The Lake

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Chapter 11

Chapter XI

I could hear the Hoock sisters giggling, they were early.

I sigh as I walked down the path towards the Infirmary, Council Emily said that they are suppose to be back by noon and it's 10:30 A.M. Then I heard a crunch behind me, causing me to stop for a second, I turn my head slightly so I know what is happening and hoping nobody is trying to attack me, again. But I let a sigh of relief escaped my lips, it was the Hoock sisters who were walking towards the cabins. I quickly began to walk towards the infirmary to get my head checked out again, and I am hopefully the blood has stopped bleeding out of my head. I began to listen to the hushing leaves but they were silent today, in the distance, there was dark thunder clouds, I could see lightning flashing across the sky. Movement caught my eye, in the corner of two huge oak trees. The campers here call those two oak trees "Hope or Horror." Because the trees either gives people hope or make them feel horror. I turn around really quickly, to see the girl that I've been seeing. But she wasn't looking at me, but at the direction that the Hoock sisters were going. She open her mouth and began to speak.

"Tonight is when I begin my revenge." She said her blue eyes were like icy cold and her icy blonde hair flies around her face.

It sends a shiver down my spine as she stands there glaring with pure hatred as she stares after the Hoock Sisters backs. I blink five times to make sure if I wasn't seeing things, but she was still there, not moving at all. Then a flash of lightening, blinding me for a second, when I could see again, I notice that girl was gone. I could feel myself shivering.

I ran down the path towards the Infirmary. I manage to get to the door way when a drop of rain fell from the sky. It was lightly raining as the thunder was heard from the sky.

"There you are, I was wondering where you were?" Nurse Anna said. She was standing a couple feet away from the entrance.

"Let me see your head?" Nurse Anna said as she got out another clothe for my head.

I nodded my head and carefully sat on the cot. I stared out of the Infirmiry's tents open door. The rain was falling gently onto the ground.

"It has appeared that the wound has stopped bleeding, but I still want you to rest easy and don't do any sports for a couple of days." Nurse Anna said.

I nodded my head but when I was about to leave, Head Council Emily walked into the Infirmiry's entrance. Her right pointer finger was cut and bleeding.

It dawn on me, she was looking for something.

"Oh my goodness what happen to your finger!" Nurse Anna said as she rushed over to look at Councils Emily's aid.

"I cut my finger on the glass frame when I was throwing the trash away this morning. It's nothing serious. Oh Lupita, how are you feeling?" Head council Emily asked.

"I'm feeling better, Mrs. Emily." I said as I looked at her face, I saw that she was really pale.

It looked like she is trying to hide some panic and fear, just like masking emotions. Which made me wonder if she is after something that was hidden in the picture frame.

I watch as Nurse Anna placed a band aid onto head council Emily's finger.

"Oh Lupita your free to go, and remember I don't want you to participate in any sports for a couple of days." Nurse Anna said. As she put on a bright smile, which was warm.

I nodded as I walked outside into the drizzling rain. I could still hear thunder and see lightning, lighting the sky.

I jog toward my cabin, I wanted to check out the piece of paper that I had found. I made it to my cabin and walked inside, my friends weren't here yet.

I walked to my bed and sat down, I also turn on the lamp on my right side. So I could see better and I don't damage my eyes.

I quickly place my hand into my pockets and grabbed hold of the piece of paper, I couldn't wait to read what these piece of paper had to say.

I began to unfold the paper, slowly so it didn't tear.

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