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Woman at bus 23

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you never know about people

about 15 minutes from leaving my bus stop i lifted my gaze up from my phone and saw man pale as sheet pressing the buttons of his phone and leaning still forward , while the woman seemed to be at the same position than she was when i arrived to the bus .

some people have no manners - i though looking at her, but something did not feel right about it . Suddenly man lifted his head and looked at me with worried look on his face and and his lips shaking as if he wanted to say something .

Manners aside i started staring to figure out what he was saying . after moment of following the movement of his lips , i froze lifting my hand on my mouth to stop the scream from coming and started pressing the bus stop - button.

I hurried out of the bus and watched it took off , even though i was rational person , what the man had signaled me with his lips freaked me out .

To this day i wish i would know what happened to the man

and to what the man said ?

"I can only hold her for so long, RUN!!!!"

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