Schizophrenia (Updated & Revised)

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Chapter 10: "With my pleasure,"

“Rush the story? Wait, what?”

Before he could answer, Blaze was gone in an instant and was replaced with a guard who most definitely wasn’t Derek. From the look on his face, he definitely wasn’t happy. “What are you doing here? Don’t you know if you roam the halls without your guard you can get into serious trouble?” he yelled in a harsh tone. Before I could answer, the random guard yanked my arm and dragged me down the halls. It felt like my arm was being ripped from its socket. I yelped in pain, begging him to loosen his grip.

I was dragged from solitary confinement and back into the main halls of the institution. “Derek, either you watch over your idiotic patient or I swear she’ll be locked in her room for the rest of her time here!” he shouted. I felt the anger begin to boil inside of me; my last nerve had finally been struck. I was sick of being treated like an animal that didn’t know a toy from its own food. Without a second thought, I bit the man’s arm which made him drop my arm from his firm grip.

I made a run for it -- I ran right past the man who I bit and ran as fast as I could. Patients, guards, doctors, and visitors watched as I dashed through the long halls. I heard the overcall of the institution with a woman’s voice ringing through the building. I listened to the guards behind me chasing after me. I made a sharp turn down the left hall and almost fell. More and more guards followed me.

I ran into the chest of another guard. I looked up to see Derek staring down at me with an upset look. The guards stopped behind me now that they saw my assign guard has found me. “Let her loose one more time and she’s getting a heavy sedation,” the guard who I bit warned. Derek only nodded in response and walked me off from the scene.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“That AddaLynn Dixon girl is back to talk to you,” he plainly replied.

I didn’t expect AddaLynn to come back so soon. I was shown into the phone booth type room and saw AddaLynn sitting in the same seat we sat in last time. I sat myself across from her and picked up the phone. “How come you came back so soon?” I curiously asked. AddaLynn put the phone down for a second and reached into her bag and pulled out her cell phone. I watched closely as she unlocked the phone and pulled up a video.

The screen of the phone was faced towards me. The video played and I was able to clearly hear the video due to AddaLynn placing the black telephone booth phone against the speaker of her phone. The camera of the phone was sat in the crack of a door that was almost fully closed. There was a boy sitting on the edge of a bed with his head in his hands as he rocked back and forth. He was mumbling something -- the only words I could make out were something about the boy hating everyone.

His face seemed pained and his eyes looked wet. This was the look of someone who had been hurt before. It’s rare to hate someone without having a reason to, so there must’ve been something that happened for him to hate everyone.

There was something in the back of the mind telling me the boy was a familiar figure I’ve seen. The boy turned his soaking, puffy eyes to the right of him, facing the camera that he didn’t seem to notice yet due to him shutting his eyes.

I felt stupid for not picking up on the fact that the boy in the video was Blaze. It was hard to recognize him at first since he was such a hard person and it was rare to see him show raw emotions. Seeing him cry was new and weird. I looked to AddaLynn who had a worried expression on her face. I then glanced behind her to see Blaze behind her with his arms crossed over his chest and the look of death on his face. Don’t believe her, he mouthed to me.

I looked back to AddaLynn who now had her cell phone down and was staring at me. “I filmed this years ago and not long before Blaze was put into Mills Mental Institution. I think this was after the time he had a major blow out with our parents and began to realize the insanity building inside of him. He was throwing things and yelling so many profanities, it was hard to keep track of them.” AddaLynn shortly explained.

My eyes glanced back up behind AddaLynn to see Blaze with his hand in the formation of a gun up against his sister’s head. He moved his thumb down, making as if the gun had fired and AddaLynn was shot and killed. I shook my head and looked back to AddaLynn. “Ryder, are you alright? You keep looking behind me,” she turned her head to look behind her. Again, there Blaze was staring at his sister as if he were about to murder her right on the spot.

“No it’s nothing, just Blaze --”

“Blaze his here?” she snapped her head back around.

I nodded again as AddaLynn frantically looked around. “You can’t see him, only I can see and hear him,” I mentioned. AddaLynn stopped searching and looked straight at me. She had a crazed look on her face.

“Let me speak to him, please.” She begged.

I sat in my seat astonished on how she has yet to catch on that only I can talk to Blaze. Speaking of, I looked up behind AddaLynn once again to see Blaze taking his hand and sliding it across his neck. He was also mouth I’m not here. I nodded and returned my gaze back to AddaLynn. “I’m sorry, I really need to go,” I hung up the phone and stood from my chair. I hurried out of the room before AddaLynn could protest.

Once we left the room, Derek began to shoot questions. “This is exactly like when you had your first group therapy session and you pulled me out. What makes you think it’s okay to pull me out of places you’re supposed to be?” I rolled my eyes and ignored his ongoing questions. As usual, I was thrown into my small room I was getting sick of. There were so many undiscovered parts of this institution I have yet to explore thanks to being stuck in this rat hole of a room.

“You can come out Blaze, she’s gone.” I sighed, sitting on the bed.

Blaze appeared in front of me, arms crossed and the look of death still clear on his face. He must have been annoyed with me due to his sister knowing he was present in the room when we were talking. “Was it really necessary to tell AddaLynn I was there? Do you not remember I hate her?” Blaze’s voice was full of irritation.

I stressfully ran my fingers through my hair. Blaze let out a sigh and paced back and forth, “Do I really have to repeat myself on how AddaLynn knows nothing about me? Come on Ryder, stop falling for what she claims to know about me.” He explained in a rush. I sad back on the bed and let Blaze rant. Being scorned as often as I do was annoying.

“Blaze!” I yelled, interrupting him. “I don’t mean to ‘fast forward the story,’ but can we get to the murder you were talking about?”

A smirk played across his lips. “With my pleasure,”

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