The Lake

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Chapter 9

Chapter IX

The Hoock sisters footsteps began to fade away, I stood there, hiding behind the Councils Cabins, trying to make sense of everything. The wind began to blow, making the hushing sound. I stood there and listen.

... Hush...



Suddenly movement caught my eyes. It was blonde hair and a white dress. It was the girl. She wasn't looking at me, but at the cabin that held the Head Council Emily. She had such a betray look on her face then it twisted into angry. I blink and she wasn't in the path way. I now know that I am not going insane, or am already insane. I really want to know the truth. I began walking towards the Massing Hall so I could get some dinner before it closes. I slowly walked down hill, listening to the leaves blowing in the wind. I suddenly heard thunder. I then ran towards the Massing Hall, the rain then began to down pour onto me. As soon as I reach the cover of the Massing Hall my shirt was wet and so was my hair. I saw my friends they waved me over but there was to many people standing in the way that I decided that I would go onto the other side. I saw the Hoock sisters were right behind me. I could feel my shoulders become tense. Quickly afterwards I felt my shoulder be hit hard in the back and my feet kicked at. I then began to fall towards the wall near a old photograph of the Hoock sisters that looked like to be 14 or 15 years old. My head slam into the picture frame. I hit the edge and next thing I knew the picture frame and myself came crashing to the floor. The glass of the picture frame shattered and I felt woozy, suddenly I felt liquid dripping down from my head and onto the floor. I reached my hand towards the side of my head and felt something moist. I pull back my fingers to reveal that my head was bleeding.

"Lupita!" Henrietta shouted, I could hear her footsteps coming close to me.

But I wasn't paying attention because I notice a small picture. Around four to four inches of width and height. I quickly grabbed it when nobody was looking at me and stuffed it into my pocket because I had a feeling that it could give me some answers. Since it was hiding behind the picture.

"Omg! Lupita, your bleeding really badly." Henrietta said. Her dark brown eyes were filled with worry.

"Okay that's it! You nearly drown Melody today in the lake and just three hours you push Lupita into a metal and glass frame and make her head bleed! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Naomi shouted at them.

Melody appeared behind me wide eyed and quickly begins to fish in her pockets for her handkerchief. She quickly hands me the handkerchief. Lynix was right behind her. I could feel angry growing from my friends. Quickly Council Poppy and Alice appeared in front of us.

"What happen?" Council Alice shouted. Then she looked down at me on the ground. I felt really light headed.

"Omg, are you alright sweetie. Quickly lets get you to the infirmary and get that head wound of your's cleaned up." Council Poppy said. She had a worry expression on her face.

"Florence, Annabella, and Willow come here." Council Alice shouted in the Massing Hall.

I could feel all eyes are on me, girls were whispering among each other.

"What is it?" Annabella said, her smiled slipped off when she saw me on the ground, head bleeding, and broken glass littering and surrounding me.

"Oh my." Coucil Annabella said.

Henrietta and Council Poppy helped me up from the floor and the glass shards that were on me began to fall off of my clothes.

"I feel really dizzy." I croak out.

Poppy nodded, she and Henrietta helped me walk and towards the infirmary. Leaving behind the now quiet but whispering Massing Hall into the storm. We carefully walked towards the infirmary. we arrived shortly.

Nurse Anna was sitting at her desk having a nice cup of Peppermint tea.

"Oh my! What happen to her!" Nurse Anna shouted.

"The Hoock sisters pushed her shoulder and kick the back of her legs and she fell into a metal and glass picture frames." Henrietta said.

I heard Poppy gasp along with the nurse. The nurse quickly grabbed some white padding and white bangs, she also grabbed something that stings a lot but would stop the bleeding.

"Girls please seat her on that cot." Nurse Anna instructed to Henrietta and Council Poppy.

I was placed onto the comfy cot with a pillow. Nurse then quickly got some cloth and drip the infection medicine onto it. She quickly placed it onto my wound. It hurt and stung a lot. I couldn't help but flinched. After she was done, she quickly grabbed the white padded clothe onto the wound and quickly put pressure on it and then she began wrapping the bandages around my head.

"Here." Henrietta said, she handed me a glass of water.

"Thank you." I said.

"Henrietta I would like you to leave, Lupita needs to rest." Nurse Anna said.

Henrietta let a sigh escape but nodded.

"Bye Lupita, come back to the cabin when your ready." Henrietta said.

"Okay, I will." I said as I wave goodbye to her.

I laid my head back onto the soft white pillow. I grabbed the small picture in my pocket. I stared at it with disbelief, it looked exactly like the girl, girl that I kept on seeing. She had blonde hair and pretty face, and blue eyes. She was wearing a black crop top with the word Drama Queen. The background of picture was the dock and the lake.

"What is your name?" I thought to myself as I turn the photograph over to find out if someone had written her name on the back of the photograph.

As soon as I turned it over I saw someone took a pencil and scratch it over the girl's name but the only thing I could make out of the name was the letter "C" but that's about it. But there was a date. "June 6, 2011." It read.

"Well this is a disappointment... It just only gives me the letter "C", there is so many names that start with a "C". Also this picture was taken four years ago... But it doesn't tell me anything. It only gives me a million more questions that I don't have any answers to." I thought to myself.

I began to feel my eyes began to get heavy.

"Oh dear, you can't sleep yet, I want to check if you also have concussion." Nurse Anna says.

I nodded my head, forcing my eyes open.

"May I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Of course sweetie. What's your question?" Nurse Anna said as she asked me to move my eyes back and fourth, up and down.

"Do you know who this is?" I asked as I showed her the picture. She took it and looked at it for a while.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I wasn't the nurse here in 2011." Nurse Anna said.

"There goes that idea." I thought as Nurse Anna handed the picture back to me.

"Well the good thing sweetie you aren't showing any signs of a concussion but I would like you to stay here for a bit." Nurse Anna said as she smiled.

I nodded my head as I felt my eyes begin to feel heavy, exhaustion came crashing down on me really quickly.

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