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Chronicle: Red Meat

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Chapter 1

1st November 1:56 AM

Knocked twice. Was about to knock the third time when she finally opened the door.

“Thanks my Lady! To finally opening the door for your husband. You know this is Oak wood right! Even If I wanted, I could’ve not be able to break it open...”

“By the way, why is your father’s old rusty car in my garage?“, I curiously asked.

“Pattrick where were you? Why are you so late? And where are the food stuff you were supposed to buy?“- Typical wife, answering a question by asking more questions, unrelated to the question being asked to them..


" Yeah honey, I was overloaded today.What food stuff?” I asked while I gave her my black jacket.

“By the way, it’s freezing outside” I added.

“What you mean what food stuff? The list that I gave you. Pattrick? Come on, you had one job..”

“One job? Lady, being a bank manager is just a child’s game uh? That what you think? Also, that party of Cade, I mean not his, but you know, the one he asked me to come to, to celebrate Casey’s birthday..., dressed up like a clown. I swear that guy owns me one big time”

“Pattrick it’s 2 am!” “You arrived home and left for the grocery store 6 hours ago! 6 HOURS AGO”

“6 hours ago what you mean?”

“Pattrick where were you? Walmart is 5 minutes away of driving from here. Even 30 minutes would’ve been exaggerating but you’ve been gone for 6 hours. Janice did not even have dinner. She slept while waiting for you. And your phone? You did not even bring your phone!”

“You’ve been late these past few days, consecutively.

“Why didn’t you bring your phone Pattrick?“, she frowned.

“Are you implying that I am cheating on you? Huh?“, I softly questioned.

“That’s not.. that’s not what I meant”

“Really? Cuz that was what it sounded like FROM YOUR TONE HELEN”

“That’s not what I meant Pattrick”


We both stayed still, in shock. We promised never to talk about that event ever again. Helen clearly made a mistake. But I should not have brought up that matter again. Our therapist said that it would have a bad impact on Janice. When we stopped talking to each other for over 3 weeks, the poor child, she did not even know what was going on or why we were behaving like that. It was for her sake that I decided to have a fresh start and overlooked what she did.

“I’m sorry”

“It’s ok. I’m gonna go make something”, she quickly turned and went straight to the kitchen.

Janice Hathaway stormed out of her room and bounced down the stairs “Daddy!!” with a smile that paints a ray of sunshine all over her face.

“Where were you? You know I was waiting for you. I even missed my favorite 12 Dancing Princesses movie that just aired on the television”, she made a fake sad face

“Really? Aw Hmm ok tell me what can I do so my little 10 year old princess forgive me?”

“Hmm singing me my favorite lullaby in bed?” ,she smirked.

“Ok.. smirking and all eh little girl”, I hugged her tightly.

“I will sing you your lullaby and watch your favorite movie with you, today itself!“, I opened my eyes wide open to display my level of excitement.

Helen still had the jacket on her hands and so, she went to the laundry room. She checked the pockets to see if there were anything in there before putting it in the washing machine. She did find something...


Is that a KFC bill? Why would Pattrick have a KFC bill? It’s also today’s date. 10 pm. $500 of food?? But he did not bring anything back home. Should I confront him about this? Did he have meat? Pattrick would never have meat. He is even disgusted by the smell of it.

I took the bill and went to the living room. But then, I saw him with Janice, playing. He was so happy. They, were so happy. Pattrick is a kind and gentle person. He loves Janice more than everything in the world. She is the world for him. I can’t ruin their moment just because of some freaking KFC bill.

“Dad you know,even mommy did not have dinner yet. She was waiting for you as well”

I noticed Pattrick looking at me with a gentle smile on his face, leaning his hands forward asking me to join them. I went in and we group hugged.

“I’m sorry”, he whispered to me.

I squashed the bill and I pecked him on the lips.

“Gross!“Janice weirded out.

Janice simpered before bursting out loud. Pattrick started tickling her as Janice started jumping around here and there. Looking at them happy brings peace to my soul. We are lucky to have Pattrick in our life as he’s been playing his role as both a father and a husband perfectly.

While Pattrick is moving around, I saw a strange mark on his hand. I promptly took his hand and asked him about it.

“Babe, how you got that mark on your hand?”

Janice stopped to take a look as well.

“Oh this? I don’t know. I didn’t even notice till I was in the car few minutes ago!”

“Are you sure it’s nothing to worry about. It looks like someone bit you or something”

“Nah. It’s maybe just a scratch, mark or some sort. Come here!”

“Janice see? Your mother cares about me so much”, he laughed hysterically.

“Yeah right. I just don’t want to take your arse to the hospital in the middle of the night you mean”, I joked.

“Oooooo, daddy mommy said a bad word”

I noticed Pattrick looking at me with his eyes wide open.

“Oops”, I realized.

“Yeah and to punish her you know what we must do?“, he smirked at Janice.

“TICKLE!“, they both shouted as I lost control over myself and my mutter of amusement turned into a belly laugh.

Our photograph on the wall, us three happy on our picnic by the lake side. So much happiness in our lives. I just wish that this happiness lasts forever and If I’m dreaming right now, then I hope I never wake up. Because for us,this is the best dream ever...

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