The Final Diary

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Chapter 17

Dexy dug around in his pockets before pulling out the brass key, “got it.” He faced us with a triumphant smileturned to face us and smiled triumphantly.

“Well?” Mason saidasked in an exasperated tone. “Get to it, then!”

“Alright, alright.”

Dexy ran to each cell door and used the key to unlock themed them with the key, taking care to do it quietly and carefully, so as not to risk disturbing the inhabitants. When all the doors had been unlocked, Hhe ran to us and crouched down next to me after opening all the doors.

“Done,” he aimed his pistol towards the main gate, which had been intentionally left wide open.

Cells, Berry! Now!” King'’s voice grew closer with every syllable. Heavy footsteps thundered against the floor, echoing through the station. “Now!”

When King came into view, he had the sniper rifle slung over his shoulder and a grimace the size of Texas on his face. He saw us crouched behind riot shields, slowly moving towards the exit behind us, and the grimace gave way to a raucous, almost maniacal laugh that jangled my nerves and woke up the ant colonymade my nerves jangle as it buffeted down my ear canals like a hurricane ripsping its way through a wooden house.

TI heard the first growlsnarl cameoming from a cell to our left; it was a tired, throaty noise.

King'’s laughter was waking them.

“You'’re choosing them over us?” King took the rifle from his shoulder and aimed at usit in our direction. “I thought you were smarter than that, D.I. MasonDetective Inspector.”

The Chief Inspector and P.C. Berry arrived nexttogether; Berry wieldeding a shotgun while his superior held her '‘Dirty Harry'’ cannon. BothAll guns were quickly levelledpointed at us.

A low, coughing growl full of phlegm and sickness came from a cell ahead of us.

“Palmer. ” I had expected the Chief Inspector to be angrier than she was. In fact, she just looked disappointed. “Stop being silly. Come over here,” the Chief InspectorShe held out her free hand, palm up.

I expected her to be furious. I thought she would scream to the heavens, demanding that her subordinates get back in line. Instead, she had the disappointed look of a Mother in charge of a misbehaving toddler.

“Can'’t do that, Ma'’am,” Kate gritted her teeth, jaw muscles bunnched up in anger and throbbing angrily.

The Chief Inspector then turned her attention to Mason, “come on, Phillip. ” She took a step forward. “You don'’t really think you'’ll be safe with those two idiots?” She eyed Dexy and myself with derision, “the hoodie can'’t stand you.”

We continued our slow shuffle backwards.

“Just let us go, Ma'’am,.” Mason said,. “tThis doesn'’t need to get messy.”

King aimed his gun with more precision, one eye stareding down the scope of his rifle.

The cell door to our left creaked and shifted. It was an almost indiscernible movement, like a summer breeze whispering across hanging laundry.

“Let you go?” The Chief Inspector spat the words out with disgust. “You'’re Police Officers!” Her face flushed red with bitter frustration. “Your duty is to stay here.”

There was the anger I had expected.

Mason looked back at me, “phone.”

I quickly laid the bag of guns on the floor and reached into my back pocket. After pulling out the phone, I moved my finger across the touch screen menu for a few seconds until I found what I was looking for. I turnedAfter setting the volume to full, up the volume button,I moved besideto Kate's side and slid the phone up the across the floor hall ttowards The Chief Inspector and her entourage.

Everyone stared at the phone.

King moved away from his scope, looking slightly befuddledconfusion washing across his face.

The phone skittered and sailed across every imperfection, every bump in the floor until finally, it came to rest just in front of The Chief Inspector'’s well-polished shoe.

She stared at us and then down at the phone. before look“What'’s this-””

Before she could finish the sentence, the unmistakable first chords of Elvis Presley'’s '‘Jailhouse Rock'’ rang out from the loudspeaker of thehammered through the phone’s speaker.

Kate grinned. “Bloody hell, Phil,.” SheKate said.. “Elvis?”

“Can'’t beat the King,.” Mason told her.. His attention now turning to the cell doors. “EEverybody,” hHe paused to smilefor a moment and smiled. “LLet'’s rock.”

He had barely uttered the words when the cell doors burst open and the infected relatives of King, Berry, and The Chief Inspector, teemedcame rushing out into the hallway. They nipped the air with their teeth like vultures tearing at the flesh of carrion, and looked around for the source of the melodyloud music.

I quickly returned to my earlier place behind Kate. As we backed away from the now freed infected, her foot pushed against the bag of guns that I'’d forgotten to pick back up. “Guns, William.” She said.

“Oh!” h shit.” I grabbed the handles and dragged the bag closer to me. “Sorry.”

The infected stood and staredwere all standing there, looking towards theat the main gate, yet none of them moved forward, they just stared. Two of them, a boy and a girl can't have beennot much older than Six or Seven stumbled forward, their once innocent faces were smeared with blood and full of malice. T. Eayes that should be bright and lookedfull of joylife, were now milky white and impassive.

“Who'se kids are they?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“Harry'’s,.” Kate told me, “this is going to tear him up.”

Her eyes were drowning in pain and sorrowKate looked at me and I saw the pain and sorrow swimming in her eyes. She didn'’t want to do this to her colleagues, her friends.

“This is going to tear him up.” But this wasn'’t a moral choice, itthis was survival.

The Chief Inspector dropped to her knees. “No, no, no, no,” the Chief Inspector dropped to her knees, Srepeating the word in a whispered mantra of anguish. The sight of her infected husband rushing out of histhe cell hadseemed to have broken her.

The music played on, and Harry King dropped the sniper rifle to his side.

“I can'’t,” he kicked at the bars beside the gate.. “WWhy would you do that? ” He pointed at us. “I'lI’ll kill you all!”

Another kick crashed against the bars, the sound resonating above the voice of Elvis. “You'll see!” The noiseing had excited the infected, and just as my back pushed up against the exit door, the infected relatives ran toward their family members for a bitter reunion.

Dexy pushedused the key to unlock the bar on the door and a rush of cool night air greeted us. Once we were all safely outsideWe backed through the doorway and I threw myself on the cold concrete when heard a gunshot rang out.

Berry had fired his shotgun into the infected.

The Chief Inspector screamed ands her husband staggered back, blood spraying from the fresh wound in his neck.

“Don'’t shoot them!” She got to her feet and grabbed at the shotgun, wrestlingwrestled with Berry for ownership of the shotgun.

Harry King closed his eyes tightly and for brief moments appeared to be praying to whatever deity he believed inpray. When his eyes snapped open, he lifted his gun, aimed through the scope, shot his two children and then his wife with frightening speed and accuracy. The powerful shots left gaping holes in the heads of his family and . Tthey sank to the floor like deflated balloons.

The Chief Inspector'’s husband had already recovered from his fresh neck woundthe shot in his neck, and was rushing towards the Officers, howling and biting at the air. The Rock and Roll sounds of Elvis carried on regardless.

King studied the situation and then turned his attention to the Mother, Father, and girlfriend of P.C. Berry.

He aimed the rifle.

Mason slammed the door, denying us the sight of more death and horror closed.

“This way.,” hHe rushed past us and around the building.

I slung the bag handles over my right shoulder and moved as fast as I could with the heavy arsenal guns weighing me down. Instinct forceding me to duck at every shot that explodedrang out from inside the detention block.

Mason looked back at the rest of us. “Hurry up!” MasonHe pointed to the car park. “We'’re taking the Land Rover.”

The three of them were already standing next tobeside the Police Land Rover by the time I had caught up; a bag full of guns is bloody heavy!

Mason passed his riot shield to Dexy and climbed into the driver'’s seat. Kate opened up the back and threw her riot shield inside. Dexy did the samefollowed suit.

“Put the bag in here, William,” she used both hands to motion where I was to throw the bag.

I took the handles from my shoulder and with a last push of energy, hefted the bag into the Land Rover.

“Okay, you two in the back,” Kate slammed the hatch down and rushed around to take her place in the front passenger seat.

Dexy tapped me on the shoulder and grinned, “I think she just called shotgun, Bruv.”

He pulled the back door open and climbed across to the far end of the back seat, behind Kate. Mason thrust the key into the ignition and turned it. TEveryone breathed easier when the engine came to lifealive and purred like a sleepy kitten.

He drove forward toward the closed gate. A small group of infected had seen us from the street and were trying to climb the tall chain link fence that surrounded the car park. As we got closer to the gate, I looked across at Dexy and something caught my eye., just past him, There wasI saw movement in a window.

I quickly realised that it was The Chief Inspector'’s office window. The lights were out, but I definitely saw something , some movementin the gloom in the shadows. I leanedurched closer to Dexy and peered at the huge pane of glass, trying to see through the reflection of the carcar reflection and into the room beyond.

Harry King was aiminged the sniper rifle at us from inside the office. It took my brain a second to register what I had seen.

“Down!” I grabbed Dexy'’s shoulder and yanked him towards me as I dived towards him, until we were both laying on the back seat.

“What?” Kate turned to see what was going on in the back.

Mason slammed his foot down on the accelerator; the Land Rover lurched forward and gained speed until it was barrelling towards the tall gate.

The ear-blistering crack of a gunshot echoed into the night. The office window burstting outwards as the bullet ripped through it.

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