Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Norah took three arrows altogether and aimed. She was still waiting for those werewolves to be in her range. I and Frank stood still, waiting and praying that we really could through that. My heart pounded very hard. I was more frightened then than when I was facing Ino.

“This is bad! This is bad!” I muttered. My fear really wanted to kill me. I couldn’t breathe. It was so hard to do that. I was having a panic attack. I held Frank’s and Norah’s clothes altogether, since my position was in the middle. My body was trembling. They were getting nearer and nearer.

The three arrows dashed when Norah released them. We were actually hopeless right then. I looked at Norah and Frank. I’m sorry that I have to drag you in this stupidity, Guys, I thought regretfully.

I was still hoping that those arrows would magically banish those many werewolves in front of us. But I was shocked when I saw that. It was really…really shocking the three of us. My heart stopped at the moment. I couldn’t blink even for just a millisecond. My gripped on them was getting tighter. God, I’m going to have a heart attack now, I thought.

“Amazing!” Norah whispered and smiled widely. Frank relieved. Me? I was still bugging out to see so many arrows came toward those werewolves from both right and left of us. The arrows were like a meteor rain, hitting the werewolves rapidly. They were paralyzed. It seemed that the arrows were made by silver. Not only that, some gun shootings were heard from both sides.

Norah looked at me and Frank, “The reinforcement has come!” she shouted gladly.

We saw the hunters came out one by one. It was amazing to finally realize that we were saved. I hugged Norah tightly, very tight so that she complained to me about that. When I released her, I saw her gasping. But I still smiled.

A hunter suddenly came approaching us and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry about us! We’re okay,” Frank explained.

“Are there others?” Norah asked.

The hunter looked at her, “We came from every direction of this town, just like those werewolves did. We have to exterminate them all. Nobody shall be left alive,” he explained.

“I’m a werewolf! Should I be killed too?” I pissed.

He winced, staring at me from top to bottom, “Why do you so upset? We can distinguish which werewolf has a potential to harm people. So, Dog, you don’t have to worry,” he replied me, and then he walked away. I bet he also felt pissed about that. I hated when he called me dog. But I couldn’t be complained for the one who had saved my life.

Norah sighed in relieved, and then she hugged me. She laid down her head on my shoulder. I could hear her sobbing. I hugged her back, stroked her head gently. I could understand how she felt. Perhaps these hunters could stop them, but we had already lost too much. Many people died. Perhaps some of them were the ones who were close to her.

She began to cry. Her tears fell onto my body. I could feel it.

“Hey, calm down! You told me yourself to chill, right?” that was the only thing I could say to her. Her body was shaking more and more as she continued to cry. I could only hug her tightly.

“Why can’t we stop this even though we have already knew that this would come?” she said it regretfully. She let go of her hug. She tried hard to stopped crying although she seemed couldn’t over it. I wiped her tears and smiled. I was sad too. I swear. But there’s someone who must make her beautiful face smiling again.

“We can get through this. I promise,” I said.

She wiped her tears again. She was trying to smile, but the tears wouldn’t stop just easily, “I don’t know how I would be if I lost you too,” she said.

Frank suddenly cleared his throat, asking for attention, until we quickly looked at him. “Is it wise to keep staying here? We have to look around and make sure that the situation is under our control now,” he told us.

He was right. It wasn’t certain that we would win the war after the hunters came. We had to consider that they had a moonstone as their power boost. I suddenly remembered that Sergey and the four-slayer were fighting to the alphas. Nobody knew how they were then.

“I forget that Sergey and Leo Rays are still fighting the Grayson brothers. I’m anxious, Frank,” I told him.

Frank shook his head, “No need to worry, Fender. He’s a four-slayer and werewolf is his specialty,” he explained.

Norah suddenly stood between us and looked at us one by one, “Wait a minute! Did you say Leo Rays? I don’t know that he is actually here in this town,” she said.

Norah knows about him. Yes, she must know about him. She’s a hunter anyway, I thought. A curiosity suddenly possessed my mind again. If she knew about him, perhaps she also knew about what I was going to ask.

“Norah, is he Ino’s father?” I suddenly asked.

She turned to me, looked at my curious eyes, “No, he’s not,” she replied, “Ino’s grandfather has a twin brother. Leo Rays is the son of the twin brother. Basically, he’s still Ino’s uncle,” she explained.

“He must be great, right,” I chuckled, “So, we don’t have to worry,” I said.

But Norah didn’t agree. Knowing that the werewolves had more power from the moonstone, she began to doubt it. “He may be a four-slayer. But compared to those three, his power is still far below them,” he took a breath and continued her story, “He’s powerful and no one doubt it, but actually he wasn’t in the candidate of the four-slayer. It should have been Malcolm Rays, Ino’s father. His power is matched to Roland Gilmore, the strongest of those four. But he bailed out, and the title went to his cousin. Many people didn’t agree with that, but the title must be filled. The elders chose him as a suggestion from Ino’s father.”

“So, what’s the point?” I asked.

Frank sighed. I knew he was upset with the way I was thinking, or it might be called my lack of knowledge. “The point is…it’s not wise to left him alone fighting with the alphas. There are two of them and they’re alphas. We don’t know how much powerful an alpha with the power of a moonstone. Sergey might help, but it can’t guarantee that they will win against them,” he explained.

He was right. Even though I didn’t fully understand it, but I was sure he was right. He was always smart. That’s my best friend, I thought.

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Norah said.

I raised my hand so that they didn’t run, “Wait! Wait!” I told them, “If we think that they’re really powerful, can our presence there be an advantage? I think we need more. It seems that we have forgotten about someone. Where is Hope?” I said.

While I was busy thinking about where he might be, Hope Sanders still stood in the same place where he met the powerful witch. He was quite badly injured even though Pamela had already transferred a healing aura to him. He leant against the tree, hugging himself with his eyes closed sometimes.

Pamela knew her help wasn’t enough for him. She approached him then, “Are you sure you don’t want me to give you a better treatment, Milord?” she asked him again.

Hope opened his eyes. He smiled and shook his head, “’Tis no need. Thou really hath my gratitude.”

“For God’s sake, Milord, why are you so stubborn? You look so awful! Should I show you a big mirror so you can see how miserable you are now?” Pamela said.

“It shalt heal,” Hope insisted.

“But it’s not as fast as vampires and werewolves are,” she commented, even though she realized that her testimonial didn’t have any effect at all. But Hope suddenly realized there was a changing expression in Pamela’s face. Her eyes were getting larger a little, but Hope could notice that. It was like something suddenly startled her.

What is she thinking, Hope thought.

Pamela was quiet for a while. Hope didn’t ask anything. But she suddenly smiled a bit. She sighed. Her lips moved like she was having an incantation. She kept smiling without any words coming from her mouth.

Hope winced, but still didn’t ask anything. Pamela knew exactly how the fairy prince would react. There couldn’t be any conversation if she didn’t start it. So then she began to speak, “The fray is over, Milord. The hunters come in a great number. I don’t know how they can gather themselves so many. But it’s none of our concern. They finally have a way to save us,” she explained.

Hope closed his eyes shortly. He relieved and smiled, “’Tis probably a little bit delayed. However, they hast picked their very best move,” he commented.

“So, Milord, I think my help is done here and now. But don’t thank me too much,” she stopped him before he said it. She knew that the prince was the most polite person she had ever met. She chuckled a bit. “I owe you my life and it’s always like that,” she sighed then, “Well, Milord. I think I’ll leave for now. There’s something I must do now. I think this town still need a great protector,” she said.

“A moment please, Pamela,” he held her to leave. His face began to be serious again, “Thou hast not told me about thy intention. What art thou doing hither? What art thou looking for?” he asked.

Pamela turned around to Hope again and grinned, “That’s…actually none of your business, Milord. I’m sorry I can’t tell you. It’s too personal,” she said. She waved her hand as her body began to drown into her shadow.

“Please, doth not start chaos,” Hope whispered and as his words ended, Pamela had already disappeared completely. He sighed, and then looked at the sky. The full moon still shone brightly. The breeze blew smoothly around him. He took a breath then and said, “I know. I shalt watch over her,” he said.

I looked at the sky. The full moon was still at its peak. The watch in my wrist showed that it was already passed the midnight. There were several hours again until it reached dawn. The three of us were running through the town. There were bodies everywhere. I really didn’t want to look at them and closed my eyes tightly, but I could smell the bloods.

It really annoyed me. Somehow I could smell someone I knew among those bodies. It startled me when I suddenly remembered about my parents. I forget about them, I thought. I was restless and the anxiety inside my mind bothered me a lot.

“What’s the matter?” Norah who ran beside me realized that there was something on my mind.

I looked at her. She was a little bit worried. “I’m wondering how my parents are doing now,” I said. She was quiet, but still looked at me. She got to understand how I felt then. Perhaps she also worried about her family.

“If you really want to look for them now, we should…”

“No!” I cut her words and shook my head, “It’s better not now,” I told her, “I’m afraid to find out,” I whispered. I sounded selfish, but I was really afraid. I truly hoped that they were okay. I swear! But if something really happened to them, I needed to prepare myself.

But suddenly I stopped running. I sniffed, smelling some people I knew. Frank and Norah stopped running too. They looked at some people clustered around nearby. It wasn’t really near from where we were standing, but we could see them.

Ivan, I thought.

I decided to go after him and the others followed me. Ivan realized that I approached him. I was shocked when I looked at Mrs. Jovanov crying desperately. Norah hugged me. It seemed like she almost wanted to cry.

Mrs. Jovanov hugged his younger son and wouldn’t stop crying. She hugged him tightly. Her husband couldn’t do anything to calm his wife. He got to be very sad too. They didn’t talk even a word. Ivan’s sister hugged her father. They all looked so pale, seeing one of their family members died.

I saw some remaining vampires there. It seemed that the fight was quite fierce there. I looked at the bodies. It was miserable.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

Ivan looked at his brother again, “It’s no need, Fender. He died as a hero,” he said.

“Your secret?” I asked.

He sighed, and then he looked at me, “We can’t hide forever, can we? And…we have to do something. This is our homeland now. We must protect her no matter what,” he explained.

“How did it happen?” Norah suddenly asked.

Ivan looked at the vampire girl who was standing behind Mrs. Jovanov. She looked shocked, just stared at them without doing or saying anything. I knew that vampire girl. She was one of my schoolmates.

“Roman died protecting her,” Ivan said. He knew that Selena was watching him. She muttered, saying that she was sorry.

Selena suddenly whooshed and stood in front of us, “I’m really sorry about this, Jovanov. Your brother died because of me. I can’t believe that a werewolf really want to protect a vampire like me,” she seemed so regretful.

“It’s okay, Selena,” Ivan said, “Perhaps I have to tell you this. He did that because he had a crush with you,” he explained. Selena was a little bit startled to hear that. But she didn’t comment anything. “After he came to our school and saw you for the first time, he told me everything. But he knew that it was impossible. When this thing happened, the first one he remembered was you. He insisted to look for you, leaving us no choice but to follow him. He had already remembered your smell, so it’s not hard finding you here.”

Selena sighed. He looked down for a while, and then stared at him again, “I…I really don’t know that someone has that kind of feeling toward me. Sometimes I realized that your brother kept staring at me when he came at school to see you. But I just ignored it.”

“It’s not really your fault anyway,” Ivan told him.

Frank cleared his throat. We all suddenly looked at him. “Guys, there’s something we have to do now,” he reminded us.

“What is it? Can I help too?” Ivan offered his favor.

But I shook my head. I told Norah and Frank to quickly go first. They just did what I said. I looked at Ivan again and said, “You’d better stay here. Look after your family,” I told him.

“Somehow I feel responsible too for the thing that is happening now,” Ivan said.

“Just…stay here,” I said, “We’ll take care of it.” He asked me to be careful. I nodded and left, chasing after Norah and Frank. I fastened my steps until I finally reached them. Frank still led the way in front of us.

My heart suddenly pounded hard again. I imagined if we had to fight those two alphas. I was confused. The first time I met them that day, suddenly I lost my control. I wondered why. It was abnormal. I was wondering if it was the effect of moonstone, because the full moon itself wouldn’t do that to me.

I remembered the image of Hail Grayson suddenly filled my mind. It seemed like I could feel her rage within me. I suddenly hated them like I had a grudge toward them. What’s happening with me, I wondered.

The location was not far anymore. I tried to sniff it out. I set my ears to the fullest. The fighting stopped. I thought that Frank realized that too. He suddenly whooshed and left us behind.

Bloods, I talked in mind.

“Why?” Norah asked while running beside me.

“They stop,” I said. I tried to fasten my step and Norah tried to keep up with me. We kept running until we reached the place. It quite startled us. I saw Frank stood up beside Sergey’s body who laid down on the ground. He was still breathing. On the other hand, one of the Grayson brothers was lying lifelessly.

They won, I relieved. But the hunter was gone. And another brother was gone too. We both approached them quickly. Sergey smiled to us. It seemed that he really wanted to show off that he won against them.

“Where’s Leo Rays?” Norah asked.

Sergey sighed. He really didn’t want to get up or moved a little bit. “He’s gone!”

“What do you mean he’s gone? Is he dead?” Norah asked again.

“He’s not dead, Norah! He’s just gone…with other hunters that came here!” Sergey emphasized. “We killed one of them. Look at that dead body!”

I and Norah approached the body together. But it seemed the scene was not very good. Yeah, what do you expect from dead body? There was a large wound on his neck. The blood was still flowing freshly. It must be very painful, I thought.

Norah quickly turned around his head and back to Frank and Sergey. I was still looking at him. I smiled. I really did smile. I didn’t know why I suddenly grinned like a devil, but seeing him dead really satisfied me. I was like being possessed. I kindly felt that I wasn’t myself.

“How about his brother Ansem?” Frank asked.

Sergey shook his head, “He’s gone too! A necromancer from Valorous clan saved him. He used a shadow teleportation. We’re lucky that he decided to leave,” he explained, “But…I’m sorry. The stone is still with him.”

I heard what he said and I sighed. Another problem might be coming in the future. But it wasn’t his fault. He just wanted to help me and I couldn’t blame him. I walked toward them with my sluggish face.

“How’s the town?” Sergey asked.

“It’s ruined,” Frank replied, “Many people died. But after the hunters sent reinforcements, I think it’s over. We won, but…it’s a lost.”

Sergey tried to get up and sat. He was thinking about something. He exhaled deeply. “If Ino were here,” he muttered.

Another regret in my life haunted me again. It was my fault that Ino wasn’t there with us. I didn’t want to talk about that, so I decided to keep silent. Norah knew that I felt guilty. She quickly approached and hugged me. Frank didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to start something awful.

Sergey took a breath and stood up, “By the way, where’s Lyon?” he asked.

“He went to somewhere safe. Don’t worry about him,” Frank said.

“Sergey, what do we have to do? We haven’t gotten the stone yet. Do you have any plan?” Norah asked.

Sergey stared at him. He was quiet for a while. But he then shook his head, “Until now, no. We have to wait for Ino to recover and hear what he’s planning. If…he has a plan,” he said.

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