Schizophrenia (Updated & Revised)

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Chapter 5: "Sedate her!"

I asked to be left in my room for a while to collect myself. I was still lost to why I had a sudden outburst this morning. I felt no control over myself when yelling at Cathy. Also having the boy from my dream whispering to me confused me too. Was my mind playing tricks on me? Was this boy from my dream trying to get to me?

I lied back on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I tossed ideas back and forth, trying to get myself to stop thinking about everything that went down with Cathy. Maybe now people are ending their bets and think I finally lost it. I haven’t been in this mental institution for a week and I’m already the patient everyone’s talking about. I slowly shut my eyes and decided to take a nap to try and rest my rushing mind.

My wrists were, once again, being suffocated by ropes tied to the wooden poles above me. I was lied out on a large piece of wood with a children’s blanket spread across for some sort of comfort. There was a bright light shining above me that was starting to sting my eyes. I took in my surroundings and spotted the boy from my previous dream. His back was facing me while handling objects in front of him.

He turned around to face me, smirking. “Nice to see you’re finally awake,” he said. I kept a straight face to show I wasn’t scared of him. The one thought I had to hold onto was that he wasn’t real. HE was a figure of my imagination. He took step after step and approached me. His finger lightly dragged from my forehead to my cheek.

“Oh Ryder,” he bitterly laughed. “You make me laugh when you try to act tough.”

His finger left my cheek and traced down my torso and then my right leg. “I feel like we left off on the wrong foot last time. I’m Blaze. There’s no need to introduce yourself -- your name is an easy one to remember.” His tone was soft yet dripping with venom. He turned around and walked over to where he stood before. He put items to the side of him and grabbed one specific item. He turned to me with an X-Acto knife and a pair of scissors.

Blaze took a seat and sat above my head. He took the X-Acto knife and delicately traced a direction for the knife to follow her below my hairline. When he brought the knife down the same trail he traced, he began to press harder and harder. I felt the small knife open skin and blood began to run down my head. My screams grew with every piece of skin the knife sliced.

From the corner of my eye, I was able to see dark, crimson blood racing from below my hairline and down my face. I continued to scream in pain while Blaze continued his torture. “Shh, don’t scream Ryder. We’re almost done.” He whispered. I felt the knife leave my head and hear it collide with the floor. I felt Blaze run his hand through my long hair.

“You have beautiful hair Ryder.” He complimented in a hushed tone.

“Thanks,” I replied with a shaky voice.

I heard Blaze pick up the scissors and felt his fingers continue to run through my hair. I then heard the sound of scissors begin to cut what I guessed was my hair. Blaze let out a low sinister laugh as he continued his work.

“P-Please stop.” I quietly requested. The only response I received was a pull to my hair. He continued cutting my hair until there was nothing left.

Blaze stood from his seat and dropped the scissors to the floor. I turned to see him in front of a tray full of medicines and needles. Not again; he was going to drug me up. I watched the clear liquid pour into the empty needle. He turned to me with the needle and smirked at me. “Sleep tight Ryder.” He laughed, stabbing me in the arm with the needle.

That’s when everything fell fuzzy and black.

I shot up again from my previous placement and felt my head pound. I let out a groan of displeasure as my head fell in my hands. Something was seriously wrong with me and I wasn’t sure what. I felt a line racing under my hairline, making my face flush. This couldn’t be real -- the hairline from my dream couldn’t have found its way to reality.

My finger traced back and forth on the scar that was officially under my hairline on my forehead. At this moment, all the fear that I bottled up for what felt like years was released within seconds. I let out a scream as I ran to my cell door. I was kicking and punching the door, screaming at the top of my lungs. “Let me out! Get me out of this death trap!” I yelped so loud to the point of my throat hurting. Someone, anyone had to let me out.

I was kicking the door so much, it was coming loose on its own. The door swung open and I fell to the floor in the hallway. I ran for my life as if the devil himself was chasing me. I ran as if there was a fire raging behind me. I ran as if Blaze was behind me, ready to kill me. I was running until I could barely feel my legs.

“Someone catch her and sedate her!” I heard an older man yell.

I glanced behind me to see security guards beginning to chase me down the hall with needles at hand. Seeing the men made me push myself to run faster. I listened as the men behind me were creating a plan as if I was deaf and couldn’t hear them. I raced down the right corner, almost losing my balance in the process. I felt free. I felt as if nothing could stop me.

But of course, I spoke too soon.

A guard was waiting for me at the next turn. I slammed into his chest. He held my back to his chest, making me begin to scream and kick. “Sedate her!” He commanded. I tried to kick the guards trying to come at me with needles. I wasn’t going to have another person throw drugs into my bloodstream. Even though the first two times happened in a dream. They still felt as real as ever.

Soon enough, a guard came from behind the guard holding me and injected the needle into my arm. The guard holding me had dropped me to the ground as the drugs took over my body. Over and over, I tried to mumble out something but failed miserably. My lips trembled as my body fell under the cold spell of the sedation.

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