The Lake

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Chapter 8

Chapter VIII

I couldn't help but be curious on what that look was on the head council's face.

"Naomi, Henrietta! I'm going to go check on Melody at the infirmary." I shouted.

Naomi nodded her head, I quickly gathered my stuff and of course Melody's camera. I ran to the infirmary. The camps infirmary was near the Massing Hall. I ran into a small tent that had the sign on it saying "INFIRMARY" in big bold letters. Before I could get into the door, I ended up bumping into someone. Causing us to go falling to the dirt and rocky pathway. I open my eyes and looked up to see, Lynix. She had a worry expression on her face. Telling me that she heard the news about her sister being pushed into the lake by the Hoock sisters.

"I'm so sorry Lynix." I said, looking at her. She stood up and looked at me.

"It's fine Lupita, I heard what happen. Jane came walking our cabin bragging that the Hoock sisters pushed Melody into the lake. Thank you for going in after her." Lynix said.

She wasn't angry at me, but I could tell that she is really worry about Melody. Her twin sister, her younger sibling and they have each others back for so long and Lynix cares deeply for her twin.

"I have Melody's camera." I said as I handed the camera to Lynix.

She took it for me and placed it into her jacket pocket.

"Could you tell me how Melody is doing. I want to check something out." I said.

Lynix nodded, "I will, but be careful." Lynix said.

She knew what I was doing, I nodded my head and took off in the direction of the Head Council Emily's cabin. The cabin is near the bus drop off where the campers get off to go to camp. I ran up the hill and pass five cabins that are for the councils live. The cabin that Head Council Emily use is a big cabin with five big windows and a second floor area where she sleeps. The Cabin is painted into a dark forest green with an pale grey trimming. I quietly got closer to the cabin where it is near her office. Luckily her office window was open and I can listen in.

I crouched down behind a tree that was very close to the window.

"I can't believe that you push Melody into the lake! Don't you know that I know your secret that happen here four years ago! What if Melody drowned and died and I have to explain to her sister and parents about the accident! Also what you did four years ago was horribly wrong and you haven't been charged for it." Head Council Emily shouted at the Hoock sisters.

I could hear angry and fear in Emily's voice. I continued to listen in the conversation.

"Don't mention that event! You don't have any proof and even if you did, you would have to prove that it was murder! Melody is a loser who can't even swim and it was just for fun. " It was Savannah speaking.

"Yeah and besides she didn't drown, that quiet goth girl, what's her name again" This time it was Lucy who was speaking.

"It's that girl name Lupita." It was Maya who spoke.

"Yeah that girl jumped right after Melody didn't come back up to the surface, so she didn't drown. Also we know your dark secret too and all we got to do is call our daddy right up and tell him and you and your precious camp will be gone and you and the councils will lose their jobs and our father would make it really harder for you to ever get new jobs." Lucy said.

I stood in the shadow of the tree's.

"What is going on? What do they mean by murder? Is it that girl that I keep seeing? What incident happen here four years ago?" I thought to myself.

I couldn't understand, many questions were running through my head. My ears instantly pricked up. I heard a noise. It sounded as someone was climbing down the tree. I looked around and saw the guy from early. He noticed me but this time he didn't run. He put a finger to his lips. I nodded. He motions me to follow him. I quietly walked towards him and towards a huge oak tree with a thick trunk.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" I asked I had no idea who he was but I can tell that he was a guy. He had straight short black hair and he had a lip piercing. Green eyes and he was waring all black.

"Before I answer that, I came to warn you, what your getting into is more dangerous and cruel than anything. My name is Eric Matthews. I am trying to find evidence to prove that the Hoock sisters committed a crime and also the girl you have been seeing is dead." He said.

"Wait what? You've seen that girl too?" I said.

My eyes widen in shock.

"Yes I have been seeing her for the past four years since her murder." Eric said.

"Okay you are telling me that the Hoock sisters committed a crime and your here to prove that they have committed a crime. But you're not telling me what they have done to make you think that they have committed a crime?" I said.

"You don't want to know what they did and by the way we should probably should get out of here. Also don't tell anyone about anything." Eric said.

He had a black backpack on his back and he took off running through the trees and he disappeared quickly afterwards. I then quickly walked onto the path and got pass the five cabins. Before I heard the cabin door closed from the Head Council's Cabin. I quickly ran behind one of the cabins. I listened. I heard the footsteps.

"I can't believe that Council Emily has the nerve to lecture us about what we did when we know her own secret." Lucy said.

"I know right, she should mind her own business too. Also only a couple of the girls here know what happen to their formal leader but they can't do anything about it because we are the top dogs here and we rule this camp and even they try to snitch on us we would destroy their repetition before they got the chance." Maya said.

"Very true." Savannah said.

I could feel my head swimming, and my thoughts were running at mile per hour.

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