Chronicle: Red Meat

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Chapter 4

03:16 AM

“Mommy I’m scared”

Janice was completely appalled. Pattrick was banging the door. And I was caught up in the middle. I felt so helpless. It felt like my entire energy was drained away.

“Hrrrrrrwrrrwrrr” , a harsh growl ripped from its throat. He continuously banged the door.

“Pattrick STOP! please I beg you STOP!“, I cried. The banging abruptly stopped.

“Pa-pa-Pattrick?“, I whispered as I took some steps forward. Janice held my hands, nodding, warning me not to go. All of a sudden, the T.V stopped after a loud noise ;smashed into a thousand glittering fragments, Pattrick clattered the remote at the T.V screen. I looked through the peep hole. He limped towards the garage door, which I had left open.

I wiped out my tears and quickly faced Janice.

“Ok Janice...”

“Mom what’s going on? What’s going on with dad?”

“I don’t know baby. But I want you to listen to me carefully ok?”

“Mom I’m scared!”

“I know baby. I am too... Listen, we gotta get out of here!”

“I can’t mom... dad...”

“Honey! Honey listen to me ok! I need you to be very brave right now ok!?”

I could see how Janice was trembling.

“Oh baby! I can’t even imagine what you must be going through right now... But listen to me ok?!”

She nodded.

“I need you to get to the keys! You go upstairs, in my room. Ok?”

“Meanwhile, I will try to lock ... him ... in the garage. Ok? You hear me? Janice?”

She looked petrified.

“JANICE!“, I shook her. I kissed her on her forehead.

“You can do it ok!?“, I comforted her.

I then quietly opened the door and padded towards the garage door. The remote control was broken and the T.V screen was in pieces all over the floor. I was being careful not to make any noise on my way. I could hear Pattrick growling. It became even louder with each step I took forward. I signaled Janice to go up. Crouched, he was devouring the half-eaten chicken with its puke and everything. But the smell did not seem to be disturbing him. I tried to remain completely silent as I leaned my hands to close the door.

I just hope Janice found the keys

Pattrick suddenly stopped moving and all of a sudden, he stood! I quickly proned. To my horror, I saw the keys dropping from his pocket.

2:15 AM

“Pattrick? Something wrong? Why are you scratching your hands like that?”

“Nothing. It’s just itchy a bit”

“Try to use those sprays I bought the other day. Hey uhm, after that, can you lock the door?”

“Yeah sure honey”

03:20 AM

I stared at the stairs. Oh shit! I just hope Janice stays up! I need to get the keys!

When I turned around, Pattrick was nowhere to be seen! Where did he go!?

Janice Hathaway

Where are the keys!!! I’ve searched everywhere! Maybe ... maybe mom misplaced it. I need to get down to her!!

I tiptoed my way down. With each steps down the stairs, I was eyeing the garage door. I saw mommy looking at me. To my astonishment, I saw dad! crawling towards her. My eyes opened wide open. She noticed and turned back and she yelled, while trying to take steps back. Dad jumped on her as she screamed.


I cried as I ran upstairs again. I locked myself in my room and hid under the bed. I could hear her screaming. Tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face as I covered eyes with my hands. The scream then stopped... and silence took over. I then heard footsteps. I tried to keep calm but, the door to my room opened and the darkness faded away as the bright light from the living room shined.

“Janice!“, a low voice said.

It was mom! She turned on the lights. I came from under the bed and ran towards her. I remained dismayed for a second as I saw her, covered in blood, bruises all over her body. She could barely even stand. She had a shotgun in her hand. It was grandpa’s shotgun which was in the living room.

“MOM!“, I hugged her tightly. “I thought... I thought...”

“Yeah.. no.. no.. I’m.. I’m good”

“Mom, there’s blood all over you!”

“No... they’re not mine. Pattrick vomited blood all over me! I struggled to reach at this”, while she showed me the shotgun “and knocked him out with it”

“You knocked him down?”

“Yeah, we.. we gotta go”

“I.. I could not find the keys”

“It’s ok, I got them”, she replied while showing them to me.

“Let’s go! We got to go!”

Helen Hathaway

I couldn’t even walk properly.

I can’t feel most part of my body.

I was badly hurt. Though I did not tell Janice anything, I was bleeding profusely. But I couldn’t stop. I had to get Janice to safety and figure out what the actual fuck is going on. The growl, I heard it again.


Pattrick was coming... I had no strength in me anymore. I bled too much. During the struggle, he ripped off my flesh from almost everywhere. I could feel it on my neck, my shoulder, feet and arms. My head started spinning. I fell.


Pattrick opened the door. I was down. I could hear Janice screaming. I just couldn’t do anything.


He lunged at her. Janice tried to push him away but he got closer... and closer.

I closed my eyes. I couldn’t see what was going to happen. Janice... his only... and now he was going to...


I grabbed the shotgun and threw it at her.

“Janice”, I muttered.

Pattrick was still on top of her as she tries to reach the shotgun. With her other hand, she kept “fighting”. She grabbed the gun.

Janice Hathaway

I had the gun in my hand. I was about to fire but I saw dad’s eyes. His eyes was filled with tears. He was fighting against himself. He was trying to stop himself. Somewhere, deep inside, he was still there. He recognized me. He was fighting to gain control.

“No! Janice!“, mom muttered.

NO! I can’t kill my own father! What am I doing?

I dropped the gun. I put my hands around his face. The loud growl became a small squeak. “Dad!“, I whispered.

I noticed mom crawling towards us.

His tears dropped on my cheeks. He stood and took steps behind but then he stayed still and said, “Mm mm I’m mm sss.. sssoo.... rry...”

I stood as well as I started taking small steps towards him “It’s ok dad! You’ll be fine. We’ll get you to a hospital”

“I...I... Kill.... Ki...Killll meeee”

“What? No way! We’re not going to hurt you! We’re a family. You promised me, you wouldn’t leave me alone anymore. You promised...”

Mom was still crawling as she whispered my name “Janice... get... away... from him...”

The growling became louder.

“JANICE!“, she shouted.

She took the shotgun and aimed it at him.

“Kill me!“, he growled even louder.


“I’m sorry!“, she whispered as I saw dad closing his eyes.

*Gun clicks*

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