Schizophrenia (Updated & Revised)

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Chapter 7: "I know you're still thinking about what I said."

Night rolled around and I was in bed staring at the roof. My wrist sat next to me due to it being cuffed to the bars on the head of the bed. I couldn’t sleep; too many thoughts were in my head. Blaze told me a short and sweet version of his life story with no warning. He spit out details to how he set foot in the institution to the day they decided to kill him. His story was hidden from the world because of his terrible reputation he brought upon this asylum. I was the only patient who knew the truth about Blaze’s story and how Katrina Williams was nothing but a complete lie. She was never one to exist and the exorcism people believed to happen ...was never true.

These doctors covered Blaze’s story with one massive lie.

My eyes moved from the ceiling to the clock. It was 1:18 in the morning and I wasn’t anywhere near tired. The sedates left my bloodstream too early for bed and I was left wide awake. My mind was more alive than it’s ever been thanks to Blaze. He made me think over and over of how he lived three years in Mills Mental Institution where I can barely handle one day locked up here.

Doctors were still strolling past the rooms to check up on us every few minutes. I pretended to be asleep each time they walked by so they wouldn’t walk in and try to forcefully make me fall asleep. I wasn’t up for doctors or nurses bothering me, especially this late in the night. I may not be tired, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t tired of the people around me. It’s only my second day and here I am hating on almost everyone around me.

“I know you’re thinking about what I said.”

Blaze caught me off guard once again as he appeared in the corner of the room with his back against the wall and arms crossed over his chest. I let out a sigh as I sat up and rubbed my eyes with my free hand. “I can hear what you’re thinking,” he said. “I can hear what everyone’s thinking. I don’t get why you’re thinking about it so much. What does it matter anyways? I’m dead ad they covered up my story for years. They took it up to the point of death to get rid of me and my story.”

I looked at him and his figure was clear as day. “I’m just shocked to know these idiots of doctors would kill you and make up a huge lie just to pretend you never existed.” I spoke truthfully. Blaze rolled his eyes and walked over to my door to peek through the small window. I heard Blaze sigh and begin to laugh.

“You wouldn’t believe the story unless you lived through it like I did.” He devilishly laughed.

“Then let me see what you went through. Make me experience what you did.” I said.

Blaze raised his eyebrows in surprise and smirked. He began to laugh yet again as he propped himself against the door. “A girl who’s up to see what I’ve done to this place? That’s a request I thought I’d never get. I’ll drag you through my day by day experience I went through all the way to the day these bozos decided to throw me into the electrical chair.” Blaze was getting a kick out of the idea of me going through what he went through. He found this entire situation entertaining.

I watched as he walked over to the side of the bed and towered over me. A smug look continued to sit on his face as he stared me down. His hand moved over my eyes to slowly shut them. “Don’t worry Ryder, your nightmare is about to hit its climax.” He snickered. I faced the ceiling with closed eyes as I attempted to sleep. Minutes passed and my body began to go numb as it fell into a deep slumber

It felt as if I was pulled back in time to the year 1992. Everyone around me was gloomy like the first day I entered Mills Mental Institution. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see Blaze with a blank expression as he looked at me. “Welcome to Mills Mental Institution in 1992 ...also known as the day I entered this dump. This is day one of what you’ll be experiencing what I went through. Whenever you want it to stop, just tell me and it’ll be over. But for now, live your ...I mean my nightmare.” I devilish smile was on his lips as he walked in front of me to follow a man and woman. I was guessing those were his parents since he said his parents checked him into the institution.

As we walked inside, I noticed how much more alive the building looked than it did in the year 2014 which was the year of my time in the institution. The walls had barely any cracks, the doctors seemed lively, patients didn’t seem as miserable; 1993 must’ve been a good year for Mills Mental Institution. Blaze elbowed me to catch my attention. “Just so you know, no one can see you. Only I can see and talk to you since this is my time period. It’s like how in your time period, only you can see and talk to me.”

We continued to walk down the halls to be stopped by a front desk where visitors checked in. We were pointed to the room where my mother and I sat when I was checked into this institution. We sat in the room for what felt like hours until a woman walked into the room. It was the old woman who checked me into Mills Mental Institution except she looked a lot younger and more alive. I didn’t listen in on what’s Blaze’s parents were saying since I already knew why he was here in the first place.

The woman stood up and instructed Blaze to follow her. I followed them as well since I didn’t want to be left alone with Blaze’s parents or get lost in the institution. We were led down the same halls to the room we both lived in. The woman set the rules straight to him and gave him his suit once they arrived inside the room. This must’ve been before that Anthony guy came into the institution. Blaze must’ve forgotten the fact that I was there; he began to change from his clothes to the dark blue suit all the patients were forced to wear.

I heard a voice in the back of my head that was saying something about waking up. That’s when I remembered I was dreaming this entire situation. Blaze looked up at me with dead eyes and a stern look. “You have to go now Ryder,” he said. I felt myself fading off and seeing Blaze disappear from my sight. I was leaving my dream and the year 1992 and being thrown back into where I belonged.

“Ryder, wake up you’re seeing Dr. Michaels today.” Derek said as he shook me.

I heard the cuff unlock as my eyes slowly opened. My eyes met with Derek as he stood back to allow me to sit up. He took me out of my room and walked me down the halls. I looked to see how disgusting and old the walls looked compared to how they were in 1992. Everything was dead compared to twenty two years ago. This place really fell apart over the years.

Derek allowed me to enter Dr. Michaels’ room. I saw him sitting at his desk as I sat in the small chair in front of him. He looked at me and gave me a warm smile. “It’s nice to see you again Ryder. Let’s cut right to it; have you experienced anything strange lately?” he asked right away. Here we go again with the questioning. Maybe this time if I bring up Blaze, Dr. Michaels won’t run away like the specialist.

I nodded, looking straight at the doctor. “This guy in my head kind of made the specialist run out of the room mid session. All I said was his name and the specialist made a run for it.” I quickly explained. Dr. Michaels had a shocked expression for a moment as if he’s never hear this story before. I wouldn’t be shocked -- ever since I stepped into this place everything turned upside down.

“Can you tell me the name of the boy in your head?” Dr. Michaels questioned.

“Blaze,” I hesitantly spoke.

I waited for the insane look I was about to get. But instead, he only nodded. “The Devil of Mills Mental Institution ...I remember Blaze. He was a hard guy to handle.” Dr. Michaels said cooly. Blaze must’ve been the famous guy around here if everyone knew him. I was shocked to see the response given -- calm and collected. The specialist went mad when I spoke of Blaze.

I looked up to the doctor with a little bit of fear. “Blaze told me that if I told anyone I knew his story, you guys would kill me.” I didn’t want to be killed for knowing who Blaze was and knowing his story. Blaze and I met on accident in a nightmare he decided to create

Dr Michaels chuckled, “Blaze is completely right. His story isn’t allowed outside the walls of Mills Mental Institution isn’t even supposed to be spoken inside the walls. If more and more patients know of Blaze’s story, that will make patients more afraid of not only doctors but the institution all together. They’ll be afraid of everything because they’ll think Blaze will come back to haunt them or mess with their mind like he’s doing to you --”

“He isn’t messing with my mind. In all honesty he’s more stable than half the people here,” I spat.

“He isn’t healthy for you mind Ryder. He’s a dangerous person to be messing with,”

“I’m not scared of him, thank you very much.”

Dr. Michaels slammed his fist on the desk, silencing all conversation between us. The look on his face was red with anger and his knuckles were white from clenching his hand so tightly. I sat back in my seat and rolled my eyes. Blaze wasn’t as bad as this institution made him sound. They were making it sound like he murdered someone in the building so they had a real reason to kill him and hide his name along with his story.

The doctor sighed in irritation and pinched the bridge of his nose. “He’s dangerous Ryder, he’s very dangerous. Whatever he’s been saying to you doesn’t tell half the story he lived. The doctors here believe he’s the devil and came to the institution to do the devil’s work. Blaze is singing a different tune to you if he hasn’t told you about the things he’s done to the patient’s, building, and even a few doctors. Unless you decide on dying in this place, I would keep my mouth zipped if I were you.”

I laughed a bit at the way Dr. Michaels was acting. This was a complete over reaction to who Blaze was and what he’s done. Do people actually believe he’s the devil? I bitterly laughed. Derek finally walked into the room, excusing himself and saying how it was time for breakfast. He unlocked my cuffs and let me out of the room and away from Dr. Michaels.

We walked down the halls to the dining hall so I can get something in my system. I was still fuming from Dr. Michaels and how he thought Blaze was truly the devil himself. I wasn’t planning on dying for a long time, especially in this dump we call a mental institution. I felt a tap on my shoulder to see Blaze himself walking down the halls behind me. His usual smirk was there which didn’t seem to bother me as much anymore. I must’ve gotten used to him and his behavior due to him hanging around me so often. “I can see you’re taking part in my behavior’re catching on everyday Ryder.” He whispered in a venom dropping tone.

I looked at him again. He disappeared from my sight, leaving me with Derek in the long halls. I was now realizing the behavior I used around the doctor. My behavior changed within a short amount of time since the last I saw the doctor. Blaze was taking his attitude and throwing it onto me. How long would it be until I turn into him all over?

This wasn’t what I wanted, but Blaze was dying for a repeat of his deadly history.

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