The Lake

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Chapter 7

Chapter VII

The sun hit our faces, and the light nearly blinding us. I put my hand

over my eyes so I could see. Melody was whispering to her twin sister, Lynix, in a quiet voice. Everyone in the group quietly walked towards our cabin. I could hear the voices of other girls behind us. Then I heard the loudest voice over everybody. It was Jane Laden again.

"Look it the losers of this camp!" Jane shouted as she pointed in our direction.

She placed her noise in the air and did a dramatical laughter. I rolled my eyes and continued walking down the path towards our cabin. I ignore the other campers whispers and odd looks, Naomi and Henrietta were tense.

"Who wants to go swimming?" I asked, hoping that it would make the mood lighter.

"Henrietta and I are going to go swimming." Naomi said.

I nodded my head. "How about you Lynix what are you going to be doing?" I said.

"I might just stay in the cabin and read for a while." Lynix said but her attention was mounted onto her twin sister, Melody, who was looking down with a scared and nervous face.

"I want to go to that dock and take a couple of photographs around the lake and the shore of the lake." Melody said.

Lynix nodded her head, but she had a sharp look in her eyes.

"I will stay with Melody on the dock, I can get do some sketching." I said.

Lynix nodded at me. We shortly arrived to our cabin. I open the door and everyone quickly enter the room. I walked over to my trunk and grabbed something else to wear because I didn't want to ruin my 18th century dress. So I quickly grabbed a black t-shirt and I grabbed my tan shorts. I quickly change. Everyone was ready to start the day.

"Bye Lynix" Everyone shouted.

She smiled and waved, then quickly return to reading her book. We walked out of the cabin and we headed towards the Lake.

"We'll be seeing you later." Naomi said as she ran down towards the lake were a bunch of other girls were already getting into the water.

Melody and I wave good bye to them. Melody began smiling at the great view. She began snapping pictures from the dock and I sat down nearby her and began sketching the lake. I then turn a little bit to see that girl again. She was looking at the lake with an angry look. Suddenly I heard Melody shriek, then my heart sank when I heard a splash.

"MELODY!" I shouted as I bolted over to the edge of the dock.

Standing at the dock edge was the Hoock sisters. I couldn't believe it. They pushed Melody into the water. Melody's camera was on the ground. Angry pumped through my veins. Melody resurface, coughing. Then she began to sink again. She didn't know how to swim. I quickly took off my shoes and dived into the lake. I saw Melody. Her arms were thrashing and her legs were kicking. Causing her to sink deeper into the lake. I reached her and quickly grabbed her hand. Once she felt my hand she calmed down a little bit, I began swimming up to the surface of the lake. The surface of the lake broke. Melody crying her eyes out.

"Lupita I was so scared." Melody sobbed.

"It's okay, your safe now." I said as I glared at the Hoock sisters who just stood there with a pure look of hatred. Quickly Council Poppy along with the Head Council Emily appeared. "What happen?" Council Poppy said as she helped Melody out of the lake. I grabbed hold of the edge of the dock and pulled myself up. Suddenly I felt like I was being watched. I looked around and saw a boy, he was hiding in the trees and I couldn't see his face. As soon as he notice that I saw him her quickly hid in the trees. I watch as Council Poppy take Melody away to comfort and began to lead her away and take her to our camp infirmary.

"Savannah, Lucy, and Maya report to my office, now." Head Council Emily said.

Something flashed across the head council's face but before I could identify it disappeared to be replace with angry.

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