The Lake

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Chapter 3

We began walking down towards the messing hall. Melody skipped ahead of us towards the Messing Hall. Her long red brownish hair glowed a cooper

colored in the sunlight that peeking through the clouds in the sky. Melody

waited at the bottom of the hill for us. She had a huge smile on her face. We

arrive at the bottom of the hill, she started to skip again. We turned left, and

were on a path towards the Messing Hall, that was near the rocky shore of the

lake. The Messing Hall came into view. The large Messing Hall stood against the

vibrant blue sky. The Massing Hall had big windows and the main entrance, had

two wooden pillars supporting it. Thick ivy vines climbed up the sides

towards the massive double doors of the Messing Hall. Every time I see it, it

takes away my breath. On the door, is carvings of a huge oak tree and the long

windows on the double doors were colored glass. They were clouds and a

beautiful pale blue. I could feel a smile finally appearing on my face since I got

here. We walked into the Messing Hall. The noise hit us like a speeding bus.

There were wooden tables lined in neat rows. Girls were standing in line waiting

for food or was already sitting at tables eating and chit chatting. I saw the

Hoock sisters and their friends eyes on us. The nice sunlight came passing

through the windows, the windows were opened and the sheer white curtains

flowing in the soft breeze. The aroma of food hit our noses. I could feel my

stomach grumble. I just notice on how hungry I felt. We waited patiently in line

for food. We came up to see that we were having mash potatoes, roasted

chicken, and green beans. I smiled at Mrs. George. She smiled at me and my

friends. She placed a large amount of mash potatoes onto my plate, a medium

piece of chicken and a small amount of Green Beans. "Thank you Mrs. George." I


"Any time Lupita." Mrs. George said.

She then moved onto Naomi. I walked towards the drink and dessert section. I

grabbed a bottle water and I grabbed a small cup vanilla yogurt, with a cut up

strawberry's along with granola on top of it. I waited for my friends.

"Where should we sit?" I asked. Naomi pointed towards a empty table in

the corner towards a window that faced the lake. I nodded my head and we

began walking towards the table. I sat down at the end. I looked around the

walls. The Messing Hall had many pictures hanging on the walls. Some were

black and white photos and others were colored from recent years. In the far

wall from us was a massive firing place.

"So how was school, Lupita?" Naomi asked.

Since we go to different schools.

"It is the same as usual. Got three A's and one B. Our football team won the

Nationals this year again." I said. I remember that my school made it a

requirement for us to attend every football game until the season ended. I go

to Mellow Ridge High School, this is how I know the Hoock sisters. Naomi

looked at me her dark brown eyes stared at me.

"Are you still getting picked on?" Lynix asked.

Her pale grey eyes locked onto my hazel eyes.

"Yes..." I mumbled and then I stuff my mouth with mash potatoes. I looked

around the room to see some councils moving around the room or sitting down

and eating their dinner.

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