Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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Weeks after the darkest day, Moonlight Hills was finally rebuilt. The schools, businesses, and other activities continued like there was nothing happened. All the people wanted to forget about a great hurricane that killed their families and friends. At least that was what they were thinking. For those who knew the truth, they realized that something like that would happen again in the future. Thus, the founder family tried to strengthen the defense of the town.

Midday in Moonlight High, all the students were enjoying their break, including me, Frank, Sam, and Walter. We sat in the regular seats, having a simple conversation and gratitude that we were still alive until then. We were going to have a final exam soon. Some of my schoolmates studied while they were eating. Some just didn’t care about that.

Sam and Walter still had one year again in the school. I didn’t know how many times they had already become a sophomore. But Frank, he was in the senior year just like me. I felt like he was not so happy about that.

I showed them the notification letter from South Hill University, the best college in Skyfall city in my version. “Finally, all I have to do is just to graduate from this school,” I said cockily. Because of my skill in the field, I got accepted in the university to defend the Wolvesquad, their football team. Somehow I felt the name fit me the most.

“I’m happy to hear that, Fender,” Sam praised me, “I bet you will have a great future there. You’re a star in the field after all!”

“Thanks, Sam. It’s my dream in the beginning to join in their team,” I said.

Walter looked at Frank, “What about you, Frank? It’s your senior year too?” he asked.

Frank slurped his plasma juice. He emptied it just in several seconds. He then looked at Walter, “Don’t have any plan,” he said calmly.

“You can apply in North East Hill University, Frank. Their swimming team is the best, isn’t it?” I told him.

He sighed, “I was banned, don’t you remember? My career is gone. They think I was cheating just because I’m a vampire. I’m old enough to control my strength actually,” he said.

I sighed too. I forgot that I was also a supernatural. I’m a werewolf and should I worry about that too, I thought. Frank was already in the national level, so that many people were having high attention to him. It was expected that someone would give him a black campaign. Even though he could fight for his right, he didn’t do that. Frank was the most ignorant person in this world I thought.

But I wasn’t. I would fight for my career if something happened to me. No need to worry, Fender! You’re going to go through that, I told myself.

“So you’re better study hard, Fender,” Frank told me.

I giggled, “I just want to have a little fun after all the worst things happened to me. Don’t worry! I’m smart enough to pass the exam,” I said confidently.

My cell phone suddenly rang. It was a text message. I looked at the screen and then I sighed. I forgot that I had one more problem left.

“A bad omen, I bet,” Sam bantered on me.

I ignored him and read the message. Suddenly I lifted up my ass of the seat. I told them that there was something important. Frank asked.

“I want to go meet Norah,” I said bluntly and then I quickly walked away.

She said she wanted to meet me outside. I fastened my steps. I didn’t want to make her wait. I bet she had already heard about the news. I actually hadn’t told her yet. I knew it could be a big problem.

When I got outside, I saw her sitting alone in the bench under the tree. She was reading a book. She hadn’t noticed yet that I was approaching. Finally, I reached her and she looked at me. She closed her book and smiled.

I sat next to him and cast down my eyes.

“You don’t want to share the good news to me?” she asked.

I looked at her, “No, it’s not what I mean, Norah!” I told her. She just laughed and told me not to be so upset. She said she wasn’t angry at all. She just wanted to tease me. But behind that smile, I felt a sorrow in it.

I sighed, “I’m sorry. I just…don’t know how to tell you about this.”

She touched my cheek, made me looked at her eyes, “Hey, I’m okay. You don’t have to be sad about this. You should be happy. It’s your dream, right?”

“But what about you?” I asked, “The truth that we’re still not officially dating, it pains me to be away from you. You’re going to find another boy, aren’t you?” I said.

She kept smiling like there was nothing happened between us. I knew she still loved me. I knew she cared about me. But why denied it?

“You’ll be away from me, Fender. I’m the one who actually fear that you will find another girl,” she said.

I suddenly caught her head. I kissed her passionately then. For a while, we were kissing each other. I took a breath when it stopped, but our faces were still close, “I won’t, Norah. I won’t ever betray you again. I promise you. You trust me, don’t you? Skyfall city is only a half day from here. I can visit you every week. If you want, I will visit you every three days, or two,” I said.


“Do you love me, Norah?” I asked.

“More than anything, Fender!” she said. She pushed me away a bit. She sighed and didn’t want to look at me directly, “But I’m sorry.” I asked why and she finally looked at me again. “I just can’t do it now. I love you. I really do, but I just can’t,” she suddenly stood up. I did that too, standing right behind her.

She then turned around and kissed me again. “I’m so sorry, Fender,” she whispered, “I should’ve not texted you and talked about this. I should’ve pretended that I don’t know anything until we both are ready. I’m so sorry,” she said and suddenly she walked away from me.

I knew she didn’t want me to follow her, so I preferred to stay and wonder. Why, Norah? Why do you do this to me? I love you. You love me too. So why can’t we be together, I talked to myself.

I was so desperate. But moaning about that would not change anything. There was still time to fix that before I finally left. Yes, there’s still time, I kept telling myself.

Pamela Riddle walked slowly, approaching a lone hut by the riverside. The hut was made by woods and palm leaves, such typical house in the forest. She stood up in front of the wooden door. She was about to knock it, but she stopped.

She realized that she didn’t have to knock the door. She then turned around and saw an old woman standing in front of her.

She smiled and greeted, “Long time no see, Itzel.”

The woman named Itzel looked like she was already 60 years old or more. There were so many wrinkles in her face. She dressed like a native townsfolk. Her name also showed that she was really a native townsfolk.

Pamela giggled, “How are you, my old friend?” she asked.

“You look exactly the same when the last time I met you, Pamela,” Itzel said.

“You could do the same,” Pamela replied.

But Itzel shook her head, “Ah, my old friend! I’d prefer to live in the nature’s way. This is the way I am and this is the way I should be,” she commented, “What’s on earth you finally come here to visit me?” she asked.

Pamela stepped forward. She grinned like a devil, “You have already lived here since you were born, Itzel. You’re a native, and I think you know some story about this town. I thought I could do it by myself. But it seems that I still need some helps,” she explained.

Itzel winced. She knew that there was something fishy about what she had explained. “What do you want, Pamela?” she asked.

“You’re a necromancer, Itzel. I believe your wisdom and knowledge is very great,” Pamela said, “I’m looking for the stone, Itzel. I’d already solved the clue, and it all leads to here…in Moonlight Hills.”

Itzel was thinking. She was still wondering about the thing that Pamela mentioned. Pamela’s lips were moving, saying a thing that made Itzel’s eyes bugged out in a second.

“Are you sure about that, Pamela?” Itzel seemed so surprised.

Pamela nodded, “Yes, Itzel. Now please tell me if you have something to help my mission.”

“Why do you want that stone, Pamela? It’s a dangerous thing,” she warned, “As your old friend, I want you to consider what you are doing now,” she said.

Pamela sighed, “Please, Itzel, don’t preach me!”

Itzel shook her head, “I don’t know about what you’re looking for. I’m wondering how you get the clue about that,” she replied, “But, I still hope you consider that again, Pamela. It’s a cursed thing.”

“So you really don’t know about that?” she asked again. She looked at Itzel’s eyes who was quiet. She really doesn’t know anything. Ah, at least I give it a try, she thought. She sighed again, “If you really don’t know about that, then I think I should leave. I’m very glad to meet you again, Itzel.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay a little bit longer, Pamela? Perhaps having a cup of tea or two?” she offered hospitality.

Pamela shook her head, “No, thanks,” she rejected, “I have many things to do.”

Itzel chuckled, “What you were doing back then was great, Pamela. I don’t know you have an intention to help this town. I heard the story about some powerful and unknown creatures who defended this town. I can guess it was you when I see you just now,” she said. Pamela giggled also and said that she didn’t have to mention that.

The door behind them was suddenly moved slowly. It tried to be opened.

Pamela turned around and saw a woman from inside the hut. She winced, and then looked at Itzel, “She’s…” she looked at the woman again and wondering. “Who’s she, Itzel?” she asked.

“Her name is Hail. Hail Grayson!” Itzel said.

Still in the same forest, even deeper than that, a young-looking guy stood alone under the light of the moon. He looked at the sky, remembering the event that he triggered some time ago.

The rustling sound of the bushes startled him in the sudden. He looked at his back and turned around. Another guy, older than him, suddenly showed up from the shadow of the forest. A hunter is always frightening me, he thought.

The middle-age man smiled, “I’m sorry to make you wait so long, Ansem,” he apologized.

“No need to worry, Sir. I’m okay,” Ansem said, even though he was quite upset why he came so long. He took something from his pocket. It was shiny when the light touched it. He threw it and the man caught it.

The man looked at the stone in his possession, “Beautiful,” he muttered.

Ansem sighed, “It’s shameful to lose again from those hunters, even though we have the power of moonstone,” he said regretfully, “I think we will change the history. But it was far from that. The stone is not as great as I think.”

The man laughed, “Don’t underestimate the hunters, Boy! By the same token, you use the power of this stone to hundreds of werewolves. If you use it for yourself, it must be much greater,” he explained.

“Still, it can’t even conquer a town. How can you conquer the world with it?” Ansem had his doubt.

The man then grinned, “That’s why we need the others, Ansem. This moonstone is our first step to reach our goal. I’m glad that you can succeed to finally retrieve this stone. It’s remarkable, Ansem,” he praised him, “Don’t worry about your revenge, Ansem. We’re not only going to conquer this town, but also the whole world will be in our hands!” his grinning was wider and wider.

A new threat was secretly raised from the slumber without the world noticed. Moonlight Hills was groped by the darkness. It was starting there, and then it would be spreading until the whole world was within its grasp.

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