The Final Diary

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Chapter 15

I coughed and spluttered myself into the land of the living, and. I tenderly touched my face; trying to find where the swelling ended and my features began. It was a hopeless pursuit. I stared up at the strip light in the ceiling until yellow spots danced in my vision.

Dexy had lifted me onto the bench while I was out cold and then taken off his hoodie and put ithis hoodie was under my head as a makeshift cushion. Quite thoughtful for the evil lowlife that Mental Miranda Price, Chief Inspector, had painted him to beas.

“William, Bruv,” he sat on the edge of the stone bench, staring down at me with worry written all over his face. “How you feeling?”

I sat up and groaned. “Sore,” my lips were so thick and my jaw so bruised that I spoke with a speech impediment, '‘S'’ now sounded like '‘Sh'’.

“Yeah,” Dexy stifled a laugh. “I bet. They gave you a proper beat-down.”

“You should see the other fella,” I tried to laugh, but it sounded more like the dying croak of a tortured frog. “How long was I out?”

“Not long, Bruv,” Dexy eyed me uneasily and put a hand on my shoulder. “Why they done this? What'’d they want?”

I sat with my back resting against the wall and and spoke slowly to make certain that he understood every word.

I told him about The Chief Inspector and King’s plan.

HeDexy looked at me with a certain amount of respect when he heard how I had refused to sell him out and then takenook a beating for my troublesand not giving in to their demands and walking away free.

I recounted it all to him, especially how King had lied to Palmer, telling her that I' had attacked the Chief Inspector. In short, we were both well and truly in the...

“Shit,” Dexy rubbed his whiskered facewe. “Well, I'’m not going down without a fight, Bruv.”

“They'’ve got guns.” I reminded him.

“Fuck that, Bruv,” Dexy grabbed his hoodie and put it back on, pulling the hood over his head. “We'’ll shove those guns right up their arses.”

I wasn'’t sure that I would be of any use in a fight, but I was willing to try.

“Okay,” I blanched at the pain that shotshooting through me when I moved any of the muscles in my face. “We fight.”

“You got that right, Bruv,” Dexy flashed a broad grin and held his fist out towards me. “You and me, William. Fuck the feds.”

I bumped his offered fist with my own and smiled inwardly. For the first time since the outbreak had started, I felt a sense of camaraderie. I wondered if this isThis must be how soldiers feellt before battle, no feart scared of death, but proud to stand beside their brothers in arms.

The sound of keys rattling in the main gate jarred me from my thoughts. Dexy motioned for me to stand at one side of the cell door while he stood at the other. The hatch opened.

“William,” Kate'’s voice lilted into the cell. “We need to talk.”

“Need to talk?” Dexy showed himself first. “You seen what your boy done to him?”

“You know I have,” Kate said. “I helped bring him back, remember?”

“I remember you throwing him on the fucking floor,” Dexy'’s nose wrinkled as though being subjected to a bad smell. “And now you want to talk?”

““Yes.” She replied. “I have to play along with them.Just being here is dangerous for me,” she said. “So yes, I want to talk. Quickly.”

“It'’s fine,” I stepped away fromout of my ambush spot. “I understand.”

She recoiled at the sight of my newly re-arranged face.

“It'’s not fine, Bruv,” Dexy pointed an accusatory finger atin Kate's direction. “She'’s playing you, if she doesn'’t want to do what they say then why is she still herehere?”

“It'’s a fair question,” I saidadmitted, eyeing her cautiously. “Why are you still here?”

“I brought you painkillers,” Kate Kate ignored the question and passed a small, clear medicine cup through the hatch. Inside the cup were four white pills. “Codeine,” she told me. “It should help.”

I nodded my thanks and took the medicine cup from her.

Did you attack her?” She asked. She asked, staring at me intently.

“Course he didn'’t,.” Dexy answered for me. “She told himwants him to say I made him kill his missus.”

“Why?” Kate looked over at me, eyebrows furrowed.

Dexy moved closer to the hatch.

“So you lot won'’t feel guilty, when I get fed to the family,” he waved an arm toward the other cells.

Phlegm filled groans radiated down the hall, as. I wondered if the infected prisoners had listened to every word and grew excited about the prospect of eating my cellmate.

Kate simply nodded her head. TI could tell that this washad been no revelation to her.

She glanced furtively up and down the corridor before passing a black leather handbag to Dexy. He snatched the bag from her hand, opened it up and stared inside. Dexy looked up at me with a big grin on his face and then looked back into the bag. He reached inside and pulled a gun out. His gun, the one that they'’d taken from Jim a lifetime ago.

“We want to get out of here with youPhil wants to come with us,.” Kate said. “Me and Phil.”.

“Who the fuck is Phil?” Dexy aimed the gun at the back wallaimed his gun at the far wall. He was clearly excited to have some of the odds back in our favour, but still distrusting of Kate's help.found it difficult to trust Kate.

Never trust a fed.

“D.I. Mason,” she winced while telling us the name, as though she already knew how Dexy would react..

Dexy’s dropped the gun to his side, eyes widened and jaw dropped.

“He'’s a good man,” she hurriedly added before Dexy could protest.

“Good man? That stitch-up merchant? ” Dexy spat the words out like bad food. “He'’s a stitch-up merchantfucking dog, you get me, love? a wrong 'un, love.” He stuck the gun in the back of his jogging pants.

“A fucking, bastard, dog, you get me?”

Kate gritted her teeth. “Well, that '‘fucking dog'’ wants to save your fucking life,” Kate gritted her teeth.. She fired a look of fury at him. “And I'’m not your '‘love'’, you ungrateful little chav.”

Dexy ran up and kicked the door, causing our neighbours to grow more excited in their ululations.

“Call me a chav, you cheeky bitch?” He reached behind himself, fingers wrapping around the grip of the gun.reached back and wrapped his fingers around the grip of the gun.

I quickly placed my hand on his shoulder, “Dexy, no.”

“They'’re going to fuck us, Bruv,” he relaxed his hold on the gun and placed both hands on top of his head, fingers interlocked.

“Mason might be a bastard,” I said.. “But that’s exactly what we need.”

Dexy backed away from me slowly, hands still locked together.

“But that's exactly what we need.”

“You'’re chatting shit, Bruv,” he could barely even look at me.

“No. I'’m not,” I moved closer to him. “We need the bastards, the Masons, the Jims.”

He narrowed his eyes and looked at me. I was getting through to him. “Jim?” He asked.

“You don'’t think he'’s a bastard?” I tried not to laugh, mainly because laughing was painful.

“He'’s our boy, Bruv,” Dexy lowered his hands and thrust them into the pockets of his hoodie. “He'’s our boy.”astard.”

“Mason wants to be our boyastard, too,.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Let’sI say, give him a chance.”

Dexy stared at the floor and the cell fell silent for what felt like an uncomfortable amount of time. He then looked over at Kate before settling his gaze on me and nodding his head with an accompanying shrug and sigh.

“Fine,.” he said,. “bBut I'’ll be watching them.”

“I'’m counting on it,” I really was. Dexy was the only one there that I could trusted one hundred percent, but we had to accept help, even if it did come from an unlikely or unwanted source.

“One wrong move,.” hHe raised his index finger to his head.. “I will end themAnd it’s game over, you get me?.”

“We get it, hard man,” Kate saidseemed unimpressed by Dexy's threats.

“What'’s going on, Kate?” AThe voice came from down the hall. It was King.

“Just admiring your work, Sarge,” she was totally convincing, didn'’t miss a beat. I would have been a stuttering wreck, in her place.

“Nothing he didn'’t deserve,” King said. “Mason'’s looking for you.”

“Okay,” Kate looked down the hall at him and smiled. “Be there in a minute.”

King grunted and I heard him walking away. WhenOnce she satisfied that King had gone, Kate turned her attention back to us.

“You asked me why I’m still hereOh and to answer your question,” she whispered.. “I'’m still here, because I haven'’t got anywhere else to go.”

“You do now,” I said. “You and Mason.”

She smiled and closed the hatch.

“He'’ll come to see you soon,” she walked back down the hall, keys rattling in the main gate as she closed and locked it.

“Can'’t fucking wait,” Dexy sat on the bench and pouted.

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