Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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"Moonlight Hills-Book Two: Nosferatu"

The conflict within Moonlight Hills was starting again. A terror from tainted-bloods disturbed the peace of the town. The vampire’s secret was about to leak out. But Frank Damon realized that he couldn’t let that to happen. With the help of his friends, he was trying to stop Moonlight Hills and his kind to meet its doom.

I didn’t know what I had to do. The hunter association was so selfish. They thought that they could do anything by their own rule. They might be the ones who kept the balance of this world, but what they had planned was unforgivable.

I can’t let them do what they want, I kept telling myself. But I was afraid I didn’t have much to prevent that. My Dad had a plan, but he didn’t want to tell anyone about that. I was getting anxious. If he was cornered, he could do anything, even the most stupid and dangerous thing.

They gave us a week to solve that thing. Otherwise, they would annihilate all the vampires in town. Do they always give others an unreasonable limit of time to solve a problem? Ino did that to Fender, and now all the hunters cornered us too, I thought desperately. The Temple didn’t want to interfere with our problem. The elders, including my Dad, had already asked them to help us. But they were too afraid of the hunter association. Fuck them!

Dmitri Donovan was the one to blame for that problem. Since the beginning, he had already had a clash with me and my family. I didn’t know why he did that, but I figured that everything happened was just because of his jealousy.

But his family made the thing worse. I did understand that we valued pureblood’s life. But what Dmitri did was unforgivable. They defended him even though they knew that he was a criminal.

I didn’t know how Dmitri could convince them. They even start a fight with the elders to defend that bastard. They didn’t think straight. They’re short-minded and stupid. I would kill my sister if she was the one who did that crime. Even Lord Albert defied me. Oh, it was really disturbing.

What they did triggered a civil war among the vampires in Moonlight Hills. For just one person? I really can’t understand what they are thinking, I talked in mind. We had already talked about this and negotiated, but they just didn’t hear us. They would sacrifice many things just for one useless Dmitri Donovan. They were crazy I thought.

I really didn’t know what I had to do. And I thought that all the elders were losing their ideas. Vampire’s society in Moonlight Hills was about to meet its doom.

And to think that the hunter association interfered with our problem, it became more than worst. Actually, they deserved to interfere because if there was a civil war happened among the vampires, it could be a great danger to all the people in Moonlight Hills. Surely, they would protect the humans against us.

But they didn’t want to pick sides. They did treat us all as an enemy. They didn’t care that it was Donovans who started that thing.

Donovans threatened us to fight with the vampires first if we agreed to send Dmitry to the hunter’s judgment. What they demanded was ridiculous and impossible. Actually we couldn’t defy the hunters yet they wanted us to conspire against them.

Hunters knew about the fray that would happen and we had to solve the problem immediately. Otherwise, they would consider us a threat and surely they would eliminate us.

It was not an easy job. And the time was only a week. That was crazy!

The elders thought that nothing we could do but eliminating all the Donovans without causing great damage to the town. But…how could actually we do that?

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