The Lake

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Chapter 1

As we stood in Area A, waiting for Council Emily to speak. I could feel other

girls staring into my back. I can hear them whispering to each other, then they

giggle. I clench my teeth and my hands. My friend Henrietta noticed it. Her long

black hair was tied into a ponytail. She turn her head around to glare at the

Hoock's Sisters. They are triplets. Savannah Hoock is the oldest, Lucy is the

middle, and the youngest is Maya.

"What are you looking at, ugly Hettie?" Savannah said. I watch as Henrietta

became stiff as a board. Henrietta's green eyes glared at Savannah. Only

causing Savannah to smirk more.

"Aw what are you going to do? Just gonna keep glaring at ma?" Savannah

said in a mocking way. Causing her two sisters to snicker. I looked up to see

Councils Willow and Sarah are looking in our direction. I gently placed my hand

on her shoulder.

"Hettie ignore them, Willow and Sarah are looking in our direction." I

whispered. Henrietta let out a sigh, she turned around and stared up front

towards Council Emily, to listen to the rest of her speech.

"I'm so glad to see new and old faces. Welcome to another year of Mellow's Lake All Girls Summer Camp. I'm the head council in charge of this Summer Camp for more than forty years. We will be meeting in the messing hall at 6:30 PM for dinner. Now go find you're cabins. On your cabins doors is your names. Now enjoy your free time." Council Emily said.

Girls of all ages began buzzing as Coucil Emily steps off the dock. Movement caught my eyes at the end of the dock. Standing there was a girl. She has icy blonde hair that glows white in the sunlight. She was wearing a plain white dress. It went down to her knees. She had blue eyes, she was looking at us with hatred written on her face. Suddenly I was pushed, I tripped and I landed on my knees and my hands. flinched in pain. I saw my hands were cut a bit.

"What a clumsy ditz, don't you think Lucy?" Savannah said. Lucy giggled and nodded.

"What brats." I heard one of my friends said. It was Naomi. Her dark brown eyes glared after the Hoock sisters. She clench her hand into a fist.

"Are you okay?" I heard another of my friends. It was Melody, the younger twin of the Stewart sisters. Her light grey eyes were filled with worry.

"I'm okay." I said. I hold up my hands. They were bleeding. Lynix was holding Henrietta back.

"That was cruel. Why do they always pick on you Lupita? They never will change." Lynix said.

"Let's go. We should find our cabins." I said. We began walking. I turn back to the dock where I saw the girl but she wasn't there. I rub my eyes. I blink again and she wasn't there.

"Lupita is there something wrong? Does your eyes hurt?" Henrietta shouted at the top of the hill.

"No I'm fine." I called back. I walk after my friends who were all the way up the top of the hill.

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