The Final Diary

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Chapter 14

“That is definitely going to hurt in the morning, Sunshine,” Kingthe psychotic sergeant stepped back to admire the extensive, bloody workmanshiphandiwork that he'’d put into my face. He leaned down, peered into my eyes, pulled a sharp intake of breath into his lungs and tutted.

“Don'’t think we'’ll get much out of him now, Ma'’am.”” He shrugged his shoulders.

I was still aware, still able to see and understand my surroundings and the people around me. I must have looked much worse than I felt. I was still full of aAdrenaline and anger continued to fuel my body, slowing the relentless progress of down the inevitable onset of pain.

“I can see that, Sergeant,” the Chief Inspector glared at her subordinate, white flashes of hot anger dancing in her cold, blue eyes. “I wanted you to scare him, not beat him to death.”

“Sorry, Ma'’am. Got a bit carried away,” King held out his hands, palms face up up. “What shall we ttell Mason and Palmer?”

“Just tell them whatever they want to hear,” she gave a dismissive wave of her hand. “They'’ll accept this is all for the best eventually for our families,” the Chief Inspector'’s shoulders sagged and she suddenly looked as though the weight of the World was bearing down on her. “God, I hope they'’re working on a cure, Harry.”

“Of course they are, Miranda.,” King said. in a gentle, affirming voice. “AAny day now, you'’ll see.”

I coughed. I was trying to laugh, to mock them and their insanity.

Even if there was a cure, what if the victims of this virusworld shattering virus could remember exactly what they had done while infected? What if Mothers remembered ripping out the throats of their children? Fathers recalleding baying like animals and snapping at their loved ones beforeand savagely killing their loved ones. killing them all with all the savagery of a wild animal? Children forced to live with the memories of attackingkilling their siblings or classmates in an uncontrollable fit of blood-rage. T All the blood and, the screams, the relentless pursuit of human flesh., Iit would haunt them forever. If there were a cure, nobody would be the same again. Only the worst of us could cope with those memories.

The Chief Inspector cast an angry look in my direction. I responded with a look of scornful, hate-filled glare, and hatred but my face was in such a mess swollen that shee probably missed it, “get him out of here.” She narrowed her eyes and pointed angrily toward the door.

King rolled his shirt sleeves back down and carefully buttoned the cuffs. Then, he grabbed his jacket and slipped it on. As he leaned down and hoisted me to my feet, I tried to spit in his face but only managed to drool a thick gob of blood down my chin.

“Come on then,” he said cheerfully. “Let'’s get you back to your boyfriend.”

I groaned my disapproval as he put my left arm across his shoulders while steadying me with his hand firmly in my right armpit

“I hear that once you go black, there'’s no going back,” he waitedlooked at me, waiting for a reaction, when none came; he chuckled to himself atat his humourless joke.

King then opened the door and walked me down the corridor back towards the detention cells. We turned a corner and Kate Palmer almost barrelled right into us.

“Watch out, Kate,” King saidchided.

“Sorry, I was…” She looked at me. “Oh, God. What happened?”

“He walked into a wall,” King answered with a ‘'wasn'’t me’' expression stamped across his face.

Kate smiled at him. “Looks like the wall got up and went ten rounds with him.” She said.

“He'’s a madman. ” King spoke in a grave tone. “Went for The Chief., didn’t you, Sunshine?”

I shook my head and burbleddribbled blood and spit through swollen lips. while he lied through his teeth about me.

Don’t believe him, Kate.

“Oh?.” She saidseemed surprised. “He doesn'’t seem the type.”

“After all my years on the Force, ” He said gruffly. “I'’ve learned that anyone is the type.”

MI was slowly sinking towards the floor, my legsknees refuseding to hold any of my weight and I slowly sank to the floor.

King pulled me back upon my feet, ““Now hhelp me get him back to his cell.”

Exhaustion and pain were winning the battle against adrenaline and anger; the latter now retreating back to their keep and leaving me with no defence against the sharp reminder and shock of how much my face was hurting.

I remember the cell door opening, Dexy shouting angrily at Sergeant King and D.C. Palmer. I remember being thrown on the cold, unforgiving floor like an old toy that had been, cast aside during the tantrum of a small child. I remember King pushed Dexy back, and then the door slammed shut and locked. I remember Dexy on his knees, looking down at me.

“Shit, Bruv,. ” He shook his head, eyes full of melancholy. “tThey made a right fucking mess of you.”

TheMy wWorld started to spin faster and faster, when finally; the merciful blanket of unconsciousness threw itself acrossacross me like a long lost lover.

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