Chronicle: Red Meat

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Chapter 2

1st November 02:28

“Ok folks, dinner is ready!”

... and the sky?! Which suddenly appears bright blue in the middle of the night?? Don’t you think that’s a little bizarre Mr.Steewart? Well, It seemed like a meteor...

Pattrick climbed down the stairs with his jacket on.

“Finally! Where were you? We’ve been calling you out for quite a bit now”

“Nothing, I.. I just needed.. uhm.. ah forget it”

“K, uhm, would you mind turning off the T.V please? I don’t want Janice to hear any of these”

... with the shocking deaths of 4 young teenagers. Reports indicate that it maybe the work of the parents as the bodies were discovered in the living room and that they “did not hear” anything while the assault...

I noticed Janice coming, after she washed her hands. I quickly signaled Pattrick.



“The T.V!!“, while I signaled that Janice’s arrival.

He grabbed the remote and swiftly turned it off. We both had a sight of relief. Janice is very fragile. The death of her cat 3 months ago, shook her off completely! Now hearing the deaths of 4 teenagers, merely 3 blocks away? Not a chance...

“Why did you put on another jacket? You feeling cold or something? Should I put on the heater?“, I asked Pattrick.

“ I’m I’m okay”, he stammered.

He then went on to turn the air conditioner.

“Why are you turning on the AC?“, I asked him. But he said none. Almost like he did not even hear me.

That felt weird but I quickly disregarded it. He then pointed at the shelve across the dining table while asking; “What is your father’s shotgun doing here?”

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. We went for hunting today. You know, he compelled me for it. I didn’t want to go. But he was like: One day, you will thank me for teaching you how to use a shotgun!”

I could see Pattrick closing his eyes while nodding. I knew he was pissed. But I added.

“I was like, why would I ever be needing a shotgun in my life?“, and I canned laughed.

“Helen! What did I tell you? I won’t allow your father’s stuffs here. I mean come on.. We have an eleven year old girl here...” he frowned.

“Sorrryyyyy sorry sorry sorry. I promise you. First thing tomorrow, I’m gonna call him and ask him to take his stuff back”, while I made a guilty face.

“Why did he leave it here anyway?“, he asked.

“Uhm.. as you know, he left his car in the garage... but he took ... uhm your bike”, I hesitantly said.

“Oh you gotta be kidding me”, he nodded again.

“The mechanic delivered it earlier today. He saw it and he wanted to “try” it...”

“Helen I swear, I’m gonna kill your father”

“Well, mom can teach me how to use a shotgun now that we have one”, Janice said.

I mentally slapped myself...

“See what you did now!! And Janice, that’s a direct 100 percent NO”, he ironically smiled.

“Oh you’ve got some dark circles appearing honey”, I looked at Janice with an unsettling face, trying to change the topic.

“Well it’s almost 02 30 am”, Pattrick exhaled.

“Yeah well whose fault is that?“, I rolled my eyes.

“What- ever! Tomorrow, first thing will be this gun out of this house. Is that understood?”

“Pattrick... YES! Happy? Can we eat now?”

I served him some salad; mostly leftovers from yesterday. Gave Janice her fried wings while I dealt with the dainty grilled- “Huli Huli” chicken. As Janice was about to take her first bite, I held her hands.

“Janice!?” “You forgetting something?”

“Oops. Sorry mom. I’m just so hungry”

“Let her be Helen. The poor girl must be famished by now”

“No!, Janice, you know what you must do now that you forgot...”

“Pff okaayy”, she sighed.

“Father, You are mighty and strong to sustain our bodies. Thank You for the meal we are about to enjoy. Forgive me for forgetting the prayer that shall relieve our hunger. Bless and eradicate the starvation of those in need Lord, and inspire our hearts to seek out ways that we can help from our abundance. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

“Wow not bad young lady”, I leaned and kissed her forehead.

“Can I eat now mom pleeease?“, she pleaded.

“Sure go ahead now”, I smiled.

“How’s your salad?“, I asked while looking at Pattrick.

“I’m sorry. I know that you don’t really like the smell of chicken and everything. But Janice wanted to have dinner with you so...“I shrugged.

I noticed how Pattrick was staring the pieces of chicken on my plate. His mouth was semi-open. His eyes became watery and red all of a sudden.

Pattrick Hathaway

1st November 2:23 AM- Five minutes ago...

Bringing up that event was not a good idea. But gladly Janice was not there. I caught them red-handed! I was being a nice husband. But... Maybe I should have killed her! Choke her to death or beat the shit out of her and leave her to die!

That sudden rage shook me up.

“Pattrick hurry up!”

What the hell is going on with me!?

“Yeah honey, I’m just washing my hands. I’m almost done”

Am I losing my mind?

I splashed water on my face as I wiped it off with my hand almost immediately. I noticed the mark on my hand intensified. It blackened and enlarged.

The ffffuck?!?

The sclera part of my eye, changed to light red. I felt an instant headache. It intensified for a second. I then heard a big bang. Like something exploded or something. But the next second, it was like nothing happened.


“Yeah I’m.. I’m coming”.

The mark which now look much more like a bite, darkened again. At first It was just on my palm with a very significant sight. Now it’s like I’m transforming into... something.


I went to my room upstairs and grabbed a jacket to hide the mark. I could smell it... The smell of flesh. It should disgust me. But I feel like I’m being drawn towards it. Walmart? Some strange images flashed suddenly. I was at Walmart, looking at... Was I eating raw mince meat? The old man.. He grabbed my hand and... I started sweating intensely. I gulped down the vegetables? The heat! I was about to take off the jacket but then I remembered about the mark.

I can’t let Helen or Janice see this. They will get worried for nothing. It’s probably just some allergy. But his heat! I can’t with this heat and I can’t even take off this jacket! I need to go see a doctor tomorrow. I can’t take this lightly. I’ll probably turn on the AC downstairs. Also these weird scenarios I keep seeing. I.. I’m probably just tired. I should not think too much about it. It’s probably nothing. Let’s just hope it’s probably nothing... Else... I think I’m fucked.

Helen Hathaway

02:33 AM- Now...


“Yeah! Sorry What?”

“What is it honey? You’re not eating anything. You don’t like the salad?”

“Mom I’m done!”

“What you mean you done? Janice? You haven’t even finished a single wing!”

Pattrick then looked at Janice’s plate.


He took the plate and placed it in front of him. He took a piece and stared at it. He resisted for a while but then devoured the whole wing.


Janice and I exchanged looks, completely astounded.

“Uhmm This is good. How could you not finish this Janice?”

“I.. uhm I’m not hungry... I’m.. dad .. are you having chicken right now?“, she asked with a perplexed look.

I couldn’t say anything. I just waited for him to answer the question. But, he then took another piece and gulped it like it was nothing. EVEN THE BONES?!?

“This is nice. What is it called? Wings you said? This is good. Do you have more of these?”


“Pattrick.. honey, you do realize you... you ... Pattrick Hathaway, the man who could not bear the smell of chicken and meat.. just devoured 2 pieces of wings in just like 10 seconds... like it was nothing... and with the bones!?!!”

He just looked at me and shrugged.

“Wow, I’ve seen everything in my life now thankx to you Mr Pattrick!“, I delightedly said.

I had a mixed feeling about what I just saw. It’s been years that we’ve tried to convince Pattrick to have chicken or meat and he always refused. But now, it’s like a dream come true.

I took my first bite from my plate as I watched Pattrick having the last piece of wing, while being elated alongside Janice, still pleasantly surprised.

“Is there some more?“, he asked, his mouth full with flesh.

“Are you serious right now?“, I surprisingly asked.

“I don’t know. I’m just super hungry. I feel like I haven’t eaten for days. Are there more?“, he sounded more desperate now.

“Uhm, I’m done. You can have my plate”, I slid my plate to him. Well I wasn’t really done but...

It was roughly 3 large pieces of chicken. And the next scene was the most disgusting, nauseating and off-putting way of eating. I could see Janice with her hand on her mouth as if she was about to puke.

“Pattrick stop it!”

I held his hands. Half eaten chicken fell out of his filled mouth and landed on my hand.

“Gross!“, shouted Janice.

He did not pay heed to anything that I was saying. He was so indulged in what he was doing that... He finished all the three pieces then he finally said;

“Oh that was amazing. I’m full up now”, then he burped.

“Dad, you know that’s something that’s been carved in my mind now right?“, she retorted.

“Pattrick, what the hell just happened?“, I inquired.

“What? I was just hungry. Come on guys. Ya’ll never get hungry?“, he gave a quick laugh stood, took the stairs up and went to the room as Janice and I exchange looks, completely baffled.

“Something is wrong with dad”, she said while looking at the stairs.

Pattrick Hathaway

What the fuck? What the fuck was that? How was I not in control? It was like, with each bite, I was hungrier. I somehow manage to lie that I am full but I’m still hungry. I wanna eat. I want to eat something. I feel like I’m going crazy.

I faced the mirror. The intensity is such that I want to crush and rip off my own tongue. When am looking at my arm, I’m like just looking at a part of the human body, filled with flesh and meat. My eyes.. my eyes are going red. I removed my jacket. My entire arm, up to my neck, it blackened. I can barely control any of my movements. The crave for flesh. It was intensifying. I had saliva, all over my mouth. I had no control. I felt like I could devour anything that comes in front of me. I felt like I was turning into someone else. I felt like I was turning into something else...

The door to my room opened and closed. The lights were still off. I turned off the lights in the bathroom as well. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t want anyone to see me in my current state? Anyone? Someone? Do I have someone? Where was I? Who am I? I heard a voice.It was unfamiliar. It was calling out for me. Maybe? I could smell it. I could smell the fresh meat.

“Dad? Daddy are you in here? Are you okay?”

I opened the bathroom door.

“Dad? Why are the lights off?” “What are you doing in the bathroom with no lights?”

I didn’t know who she was. But as she kept moving forward, the smell became more intense. And then, she was right in front of me. She started waving her hands to touch me. But I saw her. I saw her standing in front of me. I crouched. I moved closer to her neck. There! There it was! It was like this drug, in me... I can’t control it.

“Dad, what’s going on?”

I can’t... I can’t control it. I can feel it! I’m changing! I’m changing into someone else. I’m changing into something else...

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