Terror's Agony

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Chapter 7-Dean's Fear

I gave him an aneurysm, I gave Dean his death.
I’ve never done this before, well directly at least.

I’ve had my ways of forcing them, but I’ve never had to do it myself.
I don’t like getting my metaphorical hands dirty.

I realize what you may have been expecting, you want to know what my weakness is.
The fact that you don’t know already would bother me if it weren’t for the incredibly unpleasant truth, I’m not real.

But you do know, you know what my weakness is.
You know what my weakness is because you have it too.

Dig deep within your own head and find your vulnerability, your infirmity.
Do it or I will find it for you.
Do it or I will grind your civility down to nothing more than the instinct that you pretend isn’t there.

No one would blame me, they’d say that you were crazy.

As fear, I’m not at fault for anything even though I’m the most important part of the human mind. There is no one to blame but the voice I use to present your case of worthlessness. Isn’t it odd?
You pitiful wastes of space called humans make such small impacts yet you still can’t seem to pull your ignorant heads out of your asses to see things for what they truly are. To see the evil on the inside instead of the poster board of positivity that shines so proudly on the realistically unappealing outside.

Please just destroy yourselves, it takes more time than its worth to break each and every soul that crumbles this earth down to nothing.
It takes more of my time than its worth to expose you as the rotting flesh that your body will soon become upon my welcome.

Of course, that’s what you would end up as anyways.
What’s left of you on this earth is just the putrid stench of your decaying body, so why try so hard to make a name for yourself when you’re alive?

I’m above all your petty hopes and inconsequential dreams. I do not take credit for my pivotal doings as a crucial part of evolution, a crucial part of natural selection. The only difference is, no one has any chance of surviving. No one will live through me.
Everyone has an impotence, an Achilles heel, but the best part is, sometimes they don’t even know it.
They don’t know their fatal flaw until it brings their own demise.

Take the human race for example, I am killing people one by one and you don’t even take the time to blame anyone else but the victim. You won’t spare a glance at me until I’m killing you myself.
That is the flaw of humanity, you are haughty from your belief of superiority and vain for the same reason.

It will kill you one day, your flaws will kill you when I decide to play their part in your head.

In recent news, I’m up for a new sufferer, a new fatality.
Maybe you’re next.
You better hope you’re dead by the time I get to you. When people know why I’m in their heads I tend to cut to the chase, and you definitely don’t want to witness me at my best.

I’m feeling pretty good about the chosen action I took with Dean, who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get two fighters in a row.
But what is that saying, ignorance is bliss? Tell me if that’s true after I stop your heart while you’re having a nice chat with Grandma.

What’s that? Your Grandma passed away last year?
Maybe I had something to do with her death, and if I’m lucky, I’ll have something to do with yours too.

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