Schizophrenia (Updated & Revised)

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Chapter 9: "You asked for it,"

Even though it’s only been a day or so since I’ve seen Blaze enter the institution, a great amount of time has passed by in 1992. Actually, it was currently 1993, meaning a year has passed since I was last hear. I sat next to Blaze in the eating hall as he stabbed his plate of ‘food’ with his fork. The room wasn’t as full as when I have lunch or dinner. I always seem to skip breakfast unless it’s Friday.

“I’d rather be dead than be here,” Blaze spoke up.

He then began to laugh to himself. He looked up to me and continued to laugh. “This is only funny because you’re technically dead, isn’t it?” I asked, slightly smiling. Blaze nodded and silenced his laughs. He continued to stab at his food as I glanced around to see patients talking to themselves, talking to each other, and even one of them talking to a wall. Patients were everywhere and they were all doing something in a strange manner.

I sighed and turned back to Blaze. I rested my head in my hand in boredom. A patient came up to Blaze’s table and took a seat across from him. The patient was male and he seemed quite old. Blaze gave the older man a dark look as the man reached out to the plate of food. The man dragged Blaze’s plate to himself and began to mush the food between his fingers and played with it. “Get your filthy hands off my food.” Blaze snapped.

The older man continued to feel up Blaze’s food which was pretty disgusting in all honesty. “Look, you don’t want to see me upset. Either hand my plate of garbage back or I swear to god I’ll beat you until you’re blue.” Blaze threatened. I was taken aback by the threat. Even though the man playing with the food had a mental disabilities, he at least had to have common sense and know that the food he had wasn’t his. Even with the threat said, the man repeated his action of playing with the food.

“You asked for it,” Blaze sighed.

Blaze stood up and walked behind the older man. I watched carefully; I was scared to see what AddaLynn was talking about since she was never able to witness Blaze when he was upset. AddaLynn only told me to stay away when he was in a mood.

Blaze grabbed the man’s neck and pulled him backwards, sending food flying across the room and Blaze and the old man to the ground. The chair the old man sat in slapped against the floor and created a massive BANG throughout the eating hall.

Heads turned to the scene of Blaze and the old man. Blaze sat on the older man and punched him in every direction -- left, right, up, down. Blood began to seep out of the older man’s eye and nose as punches were thrown. It wasn’t long until the guards pulled Blaze off the older man. “I told you to listen or I’d beat you!” Blaze yelled in anger. My sight was torn, wanting to see the older patient be whisked away to the nurse to be healed, but also watching as guards dragged Blaze away. Obviously, I followed the guards and Blaze down the halls.

Blaze continued to kick and demand they let him go. The guards were forcing Blaze through the halls and followed a sign that read ‘Solitary Confinement’ with an arrow pointing in the direction we were headed in. We finally reached a room separated off from the rest of the patients. One guard yanked out his keys and unlocked the room. There was a mattress on the floor with two old, tattered blanket sat on top of it. Blaze was thrown onto the mattress which was immediately followed by the guards locking the door. “You’ll be in solitary confinement for a good week. You’ve been acting out a lot lately Dixon, keep it up and you’ll be put through worse manners.” The guard warned.

I entered the small room where Blaze was sat on the mattress. “Sorry you had to see that, there were worse things that happened before and there’s more than what happened,” Blaze apologized. I shrugged in response as if I were saying it were no big deal. I’ve seen worse -- Mills Mental Institution isn’t much of a place with a clean reputation. Patient problems happened almost every day. I was beginning to get used to the fact that patients will have their moments. I’ve already had my fair share of bursting out the insanity I had, so I had nothing against Blaze and what he had done.

“Earth to Ryder …”

My head snapped up to see Cathy in front of me. I began to take notice that I was in the eating hall with a plate of food beside me. I didn’t see Blaze in sight which told me I was no longer in 1993 -- I was back in 2014 which was where I didn’t want to be at the moment. I wanted to be with Blaze for the week he would be in solitary confinement to see if he would reveal any secrets he hid in his dark personality. I wanted to see if he would open up in some way so I would dig deeper into who he is and see if AddaLynn knew what she was talking about.

I tried to somewhat fix my hair. “How long was I asleep?” I asked as I propped myself up. I hadn’t even noticed I fell asleep, let alone in the eating hall where patients had an easy opportunity to do something to me. Luckily, not a single person touched me. I wasn’t going to be the one to repeat what Blaze had done to the old man that played with his food.

Cathy shrugged, “I would say around twenty minutes,” she guessed. My jaw dropped in surprise. I didn’t think I would be asleep for that long.

It was only two minutes until we would be dismissed off to where we had to be next. I looked around for Derek but he was nowhere in sight which was kind of a relief. I was in the mood to take a little adventure around Mills Mental Institution. I was dying to find the solitary confinement. “I’ll be back Cathy; I have to use the restroom.” I lied. Cathy nodded her head in response as I stood from my seat and did my best to sneak past the guards. Luckily, they were too engulfed in their own conversation to notice.

I snickered to myself and hurried down the halls. I sneaked around, following the same path I walked down in my dream. As I continued to walk, the halls became older and more dingy as if no one had taken care of this part of the institution in years. I soon came across the sign with ‘Solitary Confinement’ written on it with an arrow pointed in the direction I was walking in.

The halls leading to solitary confinement became older, dirtier, and colder as I walked. It must’ve been years since someone came down here. My eyes wondered around my surroundings to notice how much this part of the building was falling apart. How did patients even survive down here? I would go insane if I was stuck here all by myself.

Finally, I came across the room Blaze was thrown into when I was with him back in 1993. The lock on the door was broke which was an invitation for me to enter. I slowly pushed the door open to enter the small room. I looked around to see the same mattress in the middle of the room on the floor with the disgusting blankets on top. I walked a little further into the room to take a closer look at the small messages on the walls.

That’s when the door shut behind me.

I turned around to see Blaze behind me with a death stare. “Blaze, you scared me,” I said breathlessly. Blaze laughed to himself and walked closer to me. He noticed the small drawing I was looking at on the wall. I looked to see him and was able to tell he was deep in thought. He must’ve known what the drawing meant or who drew it.

He finally tore his sight from the drawing and turned away from me. “I remember drawing that on the wall. It was right before I was throw into the electrical chair,” Blaze then turned to me with a scarce look in his eyes. “I killed a man right before they killed me.” My jaw dropped in shock.

“W-Who did you kill?” I asked with fear.

He shrugged it off as if it were nothing, “You’ll find out, don’t rush the story.”

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