The Lake

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Chapter 5

I grabbed my pale blue nightgown. I quickly took off my shirt and then slip the

nightgown over my head, then I took off my pants. My hair was finally dry. I

went to our cabin door and I closed it and put the locks on it. I could hear the

trees in the wind. The leaves making a hushing sounds. It made me feel at ease.

... Hush...

... Hush...

... Hush...

I stood there listening to it for a couple minutes. I let out a yawn. I looked over

to my friends, Melody was already in bed. Her light grey eyes were closed and

letting us know that she fell a sleep. "Goodnight." I said to my friends as I

carefully and quietly slipped underneath my covers, which was a nice blue and

grey quilt. I closed my eyes and turn on my left side. My eues slowly closed and

everything turned black...

I open my eyes, to find myself on the rocky shores of the lake. The stones

digging into my flesh of my bare feet. There was a lot of fog, Then I saw the

Hoock sisters and another girl, but I could see the girl's face, but she as wearing

a white dress and she had long icy blonde hair. The Hoock sisters were smirking

as they got into a long canoe, that holds four people. Maya and Lucy were in

the water and they were pushing the canoe a little bit so they can go canoeing.

Then they got into the canoe. I got a gut feeling that there is something wrong

here. I began to run towards there direction, but someones icy cold hand grab

hold of my forearm I turn around to see a young girl, around the age of 13 years

old. My throat became dry, the young girl had a light green dress on that went

to her knees, with black knee high socks, but on her feet she didn't have any

shoes. She had green eyes and she was shaking her head.

"Don't go there..." The girl said, her eyes pointed back to the conoe that now

disappeared in the fog.


HHHHHH!" Pierce the air, and there was a big splash, and I could hear

Savannah, Lucy, and Maya laughing at someone who was crying, "Help me,

Help me please Savannah!" a young girl voice could be heard. "Hmm let me

think. No." Savannah said in a harsh voice. Then I heard someone pushing

something down under the surface of the water and everything was silent. I

could feel my stomach dropping. I could hear the paddling. The canoe came

back into view. Savannah paddling with a wicked smile plastered onto her face.

They ran the canoe to shore, Savannah, Lucy, and Maya quickly jumped out of

the canoe and left it there. "Our plan is finally finished." Maya said with a huge

grin. "She got what was coming." Savannah said. "Yeah." Lucy said as the girls

began walking away.

My eyes snapped open. My mind was racing. "What the hell was that? What am I

dreaming? Is it that girl that I've been seeing?" I thought... I sat up and looked

around the cabin and then outside the window. It was pitch black outside. I

listen and I could hear the familiar sound of the leafs blowing in the breeze...




The familiar sound brought me at ease, but I began to have this feeling this year

something horrible would be happening... I sighed and tried to go back to

sleep, but my mind was racing and I couldn't calm my mind ...

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