Schizophrenia (Updated & Revised)

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“Another life taken away in this institution; what a tragedy.”

“It’s a shame as well; I heard this girl was being released soon too.”

“But how was she stabbed to death? A knife that big wouldn’t ever make it in this asylum,”

It was morning and the smell of my body was filling the halls. Doctors and police officers crowded into my room taking care of the scene. I stood on the right side of the room staring at my dead body. The knife was removed from the scene and a large body bag was prepared for my corpse. It felt weird to stare at my own body even though I was dead. I was now another lost soul trapped in this institution.

I felt an arm sling around my shoulders. I looked up to see Blaze keeping his eyes glued on my body. “I know this isn’t what you wanted, but it was the best way out of what you were going through.” He said. I moved my eyes back to my body. I still get chills looking at the gaping hole Blaze made in me.

I sighed and looked to the floor. I didn’t know what to say. I died just as I was turning 18 years old and as I was on the brink of becoming a free citizen again. I couldn’t explore the world, fall in love, have a family, chase my dreams; it was all ripped from my grasp. I’m a soul with no meaning at this point.

Blaze and I watched as my body was whisked away into a body bag. The black bag was carried out of my cell and down the hall. Another cop carried a clear plastic bag that held the bloody knife Blaze used to impale my chest.

All I kept thinking was: what now?

I ran my fingers through my hair. Blaze walked out into the hall with me and looked down at me with no expression. “Ryder,” he softly spoke. “Don’t hate me for this alright? I was just trying to help you. This institution is nothing but a hole you would’ve been trapped in for life if it weren’t for me. Now that you’re dead, you can leave this asylum and go wherever you please.”

I glanced up at Blaze with disgust. “You’re kidding me right?”

“I was actually being pretty serious,” he said back calmly.

I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest. “You ruined my life Blaze. I can’t live my life because you thought it was the only escape out of here. With you not harassing me anymore when I was alive, I was going to be released from this dump. But instead, you killed me, ruined me, and made me into a miserable soul just like you.”

Blaze tapped my forehead with his index finger, “Let’s not get aggressive now, shall we?” He smirked. I swatted away his hand in annoyance. “If we’re going to be trapped together,” he said. “You might as well try and be nicer to me; it won’t kill you to do so,” he laughed at his own joke.

I rolled my eyes and looked down the vacant halls. He was right; it we were stuck here as a duo of dead souls, we might as well get along. I looked back to Blaze to see him staring at me with a smirk. “Fine,” I scoffed again. “But no funny business. If we’re going to get along then you have to learn how to treat me like a person.”

“Funny you say that since we technically aren’t people anymore,”

“Blaze,” I warned.

Blaze laughed again and began to walk down the hall. I had nothing else to do except follow him. Page one of my after life was being written and I didn’t have a single clue to what would happen in future chapters of my new life. Death wasn’t really my thing, but it was my last resort.

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