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Jack and Jill went up the hill..... Things didn't go quite the way they were supposed to.... Making a deal with a troll, Jill and Jack must now get a magic potion from the witch that lies beyond the hill, or they will fill his stomach; they most certainly will.....

Horror / Fantasy
Robert Alan Ryder
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This curious fable to be told, only to those of a certain caste most bold...... For Jill and Jack were more than they would seem, it would take much more than an old witch to make them scream.....

The dangers beyond the Troll Hill, to be a frightening experience that will never be resolved by the taking of a pill..... What dangers lurk within the wicked forest and beyond the mysterious hill's guarded well..... jack most certainly will find more to be worried about, other than that forgotten place at which he fell.....

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