Moonlight Hills-Book One: Lycanthrope

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First Full Moon

I still remembered what Frank had told me that morning, ‘tonight is going to be a full moon. Come and get to my house immediately after dusk and don’t be late’. After I heard that, my mind was thrilled and restless. There was a question in me, what will happen to me during the full moon. I was scared. I might be having little knowledge about werewolf, but if I referred to some movie I had watched, being a werewolf was not an easy thing. It was lot of pain and stress. Furthermore, I was going to lose my mind and I didn’t want that to happen.

I walked slowly through the crowded corridor, in my version. My step was fragile, while I looked down all the way since I couldn’t get rid of that werewolf thing in my mind. Somehow, suddenly I remembered about the ghost girl I saw two days ago. Lucky me, she didn’t show off to me anymore and I was glad with that. But I tried to forget about it, forget about the miserable life I’d been through.

Sometimes I thought why this thing ever happened to me. All I did was complaining all the time about my life.

I was shocked when I nearly bumped a girl when I met the junction. All the steps I heard made me not aware of the steps in front of me. And also I was not focus. She also seemed a bit surprised, but then she laughed when she saw me.

“Mr. Fender again,” she said.

That was the cute girl I had saw after the first time that ghost female haunted me. What’s her name again? Norah, yes it’s Norah, I recalled.

“What a coincidence, meeting with you in the same situation. But don’t ever try to suddenly hold my hand again,” she joked while chuckling a bit.

“No, no, no. I won’t do that again,” I said, “Promise,” I raised my two fingers.

She chuckled again, “Just kidding, Fender.”

“Have you decided yet if you’re going to go to Moonlight High?” I asked, “This is the best school in this small town. You won’t regret it, I promise,” I advertised a little.

She chuckled a little, “So far I like this school. But I just decide it yet. My uncle calls me again this morning. By the way, I heard from my uncle that you are a superstar in a field. When will the next tournament be held? I want to make sure I got the front seat,” she said. Is she wooing me now, I figured but I thought I was going to like it.

I smiled widely. She must be very curious that she was asking about me to his uncle. I bet that it was a good sign. But then I remembered that I wouldn’t participate on that tournament until I can manage the wolf inside me. I shook my head, “I think I won’t be the part of team next time.”

She winced, a bit astonished, “Why?”

“It’s because…it’s…just because of my parents. They…want me to study more for facing the exam. You know, I’m in senior year now and I get to have a high grade to get a better college,” I excused.

Norah sighed, “Don’t you think it’s too bad to miss the match?”

Yes. I wanted to answer that it was absolutely bad if I missed the match. But I didn’t have any choice. Frank told me to draw out, and it was not a wise idea to be a rebel now. Again, I felt sorry about my miserable life.

“Fender!” I heard a very familiar girl calling my name from my back. And when I turned, I saw Susan quickly approached me. She looked angry, not to me but to Norah. Her eyes were looking into her deep in the eyes. “What are you doing with my boyfriend, Bitch?” she offended.

I grabbed Susan’s hand and whispering sorry to Norah. Then I brought her away where I could speak to her more privately.

“You give me no choice, Susan. You are too much. We’re over, now!” I said with a low voice.

She took her arm out of me, “You said I gave you no choice? You give me no choice! You’ve changed, Fender. You’re not the one I used to love,” she sniffed and began to cry.

“Yes. I have changed. So why do you insist to stick on me? Don’t love me! Just find another guy!” I yelled. I realized that suddenly the air was a bit more silent and the people were looking at me curiously. But I didn’t care.

Susan cried more and more, sniffing like child. Oh, God, it’s my wolf thing, I realized. In normal condition, I wouldn’t treat her that way. That was my fault anyway. But feeling sorry might give a high hope to Susan. I just wanted her to hate me then, so I pretended to be that way. She ran away then and I just didn’t do anything.

“That’s him!”

I turned back again since I believed that that one was calling me. I just said oh God when they walked toward me. I tried to think about any excuses, whatever it was to make them believed that I didn’t have any idea about Angelica’s whereabouts.

“Fender, I believe you were the last person who ever been with Angelica. You know where she is now? She’s been missing from that night,” Gladys asked me.

I hummed for a while, “Really?” pretended to know nothing, “So…that’s why I’ve never seen her lately?”

“Please, Fender. Tell us what you know about Angelica. She’s really missing,” Melanie forced me to speak.

I hummed again, “Guys, I don’t really have any idea.”

“But she was with you,” Melanie insisted.

Oh, God, what do I have to tell them now, I wondered. “Yeah, she was with me. But I didn’t take her home. We went back to town since she wanted to meet someone,” I talked anything that crossed my mind.

They seemed to think hard about it.

“Girls, there’s something I want to take care of now. Please inform me if there’s something about her. Bye,” I quickly ran off while they were still thinking of what I had said to them about Angelica. If I just can tell you that maybe Angelica is dead now, I thought. But there was no way I could speak that out loud.

Still, something came to my mind after talking with Melanie and Gladys. Somehow I remembered that Angelica’s family was founder of this town. They might have a clue about Angelica’s disappearance. Perhaps Frank already told them about what happened to Angelica. So Fender, I talked to myself, just forget about that thing and focus on your own.

I slowed my step when I reached the toilet and entered it. Nobody was in the toilet, but I still didn’t think of anything besides my problem. I went to the sink and washed my face. The water was felt so fresh on my face, cooling down my stress. I took a deep breath after that, seeing my face in the mirror.

“You can pass it through, Fender,” I told myself. But when I turned around, I suddenly felt my knees were shaking.

That girl with her intangible body was waving her hand, smiling at me and I felt that creepiness of her struck my head very hard.

Once again, I screamed out loud. I couldn’t even felt my legs so I couldn’t run. I just cowered on the area where floor and wall met. I kept screaming and begging her to leave, “Please, go away! Don’t disturb me! We even barely know each other!”

I heard her sighing, “Fender, why are you scared of me? Do I even look scary?” she complained, I thought.

She’s right. Actually, she’s not scary at all. She just looks like any normal girl I’ve ever met, yet she can’t be touched or felt or anything that I can do to human, I tried to calm myself. I opened up my eyes, forcing my mind to dare looking at her. Yeah, she’s not scary at all. She even can’t hurt me, I thought.

I tried to get up, but my body was still trembling.

“Hey, I won’t hurt you. And I can’t do that, believe me,” she said, “All I want to do is just to greet you. That’s all. That’s what I want to be able to since I died, to talk to you, to converse with you, to have a little chit-chat.”

“So…Ms. Ghost…”

“My name is Eve,” she told me.

I nodded, still pressing my body against the wall, “Yeah, Ms. Eve. Can I do you a favor?” I offered. I even didn’t know what I was talking about.

She chuckled, “You’re adorable even if you’re afraid.”

Oh my God! I began to think that that ghost liked me so much. Somehow I felt a little bit cocky, even a female ghost attracted to me. But it couldn’t be helped. I was handsome anyway.

Suddenly, somebody opened the door. We both looked at who appeared. That pale-looking guy was sighing and so did I.

Frank closed the door again, “I thought something happened with you, Fender. You know that your idiocy just make me freak out for several seconds?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Damon. It’s all my fault,” Eve said.

Frank shook his head quickly, “No, no! It’s not your fault Ms. Denver. I’ve told him that he supposed not to be afraid with wandering spirit. He’s a newbie werewolf so he can see you now. Sorry that my friend wasn’t polite.”

“It’s okay. I better leave now,” she said. Then she disappeared just like a wind blowing off.

Frank sighed, “God! Do you know that you’ve been a fool in this school because of this? I just can’t stand that they are laughing at you,” he said.

“Who?” I asked.

“All the vampires here, you idiot! Every single vampire in this school can hear your scream. You’d better think about it before you act any further, Fender,” he finished his words and wanted to go out, but then he turned to me again, “And don’t forget! Tonight’s a full moon. You may be in the edge now and don’t make any trouble. Don’t ever ruin everything, Fender!” he warned me and went again.

I took a deep breath and sighed, “Got it,” I muttered.

He was right. Vampires hated werewolf, and they got to be hating me. I pretended that I didn’t care about that. If I did scared of a ghost, then so be it. But Frank did care about me. As his friends, I got to understand what he felt. So I told myself, no more afraid of ghost or wandering spirits just like they called it.

I sighed again and went out the rest room. Some pale-looking guys were chuckling while they had a peek on me. But I turned around and didn’t think about it. I walked slowly, feeling like I bore all that problems alone. That night was a full moon and I was in the edge. So I told myself to never cause any trouble even though I felt very angry inside.

But suddenly, I heard something that tickled my mind. I looked at two vampire males murmuring about something, something that might be the answer to solve my problem.

“I saw him. I still remember that face. 10 years ago, he was still here. But he looked the same now. You know that even though werewolves aged, they aged slowly,” he whispered to his friend. His face was so serious, full of hatred. He continued again, “He went to the forest. Maybe he went to the abandoned Dale’s mansion.”

Dale? One of them is back in town? Is he the murderer and the one who make me like this? I must get the answer, I told myself.

Quickly, I approached those vampires and they gave me a cynical look in the eye.

“Look who is coming. A brand new dog in town,” he, the taller and paler one mocked me. Another, the guy with a pale mole in his nose only laughed a bit.

“Don’t call me dog, you bunch of sick people!” I almost yelled, but only a lower but deep and angry voice came out of my mouth. Then I realized that I didn’t want to fight, so I tried hard to calm myself down and not to punch them on the eyes. I took a deep breath then talked, “Please, Guys. We never have any problems before, so don’t create any. I know you guys hate werewolf, but please, only this time,” I begged them.

One of them cleared his throat. It seemed that my words affected him, “So, what do you want with us, Fender?”

“I heard you talked about the Dale,” I whispered.

He, the one who told his friend that he saw one of the Dales in town, nodded slowly, “Yeah, I saw him yesterday. Carter Dale, he is the second child of the latest generation, maybe the last one of his family. I saw him in The Tavern, and then he went into the forest,” he explained.

“Do you think he is the murderer?” I asked.

He raised his shoulder, “I have no idea,” he told me.

“Where can I find him?” I asked again.

He paused for several second, “Maybe you can find him in his old mansion. It’s a few blocks north from Park Avenue. You can enter the broken gate into the edge of the forest. There’s where Dale’s mansion will be,” he explained, “But, Fender, if he is the murderer, you’d better be careful. Maybe you can talk to Frank about this,” he suggested.

“No,” I replied, “No need to tell Frank, please. I don’t want to be a burden to him. I’m a werewolf anyway. I think I can protect myself,” I said, “Thanks anyway,” I smiled a bit.

The sun was down on the west, and the skies were orange and beautiful. I entered the broken gate made by wood just like that vampire told me. The situation was eerie, feeling like you were in a horror movie like the nightmares on Elm Street where drying leaves were scattered over the ground and cracking when you stepped on them. I walked slowly, passing through the edge of the forest. No wonder Dales family took this place as their home since that area was a bit far from anything. I began to figure that they used to howl in this place and no one could realize that they who were howling.

I kept walking deeper and deeper, until I found a big, old, creepy, and abandoned mansion in front of me. The mansion was not broken, everything was all right, just very old and rusty, and...spooky. What can you expect to the werewolf’s house?

Damn! I just realized what was I doing there, standing and acting like I was the bravest person in the world. This must be my wolf! I’m on the edge now, and I think I can do it on my own. I’m screwed, I thought. I didn’t know what I was thinking about, going alone to the nest of everything scary. I got to be crazy.

I told myself to get out of there as fast as possible, so I turned back. But what happened next was that I almost screamed when I saw a middle age guy standing in front of me. I didn’t know who he was, or why I couldn’t felt him got near me. I began to wonder that he was a ghost.

No, I told myself, no need to be afraid of a wandering spirits. But when he suddenly moved fast toward me and punched me in the face until I was thrown away, I knew that he wasn’t a wandering spirit. He was the werewolf I was looking for. But I was too late to save myself. Everything was black out and I couldn’t remember everything after that.

Meanwhile, in another big and eerie mansion, a guy with a pale face seemed so anxious. He stood alone in the 20 square meters room with nothing but a long and heavy chain. The room was located in the basement of the mansion, purposely prepared for me.

He seemed trying to call someone, but he got no answered. He tried it several times until he gave up.

“Where is that idiot?” Frank whispered to himself with a very upset face. He walked back and forth impatiently. Sometimes he looked at his watch. He suddenly went out the room and walked up upstairs with fast steps. His step stopped when he saw his mother passed through.

“Are you going to search Fender? He seems not to be in here at this moment,” his mother asked.

Frank nodded, “Yes, Mom. I’m worried about him. He promised me to come here. But until now, I don’t know his whereabouts. With this full moon, it’s dangerous for him to be out there,” he answered, “I tried to contact him, but no answer.”

Mrs. Damon sighed a bit, “You’d better hurry, Sweetheart, before something bad happen,” she advised.

“Yeah,” he replied. Without thinking any further, Frank whooshed to his car which was parked at the yard. He started his car and drove away fast. He actually didn’t know where he wanted to go. What in his mind was only finding me, even though he didn’t have any destination.

How can I just trust him that he will show up in my house? That idiot, I’m going to hit him once I find him, he thought angrily.

His car ran fast through the lonely road. Frank seemed not to want to waste any more time. He thought about Moonlight High, that I might be somewhere around the school. Maybe I’m going to find a clue about Fender’s whereabouts there, he figured, or maybe he’s in the wood, trying to find a safe place to turn?

But he didn’t realize that a pair of red eyes following the car from the woods. That thing was running fast along the car behind the bushes and trees. Several seconds later, it popped out the woods and jump straight to the running car. Frank was aware that something was planning to confront him, but it was too late.

The beast pushed the running car until it crashed down just like what it ever did to my car before. Frank’s car was stopped several miles away with backwards position. The car’s door was suddenly torn and Frank showed up fast with an upset look. There was a little blood in his forehead. The beast moved slowly about ten meters away from where Frank stood. They looked each other with hate.

“The alpha,” Frank whispered, “I’m going to kill you right now.”

They both moved toward each other at the same time, trying to strike down one another. The wolf jumped out and pounced to Frank until the two of them rolling in the ground. Frank tried to strangle it while the wolf tried to bite him with its big fangs in its mouth.

Frank successfully threw away the wolf from his body and stood up. But the wolf itself seemed to be under control.

I’m not going to make it. It’s too strong, Frank figured. He already felt out of energy even though the battle just began. He picked his penknife from his pocket, a knife made of silver which was effective against werewolf. He pointed the knife to the werewolf who still looked at him without any move.

I think I’m too cocky to face an alpha alone, he wondered.

When I opened my eyes, I found out that I was tied with a tight and strong robe, right on my hands and my legs. That werewolf, I knew for sure since I realized the smell of him then, was standing and studying me. I leaned on the main stairs, on the old and dusty living room. I tried to break loose, but I couldn’t. So I just yelled at him, asking for him to free me.

He shook his head, “You’re a new werewolf and it’s a full moon. You’re going to lose control. I won’t break you free and let you kill someone.”

“You are the killer! And you’re the one who turned me!” I yelled again.

“I think there’s misunderstanding here. I’m not a killer, and I can’t turn you. I’m still a beta just like you. Only an alpha can give a curse to human,” he explained.

I stopped yelling and moving, for several seconds I was thinking. So, he’s not the alpha, I thought. “What are you doing here, Carter?” I asked.

He winced, maybe a little bit confused since I knew his name. But he didn’t ask me about that, “It’s because of the alpha. I left my pack just to investigate it,” he explained.

“Permanently?” I asked again.

He shook his head, “No, only temporary. After everything is settled, I will go back to them. I kind of miss my old place here. By the way, Newbie,” he looked at his watch and stare at me again, “I think it’s time.”

Firstly, I didn’t even realize what he was talking about. I was just about to ask him, but when I felt something different inside me, I knew that the wolf was about to come out. I screamed out when I felt like all my bones were going to break. It was all painful, yet incredible. I couldn’t describe the feeling, but there was one time when I felt like I was in the middle of orgasm and everything in pain in the same moment.

My body started to change, began from my back when I heard clearly that my back bone was cracking and shifting slowly. I could feel my fur started to grow from my back. And then my face, my handsome face was gone, turned into a half-shifted werewolf face that all your face was stretched and your nose was very snub. I could feel my mouth is filled with fangs.

“Hold on, Kid! It may be hard, but you can control yourself. Try to hold on your mind,” Carter yelled at me, but suddenly he punched me on my face.

“Why did you do that?” I yelled, my screaming sound was lower than before but I could still feel the pain all over my body.

He pulled my collar, “I’m just trying to put back your mind. Never lose it!”

We both heard something whooshing fast from beyond the fragile main door. Suddenly, an arrow flashed in and pierced right through the door and landed right next to me. Exactly a few inches right next to my face. I suddenly figured if that arrow really pierced through my forehead. We were shocked. Somehow we realized that something dangerous from the outside.

Carter looked back, “Hunters!” he whispered.

When I heard him saying hunter, I figured there was Ino among them, and that guy was going to kill me. Then we heard the sound of arrows whooshing again. Carter suddenly pulled me and ran, dragging me along through the stairs. Those arrows pierced through the door and some bullets were following after. This is going to be bad, I thought.

Carter was still running and dragging me with him while I was still fastened by the robe. They successfully broke the door and got in. One of them shouted upstairs and they chased us again. I didn’t know why Carter brought us upstairs since it was the dead end. But it wasn’t the dead end at all. He stopped running when we reached the end of corridor at Dale’s mansion where there was a large window in front of us. Then suddenly, he threw me through the window until I screamed and fell down to the ground.

The pain was going worse when my face hit the ground. Damn it! That was a very bad landing, but much better than an arrow or a bullet inside my body.

Carter jumped off and landed on his foot. He used his claws on his hands to cut my robe as fast as possible. When I successfully broke loose, he yelled at me, “Run!”

But we weren’t too fast. Unlucky me, one of those hunters was successfully shot me with an arrow. I was screaming very loud when that arrow pierced my back shoulder. I almost fell down but I tried to keep running. And when I looked back, I was in shock.

I knew that girl, the one who shot me. I recognized that pretty face, but there was no smile I usually saw. Her eyes were cold, staring at me from the broken window on the second story.

“Norah,” I whispered. That sweet and cute girl I found in my school is a hunter and she just did shot me with her arrow, I thought desperately.

We kept running into the forest until we were sure that they couldn’t follow us anymore. Carter stopped and went back to me. He pulled the arrow from my shoulder, hearing my screaming then threw it away.

“Are you okay? You don’t lose your mind, do you?” he asked me.

I fell and sat, still feeling the pain all over my body. My breath was rushing, “I don’t know. God! Is it always going to be hurt like this?” I complained.

“That’s okay. The pain, the change, it’s going to be part of your life. You’re going to be used to it. Now get up!” he helped me to stand up and we continued our runaway again, “They’re still chasing us,” he said.

“Why don’t I change into a wolf?” I asked suddenly.

“The pain you got from that arrow kept your mind awake,” he explained, “That’s why I hit you at the first time you’re going to change. When a non-purebred beta fully shifted, they will lose their control. It’s not going to be easy if you fully shifted.”

“Why don’t you shift?” I asked again.

He looked back at me, “I’m a purebred, born to be a werewolf while you’re the one who was cursed by the alpha’s bite. It’s easy for us to control our changing. Moreover, I’m old enough through this life.”

“Stop!” I said and I really stopped running, “I think we’re far enough from them. By the way, how could we not hear they’re approaching us?”

Carter did too, and turned to me, “They’re hunters. They’re not ordinary humans. I don’t know how they can do that, but hunters can stalk us while we don’t even realize it. Even vampires who have the better hearing can’t know when a hunter approached them,” he explained, another knowledge to me. “There’s something wrong about this. They’re not supposed to attack us,” he guessed.

I didn’t speak for a while, still easing my breath. Sometimes I looked at my hairy arms. I thought I was afraid to look at my face.

“They’re hunters anyway and we were monsters. Of course they attack us,” I said.

He shook his head, “It’s not like that. Hunters won’t attack randomly, unless they are chasing the true murderer.”

“So, you think that the killer was around here?” I said.

I saw his nostrils were moving. He smelled something, “Do you smell it?” he asked.

Yes, I smelled it. It was a werewolf. We began to hear its steps, its movement approaching us. I looked at Carter. His lips were moving and saying ‘there’ without a sound.

When I turned around, I saw a very large wolf. But it was not the same wolf who attacked me at the first time, it was smaller. I could smell it, and I thought I recognized that smell but I still couldn’t figure it out.

“She’s a new beta just like you. And she’s fully shifted,” Carter whispered.

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