Chronicle: Red Meat

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Chapter 5

“Play on the beach for now. Don’t go in the water yet You’ve just had some snacks!“, Helen shouted.

Janice who was running towards the beach stopped and looked back.

“Nah, it’s ok you can go baby!“, Pattrick said.

“THANKS DAD!“, Janice waved at them and shouted back.

“When you come back, we’ll get you your favorite ice cream!“, Pattrick cried.

“PATTRICK!“, Helen exclaimed.

“What!? Let her have some fun will ya!?“, he winked at Janice.

“But hurry, he will be gone in a few minutes!“, he added.

“Some times I wonder who you love more!“, said Helen with a smile on her face as she sharpened her eyes.

Pattrick turned to face her “Well, someone is jealous!“.

“I’m not jealous come on, she is my daughter”, she said.

“It’s just, our life way perfect”, she added as her smile faded.

“Well, perfect is nice don’t you think?“, Pattrick replied with a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Perfection fears me. As when you lose it, you feel like you’ve lost everything “, she turned sad.

“Hellen, stop! If you’re talking about Blaire...“, before he could finish, Janice suddenly came.

They both brought a false smile on.

“What happened Janice? Why you came back?“, Pattrick asked.

“Uhm, maybe later, I want the ice cream!“, she shouted.

Pattrick and Helen smiled at each other.

He then went on to buy themselves ice creams as they gathered around on the mat and faced the now sunset over the horizon as they held hands.

“Mom there’s ....“, Pattrick abruptly stopped Janice.


“Let’s take a picture”, he said while winking at Janice.

Janice understood and made an effort not to laugh.

They leaned towards Pattrick’s shoulder and he took a picture.

Janice was still holding her breath so she does not laugh. They both showed her the photo. She had cream on her nose and she didn’t even realize it.

“Now I know why you did not use the front camera!“, Helen said with a quick smirk.

“I’m photo-framing this on the living room!“, Pattrick said as he and Janice burst into laughter. Helen joined the fun as she started tickling Janice who in turn tickled Pattrick and they all ended up tickling each other. The people around stared at them for a while when one of them whispered “Now that’s a crazy family!“...

The picture is still in the hallway! The joy, the enjoyment, the happiness and their bright faces! Only now, 1st November 2018, the same picture, got a taint on it, a hand print of blood. Blood; on the floor, by the bathroom, the garage, climbing up the stairs, to Janice’s room with Helen having a shotgun in her hand aiming at her husband, and with Pattrick running to kill his daughter.

“MOM NO!“, Janice shouted.

“I’m sorry!“, Helen whispered as Pattrick closed his eyes...


I pressed the trigger. One... Nothing!! Two... Nothing!! Was it even loaded with the shells? My heart started beating much faster. Did dad leave the ammunition or was it a blank shotgun!? Pattrick already lunged on Janice. Three... Four... but then on the fifth one, I sensed a little more pressure; the gunshot cracked into the air as loud as thunder but without the raw power of a storm as Pattrick’s now blowed head excited in a gory mess on the wall behind. I dropped the gun. Janice lost consciousness. I crawled to her, held her hands tightly and I closed my eyes...

I was then in the kitchen, having no idea how I reached there. Janice was in front of me, crying with a knife in her hands. I went closer “Janice?”

“Mom stay away!“, she shouted.

Her hairs were all messy, She had scratch marks on her hands and some severe cuts on her legs.

“Janice what happened to you?“, I asked.

“You did this to me mom! You’ve turned ... just like dad!“, she yelled.

“I...? I’m...?“, my head started spinning. The lights were burning my eyes.

She was right. The weakness... it was gone, I could feel like I could do anything. I felt a sudden rage. And I couldn’t even remember how I got down here! Was I ... really? Like Pattrick?

[“Babe, how you got that mark on your hand?“]

He ripped off my flesh and bit me several areas.

[“Oh this? I don’t know. I didn’t even notice till I was in the car few minutes ago!“]

[“Can you turn off the lights please?“]

My eyes were burning.

[“Helen something is wrong with me!“]

[ “You don’t understand, for a few seconds, I did not even recognize you, not even Janice”]

“Mom!“, Janice pleaded.

I could sense it. Everything seemed reddish. I was turning into something else... No! I won’t hurt Janice. This has to stop. Only one way to do that is that I lock myself. I’d rather kill myself than hurting her.


“Mom give me the keys!“, I yelled.

But she just stood there, staring at me.

“It’s ok Janice. I’m ok. I just... I just want to hug you one last time”, she whispered.

“No! I’m going! Give me the keys!“, I yelled back.

“It’s ok Janice. I would never hurt you”, she whispered.

“That’s exactly what dad said before mom!“, I shouted.

She threw me the keys. I was not even sure whether it was really her. Her eyes were all red and she was staring at me, without even blinking. She went towards the bathroom and locked herself in. Inside, I felt like I was being torn apart. But I had no other choice than to walk away from her. I limped towards the door and I tried the keys. I started hearing the growl. The key was bent. It would not fit the key hole.

“JANICE!“, I could hear mom shouting.

I tried to break the door open. But I realized how stupid and useless that was.

“JANICE LET ME OUT!“, she shouted again.

“Stop. Please stop. Please just end this nightmare!“, I said to myself.

I then noticed something under the mat at the door. I lifted it up. There was another key. I exhaled and with great difficulty, I managed to stand and I opened the door. I looked around. Every houses looked empty. No cars could be seen anywhere.It seemed they all went to celebrate Halloween out in the city. Finally, I felt a relief but accidentally slipped and fell.

Meanwhile, the door to the bathroom silently opened...

I suddenly felt sleepy. I felt like I could just lay down on the ground, close my eyes and wait for someone to come and get me.

The knife that was on the floor was picked...

That was the most fucked up Halloween night ever.

I could feel tears dropping out of my eyes. I could hear my own heart beating. But then, I heard it. The growl. It started slow but gradually, It became louder... and louder... and louder...Mom got out. I then saw blood splitting everywhere. Were they coming out of me? Was I being stabbed? I don’t know. I couldn’t feel anything anymore. But the knife that she was holding in her hands got bloodier with each movement. Was I dying? Or was I already dead? I saw a blue light and then a white light. The white light grew much brighter and wider and then, everything was silent...

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