The Lake

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Chapter 6

"Yo Lupita, wake up? Your going to miss breakfast." I heard my friend Naomi

say to me.

I open my eyes only to quickly close them from the bright sun

shining into my eyes. I groan, I sat up to see all my friends were already dress.

Melody was wearing a simple but pretty yellow sun dress with brown flats. Her

brownish red hair were in pig tails. Lynix was wearing grey shorts with a dark

green tank top with a baseball hat on backwards. Naomi was wearing a long

pink sun dress. Next to her was Henrietta, who was wearing a sea green sun

dress that goes to her knees. I sighed and reopen my eyes, to only to quickly

shield my eyes from the sunlight. I slowly slipped out of my bed. I carefully

walked to my trunk. I open the trunk and quickly found my white dress with

the neck to it. It was an old fashion dress from 1950's. I loved the dress, it was

my great great great great great grandmothers dress. But nobody has worn it

for 50 70 years, until I found it. I fell in love with it at first sight. If I hadn't saved

it, it would have been burn. It was a simple dress, it went to my knees. It was

pure white. I slip off my night gown and quickly changed into the dress. Melody

grabbed hold of a brush and began brushing my bed headed hair, which was

insane today. As soon as my brown hair is brushed, I stood up and grabbed

my black boats. I lace them up tightly and followed after Lynix . The sun was

out along with gnats and mosquitoes. I rushed after my friends towards the

Massing Hall for Breakfast. We were the last cabin to get to the Massing Hall.

Almost every camper were already there. We ignored the stares, we passed the

Hoock sisters and their friends table, I could hear whispering and giggles. But I

didn't say anything. I saw Mrs. George, and she smiled when she saw us.

"Hello girls. " Mrs. George said.

"Morning Mrs. George." in synch with my friends. Mrs. George handed us each

of us a plate. I had pancakes with maple syrup, with a plate of grits and a small

fruit salad with some orange juice. Melody got a big bowl of oatmeal with

apples and cinnamon and a large glass of milk. Lynix grabbed hold of a fruit

salad and a bowl of cereal. It was her favorite cereal, it was Coco Puffs. I didn't

see what Naomi and Henrietta got for breakfast. When we got to are table,

there was already girls sitting there from a different cabin. It was Cabin 13.

Who was there. So we had to walk all the way down the small line that the

tables are. I saw a nice table near by. It was next to the Book selves. We sat

down and we began to eat my food. I smiled when I taste the sweetness of the

maple syrup and the delicious pancakes.

"All campers may I have your attention?" Council Hannah shouted to be heard

over the loud talking girls in the Massing Hall.

"Today we are doing water activities and after breakfast, you all should head

back to your cabins and get swim suits on and you can do multiple activities if

you want. That is all." Council Hannah said.

I looked over to my friends and raise a brow. Questioning them if they wanted

to go.

"We should go and have fun. We don't have to swim. We can do our own

activities if we want. Also it is a beautiful day." Naomi said. She had a big smile

on her face. Her black eyes showed her excitement.

"I can go for a swim. What do you think Melody?" Henrietta said, she smiled

towards Melody.

Melody had a small smile but she was a little bit paled, her light grey eyes

nervously looking around the house. I looked over to her and gave her a smile.

Everyone knows that Melody is one of the campers who can't swim. She had a

bad trauma when she was a child. She fell into a river and nearly drown. Now

ever since that day she has Aquaphobia. She would be sitting on the dock with

us and watch us swim. I would be sitting next to her. I finished my last bite of

pancake and heading towards the counter. I felt someone shove me, I fell to the

ground. My plastic plate came clattering down to the floor, I could feel my

knees got skimmed. Quickly Henrietta came running towards my side. I could

feel everybody eyes on me.

"Watch where you are going, you loser." It was Jane Laden. Best friend of Lucy


"Lupita are you okay." Henrietta said as she came running towards me. She

gave Jane a glare.

"I'm okay." I said as I sat up. I quickly pick up my plastic plate and headed over

to the counter to get it cleaned. Henrietta company me as I did so. We then

headed out the door. Henrietta on my right side and Naomi on my left side.

Melody and Lynix were walking in front of us, scanning the room ahead of us.

Then we stepped out the door and into the warm summer air.

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