it was too late. In that state, it was impossible from dodging the rain of arrows above them. Leo who was not far from where they were standing was also an easy target of those arrows.

He smiled, you avenge me, Sergey. The arrows were shiny so he covered his eyes with his arms when the arrows were getting near. He heard the two brothers screamed in pain when the arrows hit them rapidly. But he didn’t feel anything. He revealed his eyes and saw a shield protecting him from the attack.

Sergey smiled back, “I’m thinking carefully before I act, Old man!” he yelled for him to hear what he said.

Leo chuckled softly, “No wonder that he becomes Ino’s right-hand man,” he muttered.

Sergey stopped playing around when he saw the two brothers still had the power to get up. But they couldn’t maintain their werewolf’s form. They reverted back to a human. Sergey didn’t want to underestimate them again. Moreover, they still had the power of the moonstone.

“How did you do that?” Ansem asked while he was leaning on his brother.

“Master of manipulator is one of my skills, Graysons. I was pretending that I would die, but actually I tried to restore my power. And…” he then showed a vial made from glass, “Thanks to this stealth potion made by myself, I cannot be detected like a hunter now,” he cockily explained.

Stealth potion? He created something like that? Incredible! That’s why we can’t notice that he already awoke and prepared for the counterattack. What a smart brat, Leo thought.

“Now taste this, Werewolves!” Sergey pointed his wand toward the brothers and casted another spell before their power restored. “Sagitta magica, ballista!”

A very big arrow made by light was created above Sergey’s head, pointed at Casey and Ansem. They both didn’t have too much power to move. They were paralyzed and they needed time the restore their power. And in a second, the big arrow dashed so fast.

Casey never wondered about what his brother was going to do. But it was too late to realize that. He had just known that his brother was a true evil, which he was willingly to sacrifice his own brother for his own sake.

He was thrown to the air and that big arrow cruelly pierced through his heart. He saw Ansem grinned to him after he threw him to where the magical arrow dashed. The arrow dispersed into a light, but the pain didn’t disappear. His body fell like a dried leaf. He even couldn’t scream anymore. It was too fast and shocking.

Seeing that, Sergey and Leo were shocked about what he had done to his brother. He quickly gathered his power to flee. But the master of shield wouldn’t just let him free. He fell when he bumped the great shield that Sergey created. But he didn’t give up. He stood up and tried to break through. However, he was too weak to do that.

“I’ll kill you this time, Dog!” Sergey muttered. He pointed his wand to him again and, “Disilliunt!”

A sphere moved fast toward Ansem. He turned around, leaning against the shield behind him. He knew he couldn’t go anywhere. This is the end of me, he thought. He covered his face in fear and he could feel that the sphere suddenly exploded in front of him. He was really thinking that it was the end of him.

But he was wrong. Everyone was wrong. Sergey was startled when he saw a black hole magic sucked the explosion. It was like what he did at the night when Ino was trying to kill Fender back then. “What the hell!” he felt so upset.

Ansem gasped. He was still covered by his fear. He looked around. Nothing was happening to him. He was still safe and sound.

A shadow then appeared on the ground, right in front of Ansem. Someone appeared from the shadow, a man with a black robe and a cloak.

“Shadow teleporting?” Sergey muttered. Shit! My great shield can be infiltrated by a shadow teleporting magic. How can I not realize that? This is bad! He’s a necromancer from the Valorous clan.

Ansem was very glad to see him, “Mr. Lincoln! Thanks God you come. Please, take me out of here!” he begged to be saved.

A hoarse voice of that Mr. Lincoln could be heard as he spoke, “I don’t intend to fight them either, Ansem. I’m here to save you. But…what about your brother?” he asked.

“He’s beyond saving!” Ansem said.

“No! No! Ansem….you bastard! Please, save me! Please!” Casey begged, as he was immobilized.

Ansem grinned to his brother’s dying face, “I’m sorry, Brother. Good bye!” he took Mr. Lincoln’s hand immediately.

“Tonitrua lucem!” Sergey attacked in a sudden.

But it was too late. Both of them were materialized into the shadow. It was like they were drowning to the hole fast. Sergey attack could only hit his own shield.

“Shit!” Sergey yelled in madness.

Leo walked slowly, dragging his claymore. He kept walking until he stood in front of Casey. The werewolf looked at the hunter in fear. Sergey realized that Leo would do what necessary. But there was something in his mind.

Who’s taking the moonstone, he asked to himself.

“Please, don’t kill me!” Casey begged for his life, “This is my brother’s doing. It’s all his fault. Please, let me go!”

Leo grinned at him, “Even in your dreams, I won’t do that!” he then quickly stabbed the point of his sword onto Casey’s neck. Bloods came out like a fountain. It was a short groaning from him until he took his hard and dying last breath. Leo took his sword again, leaving a big wound showed on his neck.

Sergey sighed. What should I do, he thought in anxiety.

Leo looked at Sergey and smiled widely, “One is getting away, but it’s not bad, Brat!” he saw Sergey only sneered to him. “I know you hide something from me. But I’m not a curious-type person. If you really don’t want to spit it out, I’m fine with that,” he said.

Sergey exhaled deeply, “Sorry, I can’t do that.”

“But I wondered why they were so strong. It’s just a full moon. I’ve never face it like them before. I think they have a power from something…unknown perhaps,” Leo muttered, but suddenly he laughed, “Just forget about what I said. This is over and I killed them…I mean, one of them. And it thanks to you. I mean it! Really!”

“It’s not over yet,” Sergey said, “We have some problems in town. It’s better to go back…” his words stopped when he saw a group of people approaching them.

Leo looked at them and smiled, “Look, Brat! Don’t argue with an older man! Problem’s solved now!”

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