The Lake

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Chapter 2

As soon as I caught up to my friends we began heading towards the cabins.

Cabin 1:

"1. Opal Aganas

2. Angel Flance

3. Jane Laden

4. Alison Raegen

5. Maddison Parker "

We continued. Intill I spotted a cabin. With the Hoock sisters writing something

on it. Lucy saw us coming.

"Their coming!" Lucy said. They drop something and

then they began to run while laughing. When we came to the cabin. Cabin 16,

our names were written there. I moved towards it. My eyes widen. Written on

the cabin door was the words "LOSER" "FREAKOZIODS* "WEIRDOS" All written

in sharpie. I closed my eyes. It brings me back to the first day of kindergarten.

The first day where I was being picked on. Someone dumped a bucket of water

onto me. I could tell that everyone was annoyed. Except Melody, who began

crying a little bit. Tears ran down her face. I open our cabin doors. I sighed in

relief to see that none of our belongings were touched. I walked in. Everyone

was inside the cabin and I closed the door behind me. I watch as Lynix comfort

her sister. She began to smooth her brownish red hair.

"It's okay." Lynix whispered to her sister, who began to calm down.

Are cabin had a small window , which was facing the lake. The light on the

lake made the lake sparkle. In the far right, laid there were five single beds, for

five girls. Mine was next to corner to the wall, with the window to it. We had a

book selves for our books. One desk in the other corner along with a small

lamp. I began unpacking my bag. I pulled out my diary. I went over to my

pillow and lift up the mattress and placed my diary underneath it. Then I went

to my bag. I pulled out a white dress with a neck to it. I pulled out a pale blue

nightgown. I gently folded it and gently placed it into the chest that is at the

foot of my bed. Each on of us has our own chest to place our belongs. I then

began packing my underwear, bra's, then five pairs of shorts that goes to my

knees, then six pairs of jeans. Two sun dresses. A parka, a rain jacket, and three

sweatshirts, since the summer camp has a Washing and Dryer machine here I

didn't have to pack multiple clothes for summer camp. Right now I am wearing

my favorite black jeans with my skeleton t-shirt with the words "MISFITS" on it.

My brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail. I then pulled out four books. One

was my favorite ghost story, "Wait Till Helen Comes" By Mary Downing Hahn.

Next was "Don't Look Back" By Jennifer L. Armentrout, "Silence For The Dead"

By Simone St. James, and "Remember Me" By Christopher Pike. I had to stand

on my bed to reach my bookshelves that was built over top my bed, I neatly

place my books on the selves. I climbed down and pulled out two notebooks

and a small sketch book that my mother gave me for my birthday. Then I climb

back onto my bed to put them into a neat stack on the selves. I was done

unpacking. I then zipped my empty grey suitcase and then I slid it underneath

my bed. I then help Melody unpack her bright pink suitcase. When she was

finished she placed her favorite teddy bear on her pillow. Everyone was finished


"Hey it's 6 o'clock, why don't we head towards the messing hall." Naomi said.

I nodded in agreement. Naomi open the door and we filed out and headed down to the messing hall.

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