Schizophrenia (Updated & Revised)

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Chapter 2: "You won't be mentally stable for long,"

I was sat in a room with other patients and a doctor with a clipboard. I was dragged here by my ‘assigned guard’ who was named Derek. Maybe Derek was one of the only sane people here that I could somehow befriend. Forget those rules; I wasn’t going to spend days on end being an antisocial person. I need to have contact with another person or I will go mad.

I was stuck between two patients named Mary and Tyler. Every patient in the circle had to say their name and state their reason for being thrown in this hole. I learned that a good amount of people in this group were here for being a danger to not only the people around them, but to themselves. The doctor also said how the thoughts of a ‘mentally unstable person’ can rub off on a mentally stable person and that person can end up being in a place such as Mills Mental Institution.

It was now my turn and all eyes were on me. What was I going to say? I wasn’t here for a good reason, so I in all honesty had no purpose of being here. “My name’s Ryder Bends and the reason I’m here is because my mother claims I have schizophrenia. Just so all of you know I’m mentally stable and shouldn’t even be here right now.” Once those words left my lips, everyone was staring at me as if I just skinned someone right before them.

“You won’t be mentally stable for long,” an older man spoke up.

I threw my head back and let out a comical laugh. He had to be kidding me right now. ‘You won’t be mentally stable for long.’ Excuse me sir, but I’ve been mentally stable for 17 years, I’m pretty sure I’ll be mentally stable for a while longer. “I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you,” a younger woman said. “I came here with a clean mind and barley a problem in my little brain just like you. I was only in this mental institution for three months until my mind started imagining things that aren’t supposed to be there. Dead patients, bloody walls, fires …I was thrown in here back in 2004 and I’m still here ten years later.”

I mentally rolled my eyes and sighed. I’m a smart girl; I wasn’t going to sit here and completely eat up what these psychos were telling me. I was barely here for 24 hours and already I was fed up with the people here. I waved my hand at the group of people and blew off the group of patients and the one doctor. I grabbed Derek’s arm and dragged him out of the room.

Derek caught up to my side and I was able to see him giving me a dirty look out of the corner of my eye. I could care less about his glaring; I just needed to get out of this mental institution before I exploded of annoyance. I would rather sit in my cell than be around other patients trying to get me to believe nonsense. At least in the cell, I could collect my thoughts and allow my dreams to sweep me away from reality.

Dreaming was the only real thing I had left.

Once we got to my cell, Derek pulled out the key that unlocked the door and opened the door to allow me in. I sat back on my bed and saw Derek closing the door behind him. When our eyes met, I was able to identify that he was irritated at me. “What was that? Didn’t Anthony tell you you weren’t supposed to blow off important meetings like that for patients and drag your assigned guard straight out of the room?” he snapped at me. I was barely in this institution for a day and already I was caught in trouble.

I shrugged my shoulders and gave him no expression. “I stopped listening to the rules after Anthony hit rule number four. You guys have so many rules; don’t you have some sort of fun in this place?” Derek sighed in anger and paced back and forth, as if he didn’t know what to do with me. I’ve been known as someone who does what they want when they want to do it. If I don’t do what I please, I may just explode right on the spot.

“We don’t have fun here because it’s a mental institution.” Derek said.

“Fun fact, I shouldn’t be here! Also, those people in there were the insane ones saying I ‘wouldn’t be mentally stable for long’.”

Derek gave me a stern look after what I said. I not only got into trouble, but I’ve also given my own guard a reason to hate me. A lot of people hated how I gave them some sort of attitude when I speak to them. “Just know this,” he spoke quietly. “Everyone has a hint of something evil in them. Everyone I’ve seen walk down these halls, alive or dead, have had their own individual devil take over their mind, body, and life. You can continue to think the other patients are insane for speaking of one of the many secrets that happen in this institution, but just know they know what they’re talking about. Something may be wrong with their mind, but they know what they mean when they say not everyone who enters will leave with a stable mind.”

After that, he was gone. I sighed and fell back onto my bed to stare at the ceiling. Cracks and chipping paint covered the ceiling above me as I continued to allow my eyes to wonder. What then caught my eye was a massive digital clock placed onto the wall that read 6:45. Dinner had to be close because it was getting late into the day and I was feeling my stomach rumble. When would Derek be back so he can drag me to get something to eat?

I sat up and began to pace around my room, thinking of something to do. I was locked in this dull, boring room with not even a ball to entertain me. All I had was a bed, a clock, and a small table with a door attached to it. I turned my head to look at the small, white table that still had its small door shut. I took a few steps and sat in front of the bedside table and slowly opened the door that held whatever was put inside of it.

The door silently opened and revealed what it possessed. Medicine bottles, needles, old drawing pads, and a clip board. I had nothing better to do, so I slowly pulled out the objects one by one. I read the medicine bottles as I pulled them out. The medicines were liquid and I was guessing they went into the needles for when a patient acted out or maybe it was their daily intake. I would never know because they probably have been here for years.

I then began to take out the needles even though there were only a few in here. They were all different sizes and were able to hold different amounts of medicine. Soon came out the clip board which was pushed up against the side of the table cabinet. I looked over the patient form that was attached to the clipboard. The patient’s name was Katrina Williams and she was checked into the same room I was.

Katrina was here because she was accused of being controlled by another soul and she wasn’t able to control herself anymore. Also, she had an exorcism done in this room but didn’t survive. She lived up to the age of 21-years-old which shocked me because she was so young when she died. I placed the clipboard to the side of me and picked up the drawing pad that was lying across the bottom of the drawer.

I opened up the drawing pad and the first page was full of complete scribbles. The scribbles were in the colors red and black and I thought for a moment …did this symbolize something? I shrugged it off and continued to flip through the papers. Each page had drawings of people missing their eyes and people covered in scars. Not to mention how I saw a few messages on how ‘the end is near.’

Whose drawings were these?

I heard the door unlock and open behind me. I turned my head to see Derek there with his key in hand. His eyes saw the medicine, needles, clip board, and the open sketchbook in my hand. Without a second thought, he immediately grabbed me and pulled me away from what was in front of me. Then, Derek quickly placed everything back into the cabinet of the side table and shut it. He turned to me with a panicked look. “Why were you looking at those?”

I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. “I wasn’t going to sit here with nothing to do. I was curious, opened the cabinet, and looked at what was in there. Why is that so much of a crime?” I stood there and waited for a response. Derek slowly began to shake his head before reflecting my action of running his fingers through his hair.

“Just don’t touch those; they’re usually what start the demonic actions in people.” He spoke quietly.

“If they start the demonic actions then why are they here?” I questioned.

Derek rolled his eyes and grabbed me by my arm to pull me out of the room. We were now walking down the hallway to wherever I was being forced to. I was able to see an eating hall in sight and I was guessing it was time for dinner. Before we entered the eating hall, Derek pulled me to the side and looked me dead in the eyes. “Just never look at those drawings again. They’re dangerous and will mess up your brain. Promise?” He whispered. I nodded my head but in the back of my head, I wasn’t keeping this promise. Those drawings caught my attention and I won’t let them slip my mind until I’ve seen every drawing in that book.

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