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Devious doctrines, eerie epitaphs, and freaky fairy tales..... The devil's perceptions are not always what the witnesses claim them to be..... Wicked experiments, macabre dances, and chilling ghost stories..... The devil knows where your fears do lie.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Journal Entry 1: Devious Doctrines

Doctrines of scientific methodology allowing for legal experimentation of individuals under acceptable controlled conditions..... Conditions meant to be safe to all in concern, the testers and the tested; thought to be freed from any realities of physical harm and of mental damage.....

God’s great experiment- humanity, the vermin of his judgements..... People wandering aimlessly with no hope of any notion in entertaining of actual freedom, outside the expected influences of the majority.....

Demands of self-proclaimed superiority- by color, by race, by religion, by rite or by law; a stranglehold of daily existence.....

The world is a maze..... One in which the marked walk aimlessly, their minds in a haze.....

Secretly sanctioned experiments and contests that will punish the guilty and test one’s mettle.....

Doctrines demanding of the bold and the brave to risk their lives for the price of justice and for fame.....

Look now upon the world’s secreted underground network of devious doings, and judge for yourself on the possibilities of each idea as they commit to play.....

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